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on the road to 23c3

FeM e.V. is officially taking the last steps of the “journey to 23c3”. Expect us to arrive in Berlin about 1300.

Stay tuned for more pictures and text about the 23c3 streaming and recording setup/team/…

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Achievement Generator available

You can now create your very own Achievement-unlocked-Popups. Just use this nice tool:
You can use it here.

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Halo Theme Song…


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Aus dem Archiv… Die Ärzte 1984-1989

Weihnachten, das ist die Zeit der sentimentalen Rückblicke und selbstkritischen Fragen (“Was zum Teufel hab ich eigentlich das Jahr über gemacht?”) und noch kritischeren Bernd-das-Brot-like-Jahresausblicke (“Macht euch keine Hoffnung: Das nächste Jahr wird noch viel schlimmer.” und “Die Hölle, das sind die Anderen.”).

Und man kramt auch Sachen wieder raus. Da liegt bei mir nun eine alte Ärzte-DVD auf dem Schreibtisch.

Der Datenträger deckt die ersten Schaffensjahre der Gruppe ab.

Neben hinglänglich bekannten Videos…

“Gehn wie ein Ägypter”


“Bitte, Bitte”

…auch diverse Live-Auftritte im TV…


“Zu spät”

“Du willst mich küssen”

“Radio brennt”

…sowie Interviewmaterial…




… und nicht zu vergessen die Moskito-Sachen:

“Das ist Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Mein persönlicher Favorit ist “Du willst mich küssen”. Allein schon mit dem Gedanken, ein Nerd würde den Song laut und ungeniert im Schulflur trällern:

“Du willst mich küssen, doch das geht mir zu schnell. Du solltest wissen: Ich bin intellektuell.”

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Super Mario on XNA and maybe 360

Yeah baby!! If I’ll ever do a game on the 360, it’ll most probably a 2D jump-n-run. Because that is one of the genres I enjoyed the most.

Christian Liensberger started something which looks nice (and copyrighted) in the first place, and brings back all that love for jump-n-runs in the second place…

“You can control Mario by plugging in an Xbox 360 controller. Use the left stick to move around and A to jump and B to run faster. The keyboard is also supported (added for your guys). Use left, right, down to move around and X to jump and Y to run faster.”

Source: XNA Express + Super Mario is fun! (now with source code)

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Visual Studio 2005 Servicepack 1 available…

“Through further advancement and feedback, Service Pack 1 also provides over 70 improvements for common development scenarios including:

  • New processor support (e.g., Core Duo) for code generation and profiling
  • Performance and scale improvements in Team Foundation Server
  • Team Foundation Server integration with Excel 2007 and Project 2007
  • Tool support for occasionally connected devices and SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Additional support for project file based Web applications
  • Windows Embedded 6.0 platform and tools support

For developers using Visual Studio 2005 on Windows Vista, Microsoft is in current development on an update to Service Pack 1 called the ‘Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Vista Refresh Beta’. This update builds on the improvements made in SP1 and delivers a first class experience for developers wanting to take advantages of the new features in Windows Vista. The Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista is expected to ship after the consumer availability of Windows Vista in Q1 of 2007 and is now available in beta.”


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23c3 opening credit generator done

One more step forward: The 23c3 opening credit generator is done. It’s an application which reads the Fahrplan XML file and generates an opening credit movie file which we will use in the recording and encoding process.

And this is what it finally looks like:

After clicking the “generate” button it’ll create the animation on the fly with all the blending and font rendering and write it to a movie file in it’s own directory. I used the AForge which is GPL v2 which makes the whole thingy GNU v2. Damn, I hate this license crap B-)

Sourcecode: (2,17 MB)


Dream. Build. Play. XNA contest starts in january

Apparently there is a contest scheduled for January 2007 in which people are asked to build their dream games. The XBOX LIVE arcade logo in the background suggests that maybe the contest winning games will get a certification and XBOX LIVE arcade release…


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a map of the intertubes


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harddrive storage for 23c3

We’re well on track achieving our high goals and today the Promise m500i storage array arrived. We are using it, equipped with 15x 400 Gbyte harddisks, to store all the downloadable recordings and the raw-material.

