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22c3: intermediate streaming-server status

Well..that makes 442 connected clients at the maximum peak… nifty!

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IPv6 nazis.


how to mutilate a great application…

Yahoo! just did it with the Konfabulator – “Yahoo! Central”? … NO I don’t want to make Yahoo! my default search engine nor my home page…

damn you Yahoo!.


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mhh… well… it’s “good vibrations” time

Harald brought this to my attention:

“Pervasive computing will more and more influence on the everyday life because more and more electronical devices are capable of speaking IP, e.g. via Ethernet, WiFi or Bluetooth. Vibrators will be no exception. Although people haven’t realized this yet, there are in fact already vibrating devices with IP-connectivity called mobiles or cellulars. The AT command specified in GSM 07.07 does only provide a command to enable the vibrating on an incomming phone call. Therefore the controlling of these vibrating devices is rather clumsy.”


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22c3: hall 1 panoramic view

thanks to namenlos

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The Motorola A780 has some nice details:

women dream of it.

seen on 22c3, picture by namenlos

Source: slash-me

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intermediate streaming server status report…

We are experiencing some high bandwidth usage… it seems that we have to set a second streaming server for the unicast up. That makes a whole of 328 Gigabyte of outgoing traffic since we started streaming.


what happens after the 10th “This password doesn’t match.” error message?

Well – you create art out of the keyboard….

maedness did it!

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poverty sucks!

If you buy a big-ass boat, you’ll have to name it.

(right) Poverty sucks!

seen by Dominik in Florida last year

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22c3: 3G Investigations slides and information

22. Chaos Communication Congress
3G Investigations

lecture slides

Scanning your GPRS/UMTS IP network for fun and profit

We are giving an overview of ip networks used for >=2.5G technologies. Our main focus is on scanning the overlaying ip network, on different Voice-over-IP filter implementations and the possibilities to circumvent them.

We want to explain the ip networks used in GPRS and UMTS cellular networks from the enduser point of view. How do they work today and what has to be done to get a normal webpage, voice-over-ip or even a video stream onto your PDA or SmartPhone.

For your private investigations inside your providers ip network we want to demonstrate you a tcp/udp port and round-trip-time based traceroute program based on the .NET compact framework. With the help of this program we want to analyse the anti voice-over-ip filters implemented by different cellular providers and show you some possibilities how to circumvent them _efficently_. So we don’t just tunnel all the traffic through a VPN. But even when these filters become more sophisticated in the future we want to present some ideas how to defeat your right to talk via voice-over-ip whereever and whenever you want to.

Slide download (PDF, 5.9 Mbyte)

Sourcecode: (239,1 KB)


22c3: working place update

all the 4 lecture halls in one place… the “Club Mate” is empty…
(broad hint)


birthday cake: XBOX 360

Unexpected and very very sweet: When my friends arrived here at the congress center they brought a birthday cake for me… great! Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate it.

In fact – it’s the sweetest 360 i’ve ever seen.

Thanks to cosrahn, cutcat, thamthon, ahzf, agtmulda, maedness, mucki, yray,…


22c3: the on-demand era has begun – the streams are online

On-Demand streams are put online as they are available – but at least within 2 hours at the moment. So enjoy. Comments are welcome.



22c3: stream pictures

we edited some pictures … for the live streams

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berlin emblem in the fog

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22c3: video and audio streaming and recording scheme

As promised yesterday here are some more information about the video and audio streaming and recording at the 22c3. First let’s start with the almost complete scheme:

What’s not in the scheme is where and how the streams are recorded:

  1. there’s a DV tape in every camera (we’ve got 400 brand new DV tapes for that purpose here)

  2. audio+video streams are recorded on the CCC encoding machines on their local hard drives (MPEG2 audio and MPEG4 video)

  3. audio+video streams are record on the FeM encoding machines on their local hard drives (Windows Media Audio+Video 9)

  4. audio-only streams are recorded on the CCC streaming servers local hard drives

Last but not least: How can you watch and hear those fantastic streams? Easy:

Two ways:

go to and take a look or follow the links directly to the WMV streams:

lecture hall 1
lecture hall 2
lecture hall 3
lecture hall 4

or go to and take a look or take this table:

hall 1 link
hall 2 link
hall 3 link
hall 4 link

Visio: all lecture halls.vsd (507,5 KB)
SVG: all lecture halls.svg (384,63 KB)

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:


the view from my workplace

we can look directly into lecture hall 1

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lecture hall 2 – sound and camera testings

We only had the time to test one lecture hall today – and this is our current setup which worked quite good:

A complete listing from where to where the signals are routed will be available tomorrow.

the headless encoding pc kinda broke for a second.

…and the mandatory panoramic views:

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young single searching…

lonely switch searching for connections.

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inside the Phone Operation Center (POC)

Since we are kind of interested in providing a large user DECT network on the campus of our university we spoke with the Eventphone guys about their setup: and as far as we can tell it’s far more sophisticated than expected.

little panoramic view of the POC server room

the Alcatel machine rear view

patch panel

front view

front view with logo

switching switch

audio patch panel

the actual POC service area in the main hall

Well sorry that there are more pictures than text – it’s just because we have to compile all the information we got and pile it all together into a nice and well understandable text for your reading pleasure.

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the trip to the 22c3, the arrival and some food.

Well here we are – packed with equipment we arrived in Berlin and successfully tested the first encoding-run for the upcoming 22c3 which starts in two days.

hmm… bad weather

this text was on the equipment to discourage thieves

rest place at the A9

finally some food – well maedness had some sandwiches – but finally something hot

the fairy dust has landed

Since we arrived we unpacked all the equpiment and drawn-in our new “office” for the next days: the video studio – which is kind of above/around hall 1.

so here we are… on the right side you can see into hall 1 through the window.

concentrated calculating power – our four encoding machines + one fallback.

Funny thing beside that: we got our own /24 subnet here – peered with 10GE directly to the Berlin CIX. How cool is that ;)

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22c3: 3G Investigations teaser

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granufunk xmas ’05

Once again granufunk did it: With his permission we are very proud to present you all of his XMAS ’05 tunes via the Radio Muckefuck podcast which you can find here.

“its xmas `05 an i have some tunes for you again!

hope you like it!

fans and groupies get in touch here:

more info here:

check also granu on the new “cookie and brownie EP” on astrolab recordings sometimes in `06

bye, granu”

Source: granufunk

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eye blending 10.000 ANSI lumen look like…

…the sun when you take a closer look. So they tested the Sanyo XF-45 without me and my 360 – but nevertheless they tested and approved it good.

that’s a humongous picture guys!

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packaging everything for 22c3

This is just a part of the stuff we’re going to take with us for the 22c3:

hrhr…2 Sony HDR-FX-1E, 2 Sony VX-2100, 1 Sony VX-2000, 5 Shuttle XPCs, 4 Shuttle 19″ TFT displays…

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