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granny in space, what’s it to live 10 times longer than supposed?

Do you remember the landing of the two mars exploration vehicles calles Spirit and Opportunity in 2004? Well I think you do. They were built to last 90 days. But it’s now more than 1000 days – more than 10 times the timespan.

Well well, the two sneaky space travellers are kind of tattered – ones wheel isn’t working anymore and the other one had to get his brain “reformated” several times…but all over all they are in good shape for very old fellas.


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Microsoft Internet Explorer Team sends a cake for the Firefox 2 shipping


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Vista and Office University Roadshow 2006

The event is over and it was great! More than 7 hours of new information compressed into 8 talks were presented today. If you missed the event, don’t worry: you can download the slidedecks here and of course if you like, you can participate in another University-Roadshow 2006 event in another german city (complete list and subscription here). If you like to attend some more talks at the TU-Ilmenau you can watch out for the local community website: – Since we’re in the process of building a INETA .NET Community here in Ilmenau we’re planning several events in the next months. Oh, to name one: on the 25th and 26th of next month there’s a ASP.NET workshop, held by my colleague Nico Orschel. More information on that can be found on dotnetcommunity.

The Slidedecks are available in three different formats(german language versions only):

Windows Vista für Jedermann (Daniel Kirstenpfad):


Wege zum Reichtum

Normalerweise halte ich nicht viel von Wetten, insbesodere nicht von denen mit Geld. Diese Meinung werden auch die meisten anderen Menschen haben. Nicht ohne Grund, denn meistens verliert man, und Städte wie Las Vegas wurden schließlich auch nicht von Spendengeldern erbaut.

Nun kommt es aber alle paar Jahre vor, dass ein Sportwettenanbieter in Hinblick auf kommende Ereignisse das kalte Grausen bekommt.

Heute beginnt die World Series. Das ist die Endspielserie in der größten us-amerikanischen Baseball-Profiliga, der MLB. Im Finale stehen sich die St. Louis Cardinals und die Detroit Tigers gegenüber, wobei letztere als Favorit gelten.

Und damit sind wir auch schon bei der Ursache für die Sorgenfalten bei einigen Wettanbietern: Die Detroit Tigers galten eigentlich als klarer Außenseiter im Meisterschaftsrennen. Wer vor Beginn der Saison etwas Geld übrig hatte und vielleicht einen Tausender auf das Team gesetzt hat, kann bei der damaligen Quote von 500:1 schon mal zittrig werden. So eine halbe Million ist nicht zu verachten…

Für die Wettanbieter bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass nicht allzu viele treue Fans auf ihr Team gesetzt haben – und dass St. Louis den Titel holt, denn die haben nur eine Quote von 7:1.

Artikel in

Artikel eines Sportwettenanbieters aus den USA

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a riddle for you

What’s this and where can you see it?

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we just released Internet Explorer 7

It’s there; It’s final and it’s got a huge number of new features, paired with a new UI.


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Microsoft Student Partners meet in Koenigswinter

Once again it’s workshop time. You can read about the activities in their (german) blog.


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new Mediaplayer for Windows Mobile…not.

What once was free is now for sale. Yes, the well known TCPMP player for Windows Mobile is now called “CorePlayer”. And it’ll set you back $24,99. Quite an amount for this app…

Decide for yourself it some new codecs and a new UI is worth the money…it’s not for me.


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YAPS Update

For me YAPS becomes more and more the vcr application I was always searching for. I’ve fixed a lot of bugs since the last article about YAPS and added a lot of features. It did not crash for about a month on my production system and the daily build access seems to work better than I thought it would (since it’s only a quick .cmd script).

Since the settings page is quite hard to implement I started with some other things that lead their way to get the settings page done – one of which is the dynamic template keyword feature where you can add options to .html pages which can be used in the page itself. (documentation to be written).

The settings page should be ready within this week hopefully as all the needed parts are coming together right now (like those options and stuff).

