policies…360 support…

So I called the XBOX support today – and: OMG! What a disappointing experience!

After I gave the support-chick the serial number and my mobile phone number for the fourth time (of course her computer was not responding…or something) everything was set up and she said:

Support: “Within the next two days you’ll receive a box where you put in your 360 console and the hard drive that came with it in your premium pack”

Me: “No. I won’t send you the hard drive. All the games I bought through Xbox Live and my save games are on this hard drive. If I sent it to you I’ll most likely will never see them again.”

Support: “Because you bought the premium version you have to send in the hard drive as well – it could be the hard drive that causes the error.”

Me: “No it could not. The error is the same even when the hard drive is not attached to the 360.”

Support: “It’s Microsoft policy that you send in the hard drive as well.”

Me: “So you’re telling me that I am going to loose all my save games because of Microsoft policy?”

Support: “Well you could copy your save games onto a memory card.”

Me: “Can I? You remember why I am calling? MY 360 IS NOT WORKING!”

Support: “Well you probably know someone who has a working one – you could copy it with his 360.”

Me: “I don’t know anyone who has gotten a 360 because they are sold out everywhere you ask for one…The next 360 I know of is in Munich – which is 320 km from where I am now.”

Support: “You could buy another 360 to copy the hard drive there…”

Me: “You’re kidding, are you? I am not going to send in my hard drive… I don’t care if it’s policy or not – if there is such a “oh your 360 is not working – and you’re thinking you’re save games are save?…bad mistake!”-policy…I am not going to send in my hard drive. What if I just buy another hard drive and send that in?”

Support: *thinking* That won’t work. You’ll have to send that hard drive in that came with your 360. Well you could just “forget” to send it in… *secretly* but I did not tell you that…

Me: The point is that I want a definitive and real solution – and no “haha you loose”-solution. Let me please talk to your team lead to help the situation.

Support: wait…

Team-Lead: Well you will have to send the hard drive in. That’s Microsoft policy – we didn’t make it…

There’s a lot I expected… but not that. What in all that’s holy is that supposed to be? If that’s the official policy… maybe I should just wait for a PS3…

So within the next two days I am going to send in the 360 without the hard drive – Stay tuned for more tales of interest…