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Kameo story podcast showing up…

Kameo is a great game for the 360 – and now the whole story is going to be told in a freely available podcast. That’s really great since it’s a professional produced one really worth the download.

Source 1: Podcast Feed

Source 2:

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policies…360 support…

So I called the XBOX support today – and: OMG! What a disappointing experience!

After I gave the support-chick the serial number and my mobile phone number for the fourth time (of course her computer was not responding…or something) everything was set up and she said:

Support: “Within the next two days you’ll receive a box where you put in your 360 console and the hard drive that came with it in your premium pack”

Me: “No. I won’t send you the hard drive. All the games I bought through Xbox Live and my save games are on this hard drive. If I sent it to you I’ll most likely will never see them again.”

Support: “Because you bought the premium version you have to send in the hard drive as well – it could be the hard drive that causes the error.”

Me: “No it could not. The error is the same even when the hard drive is not attached to the 360.”

Support: “It’s Microsoft policy that you send in the hard drive as well.”

Me: “So you’re telling me that I am going to loose all my save games because of Microsoft policy?”

Support: “Well you could copy your save games onto a memory card.”

Me: “Can I? You remember why I am calling? MY 360 IS NOT WORKING!”

Support: “Well you probably know someone who has a working one – you could copy it with his 360.”

Me: “I don’t know anyone who has gotten a 360 because they are sold out everywhere you ask for one…The next 360 I know of is in Munich – which is 320 km from where I am now.”

Support: “You could buy another 360 to copy the hard drive there…”

Me: “You’re kidding, are you? I am not going to send in my hard drive… I don’t care if it’s policy or not – if there is such a “oh your 360 is not working – and you’re thinking you’re save games are save?…bad mistake!”-policy…I am not going to send in my hard drive. What if I just buy another hard drive and send that in?”

Support: *thinking* That won’t work. You’ll have to send that hard drive in that came with your 360. Well you could just “forget” to send it in… *secretly* but I did not tell you that…

Me: The point is that I want a definitive and real solution – and no “haha you loose”-solution. Let me please talk to your team lead to help the situation.

Support: wait…

Team-Lead: Well you will have to send the hard drive in. That’s Microsoft policy – we didn’t make it…

There’s a lot I expected… but not that. What in all that’s holy is that supposed to be? If that’s the official policy… maybe I should just wait for a PS3…

So within the next two days I am going to send in the 360 without the hard drive – Stay tuned for more tales of interest…


the day, the 360 died…

I was playing a relaxing round of Marble Blast Ultra and my 360 hangs…

Yes, I know that four red lights = A/V cable error…but it’s a great picture, isn’t it?

The symptoms:

  • does not boot
  • hangs while playing
  • all lights are green

And after all the 360 isn’t hot in any way. The PSU is cold – even the fans are off – the 360s fans are in low-speed mode… But if I wait several minutes and boot then it will boot into the guide and even start games… but will hang after some minutes of playing…

I made a video to lighten up the situation:

click to view…

P.S.: you can also download this video via the podcast link (see left)

I’ll talk to the support in a couple of hours…hopefully I get a replacement soon.

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Getting a call and being told “Hey, we’re going THERE for holidays in two weeks!” is .. well 😉 I do not begrugde it my parents…


the perfect learning enviroment

Since it’s really cold outside (-5 degree celsius whilst I am writing this) and the exam period is getting closer I am sitting behind my desk like I should. Just 13 days to go for the first exam…grrr…

In fact here’s my personal perfect learning enviroment (pple):

Feel free to comment 😉


RĂŒckblick auf Depeche Mode 2006 in Erfurt

Am Dienstag Abend war es endlich soweit: Nachdem ich bereits im Juni vergangenen Jahres meine Karte gekauft hatte, durfte ich heute meine 58,25€ etwa fĂŒnfzig Meter vor mir singen, tanzen und wild herumhopsen sehen.