What I want from you:

  1. Feedback! – Keep the feedback coming. It’s good to hear from people using this software. It’s even better to hear feature wishes.
  2. HELP! – If you are a HTML guru, graphic artist, .net coder or TVR car dealer, then write a comment, leave your contact data and you’re in the team. I need help in every mentioned way and in some not mentioned…hrm…

Here’s the changelog since the last version I wrote about…oh..we do have a build version now…it’s 1.0.30 for the Processor and 1.0.2474.1263 for the application as I am writing this.


  • added the %settings_*% keywords to the TemplateProcessor
  • changed the MapNames Class to ChannelMapper
  • added ChannelAddress Settings, Settingsfile
  • added %buildversion% template keyword
  • added Misc Settings and Channel Adress Mapping Settings Icon
  • added Misc and Channel Settings to the Settings HTML Page
  • some cosmetic changes to index.html and the LoadSettings console output
  • added automatic categories to the To-Be-Recorded Listing


  • changed the HTTP Servers file buffer size to 20480 bytes; increased the HTTP performance by factor 4
  • changed the Multicast Cached Reader/Writer buffer size to 150 RTP packets per client-loop-run


  • implemented AddSearchTerm and DelSearchTerm functionality
  • added editcategory_step4.html for Searchterm deletion (changing that in future versions!!!)
  • added AutomaticCategoriesForRecording functionality to the CategoryProcessor
  • added Category Listing to the RecordedListing Template Processor
  • added RenderOneLine Method to the RecordedListing Template Processor
  • added CategoryFilter functionality, just click on the category in the Recorded Listing to filter
  • added SortAscending/SortDescending Keywords to recordings.html handling – you can now switch between those sorting schemes; default is Descending
  • added Querystring.cs
  • known bug -> when CategoryFilter is active SortAscending/SortDescending wouldn’t work; currently fixing


  • fixed a bug in the http method calling tree


  • fixed a bug in the Managerecording-Deleterecording methods
  • changed the RemoveRecordingFile Forwarder to the /recordings.html instead of the last page in browser history
  • fixed a bug in the ForwardToPage method
  • updated the TV Browser Capture Plugin Configuration (/Documentation and Misc/TV Browser Capture Plugin)
  • added settings page
  • added settings_categories page
  • added settings category and addcategory icons
  • changed Design Vector file format to CorelDraw! X3
  • added Category Adding functionality
  • added Category deleting functionality
  • added Searchterm adding functionality (partly)


  • added the deleterecording functionality for managerecordings (delete recording without knowing the ID)
  • changes to the Category data structure
  • added category.cs to the repository
  • added CategoryProcessor
  • added AddCategory HTML Page
  • added EditCategory HTML Pages
  • added Category listing Template Processor
  • added ForwardToLastPage HTTP Response
  • added ForwardToPage HTTP Response


  • changed the Settings data structures
  • fixed a spelling error in the DoneRecordings table
  • added category listing to the RecordedListing table
  • added channel image for german br
  • added several category management specific changes

Dailybuild (Microsoft.NET):

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beware of the teeth bleachers!

No one would have thought that the teeth bleaching overlords are already among us.

I was watching TV when this showed up:

What’s this, you’re wondering. But wonder no more: It’s a teeth bleaching device on the one hand. And a adult torturing device on the other. You don’t just look completely moronic with this thing, you also get a manic grinning concreted into your face for everyone to see.

The TV shopping blokes are even suggesting you should give it to your neighbours kids (you don’t have any, have you?) and let them feel the pain. And well, it’s just 49,95…that’s cheap, compared to the money you have to pay for your cable tv, which is almost as painful…

happy bleached kids…yeah!

