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Windows SDK is available…

Hurray. Today the Windows SDK was made available.

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*UPDATE* dotnetcommunity INETA usergroup successfully founded

Yesterday the first usergroup meeting took place in the computer pool of the faculty of mechanical engineering. Sven and Nico had their lectures for which you can get the slides as soon as possible on the website of the usergroup.


Windows Presentation Foundation (Sven Hubert)

AJAX with ASP.NET (Nico Orschel)


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new toy … 64 bits for the first time

For the upcoming 23. Chaos Communication Congress and for Virtual Machine testing purposes FeM bought a brand new DELL 2950 Server with impressive specs: 2x Dual Core Xeon 2.0 Ghz (5130) + 8 GB RAM + 2x 73 GB 10k upm + 4x 300 GB 10k upm (all SAS).

I spent the last day installing Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 on the machine which leads to the well known hardware driver issues. But everything solved, the RAID is up’n’running and the machine seems to be a seriously fast one.

Geekbench result

Since it’s a DELL machine it’s tidy, which is great since I’ve seen enough machines from other manufacturers where something must have been seriously gone wrong in production phase.



want to get Windows Vista + Office 2007 for free?

“You’ll have to sit through three Microsoft webcasts or virtual labs on the products, but that’s a small price to pay considering you’ll actually learn about the software features. There are some relatively minor restrictions, however this is an offer you just can’t refuse. These packages can cost you upwards of $300 or more out-of-pocket, so I’d consider this time well spent.”

Oh and there’s the downside: only for US residents… well…

Source 1:
Source 2: jkontherun


Häutung Marmorkrebs

Unser Marmorkrebs hat sich vor ein paar Tagen gehäutet. Nach der Häutung hat er sich 1 bis 2 Tage in den Höhlen versteckt und auch so gut wie nix gefressen … Mittlerweile ist er wieder aktiv und ist den ganzen Tag auf Futtersuche.

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Mario Brothers in Vice City

Nothing more to add.


me wants a nuclear fusion reactor… or something

Oh yeah, there’s actually something one can do to play with fusion… the downside of this is the needed time and the electricity bill…

“In the basement of his parents’ Oakland Township home, tucked away in an area most aren’t privy to see, Thiago is exhausting his love of physics on a project that has taken him more than two years and 1,000 hours to research and build — a large, intricate machine that , on a small scale, creates nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion — when atoms are combined to create energy — is “kind of like the holy grail of physics,” he said.

In fact, on, the Stoney Creek senior is ranked as the 18th amateur in the world to create nuclear fusion. So, how does he do it?”

The kid built a Farnsworth Fusor, which, beside of the manufacturing skills is said to be doable by almost everyone. In fact: It’s quite an achievement to be in the “Neutron Club”.


Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:

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currently uploading to MSDN AA servers of Ilmenau, Weimar, Erfurt

Since Windows Vista will be available on the 1st of December I am uploading the newly available 2007 Office Application Updates.

The following products will be available within the next hours/days on the maniac/MSDNAA download servers of TU-Ilmenau, Bauhaus Universität Weimar and Fachhochschule Erfurt. Enjoy!


Gears of War Soundtrack for free…

Apparently the Gears of War Soundtrack by Megadeth is downloadable for free. Get the song and the lyrics here.


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it’s my 360s birthday and I bought her a present…

It’s exactly one year since the XBOX 360 launched and I got mine from amazon. And since it’s birthday-party time, I bought another accessory:

8 kilograms of pure joy and racing fun. It’s the “XBOX 360 Wireless Racing Wheel”.

I just had time to drive for about 15 minutes with the wheel and all I can say is: PERFECT!. It’s one of the best wheels I’ve ever used and the force feedback is the best I ever had on a console and on PC. Currently only Project Gotham Racing 3 (comes with the wheel) and the upcoming Forza 2 support the wheel (…and one or two other games that don’t count), but well: Forza 2 and GTR (should also support the wheel, not announced yet) will be my favourite games in 2007…

If you’re playing racing games on the 360, I encourage you to get one of those wheels!!



currently installing…

Oh well, it’s time to update. The Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) is available now. Grab your trial and install 🙂

Source: Announcing MOSS 2007

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Sharepoint Server 2007 eBook for free

“Ahead of the release of the 2007 Microsoft Office system, Microsoft Corporation has fre- quently referred to what it calls the “new world of work” – a business environment and econ- omy characterized by mobility; a worldwide network of customers, partners, and suppliers; new compliance and regulatory requirements; and a need for broad visibility into business processes and the information that supports and governs them. Together, factors such as these drive the need for organizations to integrate business applications, documents, and workflows and transform the content of documents into business information they can act on. These factors make plain the essential link between knowledge workers, business informa- tion, business processes, and software. This free 236-pages ebook focuses on a critical element of Office development – Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, plat- forms that developers can use to create collaboration applications as well as applications and features that support business intelligence, workflow, data calculation, team workspaces, document life cycle management, content management, knowledge discovery, and project management.”