Die VorĂŒberlegungen begannen schon am Tag: FrĂŒh losfahren, dann lange warten und vorne stehen, oder spĂ€ter losfahren, weniger warten und weiter hinten stehen? Ich entschied mich fĂŒr letzteres und sortierte in der Zeit meine KontoauszĂŒge.

Kurz nach 1800 Uhr ging es los. Aber nicht lang. Irgendein Idiot musste auf der A71 einen Unfall bauen. In dem folgenden Stau steckte ich ungeduldige und elendig kalte zwei Stunden. Jetzt musste ich doch warten, nur eben anders. Auch die Vorband bleibt mir erspart. Gegen 2000 Uhr lÀuft der Verkehr wieder.

Auf dem (natĂŒrlich schon) vollen ega-Parkplatz das beliebte Spiel: Ich oder der andere Autofahrer? Wer findet schneller einen Parkplatz…

2045 Uhr angekommen in der Messehalle 1. Auf dem Weg dorthin habe ich noch 20€ gefunden – damit ist ein Drittel des Konzertes refinanziert.

Zehn nach neun geht das Konzert los. Im Gegensatz zur recht neuzeitlichen Exciter-Setliste werden auf dieser Tour wieder eine Reihe von Songs von vor 1986 gespielt. Vor mir steht ein Typ, der das Konzert mit einem MP3-Rekorder aufzeichnet, jedenfalls bis zur vierten Zugabe (Der hĂ€tte sich mal besser vorher informiert, wie viele Songs gespielt werden…).

01 – Intro
02 – A Pain That I’m Used To
03 – John The Revelator
04 – A Question Of Time
05 – Policy Of Truth
06 – Precious
07 – Walking In My Shoes
08 – Suffer Well
09 – Damaged People
10 – Home
11 – I Want It All
12 – The Sinner In Me
13 – I Feel You
14 – Behind The Wheel
15 – World In My Eyes
16 – Personal Jesus
17 – Enjoy The Silence
18 – Somebody
19 – Just Can’t Get Enough
20 – Everything Counts
21 – Never Let Me Down Again
22 – Goodnight Lovers

Von der Exciter-Tour haben nur ganze 5 Songs ĂŒberlebt. Bei Just can’t get enough lief gegen Ende irgendwas mit dem Keyboard schief.

Eine Sache geht mir beim Zuschauen dauernd durch den Kopf: Warum gehen kleine Menschen eigentlich zu Konzerten?

Um 2300 Uhr ist alles vorbei. Zumindest das Konzert. Denn der Abend geht noch etwas lĂ€nger, denn allein fĂŒr das StĂŒck zur Autobahn brauche ich eine halbe Stunde. Und jeder, der Erfurt kennt, weiß, dass man beim MessegelĂ€nde eigentlich schon fast außerhalb der Stadt ist. Nach dem Konzert werden ĂŒbrigens auch alle Merchandising-Artikel billiger verkauft. Leider habe ich irgendwo meine Eintrittskarte verloren, aber die zwanzig Euro sind ja auch nicht schlecht.

“See you next tour!”

Jens Heymann


ebay has some problems… and I need a new browser

the current Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer versions are not cutting edge enough for eBay…

I am wondering what those changes are…

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bubblegum has now 3 cpus…hurray!

After several months bubblegum ran only with one of four possible cpus – mainly because I did not have the right voltage regulator modules for the P3 XEONs. But now I actually got some on eBay and today was the “will-it-work?”-day.

YES! It works. So one more to go…


it’s dead… obviosly a Xbox can swim…

oh dear, what a mess.

Source: kotaku

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Nameless quits namelessness

Newsflash +++ Newsflash +++


Berlin. The german news-channel reports that Namenlos (ger.: Nameless) stops living without a name. For the hole community this shocking news seems to be unbelievable (see attached screenshot).

Namenlos wasnÂŽt available for any comment on that issue. Informants mean that the local government didnÂŽt accepted his wish for an passport having “Namenlos” as Given Name.


