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where is the XGL live cd?

There is this XGL stuff which hardware accelerates the linux desktop – but since there are many movies that show the magnificence of this there is actually no real way to try it for ourselves – except when we would compile it ourselves… and that’s,…. well no solution at all.

So – I am searching for a not-too-much-pain bringing way of trying this XGL stuff…



high-res the galaxy!

It seems that there is a new definitive wallpaper available for your desktop:

Spiral Galaxy M101

It’s even available in a 440 megabyte uncompressed TIF…


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Mercedes Benz Music Compilation – mixed tape 11

And once again for the 11th time Mercedes Benz brings us the mixed tape: A music compiliation available for free download.

Source: Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 11

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a new tank for another hot ride…

That’s a humongous tank isn’t it? And it’s shiny new… hopefully it will prevent more catastrophes.


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express yourself regularly

I am working with regular expressions at the moment… and well it’s good to know at least something about it:

“A regular expression (regex or regexp for short) is a special text string for describing a search pattern. You can think of regular expressions as wildcards on steroids. You are probably familiar with wildcard notations such as *.txt to find all text files in a file manager.”


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Paint.NET – the 2.6 version arrived, hurray!

The days when I had to fiddle with “the (enormous) GIMP” are over – the current version of Paint.NET is here to stay.

It’s got a great user interface, layers, unlimited history, all the necessary tools and even better…you can have it’s sourcecode.


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I want one of those Q-WUXGA

Since my girlfriend has a brand new 1440×1050 notebook display it’s hard to ignore that 19″a 1280×1024 are not the highest possible dpi to have… and as a matter of fact I really want to have some more DPIs on my 19″ TFTs…

Take a look at this schematic:

As you can see, SXGA is quite Low-End these days 🙂 But we have to wait before the manufactures get serious with their 200 DPI displays…



we want a Top Gear track in racing simulations…

For some game generations we have the Nürburgring in racing simulations. But now a new challenge: Top Gear is in my opinion one of the best car- and motor-sport magazines ever made (and coming up the next months again).

So this magazine has a test track where all the cars have to do a power lap to set a time.

And that’s exactly what I want to do: I want to set a time and compete with others on this track. Wouldn’t it be great? Even after Jeremy Clarksons Gran Turismo experiment where JC exercised on a PS2 and raced the real track afterwards…



the strawberry season started


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what about those powerful weapon-grade lasers?

It seems they are selling them again… OMG!

You’ve read it some months ago… there is

Source 1:
Source 2: more laser!
Source 3: and I shall call it “Laser”
Source 4: you provide the laser. I provide the wireless LAN

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the best time widget for your Mac…

WOW! Why didn’t we think of that?

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the official FeM coffee cup

It arrived and it’s beautiful. I just bought two of them today… maybe more in the next days…

I personally really like the iced look of them…

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LED throwies…or: How to add color to your neighborhood

“LED Throwies are an inexpensive way to add color to any ferromagnetic surface in your neighborhood. A Throwie consists of a lithium battery, a 10mm diffused LED and a rare-earth magnet taped together. Throw it up high and in quantity to impress your friends and city officials.”

Beside the list of the needed parts you can even watch a video of the throwies, beautifying some-ones neighborhood:



Adventureworks.Cinema – a .NET Framework sample

What would you do to demonstrate a new technology? Yes! You’re right! Create a comprehensive example. And that’s exactly what 9 studentpartners did. They created “Adventureworks.Cinema” – a sample with 5 client applications and one server application, demonstrating almost all facets of the .NET Framework 2.0.

As you can see we have:

  • a Windows Client Application for the cinema operator (Windows Forms)
  • an Office Client to assist the operator by creating flyers (VSTO),…
  • a Mobile Client for the customer (Compact Framework 2.0)
  • a Web Client for the customer (ASP.NET 2.0)
  • and a RSS feed

and all this communicates with the backend server.

And to give you an idea how all this is designed inside – the layered architecture of all components:

For further information and the complete sourcecode of Adventureworks.Cinema please take a look at the links below.

