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Question: how many people can you squeeze on 9 square meters?

Answer: Nine.

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ROTOR 2.0 is available… dive deep into .NET 2.0 CLI…

“The Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is the ECMA standard that describes the core of the .NET Framework world. The Shared Source CLI is a compressed archive of the source code to a working implementation of the ECMA CLI and the ECMA C# language specification.

The current release builds and runs on Windows XP only. It is released under a Shared Source initiative. It is released under a shared source initiative. Please see the accompanying license.

The Shared Source CLI goes beyond the printed specification of the ECMA standards, providing a working implementation for CLI developers to explore and understand. It will be of interest to academics and researchers wishing to teach and explore modern programming language concepts, and to .NET developers interested in how the technology works.”

Source: Shared Source CLI 2.0 download

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Virtual Server 2005 R2: Implementing production servers…

In case you’re wondering why I am not writing that much articles at the moment…

I am currently working on the Virtual Server Implementation of the MSDNAA download servers for 4 universities here in germany…

Source: Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2


even that’s going to be automated…

It seems that we have robots for everything these days: even for this last bastion of mankind.

“RoboDump is a robot. Sort of. And it poops. Sort of. Forever. A horrible, never-ending bowel movement complete with straining grunts, horrific gas, splashes, and pee sounds.”

not an iPott ™


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feed icons ‘n’ stuff

It’s not that beautiful. But well it looks better than the old “” icon.

grab your copy here.


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DJ cake…sounds gooood tastes goooood

it’s a birthday cake for a DJ…



Gigabyte I-Ram: How fast can you boot?

Everyone knows about those solid-state disks. And everyone knows that there are not-so-solid disks that utilise normal RAM for data storage.

“The i-RAM’s greatest asset is easily its simplicity. Just populate the card with memory, plug it into an available PCI slot, attach a Serial ATA cable to your motherboard, and you’ve got yourself a solid-state hard drive. There’s no need for drivers, extra software, or even Windows—the i-RAM is detected by a motherboard BIOS as a standard hard drive, so it should work with any operating system. In fact, because the i-RAM behaves like a standard hard drive, you can even combine multiple i-RAMs together in RAID arrays.”

So here’s a Windows XP running and even more impressive booting on one of that gadgets… Oh man I want one of those!

if this doesn’t show up…try to click here.

Source 1:
Source 2:

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bumps ahead…

I am migrating the currently running MSDNAA download server solution to a Virtual Server 2005 R2 based solution. Since some of the portions of / are running on those machine you may experience some bumps in the next hours…

Everything on / should work by the time the sun shows up in europe…

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IP multiple socket outlet…

The IP power-outlets for the planet-lab machine arrived. What a gadget to play with 🙂


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panoramic pictures of Seattle…

Andreas took those gorgeous panoramic views. Really really great. Don’t miss his blog.

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flow – a flash game that really relaxes

What a game! It’s one of the most relaxing games I’ve played in the last months… going to sleep now

How to Play?

What am I suppose to do?

  • Dive deep into the space eat and evolve


  • Use Mouse Cursor to guide your creature
  • Hold on Left Mouse Button to accelerate


  • Red makes you dive down
  • Blue brings you back up
  • Filling up your body to grow longer
  • + makes your current body segment evolve
  • Move slowly to make smaller turns


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Apple User Interface design flaws…

I really like the User Interface that Mac OSX gives me. I even like the iLife applications and I used them for the first time just for fun… and I came across something which is a really serious design flaw in my opinion: notice the black dot in the red “close”-button of each window:

This dot apparently shows me that I cannot do anything with this window apart from moving it around.The dot shows that the document changed – in the case of the iLife applications you cannot do anything else than moving the window around… you cannot minimize it. And the case is: The only thing I don’t want to do with such a window is starring at it’s progress bar and waiting … So normally I and probably every other user wants to hide/minimize that window. But it’s impossible. It’s just not allowed to minimize it…

