LOL! What great news: The new Powerbook…Mac Book Pro is 4-5 times faster than the old ones… and the new iMac is 2-3 times faster than the old ones…

If I was an Apple customer – I would feel pissed! It’s like I said all the time – the “old” Apple hardware was just old and slow. And they sold it like the new shit.

It’s incredible how the Apple community seems to oversee the amount of cheekiness from Apple in that matter.

As it’s always: Steve Jobs/Apple farts and the lemmings jump.

By the way…does anyone know if Windows XP / Vista is supposed to boot on that babies? 🙂

UPDATE: So it’s officially doable: You can boot XP and OSX in a dual-boot environment on the new Intel Macs. Great News! Now please some words how long the battery lasts on the MacBook pro and I eventually…you know…

Source: MSN News

  1. #1 by ripper2256 on January 10, 2006 - 23:29

    I think it would be more interesting to install MacOSx86 on another PC, so you don’t have to pay for apple hardware, which is the same as any laptop/pc(except for a tpm chip). but all currently leaked versions are slow as hell!!

  2. #2 by Gidion on January 13, 2006 - 17:05

    Hmm… it’s hard to know who to trust on this matter.
    These guys says it’s not possible at the moment and probably won’t be in the near future:


    Why can’t I have a cool looking Mac which will boot into both Windows and MacOS 🙁

  3. #3 by Javin on January 13, 2006 - 19:05

    It is almost certainly NOT possible to load XP on these machines because of the EFI firmware. However, Windows Vista which is EFI compatible should work fine.

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