water can actually flow uphill

You were told that water does never ever flow uphill. But now this is proven wrong…and who did it? A german engineer working for americans…

“When a liquid drop is placed on a surface held at a temperature much higher than the liquid’s boiling point (such as a drop of water in a very hot pan) it hovers on its own vapor cushion, without wetting the surface. This phenomenon is called film-boiling and occurs beyond a surface temperature called the Leidenfrost point (about 200 – 300 ºC for water on flat surfaces, depending on surface quality).”

“This method uses heat to pump liquid, and could therefore be used in pumps for coolants, for instance to cool microprocessors. Such a pump would need no additional power (it’s run by the heat that needs to be removed anyway), it would have no moving parts, and it wouldn’t require a thermostat. Whether this method will actually be powerful enough for applications in, say, a laptop, is not yet known.”

Source: http://www.uoregon.edu/~linke/res_droplets.html