Shocking news on saturday morning: “Prince Nameless is baptized”

Author: medienfloh

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pong clock

It’s from the category: Geek Toys.

This is going to be our brand new clock in the office. While the computer is playing pong against itself the scoreboard shows the time…


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Club Mate delivered…

40 bottles of Club Mate…tasty stuff – and highly addictive.

it’s there!!!!!!!

Source: Club Mate


XBox 3000 TV – Episode January 2006

We’re very proud to present the newest episode of XBox3000 TV. You can watch the WMV – oh and it’s in german.

Or you can get the iPod compatible version via the podcast rss feed.

P.S.: yes we know the sound is poor – Promise: next time it’s better.



Windows politics – PNP_VetoDevice

I am just amazed how much politics are involved in Windows XP these days. Even the filesystem has the power of veto.

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Zitat des Tages

“Essen wollte ich ihn, töten wollte ich ihn aber nicht.”

Der Kannibale von Rothenburg im GestÀndnis. Na denn Mahlzeit!

Jens Heymann

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one multi-monitor idea implemented: Synergy2

So nearly a year ago I wrote about my multi-monitor ideas. And after that article a reader commented that there is a software called “Synergy” – which is just perfect solving at least three of my demands on a perfect multi-monitor working environment:

  • use ONE keyboard+mouse – regardless how many machines I want to control
  • I want to copy-paste across the machines – clipboard sharing!
  • platform independent – I’ve got at least one Mac, one Windows and one Linux I want to control

So here it is. And it’s working like a champ. To make it more clear what I am talking about I made a short movie for you:

click to watch

And all this with just a small text config file that tells synergy2 which machine is next to which one…

You can get this video also via our podcast rss feed.


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Path Finder – you’ve got your chance.

So there was the news that an alternative finder for MacOS X is out for testing. It’s called Path Finder and supposed to do several astonishing things.

In my case it just crashed seconds after I made the first click. And that is – well – I’ve got rid of it.

I am not willing to use a tool that is supposed to handle my data with care but instead crashed just instantly.

You can try it. I’ll maybe try again – when they would come up with a stable version.


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Automatische Zustellung

Wer kennt den Spruch nicht:

“Es kann sein, dass Sie mehrere Sendungen zugeschickt bekommen. Das Porto ist billiger als Sortieren von Hand.”

Tja, heute kam eine Rechnung ĂŒber 0,00€ ins Haus.

Dazu kann man auch sagen:

“Nicht denken ist weniger anstrengend als das Gehirn zu benutzen.”


“Durch den Wald ist schneller als zu Fuss.”

Jawohl, wie wir unsere technisierte Welt und all ihre Macken doch lieben…

Jens Heymann

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Her mit dem Gold!

Was man beim Zahnarzt so alles findet…

Sicher, das ist keine schlimme Sache, aber schon irgendwie kurios.

Jens Heymann


Der Triumpf des Banalen

Gegen anspruchsvolle und bedeutungsschwangere Filmkunst ist ja an sich nichts zu sagen, aber manchmal nimmt es mit all seinen Folgen wirklich Überhand.

Bei Namen wie Fellini, Rossellini, Bergman oder Truffaut gehen jedem europĂ€ischen Feuilletonisten die Ohren auf, und jeder spricht bzw. schreibt begeistert in wortbrecherischen SĂ€tzen ĂŒber Neorealismus, Nouvelle Vague oder den Autorenfilm. Und auch an Filmhochschulen schwĂ€rmen die Absolventen von diesen Regisseuren (ein wenig heuchlerisch?) und rĂŒmpfen die Nase ĂŒber die Amis (Die gleichen Leute drehen dann spĂ€ter Folgen von GZSZ oder der Lindenstraße).

Wenn man mal in den Genuss kommen sollte, einige dieser Lobpreisungen in einschlĂ€gigen, “seriösen” Zeitungen zu lesen, muss man sich nicht schĂ€men, wenn man nichts versteht. Meistens hat man das GefĂŒhl, dass diese Autoren so sehr bemĂŒht sind, in kompliziert verschachtelten SĂ€tzen zu schreiben, dass ihre Artikel sofort tot sind, nachdem sie auf Papier gebracht wurden.