Why is that? Ideas anyone?


the nutritional benefits of nose picking

What a great Idea…alternative book covers…

“Awhile ago, my husband Brian said “wouldn’t it be funny if you were sitting on the subway reading a book and on the front cover it said, How to Murder a Complete Stranger and Get Away with It? Imagine what people around you would think, especially when you finally finished the book”.”

thanks, ThamThon


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the last moment

I found the power supply at the very last moment…

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the 360 PAL-50 bug…

You cannot believe how pissed I am because of this annoying bug. I first encountered it when I wanted to play the “The Outfit” demo. When I started the demo I got this:

Well – easy, eh? No. Because my box was never used with a standard TV set the standard setting of PAL-50 for a german XBOX 360 is untouched ever since. I am only using the HDTV output of the box since I don’t have a standard TV set handy at the moment.

The tricky part is that the demo just checks if the option is set to PAL-60 or PAL-50 and return with an error in case of PAL-50. It does not check if I actually use standard definition or high definition output… So just changing the PAL-50 option to PAL-60 would work around this check – BUT – the configuration dialog checks if I am using standard or high definition – which means it does not display the PAL-50/60 option – which means that I have to attach my 360 to a TV set and set the option… which is not possible because there is no TV set …

To make a long story short: I am not able to work around a bug that keeps me from playing now two games… the “The Outfit” demo and “Feeding frenzy” which showed up yesterday on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Please fix this bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!


first official ps3 screenshots? something smells bad in sony land…

This is what is called the first official screenshots of a Playstation 3 game…:

Well… that looks a little bit different from the pre-rendered screenshots we where shown earlier… the final devkits will be available in June… Launch in November… Blue-Ray drive…Cell Processor… 60 GB hard-disk… what’s this thing going to cost? My first born? A 1000 Euro? In my opinion the only reason why Sony does not allow a closer look is, because people would see what die PS3 really is capable of…which is in no way more than a 360… I for myself expect exactly the same graphics and features the 360 delivers today… but when I look at the screenshots… well – maybe I was to optimistic with the graphics….



screw Pixar RenderMan – get Pixie!

“Pixie is a RenderMan like photorealistic renderer. It is being developed in the hope that it will be useful for graphics research and for people who can not afford a commercial renderer. Pixie is an open source project licensed under Gnu Public License (GPL).”

It’s astonishing what you can do with modern renderers…the physic simulations in the gallery samples are even more astonishing…


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made in express contest

After I wrote about the Visual Studio Express Editions and there is now a contest available… go and create something! 🙂

“This contest is all about cool stuff you can do with Express. We’ve brainstormed a few ideas of our own…

“I would build a screen-scraping API, then use it to create a custom application with Visual Basic Express to show the last time my friends update their MSN Spaces or MySpace account.”

“I would build an application with Visual Web Developer Express and SQL Server Express to track my club events (soccer matches, bike rides, swim meets) on a map, and allow my club’s members to subscribe to event updates and get a map of where the event will happen.”

“I would build an application with Visual C# Express that can read my RSS feeds out loud to me in the morning while I’m having coffee.”

“I would install a PC in my car and write an application with Visual C# Express to play my music library, give me directions, and remind me of appointments.””


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AIM…oh well not the Instant Messenger…but Accurate Image Manipulation…

When it comes to washed-out colors…or green/red/blue tinted displays… try to calibrate them with the help of this great site. Thanks to Kiesow.

“Accurate Image Manipulation for Desktop Publishing (AIM) is devoted for the best possible quality in the desktop publishing workflow. This calls for accurate calibration and correct choice for the working space.

Very accurate monitor gamma calibration charts, CGI simulations for Kodak Q-60 and Agfa IT8 calibration targets, Photoshop plug-ins and much more are available for download. Many evaluations are provided.