  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • Building Solutions with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Building a Basic SharePoint Site
  • Organizing Lists and Documents with Site Columns and Content Types
  • Working with Features in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Core Developement
  • Creating Worklfows …

Source: eBook Download


Achievement unlocked

He asked, and she said “Yes”. Congratulations Manuela and Markus!


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Charlotte @ polylux

Portrait Charlotte RocheMP4 Kobalt @

Source: Grossartige Frau


FeM 23c3 opening credit generator…

At the moment I am writing the opening credit generator which will most likely be used (maybe not… who knows) at the 23. Chaos Communication Congress

As far as I am informed last year an Apple Keynote + DV Video export was used to create the openings and endings of each recording. This time hopefully most of this gets automated and way more comfortable for everyone involved.

Oh, I almost forgot: I am going to release the sourcecode(C#, .NET 2.0)+binaries as soon as possible. But don’t expect too much, in the end it’s just an application that lets you enter or import the lecture data and it then creates a MPEG-2 video file…that’s all folks.


Speed Camera Database

“At locations that are particularly subject to accidents, speed cameras are erected specifically to catch speed offenders, to call them to account, and thereby to teach them a lesson. This should also reduce the number of accidents.

We are of the opinion that there is also another way to reduce the number of accidents.

With the help of our database, we hope to achieve the following for our users:

  • to warn them in good time about high accident area
  • that they check their speed and adjust it if necessary
  • that they can fully focus their concentration on what is happening in the traffic

The goal of our project is not to promote “racing”! “


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Watch it burn…

Burning Lithium Ion Cells….

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What Windows has really lacked

Hear, hear!

“What Windows has really lacked, besides pervasive and effective security controls, of course, is an emotional attachment with users. Unlike rival computing platforms such as Linux and the Mac, there aren’t fanatical groups of Windows enthusiasts roaming the Internet and striking down non-believers with unnecessary religious zeal and bias. In fact, if you think about it, the closest we have to that scenario in the Windows world are guys like me, and I couldn’t care less if you choose not to run Windows. Instead, Windows guys tend to be more pragmatic than Linux and Mac fanatics. First, we’re not fanatics, and while I can’t speak for the rest of the community, I completely understand why someone might want to run Mac OS X, and I’d never ridicule them for making that choice.”



How to draw a car in MS Paint

How to draw a car in MS Paint…


behold teh CELL



Apple Store Voucher

Well…just in case you’re planning to buy something…like me:

Gutschein-Code: NA1VD3JHHD
Rabatt: 34 Euro
Gültig bis: 31.12.2006
Mindestbestellwert: 348 Euro

Gutschein-Code: IPM9ZXAV9Z
Rabatt: 81 Euro
Gültig bis: 31.12.2006
Mindestbestellwert: 812 Euro




It’s quite some days since SIGGRAPH’06 and the article I wrote about Photosynth. But here it is: You can testrun the photosynth viewer by yourself or you can watch this short video:

Video: Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth screencast

Source 1: synthesize your photography
Source 2:

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Old School Gamer

Wer erinnert sich nicht an die Zeiten, als man die Zukunft der Videospielerei im sog. “Interaktiven Film” sah. Vorrangig die ehemalige Vorzeigeschmiede Origin war bekannt für ausschweifende Filme zum Spielen…äh…Spiele mit Filme.

Was aber tun, wenn man die Filme mal wieder sehen möchte?

Nun, man kann natürlich alles durchspielen; das kostet jedoch eine Menge Zeit, geschweige denn die schwierige Installation einiger unter DOS laufender Spiele.

Die andere Möglichkeit wäre, die Filmsequenzen direkt von der CD auszulesen und in einem Player abzuspielen.