Ein Beispiel:
“[…]Was in den Bewusstseinstrichter an Freud hineingeflĂ¶ĂŸt wird, das kommt beim automatischen Schreiben als Libido-Metapher wieder heraus.[…]Bunuels sanguinisches Temperament schmiedet in seiner Lyrik dieselben explosiven Metaphern und Bildsequenzen nach der Logik des frustierten Begehrens…[…].”

von Gabriele Killert ĂŒber Luis Bunuel, Neue ZĂŒrcher Zeitung, 2000

FĂŒr wen schreiben die das eigentlich? Das hĂ€tte doch auch einfacher formuliert werden können. Ein Professor an der Uni sagte einmal als ErklĂ€rung fĂŒr dieses elitĂ€re Intellektuellengeschwafel, dass nur durch solche Wörter und Wortkonstruktionen der Sinn der Sache getroffen werden kann. Da mag eventuell etwas dran sein, aber deswegen mĂŒssen wir uns doch nicht der deutschen Sprache schĂ€men, oder?

Ein anderer Punkt ist die Interpretation von Werken der oben genannten Regisseure. Da fragt man sich doch manchmal, ob da wirklich soviel in den Filmen drinsteckt, oder ob da eher nach dem Prinzip “Ich glaub, ich weiß was!” gearbeitet wird.

Auch hier ein Beispiel:
In “2001”, das weiß jeder, steht “HAL” fĂŒr “IBM”. Also spekulierten alle, die etwas von sich halten, wild darauf los, welchen Einfluss Big Blue wohl auf den Film hatte. Dabei ĂŒbersahen die Meisten, dass Arthur C. Clarke (Autor der Story) vehement den Zusammenhang bestritt und es als Zufall abtat. Denn “HAL” bedeutet lediglich “Heuristic Algorithmic Computer”.

Noch ein Beispiel: In “2001” geht die Reise ausgerechnt zum Jupiter, dem Göttervater. Die Wahrheit ist aber weit trivialer: Der Tricktechniker konnte die Saturnringe nicht glaubwĂŒrdig darstellen (denn im Buch geht es zum Saturn), also nahm man einfach den nĂ€chstbesten Planeten, und das ist der Jupiter.

Vermutlich könnten diese Leute auch aus einem Haufen Hundekacke die Zukunft lesen, wenn man ihnen einen vorlegen wĂŒrde.

Jens Heymann

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SD-card slot TV-Tuner (SDIO) available soon…

I could imagine some uses for this. It’s a tv (pal/ntsc) tuner for Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PC 2002-WM5) and it’s got some quite interesting specs.

The 1200mAh battery that comes with the tuner only stays 2.5 hours and it’s only got a maximum framerate of 20 fps – but that’s for the bad news. It’s finally a tv tuner for your mobile gadget!!!


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Never Show…oh wait…Always Show… no…Never…WHAT?!

Hmm…who designed that dialog box? Come on!

Source: s’ X11 server

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they not only made mistakes: 7 things the 360 does better than anyone else

We’ve seen lists like “10 of Microsofts worst mistakes with the 360” and lists like “10 more of Microsofts worst mistakes with the 360” even followed by the “So what is this 360 anyway?” list.

But after all that complaints now we got it: list of “the 7 things the 360 does better than anyone else.” Go and read it. Because it’s really true.


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Tokyo versus Project Gotham Racing 3 on the XBOX 360

There are three pictures floating in the net that show a comparison between the actual reality and the virtual reality that is painted by the XBOX 360 game Project Gotham Racing 3.

Have a look at these pictures:

click me

click me

click me

By the way: the upper part of the pictures is reality – the lower part is in-game graphics. What a shame that you usually drive past these beautiful environments with more than 270 km/h so you don’t even have a slight chance to even see this detail. But you actually can stop the car and have a look for yourself.