The calibration setup that is in use in high-end professional digital imaging, the linear workflow, is explained here in detail as well as the issues of CRT gamma.

this is NOT usable for calibration…go to the site…

Source 1:

Source 2:

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ASCII art from the past… 1948!!

grab your typewriter and do art! Who would have thought of something like ASCII art being done that early?


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b00b bouncing simulator…

I you think it couldn’t possibly get worse…it gets… and hits you hard…

That is awesome! Look what high-tech is doing for…well everyone…


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24 display Quake 3 session…

It’s not the cutest… but holy moly!!

“The system is driven by 12 linux servers (2 monitors per server) using Distributed Multihead X (DMX) and Chromium. Chromium distributes the OpenGL rendering from the head node to all of the servers. The game runs fairly fast, though some lighting effects had to be turned off and Chromium is having some trouble with the mouse.”

Source: hackinthebox

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where is the heat? – click-track your weblog…

AJAX is the key to rich web applications. And finally someone bridged the gap between click-tracking and those rich web applications.

With “Crazy Egg” is is possible to track the users of any site right down to their clicks…how cool is that (well if the users-webbrowser is configured to allow that) ? was able to test it on their website…which looks like this:

After one our Crazy Egg created this heatmap…showing where the users clicked the most…

Source 1:

Source 2:
Source 3:

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handy Mac bootup hotkey combinations

Personally I like the cmd-opt-shift-delete-# combination most… how much more complicated could they’ve made it?

Key Combination Effect
mouse down Eject removable media
opt Bring up OF system picker on New World machines
cmd-opt Hold down until 2nd chime, will boot into Mac OS 9 ?
cmd-x (or just x?) Will boot into Mac OS X if 9 and X are on the same partition and that’s the partition you’re booting from
cmd-opt-shift-delete Bypass startup drive and boot from external (or CD). This actually forces the system to NOT load the driver for the default volume, which has the side effect mentioned above. For SCSI devices it searches from highest ID to lowest for a partition with a bootable system. Not sure about IDE drives.
cmd-opt-shift-delete-# Boot from a specific SCSI ID # (# = SCSI ID number)
cmd-opt-p-r Zap PRAM. Hold down until second chime.
cmd-opt-n-v Clear NV RAM. Similar to reset-all in Open Firmware.
cmd-opt-o-f Boot into open firmware
cmd-opt-t-v Force Quadra AV machines to use TV as a monitor
cmd-opt-x-o Boot from ROM (Mac Classic only)
cmd-opt-a-v Force an AV monitor to be recognized as one
c Boot from CD. If set to boot to X and no CD is present, may boot to 9.
d Force the internal hard disk to be the startup device
n Hold down until Mac logo, will attempt to boot from network server (using BOOTP or TFTP)
r Force PowerBooks to reset the screen
t Put FireWire machine into FireWire Target Disk mode
z Attempt to boot using the devalias zip from first bootable partition found
shift (Classic only) Disable Extensions, (OS X, 10.1.3 and later) Disables login items. Also disables non-essential kernel extensions (safe boot mode)
cmd (Classic only) Boot with Virtual Memory off
space (Classic only) Trigger extension manager at boot-up
cmd-v (OS X only) show console messages during boot
cmd-s (OS X only) boot into single user mode

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isolate me…

patented isolatr technology: Helping you find where other people aren’t…great idea in fact not new 😉

Thanks to wiseguy for the tip…


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Microsoft on10

A new Microsoft community site is showing up…

“10 is a place for people who want to use technology to change the world.”

“Every weekday at 10:00 am (PST) we’ll update this site with a new video that highlights people, their passions and often the technology they are using. At the end of each week we compile these videos into a full length show with some extra surprises for you.”