That’s the complete encoding and storage compartment

P.S.: I want to personally thank Promise for updating their in-Firmware SSL certificate to a be valid after 2005. Thank you very much!

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what it looks like when a game is deployed to the 360

This actually is a short recording of the first game I deployed to my 360. It’s the “Spacewar” Starterkit for the XBOX 360. It compiled flawlessly and I deployed it:

Download video.

On the 360 the things look like this:


I’m in, are you?

So I just got me a 1-year membership of the XNA Creators Club, which means: I can now develop and run applications such as games on my 360…

Is any of my readers going to get a membership too?

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XNA Game Studio Express (final) 1.0 is here…Creators Club founded!

The long awaited XNA Game Studio and it’s XBOX 360 game launcher counterpart is available for download. Hobbyist game developers rejoice!

“XNA Game Studio Express enables hobbyists, academics, and small, independent game developers to easily create video games for Windows and the Xbox 360 console using new, optimized cross-platform gaming libraries based on .NET. This official release enables the creation of games for Windows XP SP2-based PCs. Combined with an active membership in the XNA Creators Club (available from Xbox Live Marketplace), you can also create, debug, and play games on your Xbox 360 console.”

Oh. You have to have Windows XP SP2 at the moment to run XNA Game Studio Express:

“Only supported on Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 (all editions) at this time. Windows Vista support will be available in an update to version 1.0 next year.”

Source: XNA Game Studio Express Download


game tattoo

PMS GibGirl aka Evil Angela sent this picture of her back over Xbox Live today:

Yes boys and girls, this is an Atari logo tattoed on her back. In fact it’s looking great 🙂 Find more pictures here.

Source 1: XboxLive
Source 2:

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quasi live feed from planet earths orbit…

“MIRAVI stands for MERIS Images RApid VIsualization and it’s a data-driven system for real time image rendering and quality analysis. Those images, though fascinating, are not suitable for scientific use. Scientists usually prefer to work with MERIS data products, which fully exploit the 15 spectral bands of the instrument, and which are generated with sophisticated algorithms.

MIRAVI generates the images directly from the MERIS raw data (i.e. the Level 0 data), usually available within 2 hours from data acquisition, depending whether the raw data have been transmitted directly to ground stations, or first recorded onboard then transmitted to ground stations.

The MIRAVI image processing does not intend to provide a very accurate geolocation or calibration. The high geolocation accuracy is achieved within the standard MERIS data products (less than ½ pixels).

MIRAVI generates the images using the MERIS Full Resolution (FR) mode (resolution about 260 m) which is activated systematically over land and coastal areas of Europe, Africa and Asia, and non-systematically over America. In its Reduced Resolution (RR) mode (resolution about 1200 m), MERIS operates systematically along its orbit illuminated by the sun.”


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Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 15 available

“Ben Westbeech, Briony, Cris Tanzi, Divas Harmony feat. Kayla & Trip, Golden Era of Sound feat. Dionne Charles, Granufunk & Sonny Plankton, Kristin Hild, Lady Destiny, Layonne & Krako, My Toys Like Me, Reebosound, S. Maily, Stee Downes, Super Star Planet, Switch”… oh wait… GRANUFUNK?

Source: More

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free VM with XP SP2 pre-activated + IE 6.0

The Internet Explorer Team just released a free, downloadable, pre-activated Windows XP SP2 image with Internet Explorer 6 installed. Grab it here. The image is time-bombed to expire in April 2007, but new versions (including images where Internet Explorer 5 is installed) are expected to be released.

“Many of you have asked how to run IE6 and IE7 in a side by side environment. As Chris Wilson blogged about early this year, it’s unfortunately not so easy to do. There are workarounds, but they are unsupported and don’t necessarily work the same way as IE6 or IE7 would work when installed properly. As Chris said, the best way to use multiple versions of IE on one machine is via virtualization. Microsoft has recently made Virtual PC 2004 a free download; we’ve taken advantage of that by releasing a VPC virtual machine image containing a pre-activated Windows XP SP2, IE6 and the IE7 Readiness Toolkit to help facilitate your testing and development. The image is time bombed and will no longer function after April 1, 2007. We hope to continue to provide these images in the future as a service to web developers.”