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:,id,791,nodeid,31.html

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Update Fernost

Vor eininger Zeit habe ich schonmal einen Beitrag zum Thema Technologietransfer und die Blauäugigkeit europäischer Konzerne in China verfasst. Jetzt gibt es erneut einen dramatischen Ideenklau.

Da haben die Strategen bei Siemens und ThyssenKrupp gedacht, mit dem Transrapid das große Geschäft gemacht zu haben inklusive Teststrecke. Die Eurozeichen in den Augen haben alle Beteiligten aber mal wieder blind vor Gier gemacht. Außer 1 Mrd. € Kosten gesellte sich jetzt nur noch die bittere Erkenntnis hinzu, dass man niemals etwas in China verdienen wird, denn die Chinesen bauen mittlerweile (wen wunderts) ihre eigene Magnetschwebebahn (natürlich billiger).

Der nächste Über-den-Tisch-Gezogene steht übrigens auch schon fest: Airbus. Erst bauen die ein Werk, dann bauen die Chinesen die Flugzeuge.


Jens Heymann

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what happened last night…

I really really hate those moments. This morning around 0100 AM the server that hosts schrankmonster and some more websites crashed after more than 200 days of flawless operation. I arrived at the server room at around 2 and rebooted the machine – but it did not boot – instead it kept rebooting and rebooting…

I turned it off and decided to come back after some hours of sleep with fresh diagnose software and a just-in-case operating system install cd…

Well I turned the machine on, booted into memtest86 and no errors were found… I rebooted and voilá – the machine came up and everything worked.

What the hell was that? 🙁 Any hints? (no there is nothing of interest in the system event logs)


ridiculous speed, light speed, wire speed….

Did you ever wonder how fast data is actually travelling on the wires that come out of your machines? So take a look at this diagram to find out:


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opensource SimCity…

“LinCity-NG is a City Simulation Game. It is a polished and improved version of the classic LinCity game. Within the scope of the GoTM project at happypenguin we have created a new iso-3D graphics engine, with a completely redone and modern GUI.”



XBox3000 TV – episode February 2006

Here we are – the newest episode of Xbox3000 TV (german).

Natürlich kann auch eine iPod/PSP Version der aktuellen Episode per Podcast empfangen werden. Einfach den Podcast abonnieren.


  • Medal of Honor Airborne angekündigt
  • Rainbow Six Critical Hour für Xbox360
  • Kommt noch Xbox1 Software?
  • Star Trek Legacy – neuer Kotor Konkurrent?
  • Splinter Cell Double Agent verschoben
  • Ghost Recon 2 Content!
  • New Xbox Live Arcade Games
  • Vorsicht mit Xbox 4GB Festplatten
  • Stargate SG1 angekündigt
  • Call of Duty 3 angekündigt
  • Festplatte zwingend notwendig!
  • Gerüchteküche…
  • Deutsche Casemod-Meisterschaft gestartet


  • Interview mit Microsofts Xbox Live Product Manager Frank Halgasch

Preise von Microsoft

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Xbox Live Kit
  • Conker T-Shirts
  • Perfect Dark Zero Kalender
  • Xbox1-Developer-Mousepads
  • bestickte Xbox Live Caps

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Let’em sing!

What a cool flash application: You enter the words and the stars sing your words. All the words are taken from famous songs and put together… you can click the image to get an idea what I mean…

Source 1: my answering machine…

Source 2: Let them sing it for you!

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blast from the 11 year old past… Sony will use MPEG-2 on BlueRay?

That’s exactly what I was frightened off. If it’s true – what are those morons thinking?! (are they?)

Anyways – they have to fill at least 9 Gbytes of space. And in times of MPEG4/AVC/WMVHD when 720p movies with full 5.1 sound are only around 4-5 Gbytes… you have to find a way to fuck the customer.

So – expect great MPEG2 HDTV movies with 3-4 times the size of their current-generation encoded equivalents… and all that just to fill the space… What’s the point in having the space and the technology when we’re not going to use it?