Back to business: WTF! This was one of the weirdest TV evenings I ever had. I watched an american tv show called “Dirty Jobs” where some guy does quite strange jobs. In fact: When you live in a more modern country like, let’s say… Germany, where we (thankfully were) stopped making war on everyone else in 1945 – well – when you live in such a country, you are really really surprised what a big part of the states is third world territory… And then this: teeth bleaching the hard way… TV is getting stranger and stranger everyday. There are a lot good things coming over the big sea from america…but please; no more american tv shows…

P.S.: sorry for the picture quality…it’s just a bad analog cable tv…


Adventures in .NET land…

Sven brought up the idea to start a “DotNetUserTaskGroup” – which, to simplify the explanation, is a group of .NET interested people who once in a while get a task to solve. Everything is for fun and educational purposes only. No commercial background whatsoever.

To kick off the idea Sven opened up a website where you can find more information on the subject (german only at the moment). Don’t miss our .NET Community site.

Source 1:
Source 2:

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why driving is not always fun and what is wrong about a Volkswagen

The adventure started with the the fact that I had to phone SIXT to get the car reservation done…obviously my travel office wasn’t able to get this done within 5 business days… But I finally got the reservation done and arrived at 0700 in Erfurt to grab the car. And … the worst case: a Volkswagen Golf (2.0 TDI)

The trip to Munich normally takes me 3,5 hours – this day it took me more than 7 hours. Congestion is the word of choice here. Damn was that a bad trip. And back home it took nearly as long. I got into almost every congestion that was reported by the radio/TMC.

The fact that I was on the road for more than 13 hours and that the meeting took 1,5 hours… the next time I’ll be flying… Take-Off at 0700, Meeting at 0900, Take-Off at 1100 and back home for dinner.

Oh…to say something good about the Volkswagen: It wasn’t too heavy and the 2 liter 4 cylinder TDI was quite lively. The rest of the car is just extremly bad. The whole thing is badly build. Everything queeks and rattles all the time whilst driving. The gearbox is okay, but the clutch…. The suspension was the worst I’ve seen on a car since the plate spring. Every once in a while a bump showed up the car instantly started to nod. … Oh I could talk for hours. This car needs a better build quality and it surely needs more personality. The Golf is just a pricey bad car, period. Here’s some math:

VW Golf 2.0 TDI: € 21.873,00
Honda Civic 2,2i-TDCi: € 21.430,00
Ford Focus 2.0-TDCi: € 22.290,00

I would rather drive the Civic than the Golf…


Read and search what’s been said

Imagine the possibility to search for keywords in Podcasts. Imagine that integrated into every next generation podcast application: Wouldn’t it be great? There’s a company that does that right now:

“HearHere™ lets you quickly find the portions of an audio or video podcast that interest you.

Pluggd’s HearHere allows people to jump to the exact position in audio or video, such as podcasts and video casts, where there is something they want to hear. People have come to expect this instant return with web pages, but up until now audio and video have failed to deliver the same searchability. Now, you will no longer have to listen to five minutes of an NPR podcast before you reach the topic you care about. HearHere changes everything.


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you need a fast, small and free (as in beer) SQL Server? Read this!

Here it is from Microsoft: Currently in CTP, The SQL Server 2005 – Everywhere Edition is a compact database (5MB memory footprint, approx. 2MB!! disk footprint)

  • Full referential integrity with cascading deletes and updates
  • Multiple connections for foreground and background operations
  • Single data file with password protection and 128-bit file level encryption
  • Transaction support to commit and rollback grouped changes
  • A wide range of data-types, such as UNICODE character data types, IMAGE, MONEY, and IDENTITY
  • Supports database size up to 4 gigabytes
  • SET Functions (aggregates), INNER and OUTER JOIN, subselect, and GROUP BY and HAVING clauses
  • Scrollable and updatable cursors to provide fast and easy data access

So. Take a look at it. There is also the slightly bigger SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, which gives you nearly all the functionality of a large scale multi-user database. But when you need to do small tasks (e.g. small websites) you need to try that one.


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on my way to…


See you after the jump…this’ll be a rainy ride.