Source 1: Download
Source 2: IE Team Blogpost

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WPF/E on a Mac

Oh that’s interesting. WPF/E is running on a Mac which leads to the new platform independent approach for Microsofts Windows Presentation Foundation technology…booyah!

You want to take a look on WPF/E by yourself? Well, go ahead.

Source 1:
Source 2:

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[UPDATE] Vista is available for download

If you’re experiencing low download rates…well:

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good news

“CONGRATULATIONS! Your group (DotNet Community Thüringen) has been approved to be an INETA member based on your dedication to the .NET user group community.”

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Der etwas andere Filmrückblick

Nun, das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende und damit Zeit für Rückblicke. An dieser Stelle aber nicht aus dem vergangenen Jahr, sondern auf Filme mit besonderen Erinnerungen:

Bester Trailer, wo der Film die Erwartungen erfüllte:

Matrix (USA 1999, Andy und Larry Wachowski)

Als ich Keanu Reeves kopfüber in Zeitlupe die Wand entlanglaufen sah, wusste ich, welcher Film unbedingt gesehen werden musste. Verdammt, das war eine Revolution und jedem war klar, dass ein neues Zeitalter bevorstand.

Bester Trailer, wo der Film die Erwartungen nicht erfüllte:

Romeo must die (USA 2000, Andrzej Bartkowiak)

Noch im Fahrwasser von Matrix kam dieser Film daher, der Kung-Fu im selben Bullet-Time-Stil versprach – mit Jet Li immerhin ein Meister seines Faches als Hauptdarsteller. Leider hätte ich vorher wissen müssen, dass der gesamte Film keine weiteren Actionszenen enthielt außer denen aus dem Trailer. Der Rest ging, nun ja, in bester Melrose-Place-Manier über die Bühne.

Kindheits-Kultfilm, den ich nach langer, langer Zeit wieder gesehen habe:

Masters of the Universe (USA 1987, Gary Goddard)

Als Dolph Lundgren noch angesagt war, gab es kein Drumherum um diesen Film. Ist danach nur irgendwie in der Versenkung verschwunden – bis eines Tages im Nachtprogramm von Kabel 1.

Beliebtester Film, der eigentlich totaler Schwachsinn ist:

American Fighter 2 – Der Auftrag (USA 1987, Sam Firstenberg)

Ok, zu der Kategorie würde auch der vorangegangende Film passen, aber dieser hier ist noch prädestinierter dafür. Irgendwann gab es mal diese Ninja-Euphorie (nein, nicht nur wegen der ollen Schildkröten), und dieser Film ist der “Beste” der Zunft. Schwachsinnige Story, klar, aber eine coole Optik und eine hammergeile Mucke, die einem heute noch den Schmalz aus den Ohren bläst (die definitiv beste Arbeit von George S. Clinton). Nur eines habe ich nie kapiert: Den deutschen Titel, weil im Original “American Ninja”.

Erster Film, bei dem ich eingeschlafen bin:

Manhunter/Roter Drache (USA 1986, Michael Mann)

Tut mir rückblickend ja leid, weil es ein guter Film ist, und ich auf diesen Miami-Vice-Stil stehe, der den Streifen durchzieht. Mit William Petersen als FBI-Ermittler sowas wie ein antiker CSI-Urahne. Auf jeden Fall besser als das überflüssige Remake von 2002.

Erster Film, bei dem ich plötzlich wieder wach wurde:

Der Tod kommt zweimal (USA 1984, Brian de Palma)

Als zweiter Film einer dieser langen Filmnächte auf Sat.1. Fing unspektakulär an, und so döste ich auch langsam weg. Bis zu der Szene, wo der Hauptdarsteller bei einem Porno-Casting vorspricht (überraschende Wendung, wenn man bedenkt, dass der Film die Stunde davor überhaupt nichts in der Richtung andeutete):

Casting-Mensch: “Erzähl mal: Worauf fährst du ab?”

Hauptdarsteller: “Also ich spanne ganz gerne.”

Casting-Mensch: “Das macht dich geil, was?”

Hauptdarsteller: “Jooaaaaa.”