4 Comments finally with RSS and comments…

I just updated the warfare website… go and have a look – and subscribe.


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how to encode a large number of movie files in a batch process…

Hurray! There I found it. A tool that makes it possible to create large batch encoding sessions just with some clicks. You need:

  1. VirtualDub (any current version will probably work) – by the way; I recommend VirtualDubMod

There you go:

  • open one movie file of the bunch you want to encode in VirtualDub

  • set the encoders for audio+video up like you want

  • save the “Processing Settings” to a .vcf file

  • you can close the video file in VirtualDub now

  • start VirtualDub Batcher and:

    • choose the .vcf you previously saved

    • choose the output folder

    • add the movie files you want to encode with the “Add Files” button

    • when everything looks like you want it: “Make Job List” is the button to press

  • open the “Job Control…” in VirtualDub now (F4 on your keyboard) and open the Job List file which is located in the VirtualDub Batchers’ folder.

  • press start and have a cup of tea.

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:

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iTunes 6.0.2 privacy concerns anyone?

You complained about the Windows Media Player 10 – when the End User License Agreement said something like “We want to log what you’re playing and use that data for statistic purpose.” – So what about the newest and coolest feature of the brand new Apple iTunes 6.0.2? – It’s called “iTunes Mini Store” and shows a smaller version of the iTunes Music Store right beneath your song overview:

To display the information inside this little box – iTunes HAS TO send the information about the song I am playing right now to Apple. So Apple can keep track what and how often you’re listening.

As a matter of fact: Where are the complaints about that now? Oh I forgot: Apple is on the bright side of the force whereas Microsoft is on the dark side… Come on Apple fans! Start to think about the stuff you’re using everyday…

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finally an official free-of-charge WMV codec for the Mac

Unlike in my previous article about Flip4Mac now the codec that is needed to play Windows Media files with the Quicktime player on Macintosh computers is now free-of-charge!!! Hurray! You can download it directly from Microsoft and install. It’ll run natively on G4 and G5 processors – so no hacking anymore to watch Windows Media content.

“With Windows MediaÂź Components for QuickTime, by Flip4Macℱ, you can play Windows Media files (.wma and .wmv) directly in QuickTime Player and view Windows Media content on the Internet using a Web browser.”

Source 1:
Source 2: Flip4Mac article

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the new coffeemachine arrived!!!

After cosrahn has successfully destroyed the coffee machine the real-one finally arrived. A “Saeco Cafe Prima“. Well it’s the cheapest coffee machine that fit our needs. The first cups are very promising – we’ll have a lot of fun with that one 😉

Now all that’s left is a “Club Mate flatrate”…maaaeeeednesss!!! *g*


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LOL! What great news: The new Powerbook…Mac Book Pro is 4-5 times faster than the old ones… and the new iMac is 2-3 times faster than the old ones…

If I was an Apple customer – I would feel pissed! It’s like I said all the time – the “old” Apple hardware was just old and slow. And they sold it like the new shit.

It’s incredible how the Apple community seems to oversee the amount of cheekiness from Apple in that matter.

As it’s always: Steve Jobs/Apple farts and the lemmings jump.

By the way…does anyone know if Windows XP / Vista is supposed to boot on that babies? 🙂

UPDATE: So it’s officially doable: You can boot XP and OSX in a dual-boot environment on the new Intel Macs. Great News! Now please some words how long the battery lasts on the MacBook pro and I eventually…you know…

Source: MSN News


Performance optimiser installation…

so there is a tool to optimise the performance of my Mac? Hey! It’s installed now…

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FeM<>IStuff conspiracy

This picture is from march 2005…. you see: the fusion is almost done.

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panoramic view tools: Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006

I was asked today what tools I use to create the panoramic views on this website. I personally prefer easy to use – “let the automatic do”-tools. That’s why I used Ulead Cool360 for years to create the panoramic views. But since some months I am using the brand new Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 to create the panoramic views out of the raw pictures.