Source: the news

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house automation to the max.

So here we are: We got a EIB bus in our office and thought: Oh well – that’s something to play with. But this guy wired and automated his complete house.

I cannot even imagine what information he is getting from “toilet flushed 3 times today”…but hey – why not 🙂


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virtual bubble chamber ahead

You know those bubble chambers you were shown in physics class? Now there’s a simulated virtual version of a bubble chamber.


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uhh, so the Intel Yonah comes with 64-bit?!… that’s news!

We all know that some of the newer Pentium 4 processors have the EMT64 extensions – which are just the licensed AMD64 commandsets poorly emulated by the Intel processor.

Now the news came up that the current “Intel Core Duo” Chip – whose codename is “Yonah” also has such a EMT64 extensions. That would make it quite interesting to see how some of the 64 bit operating systems perform on the chip…I doubt it would be faster than the 32 bit – but at least more features means more fun for the geek.

Source: Intel Yonah hidden features exposed

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I want this particular iPod please…

There are many iPods. Many different generations. There’s even a video playing iPod. But some guy made a flash mockup of something he wants to have as the next videp playing iPod. And oh my god I am with him! I would instantly consider robbing a bank for this one:


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You Played Mario Brothers 1 2 3 On The NES You Loved It You Even Played It On Your PC In An Emulator Then Theres Prob

You played Mario Brothers 1, 2, 3 on the NES? You loved it? You even played it on your PC in an emulator? Then there’s probably something new for you: A brand shiny new version of the Mario Brothers. It’s not officially from Nintendo but made by some guy who calls himself “DAHRKDAIZ”.

For the download you get nothing more than completely new worlds and levels, modified graphics, new gameplay features, new power ups,… and many many more.

It’s “just” a hack – but it’s a great one. Almost a complete re-new-make…

Source 1: Mario Adventure Article @ VintageComputing

Source 2: NES emulators

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VMware Browser Appliance Virtual Machine

Since there is the free VMware Player that allows you to run virtual machines for free on Windows and Linux there is now a ready-to-go Browser Appliance Virtual Machine based on Ubuntu Linux and Firefox:

“The Browser Appliance is a free virtual machine that allows users to securely browse the Internet using Mozilla Firefox.”

The most interesting thing about that is not the pre-installed Linux or Firefox – it’s the idea of making pre-installed available and usable for free. What if we just had something like that for Virtual PC and Windows… what would the impact of that be: giving thousands and thousands of software developers the opportunity to show and demo their products in the wild…

Source: VMware Browser Applicance Virtual Machine

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finally found: a GUI frontend for for my Mac

I am using for years now – and all the time I looked for a frontend to the website. It’s not as if the website is not usable – it’s just the point: a website takes so much more screen space than a dedicated tool does.

So there’s now iTranslate: A free tool by equinux that is exactly what I was searching for – a small and handy frontend for leo. Great!


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Amplifico: great music – support the band

I am usually into scottish bands – and in this time once again it’s a band from Scotland that pleases my ears…It’s name: Amplifico.

There are a some songs downloadable on their site and you can listen to more of their songs on the Podsafe Music Network – but you definitely want to buy their CDs and support them directly.

Source 1:
Source 2: Amplifico on the PMN

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statistics to enlarge my penis…

As if he wasn’t big enough I am here to tell you once again something about the statistics behind There’s the obvious tendency upwards – and I intent it to go straight upward for the next years…

any questions?

there’s a weblog ranking on – Of course this was one of the very good days 😉

Source 1:
Source 2:

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hibernation ended…

The turtles started their hibernation on december the 21th and today it finally was the right time to end the hibernation period…. additionally Steffi rearranged the aquarium…:

this is Wilma 😉

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RSA SecurID undressed

We had a project which used the RSA SecurID token for authentication. But that was more than a year ago. Now what’s left are several unused token which are free for some fun…