Tatsächlich gibt es so ein Tool: Wing Commander Movie Player

Heute kaum noch vorstellbar, welcher Aufwand und welche Namen als Darsteller für die Spiele aufgebracht wurden:

Aus Wing Commander 3:

Mark Hamill – “Star Wars”

Tom Wilson – “Zurück in die Zukunft”

Josh Lucas – “Stealth”

Malcom McDowell – “Clockwork Orange”

John Rhys-Davies – “Indiana Jones”

Dazu aus Wing Commander 4:

Mark Dacascos – “Crying Freeman”

Privateer 2:

John Hurt – “Alien”

Clive Owen – “Sin City”

Jürgen Prochnow – “Das Boot”

Christopher Walken – “Die durch die Hölle gehen”

Dieses “Interaktiver Spielfilm”-Konzept hat sich bekanntermaßen nicht durchgesetzt, vermutlich aus Kostengründen. Aber trotzdem immer wieder nett anzusehen.

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Geschichte, die sich wiederholt

Also, dass in den USA im Zuge der Irakkriegsaufrüstung die dortigen Pommes von “French fries” in “Freedom fries” umbenannt wurden, weiß wohl jeder.

Das ist aber nicht der einzige Vorfall dieser Art in der Geschichte der Lebensmittelumbenennung infolge politischer Differenzen.

Im 1. Weltkrieg benannte man jenseits des Ozeans auch mal das Sauerkraut in “Liberty cabbage” um.

Zum Glück haben sich die Maßnahmen nie durchsetzen können.


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it’s getting colder…

No, this is NOT how it looked tonight… but this is a picture of how it looked in 2002 in just a bunch of days… brrr…

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Microsoft: change the world or go home

“Microsoft has forty seven thousand-odd employees, a huge percentage them very determined to change the world, and often suceeding. And millions of customers with the same idea.

Basically, Microsoft is in the world-changing business. If they ever lose that, they might as well all go home.

I chose the monster image simply because I always thought there is something wonderfully demonic about wanting to change the world. It can be a force for the good, of course, if used wisely. It’s certainly a very loaded part of the human condition, but I suppose that’s what makes it compelling.”


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the 23c3 live streaming and recording plannings *ATTENTION: DRAFT!*

ATTENTION: The information in this article are not final and are subject to be changed during the plannings.

In less than 2 months the 23c3 takes place in Berlin/Germany (December 27.-30th 2006). And the plannings are in full progress. We had several brainstorm sessions and I think that we finally do have a plan. First of all: We learned a lot from the 22c3 live streaming and recording work. And to give you an overview of the things we want to achieve this time:

  1. permanent working live streams of all 4 lecture halls
  2. high quality recordings without using our DV-Tape fallback
  3. making low/mid/high quality recordings in different codecs available for download within 24 hours

To achieve these goals we’re going to need considerably more hardware than last year, which means:

  • 4 WMV Live Encoding machines
  • 1 MPEG-2 encoding machine with 4 MPEG-2 encoder cards
  • 4 video editing machines
  • 6 19″ TFTs + 1 4
  • at least 1 monitoring machine
  • more than 1 Tbyte of storage space
  • 5 cameras + 1 video mixer
  • a lot of helping hands (yes, we need help chaos angels!!)

So. The camera setup is almost identical to the last one. But this time we want to use a better FBAS signal instead of the in-house HF-cable-TV. The WMV encoding stays as it was last year. We plan to install an additional MPEG-2 hardware encoding machine which produces high-quality MPEG-2 data (which gets edited and compressed for download distribution as fast as possible).

Since we’re sill in planning stage we cannot speak about bitrates, live streams and such. Everything is subject to change, it’s just a draft. But stay tuned and read frequently. Oh… and comments are welcome.

Source 1:
Source 2:


Hollywood Insider

Neulich gab auf einen interessanten Bericht über Daryl Hannah (ihres Zeichens mal A-List-Star in Hollywood) und die Hintergründe, in “Meganieten” mitzuspielen.

Besagter Film war “Flop des Tages” und hat einen IMDB-Wert von 3,8 (von 10). Liest man die Filmografie der Frau, finden sich in den letzten Jahren fast nur noch Nieten. Die Zeiten von “Blade Runner” und “Splash” sind längst vorbei. “Kill Bill” zählt an dieser Stelle nicht; diese beiden Filme fallen unter das Tarantino-Arbeitsbeschaffungsprogramm für alternde Filmstars.

Warum also spielt diese Frau fast nur noch in zweifelhaften Machwerken mit? Dazu muss man einige ungeschriebene Hollywood-Gesetze kennen, und die haben natürlich immer irgendetwas mit Geld zu tun.

