some DivX news …

Great news these days: DivX 6 is finally available for the Mac – which is great since the last version was 5.2 available since August 2004.

But that’s not all they have for the starving encoding community (yes, it’s you Karsten!). DivX Labs released a new version of the DivX codec for Windows. And this time they tuned the hell out of it: 14 to 80 percent faster by their benchmarks:

“According to our benchmarks, even a modest single CPU will run anywhere from 14 to 80% faster than the 6.0 codec depending on the quality mode selected. At the same time, brand new support for HT, SMP, Dual Core, and Dual Core + HT CPUs allows for gains of up to 300%!”

Finally multiprocessor concepts have found their way into media codecs – finally because this is what we’ve been waiting for years.

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