The first step is to load all the pictures into the Suite:

then Tools→Panoramic Stitching…

then you have to select which pictures you want to use for the panoramic stitching process:

Digital Image Suite now creates a preview for you where you can adjust in whatever way you like – unfortunately no perspective adjustments are possible – but normally not necessary if you took the pictures well:

Click Next and you get the “Stitching in Progress” Dialog…waiting … waiting …

And finally: The Result! You have to select the display window – because maybe – like in my example – the pictures are a bit tilted.

Oh… if you want all that a little bit more compressed…have a look at the demo video I made:

demo movie…click on it!

Source 1: Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006
Source 2: Demo Video

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XBOX 360 controller freaks out?

What’s that supposed to be? Some days ago one of the XBOX 360 wireless controllers made a lightshow every 15 seconds or so…

What was it that he wanted to tell me?

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an OSX traffic monitoring tool – even usable when you only have a shell

Since I am quite frequently working on my Mac via ssh I was in desperate need for a tool to monitor the input/output network traffic. I normally don’t need something like ethereal or tcpdump – I just need something that displays a graph and simple traffic statistics and last but not least updates itself frequently. So netstat is not usable for that purpose because it’s not the most concise tool I know. So ethereal and tcpdump are usually used for different purposes like traffic sniffing and dumping – So ahzf gave me the hint to look for something called “darkstat” – And yes: it’s a really useful tool.

Darkstat runs on the host system and monitors the network interfaces. It also incorporates a webserver which allows you to take a look at the statistics.

Darkstats main start-page looks like this:

It’s a great tool that displays more detailed information when you click on the links in the menu bar. If you’re searching for a great network tool for your unix/mac – go for darkstat!

I have to mention that darkstat is no longer under active development – sad but true.


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distributed video encoding solution

More than a year ago Matthias Eller and Karsten Donat created a distributed video encoding solution that actually works.

As far as I know they were in desperate need for computing power to encode all the documentaries that Karsten recorded every day (he recorded almost everything that was broadcasted on german free-tv).

So the idea came up to split a single raw-video into a number of parts and let many machines encode these parts automatically. Then these encoded parts are copied back to the server and put together to the now finally complete encoded video.

We’re not using this at the moment for any encoding – but I thought it might be a great idea to write about it 😉

this is the tool to setup a new encoding task that is
submitted to the distributed encoding server

You can get this great tool-set at Matthias’ Website:

Source: Matthias Website

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get rid of that beeping noise

Finally I disabled my notebook’s hardware beep which is triggered everytime a Remote Desktop/Virtual Machine announces something (like an error dialog, new mail…). It’s just annoying to hear that sound from ancient times…

thanks Mathias…

Source: MathiasR blog

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measuring your typing speed…

Nice little applet I came across:

How long high is yours? Is there such a test for writing C/C++/C# code?


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finally the hard cocks are back…. hrm…really?

Well, recently a friend of mine took this foto with the camera of her mobile in Canada…

So… they are really back? Where have they been? And what it’s supposed to mean anyways?

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FeM general meeting ahead!!! (german)

Im Rahmen der Mitgliederversammlung 2006 legt der aktuelle Vorstand sein Amt nieder!

Ihre Arbeit fortsetzen und somit erneut Kandidieren wollen

– Marcel Pennewiß
– Thomas Helbig

Susanne Wolf steht nicht fĂŒr eine erneute Kandidatur zur VerfĂŒgung.

Weiterhin möchte Martin Heller fĂŒr den Vorstand kandidieren.
Dieser stellt sich im folgenden vor:

Mein Name ist Martin Heller. Ich bin 22 Jahre jung und studiere Maschinenbau im 5. Semester.