Zuerst einmal ein paar Zahlen: Allein in Los Angeles gibt es rund 90.000 in der Gewerkschaft (SAG – Screen Actors Gilde) registrierte Schauspieler. Aufgrund von Verträgen darf jedes große Filmstudio nur Schauspieler verpflichten, die eine SAG-Mitgliedschaft besitzen. Abseits davon warten etwa 200.000 weitere Möchtegern-Darsteller darauf, wahrgenommen zu werden. Es ist also wie in der Natur so, dass um die fettesten Misthaufen (sprichwörtlich) immer viel zu viele Fliegen schwirren.

In Hollywood macht es einen großen Unterschied aus, ob man Mann oder Frau ist. Klar, woanders auch, aber hier würde man es als Außenstehender vielleicht gar nicht vermuten. Der Unterschied wirkt sich in erster Linie bei der unterschiedlichen Haltbarkeit als Superstar aus. Wie viele männliche Hollywoodstars über 40 gibt es? Viele. Und weibliche? Wenige. Über 50? Niemanden.

Regelmäßig lässt sich verfolgen, welche Schauspielerin die “Altersgrenze” erreicht hat und verschwindet. Sharon Stone? Kim Basinger? Michelle Pfeiffer? Lange her. Meg Ryan? Julia Roberts? Geena Davis? Teilweise schon abgetaucht. Man kann die Tage zählen, bis auch Leute wie J-Lo, Cameron Diaz oder Sandra Bullock aus Hauptrollen großer Filme verschwinden.

Zum Vergleich: Robert de Niro ist seit 1973 Hauptdarsteller, Clint Eastwood seit 1964 und auch Al Pacino nicht minder. Woran liegt nun diese “Diskriminierung”, wo es doch eigentlich mehr Frauen auf der Welt gibt als Männer und entsprechend auch Kinogängerpotential?

Der Grund ist die Zielgruppe von Kinofilmen. Für den Produzenten liegt sie vor allem bei den männlichen Jugendlichen – aufgrund statistischer Messungen die beständigsten Kinogänger. Männliche Jugendliche stehen auf junge, knackige Frauen – sollte man zumindest meinen, und wenn man ehrlich ist, stimmt das auch. Das wissen auch die Produzenten. Entsprechend werden vor allem junge Schauspielerinnen besetzt, oder die, die jung aussehen. Eine Faustregel besagt, dass nur 25 Prozent aller Rollen für Frauen geschrieben werden, und davon wiederum nur 25 Prozent für die über 40. Da fällt es nicht schwer zu verstehen, warum man es in Hollywood als Mann auf Dauer leichter hat.

Um auf Daryl Hannah zurückzukommen: Die war Anfang der Achtziger – zu Zeiten von “Blade Runner” und “Splash” – eben Anfang 20. Anno 2006 ist sie 46 und damit völlig uninteressant für den durchschnittlichen, männlichen Jugendlichen geworden. Um aber weiterhin ihre Rechnungen bezahlen zu können, muss sie weniger kritisch bei Rollenangeboten sein. Und die sind dann die angesprochenen “Meganieten”.

Aufzuhören kommt für viele nicht in Frage; zu sehr hat man sich an den Lebensstil gewöhnt, und es ist ja schließlich der Beruf.

Damit der eigene Stern nicht zu schnell sinkt, gibt es unter Hollywood-Schauspielerinnen verschiedene Präventativmaßnahmen:

– unters Messer legen, am besten schon in jungen Jahren, so wie Tori Spelling, das “menschliche Ersatzteillager”

– ausziehen, entweder in Filmen (siehe Meg Ryan) oder im Playboy (siehe Daryl Hannah)

– nicht ausziehen, wenn man noch jung ist (siehe Jane March)

– auf Charakterrollen umsteigen (mit dem sog. “Sexy-Hexy”-Image überlebt man nicht lange gegenüber der minderjährigen Konkurrenz)

Wenn es trotz aller Versuche irgendwann mit der großen Kinokarriere vorbei ist, bleibt das Fernsehen oder der Ruhestand. So knallhart ist das Business in Hollywood.


Vista hits 30 November

“ActiveWin is reporting that Windows Vista launches on Nov. 30 along with Office 2007, confirming that Microsoft is going to hit their promised delivery of Vista in 2006.

That being said, the consumer versions of Vista are still planned for a January 2007 release, with ActiveWin saying it will likely be Jan. 30.”