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Kürbisfest in Altendorf

Das ist der erste Artikel von

wie jedes Jahr gabs Unmengen an Kürbissen zu kaufen

(neue Art endeckt: Kürbisschildkröte 😉

Natürlich gibts nicht nur Zierkürbisse und Halloweenkürbisse da wird von der Kürbisbratwurst bis zum Kürbiseis so ziemlich alles aus Kürbissen gemacht.


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I just found…

… a picture of my colleague Matej Ciesko, talking at the Ukraine Conference about Windows Computer Cluster Server 2003.

Party on Matej!

BTW: If you read that – please supply slidedecks and links 😉 Thanks.


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Go,Go, Gadget-o-Power-Suit!!

Everybody will need one of these when the guardians attack zion…

“In 1990, we started to develop a Wearable Power Assist Suit, and in 1991 we fabricated a Powered Arm constructing the master and slave system in one unit by utilizing a rubber tube air actuator and sensing cuff, [ref. 1]. In 1994, we developed a Wearable Powered Suit constructed with powered arms, a powered waist, and powered legs [ref. 2], and finally in 2002, we developed a Stand Alone Type Wearable Power Assist Suit [ref. 3]. This suit was composed of newly developed air bag actuators driven by micro air pumps, newly developed muscle hardness sensors, and an embedded micro computer. The muscle hardness sensor was developed for detecting the muscle force driving joints. The micro computer was for calculation of the necessary joints torques to lift heavy objects. The calculation equations was derived by body mechanics. This suit could run continuously 20 minutes with 12 volts Ni-Cd portable batteries. The latest power assist suit can generate higher assist power, and is composed of compact body, a compact embedded micro computer, small and flat rotary sensors, and has newly designed muscle sensors which are embedded in 3-D mesh [ref. 4].”



Play PACMAN with Excel…

“This software works on Excel 97 and 2000. I was absorbed in video game named *pacman* when I was a schoolchild. I would like to reproduce that on Excel. I’ve held the thought from two years before,
and finally…It’s realized.

All actions are expressed by rewriting of a cell background color. Each one of cells as a dot, and move it by make cell’s background color high-speed rewriting. Although I did not think it’s possiblele, but now it’s possiblele by the favor of the improvement in a performance of a personal computer. The window zoom is 10%, so the each cell can not be seen. But it is A CELL.”

Oh…of course Space Invaders is available too…


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Kameo Skin Contest Winners…

There was a Kameo Skin contest and the winners are finally announced. You can see my favourite ones below:

Thanks to XboxWorld for the pictures…

Source: Read more of – Kameo Skins, die Gewinner

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low latency network audio…JACK

It’s been some days when I wrote about my wish and need for low latency network audio solutions. And now it seems that there is something to help the situation: JACK.

“Have you ever wanted to take the audio output of one piece of software and send it to another? How about taking the output of that same program and send it to two others, then record the result in the first program? If so, JACK may be what you’ve been looking for.

JACK is a low-latency audio server, written for POSIX conformant operating systems such as GNU/Linux and Apple’s OS X. It can connect a number of different applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves. Its clients can run in their own processes (ie. as normal applications), or can they can run within the JACK server (ie. as a “plugin”).”

This alone isn’t what I was searching for…but there is NetJack – the network extension for JACK.

Netjack is a Realtime Audio Transport over a generic IP Network. It is fully integrated into JACK.”

Source 1: another nerd wish- low latency network audio
Source 2:
Source 3:
Source 4:
Source 5:

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still using VMWare…

I am still using VMWare for some of my virtual machines – not because it’s faster… Just because the one feature that VirtualPC just doesn’t offer: USB Passthrough.

The other thing about VMWare is the number of great tools that are available. For example this one which is coming up soon:

“VMware Converter is a highly robust and scalable enterprise-class migration tool that reduces the time that IT managers spend converting physical machines to VMware virtual machines. Using a snapshot based cloning mechanism that is extremely fast and reliable, VMware Converter enables remote conversions without disrupting the source server during the conversion process.”


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