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Martin Pointed Me To This Promising Company Which Is Out There To Bring Us Great Portale Media Playersbut At The Moment

Martin pointed me to this promising company which is out there to bring us great Portale Media Players…but at the moment… no real information is available on their website…but the start is done…international blogging…good way to start…


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Microsoft at CeBIT 06

Man, I was exhausted after one day – as usual. But after all it was a great day with many great talks. Even Promise listened to what I had to say… and that’s astonishing…

But since I had the chance to sneak behind the scenes at the Microsoft booth I want to present you a little bit of the pictures I just made…:

The presentation theater as everyone can see it…

That’s the theater from behind… a huge projector and a really big mirror render the HD projection perfect…

that’s hall 2 – which I traditionally do a panoramic view of…

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on the road again

we are on the road again on our way to CeBIT / Hannover… see you there!

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Sam&Max games coming…

That’s great “news”. There will be at least one new Sam & Max game and I really hope it’ll be as good as the original-Lucas Arts one… I loved to play that game…


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Windows Live (beta refresh) movie…

I don’t know why but I am in movie-making-mood. So I did another movie showing some of the features of Windows Live…:

  • customization

  • searching web, news, images,…

  • adding gadgets…

click to view

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Office 2007 Beta 1

Today is all about GUI 🙂 So it’s the perfect time to point you to a gallery that shows the brand new UI of Office 2007 Beta 1.

yes, this is word…

I really do like the new interface – I am using it for some builds now and it’s in the first place not what you would expect from Microsoft. It’s designed and features high usability… and when you will start using it you will acclimate really fast like I did.

Source: Jensen Harris

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the kororaa live cd tryed out…

After Chris recommended the kororaa live cd for my XGL testing questions I downloaded kororaa today and tried it.

This is EXACTLY what I hoped to see. A flawlessly booting live cd and a hyper performant graphical user interface that really really works.

All those graphical gimmicks and gadgets are eye candy – but not only. I think that just because you don’t have to stare at the screen to see how your windows are drawn is a giant leap in comfort and usability.

click on the picture to see it moving…

So far it’s a nice technology demonstration that worked just out of the box. Great!

Oh one question to the linux knowing guys: Can anyone tell me how to capture movies off the screen? Is there a tool that can do that?

Source 1: recommendation
Source 2:

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finally 10 hours on battery possible…

Oh yeah. It was time to replace the worn out battery of my notebook (HP compaq nc8000) and replace it with a shiny new one. And since I want as much wireless time as possible I ordered a new multibay battery with it. Everything arrived today and: god is that awesome!

My nc8000 now actually does the 10 hour long run with the two batteries fully loaded…hurray!

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dreamful research

THamTHon is collecting pictures of people that fell asleep in our office…well most of the time cosrahn is sleeping anyways but we’re planning big things with the pictures of sleeping people…

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has the XBOX 360 self-destruct integrated circuit?

Rumors and more rumors about the IBM eFuse circuits in the XBOX 360 CPU… Funny if it’s true and I can think of funny things to do with the CPU when modding is detected… B-)


“Some may say that I should strap on my tin foil hat, but in fact VID data is stored in the eFuses, it may be possible to shut power off to the CPU permanently or increase the core supply to the point of self-destruct.

Remember that VID “111111” or “111110” (VID order 4,3,2,1,0,5) indicated “NO CPU” therefore no supply power to the core.

This is just one possible scenario and may give new meaning to “FRAG your opponent”.

Source 1: XBOX CPU Design
Source 2:
Source 3:

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CeBIT plans…

I will be at CeBIT on the 10th of March – it’s the second exhibition day so it shouldn’t be to crowded. Since I am going to be driven this time the only thing I need to do at the moment is creating a plan which booths I should visit… any recommendations? Would you like to meet at CeBIT? Make a comment!


a reason why I should get a Nintendo DS…

That looks like the first serious Super Mario Brothers game for years…

And if it’s true what I’ve seen in some gameplay movies… I really really would like to play it.

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cruise control

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chicken breast salad..


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Blick durch die Parteienlandschaft

Achtung – Satire!