“Your RSA SecurID token contains delicate and sophisticated instrumentation. The token casing, LCD and silicon chip will break if abused. Protect your RSA SecurID token from phyiscal abuse. Do not immerse it in liquids, do not expose it to extreme temperatures, and do not put it under pressure or bend it.” (RSA SecurID manual)

Let’s bend it, put it under pressure, expose it to extreme temperatures and liquids. Let’s physical abuse it so that it breaks…

in the beginning…

contact pads… interesting…

the backside opened

the front side opened

the “core”…

in all it’s beauty

more black foam under the LCD…


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3 more terabytes please…

So here we are with another Promise VTrak m500i and another 14 250 GByte drives…

This time it seems that everything is working – even the DHCP request did not result in a complete crash of the appliance…

This time we won’t use the complete 3.1 Tbyte storage space as one humongous volume. This time the m500i serves as a boot-up platform for several XEN powered virtual machines.

And for that purpose 3 Tbyte should do it. If we have the time (since this particular m500i is planned to go into production very soon) we will test how it will work together with the already existing m500i. If we don’t have the time – we have to wait for the other m500i that is to be ordered…

Source: more info about the “m500i-odysee”

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research for the next generation…

I was pointed to a very very very interesting research website today. It’s the website of Jefferson Y. Han – a consultant at the NYU’s Department of Computer Science. He is showing off the research projects he is working on. What an impressive portfolio!!!

One of these projects is the “Multi-Touch Interaction” which means:

“While touch sensing is commonplace for single points of contact, multi-touch sensing enables a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, as in chording and bi-manual operations. Such sensing devices are inherently also able to accommodate multiple users simultaneously, which is especially useful for larger interaction scenarios such as interactive walls and tabletops. “

This video and project came up when some people discussed the recent Apple patents like “gestures for touch sensitive input devices”.

But there’s more to discover on Hans website – so go there immediately and get inspired…


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great pixel-art tutorial

If you ever wanted to know how these great pixel graphics are made or you ever wanted to create some by yourself – take a look at this great tutorial. A ten step guide to pixel-art:


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the 360 is back…

I’ve got my XBOX 360 back from the repairs. It’s not the one I sent in – it’s a shiny new one – I even had to update the dashboard to the current version.

So let’s see how long this one – produced on 29.12.2005 – will last…*fingers crossed*

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there’s a new Process Explorer version…


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Windows Live Messenger (Beta) – Now Playing Info even from iTunes.

Despite the fact that the settings dialog only speaks of the Windows Media Player it appears that the current beta version of Windows Live Messenger even listens to what iTunes is playing currently.

Actually I am told that even the 7.5 version (the current beta is version 8_beta) had this feature… great!



Songbird released

3 months ago I wrote about Songbird – an obvious iTunes clone. And now there is the 0.1 version for your testing pleasure.

As far as I can see it is not really an alternative to iTunes yet. But it certainly has the genes to become one…

Source 1: old article
Source 2:

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Ach ja, immer wieder ein schönes Gefühl, in einer Klausur zu sitzen und zu merken, dass man die Tage vorher das falsche Zeug gelernt hat.

Das Einzige, was man neben neuen Erfahrungen mitnimmt, sind die lange nicht mehr gesehenen Bekannten und die recht zahlreichen “Dosen” (Ja, sowas gibts auch in Ilmenau…).

Wobei es sich nicht um irgendeine Klausur handelte, sondern um Statistik I. Wer jemals fühlen möchte, was es heißt, zu einer verhassten Minderheit zu gehören, der sei MTler und setze sich dort mal hinein.

Jens Heymann


the concept of comments…

There’s a new idea of comments: It’s really hard to stay up to date when you are making many comments on many different websites. So there is CoComment. It’s keeping track of your comments and gives you one overview of all the conversations you’ve made the past days/weeks/months…


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it’s groundhog day everybody!!!

The same procedure as every year: today punxsutawney phil is going to be asked if the winter will end soon… let’s hope so!