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Halo 3 SKUs announced…

Yes, you can have your Halo 3 in 3 flavours:

Regular: which is actually one DVD with the game…

Collectors: no info available at the moment…

Legendary: the game + Halo Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI Helmet Replica!


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Pixel-o-Rama…on your window if you like

“What do you get when you take 38,240 PixelBlocks, excessive amounts of free time, and a love of built-in Windows time wasters? A six foot tall recreation of Minesweeper! You’re looking at dozens of hours of work and over $900 worth of colored pegs.”


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Memphis Belle

…neulich bei ARTE gesehen und schon aus dem Internet heruntergeladen. Natürlich legal, weil es sich in diesem Fall um einen Public-Domain-Film handelt.

In “Memphis Belle” geht es um eine B-17, die ihren letzten Kriegseinsatz über Europa fliegt. Während des Flugs war ein Kameramann an Bord und hat das Kriegsgeschehen live mitgefilmt.

Warum Public Domain? Nun, in den USA gibt es ein Gesetz, das besagt, dass u.a. alle von öffentlicher Hand angefertigten Dokumente gemeinfrei sind, also auch Militärfilme.

“Memphis Belle”

Der Hinweis, dass alles echt ist.

Die haben ihren Spaß…

…die eher nicht.

Der Einsatzplan.

Auf dem Weg zum Einsatzort.


…und Jäger.


…und Angriff.


Zurück auf dem Flugplatz.

Andere hatten weniger Glück.

Den Film gibt es übrigens unter

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Nachdem im 60er Becken die Wasserwerte wieder alle ok sind haben wir einen Marmorkrebs eingesetzt.

Als wir ihn gekauft haben hatte er schon Eier…

Er ist eigentlich den ganzen Tag versteckt, gräbt aber fleißig neue Eingänge zu seiner Höhle. Bis jetz lässt er die Pflanzen und die Jungfische in Ruhe.

(noch ein aktuelles Bild vom 60er Becken)

mittlerweile mit ca. 30 Jungfischen

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the first snow

(thanks to mehdorn for the cool stats)

And finally after a week of decreasing temperatures it’s snowing for the first time this autumn/winter…

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SyncToy updated…hurray

“There are files from all kinds of sources that we want to store and manage. Files are created by our digital cameras, e-mail, cell phones, portable media players, camcorders, PDAs, and laptops. Increasingly, computer users are using different folders, drives, and even different computers (such as a laptop and a desktop) to store, manage, retrieve and view files. Yet managing hundreds or thousands of files is still largely a manual operation. In some cases it is necessary to regularly get copies of files from another location to add to primary location; in other cases there is a need to keep two storage locations exactly in sync. Some users manage files manually, dragging and dropping from one place to another and keeping track of whether the locations are synchronized in their heads. Other users may use two or more applications to provide this functionality.
Now there is an easier way. SyncToy, a free PowerToy for
Microsoft Windows Vista, is an easy to use, highly customizable program that helps users to do the heavy lifting involved with the copying, moving, and synchronization of different directories. Most common operations can be performed with just a few clicks of the mouse, and additional customization is available without additional complexity. SyncToy can manage multiple sets of folders at the same time; it can combine files from two folders in one case, and mimic renames and deletes in another case. Unlike other applications, SyncToy actually keeps track of renames to files and will make sure those changes get carried over to the synchronized folder.
We listened to your
feedback. SyncToy was released as a beta in early August 2005 for Windows XP. We collected feedback from the discussion forum on the Windows XP Professional Photography web site, from customer feedback surveys, from a large number of professional and hobbyist photographers at Microsoft, and from various world-wide forums, sites, reviews and blogs on the web. Most of you (55%) asked for the ability to type in a UNC path to select a folder. We added this feature between the beta release and the v1.0 release. Features we added in response to customer feedback include:

  • The ability to type in a UNC path;
  • Support for longer folder pair names and ability to widen the left pane to see those longer names;
  • The ability to support the maximum length for folder paths, and documentation was added to the help file about how to set up a share to be able to sync deep folder pairs;
  • Better handling of the difference in precision between NTFS and FAT timestamps;
  • More discoverable link to the help file for information on how to schedule SyncToy using the Windows XP Task Scheduler;
  • Support for 800×600 screen resolution;
  • Added a warning for users if the selected action will take some time to complete;
  • Added brief explanations of the actions in the user interface;
  • Improved behavior when choosing folders to include or exclude when there are large numbers of folders involved;
  • Improved support for accessibility modes. “

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