Am 26. März sind wieder Wahlen – in Sachsen-Anhalt. Als vorbildlicher, nicht politikverdrossener Mensch habe ich mir natürlich rechtzeitig die Briefwahlunterlagen besorgt, da ich am Stichtag nicht zu Hause bin.

Abseits der großen Volksparteien tummeln sich wie immer hoffnungslos unsinnige Ansammlungen von Menschen, die wirklich glauben, sie werden von jemandem gewählt, obwohl ihr Progamm vielleicht den einen oder anderen anspricht:

AGFG – Außer Gerd fürn Gulli (einer der Bewerber heißt Gerhard Schröder, zumindest schon mal das cleverste Marketing)

BBW – Biete besseres WLAN (für die Geeks)

DVU – Durch Vernichtung unterwerfen (Tja, Demokratie…)

REP – Rammeln extrem pervers (Noch ein Punkt für die Demokratie)

FP Deutschlands – Fundamentale Pazifisten Deutschlands

MLDP – Mit List durch Polen

Pro DM – Durchsicht monatlich

DKP/KPD – Du (für) Kopftuch (und) Prophet / Kalaschnikow (und) Paradies (für) dich

STATT Partei – Suche tagsüber Aushilfsjob trotz Tarif

GUT – Gern unter Tempo

Wählen macht doch Spass…

Jens Heymann


it’s on it’s way… Street fighting time…

…soooooooooooon on XBOX live Arcarde.

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we where out for dinner… the “Nektar” in Munich

Here are some pictures of the “Nektar“…


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That was a delicious and even more entertaining dinner…

matie “housewives kind”

betroots soup – baked salmon trout-bread dumplings

fillet of oval – tuna risotto

White chocolate parfait – sweet olive litchi-espuma

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yeah, things have to be discussed…

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hmm yam yam… an AUDI A3…

After the Sixt-Guy tried to fool me with “hey it’s a VW Polo today” he cough up the right keys for the AUDI A3… nice car…

Hmm… due to the snow it took me more than an hour more to arrive in munich…

that’s not munich ™

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off to Munich…

Despite all the weather warnings I am on my way to Munich…

…see you on the other side…

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you don’t like the new XBOX 360 dashboard /guide /blades /whatever?

Well it could be worse…


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how to speak and more importantly write english with style…

“These notes are a miscellany of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usage I put together for my classes. Nothing here is carved in stone, and many comments are matters of personal preference — feel free to psychoanalyze me by examining my particular hangups and bêtes noires. Anyone who can resist turning my own preferences into dogma is welcome to use this HTML edition. Feedback is always welcome.

I should be clear up front: I’m not a linguist, nor a scholar of the history of the language. (If you’re curious about who I am, you can look at my CV and decide whether I’m worth listening to.) Linguists are wary of “prescriptive” grammars, which set out standards of “correct” and “incorrect” usage — grammars that usually insist correctness reigned in the good old days, whereas we’ve been on the road to hell ever since. Professional linguists are adamant that the language isn’t “declining,” and that many usages censured by self-styled grammarians are in fact perfectly reasonable, whether on historical grounds, logical grounds, or both.

And they’re right. I reject any model of linguistic decline, in which the twenty-first century speaks a decadent version of the language of some golden age. I don’t lie awake at night worrying about the decline of “proper” English. (In my grumpier moods, I’m convinced the whole world’s going to hell — but then, I’m convinced the whole world’s been going to hell since time out of mind. In my more sanguine moods, I wonder whether hell isn’t such a bad place to be after all.) I know, too, that many things offered as “good” grammar or style have little basis in history or in logic.”


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Oh well that’s not really news. Some say that Google utilizes the “big harddrive” that’s inside our planet earth… and some say that even gravity does not apply for google employees….

In fact… that’s all bullshit. Please Google. Be careful with words like “unlimited” … more text over here

Source 1:
Source 2:

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