If you don’t know what I am talking about, just check this movie and the website and you’ll know…


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22c3 Update: What happened and when will the recordings be available?

So here we are. The January passed by and still no recordings. What happened?

picture by namenlos

Straight after the congress we started working on the recordings – but soon we realised that almost all of the recordings we made live with ffmpeg and his friends were corrupted: The audio and video is just not in sync.

Well it would be easy if it was just shifted for a given amount of time – but the amount of shifting time is changing all through the recordings.

So we engaged DEFCON 4 and got back on our backup solution that is there, just in case something would go wrong. (who would have thought that?!).

So what’s DEFCON 4? We came to the congress with 400 brand new DV tapes. And that’s simply what our backup solution is: everything that was recorded during the 22c3 is on DV tape. And it’s in sync there.

So we are extracting nearly all of the recordings from those DV tapes…

And as you can imagine: this takes some time. It takes less time than we’d expected – we are making serious progress. Together with the CCC it was decided that an intro and outro should be added to each recording – that also takes some time. If you are experienced in creating scripted/batched DV material with definable text… we obviously need your help 🙂

So when will the recordings be available? We hope very very soon. Like I said we are making good progress in getting the stuff off the tapes, but it’s very difficult to give a time frame. Check back here or on the official 22c3 FeM Homepage for updates – … well if we can get the intro/outro issue working fast it’ll probably be only days away.

If you have any comment, feel free to comment here.


what is all the fuss about? There are free Visual Studio versions and compilers…

I want to give a short overview of the development tools made my Microsoft that are actually available for free:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit

    • C/C++ Optimizing Compiler and Linker
    • C Runtime Library and the C++ Standard Library, including STL
    • Microsoft .NET Framework Common Language Runtime
    • this is the complete C/C++ Compiler and Library packaged for those developers who care more about the command line than about a proper IDE. In fact this is essentially all you need to develop and build C/C++ projects – even commercial ones.
    • EULA
    • download

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions

    • comes in several flavours:

      • Visual Web Developer 2005 Express

        • Visual Web Developer 2005 Express is a stand-alone, lightweight, easy-to-use Web-focused tool for building ASP.NET 2.0 applications. It includes everything you need to begin building Web applications, including fully functional Starter Kit applications and a built-in development/test Web server.
        • download

      • Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition

      • Visual C# 2005 Express Edition

      • Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition

        • updated version of the Compiler/Linker and Libraries

        • download

      • Visual J# 2005 Express Edition

    • free for 1 year (until November 2006)
    • they are all fully usable for commercial projects – no license restrictions
    • about 35-70 Mbytes per Edition
    • MSDN Express Library is available (will probably increase the download to 400 Mbytes
    • a free SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is available for those who want to develop database applications
    • of course not all features of the commercial Pro/Team/… Suites are in the Express Editions but the IDE is quite complete and very powerful

So you can see – there are some ways to develop software with an IDE/Toolset that costs nothing more than the download bandwidth. So don’t complain that this evil empire called Microsoft is only forcing everybody to spend money on the development tools. Because it’s not. nuff said.


How to get a root certificate onto a Windows Mobile device properly…

So thanks to the Windows Mobile Team Blog I am able to present you the proper way to get a root certificate installed on a Windows Mobile device. The way would be to create somehow a .CAB installer file which installs the root certificate on the device. The problem to this date: We just did not know how to create this .CAB installer file.

So here are the few steps:

Step 1: Export the root certificate from your certmgr.msc console (Start – Run – “certmgr.msc“):

as a Base-64-encoded X.509 file…

this file looks like this when you open it in notepad:

for the next step we need everything within the “—–BEGIN/END CERTIFICATE—–” sections, of course without those sections…

Now view the certificate and get the fingerprint:

copy the “10 24 09 …” text and create a new XML file. To make it not to complicated have a look at what it should look like when you’re done (you can click the image for better reading):

So you have the XML file – get to the command line and make a “makecab ” – and you’re done. You should have a .CAB installer file which installs a root certificate on a Windows Mobile device.


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