Wie jeder andere Campusstudent trat ich 2003 der FeM bei. Anfang 2004 begann ich, mich fĂŒr die dahintersteckende Technik zu interessieren. Bereits Mitte 2004 ĂŒbernahm ich von Philipp Neuwöhner den Posten des ChefeinkĂ€ufers, den ich bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt inne halte. Das Interesse am Verein hat sich wĂ€hrend meiner Arbeit stark erweitert – heute bin ich in mehreren Teams aktiv. So zum Beispiel im Technikteam, dem FiWak oder dem Streamingteam, bei dem ich die technische und logistische Organisation der Aufzeichnung des 22. ChaosCommunicationCongresses (22C3) in Berlin ĂŒbernahm.

Aufgrund der bei meiner bisherigen Arbeit im Verein gesammelten Erfahrung habe ich mich entschlossen, diese im Vorstand einzubringen.

Ziele des neuen Vorstandes sind unter anderem:

  • Fortsetzung der Arbeit des bisherigen Vorstandes

  • weitere Zusammenarbeit mit der Uni, um FeM uniweit zu etablieren und so auch Anrechnung von Studienarbeiten etc. Aktiven zu erleichtern

  • Zusammenarbeit mit anderen FeM-Ă€hnlichen Vereinen, um gemeinsame Ziele besser vertreten zu können und KnowHow zu bĂŒndeln

  • unterstĂŒtzen von in Entwicklung befindlichen Vereinen mit unserem Fachwissen

  • Verbesserung der Kommunikation der Mitglieder und Projekte untereinander

  • endgĂŒltige Einbindung des iSTUFF in die FeM

  • Intensivierung der Zusammenarbeit mit anderen uninahen Vereinen

  • Erhöhung der Öffentlichkeitswirkung um mehr Aktive zu gewinnen

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Updateing Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 for Xbox 360 Media Extender use…

Some days ago I had an adventure with the current Windows XP Media Center 2005. I had to update the freshly installed MCE2005 to make it work with my Xbox 360. And because I wanted to play a bit with VMWares movie recording functionality I made some movies of the adventure:

updateing the MCE pt.1

updateing the MCE pt.2

hahar, it’s working!!

enjoy the movies… more of this with more interesting content is scheduled for the next week.

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the “cosrahn coffee machine exploit”

What would you do if you just broke the coffee pot?! Right! You use normal cups.

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Weltschmerz und Provinzknuff

Zur Feier des Tages mal ein Artikel ganz in deutsch und von

Sehr geehrter Herr Trefz,

mit Freuden las ich, dass Sie sich der Ilmenauer Weblog-Szene annahmen. Nunja. Fast ganz ein wenig halb vollstĂ€ndig, aber das ist ja erst einmal egal. – Interessant und wirklich gut geschrieben ist Ihr Artikel allemal.

Was ich eigentlich nur kurz loswerden wollte ist, dass Sie natĂŒrlich Recht damit haben, dass ich auf noch viel zu wenig Inhalt gegen NYBLOG bereitstelle. Ich bin voll und ganz Ihrer Meinung: Man muss mehr tun! Man kann sozusagen nicht genug gegen Herrn S. und seine Webseite sein – und das muss man zeigen.

Ich bin nach wie vor hauptsĂ€chlich mit meiner eigenen Webseite (das ist im ĂŒbrigen in einer anderen Sprache geschrieben, deshalb haben sie das bestimmt ĂŒbersehen) beschĂ€ftigt und deshalb eigentlich nur halbtĂ€glich mit der Arbeit an diesem “Gegenblog”, wie sie es nennen, beschĂ€ftigt.

Aber ich gelobe Besserung und sehe Ihren Artikel als Aufforderung und Ansporn zugleich, nun schließlich die wirklich Interessanten Tatsachen Berichte von Betroffenen (Stura, Uniskop,…) online zu stellen.

mit freundlichen GrĂŒĂŸen,

Daniel Kirstenpfad

Achja. Wen es interessiert. Der geschĂ€tzte Kollege von der schreibenden(und vor allem dann auch druckenden) Zunft schrieb einen kleinen Artikel in der ThĂŒringer Allgemeinen Zeitung, Ilmenauer Ausgabe vom 05.01.2006. Den Artikel kann man (leider offenbar unvollstĂ€ndig) auf der Web-PrĂ€senz der Tageszeitung nachlesen.



slow, slower, slowest, Xbox Live! Marketplace

Man this is slow. It’s even slower than… well it’s so slow, you wouldn’t imagine how slow it is. What I am talking about? I am talking about the Xbox Live! Marketplace. The place where you can download trailers, demos ‘n stuff directly to your Xbox 360.

