how to encode a large number of movie files in a batch process…

Hurray! There I found it. A tool that makes it possible to create large batch encoding sessions just with some clicks. You need:

  1. VirtualDub (any current version will probably work) – by the way; I recommend VirtualDubMod

There you go:

  • open one movie file of the bunch you want to encode in VirtualDub

  • set the encoders for audio+video up like you want

  • save the “Processing Settings” to a .vcf file

  • you can close the video file in VirtualDub now

  • start VirtualDub Batcher and:

    • choose the .vcf you previously saved

    • choose the output folder

    • add the movie files you want to encode with the “Add Files” button

    • when everything looks like you want it: “Make Job List” is the button to press

  • open the “Job Control…” in VirtualDub now (F4 on your keyboard) and open the Job List file which is located in the VirtualDub Batchers’ folder.

  • press start and have a cup of tea.

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  1. #1 by Marc Bosch on January 12, 2006 - 09:06

    Wäre schön, wenn MS mal mit ihrer “Lösung” Windows Media Encoder zu Potte kommen würden. Das DIng ist instabil, benutzerunfreundlich und verdaaaamt langsam. Zudem muss man sich erst 3 Tage in die Hilfe einlesen um ordentliche Resultate zu erhalten.
    Weiß da jemand schon mehr? Windows Media Encoder 9.1 oder 10?

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