I was downloading some stuff and well – beside the point that there is no download queue and you HAVE TO stare at the progress bar while downloading, because the 3 core/6 hardware thread Xbox 360 can’t download in the background while you’re playing, it’s just unbelievable slow. And no: it’s not my connection to the internet. Downloads normally are around 500 kbyte/s to 8 Mbytes/s (yes, BYTES not BITS)…

this is where it starts…it’s 00:19 AM.

hmm.. it’s 00:23…the file is 130.77 Mbyte by the way…

done! Finally… it’s 01:19 AM… which means: it took actually 1 hour to download 130.77 Mbytes.

Is this the way they want to bring is IPTV?

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watercooling the 360… weren’t we promised watercooling for the launch?!

Weren’t we promised a watercooled 360 at first hand? There was this fabulous ourcolony movie for the viral marketing. And the guys there, which were supposed to be the engineers of the 360, said “and it’s got water inside”…pointing at the watercooled 360 mainboard and showing it into the camera…

Nothing of that became true as of today. The Retail-360 is a air-cooled gaming console with no water inside at all. But just till the guys from HardOCP got their hands into the game. They’re presenting you a watercooled 360 running at astonishing low temperatures:

“With stock Xbox 360 cooling, after an hour of Quake 4, the back of the motherboard temperature was 150.8ÂșF ( 66ÂșC ).

With the water cooled Xbox 360, after an hour of Quake 4, the back of the motherboard was a full 50ÂșF cooler than stock cooling at 101ÂșF ( 38.4ÂșC ).”



I just updated…

the website 😉


22c3: encoding the recordings…

still a lot of work to do…


22c3: definitiv answers – when will the recordings be available? – and a thank you

So here we are: a new year and just two days after the 22c3. As we can tell everything was recorded as planned and everything went just great.

I want to tell everybody who helped to make this happen: Thank you very much. It was a pleasure and great fun to work with you guys. The results that we all together achieved speak for themselves: nearly 1 Tbyte of downloaded live-stream bytes. Nearly 400 listeners on our streams at peak times.

In fact there is a lot to do afterwards: We have to cut the MPEG2 files (5 Mbit) of each lecture to set start and end-times correctly. We have to tag them and make them available (1 to 5 gigabyte each) for you as soon as possible – which means when the last hard drive arrives from berlin here in Ilmenau.

When all MPEG2 files are complete we complete our MPEG4 encodings – which means: we are already encoding everything we have in MPEG4 1.2 Mbit.

This is our main focus at the moment. It should be possible to make everything of the above mentioned available within January. After all this is done (or maybe in the meantime, we don’t know at the moment) the remaining WMV on-demand streams will become available as we have to reencode. So check back here to get more information and updates about this topic.

I often was asked why the WMV on-demand streams were only available for the first day: the answer is easy – we tested if it’s feasible to cut them nearly live – and we came to the conclusion that it raises the stress bar for our team to high to handle it the complete 4 days of the conference. So we changed our plans to ensure that you have a mostly flawless live-streaming experience.

At the end: Here is the list of the people I want to thank for their support and help at 22c3 (without any order actually):

laforge and his team, maedness, mucki, namenlos, manu, cosrahn, Agtmulda, yray, cutcat, ecki, ahzf, ambanus, somi, all the video and audio angels that made the great audio and video possible, Ambion for the great support, the POC who helped were our cable guys and supported us even with coffee, the NOC which made IPv6 happen finally and made the best conference network ever possible…. and a whole lot more people I forgot.