Cut – Der Hauptdarsteller kommt wie ein Nerd gekleidet (Hornbrille, Seitenscheitel, Strickjacke,…) in einen Saal. Kameraschwenk auf Holly Johnson, den Leadsänger von Frankie goes to Hollywood, der “Relax” zum besten gibt – übrigens in einer Location, die der aus dem entsprechenden Musikvideo sehr ähnlich sieht, und wo es ähnlich orgienmäßig zugeht. Zum Schluss macht sich der Hauptdarsteller an die halbnackte Melanie Griffith ran.

Erster Film, bei dem ich mir die Seele aus dem Leib gegruselt habe:

Predator (USA 1987, John McTiernan)

Meine Güte, der Film war damals ein echter Schocker. In ganz jungen Jahren hat man eben noch eine lebhafte Fantasie.

Erster Film, den ich auf Video gesehen habe:

Rambo 3 (USA 1988, Peter McDonald)

Das ist jetzt nicht so überraschend. Im Osten waren nach dem Mauerfall in den Videotheken grundsätzlich zwei Dinge verliehen: Pornos und Rambo-Filme. Ersteres ging nicht, also Variante zwei.

Erster Film, bei dem ich aus dem Kino gelaufen bin:

Zugegeben, kam bisher noch nicht vor, aber beinahe bei:

Wächter der Nacht (RUS 2004, Timur Bekmambetov)

Der Film hat viele polarisiert. Ich gehöre zu denen, die sich mit dem Streifen nicht anfreunden können. Zu viel Verwirrung, zu viel Russenprollerei (z.B. zwei Typen mit Trainingsanzügen und Goldketten in einem BMW), aber zu wenig Konsequenz.

Nun, wie schauts in diesen Kategorien bei Anderen aus?

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How to setup and configure a Sharepoint 2007 Server and migrate content from SPS 2003 [Part 1]

Once again it’s update time – this time the Sharepoint Portal Server 2003, installed in April 2006, needs to be upgraded to the brand new “Office Sharepoint Server 2007“.

I think the best way to get a clean installment is to start from the beginning. So I’ve created a new virtual machine and installed the OS, using the newly available R2 release of Windows Server 2003. Since the whole authentication stuff is Activedirectory based I did not need to bother with local users and groups. I’ve installed the .NET Framework 3.0 right away and so everything starts after the OS installation and the mandatory visit.

First, ensure that you’re currently logged in with Administrator privileges. Then check if IIS 6 is actually configured to use ASP.NET 2.0.50727:

Enable ASP.NET 2.0

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. In the Internet Information Services tree, click the plus sign (+) next to the server name, and then click the Web Service Extensions folder.
  3. In the details pane, right-click ASP.NET v2.0.50727, and then click Allow.

Install SQL Server 2005

When you’re planning to use the SQL Server Express Edition you can just ignore this step since Office Sharepoint Server 2007 comes with it. If you’re, like me, want to use SQL Server Standard Edition you just install it as you normally would.

The default configuration of SQL Server 2005 is that the local BUILTIN\Administrators usergroup also got the sysadmin role assigned. This is important for the next steps.

Install Office Sharepoint Server 2007

The first thing you have to enter is the product key. Just enter it and Continue…

Actually read and accept the license terms for Office Sharepoint Server 2007 and continue…

Choose “Advanced” installation type:

On the next screen you should choose “complete” which installes all components of the product.

You can now safely click the “Install Now” button which will start the automatic installation process.

After some seconds you should be seeing this:

And yes, of course we want to run the “Sharepoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard“. So click “Close” and the wizard opens (of course…)

Click “Next” to get rid of the welcome message and click “Yes” when you’re asked if it’s okay that things that need to be done are done (restart of services)…(why are they asking anyway?)

You are then asked if you want to connect to a currently existing server farm or if you would like to create a new one. Of course in my case I need to create a new one.

I’ve already created an user account in the AD domain called fem\sharepoint_admin2007 which I am going to use as the main administrator account for the sharepoint server. On the next page you’re asked for the configuration database settings.

Enter the database server, the desired database name and enter the user account name+passwort. You don’t actually need to add the fem\sharepoint_admin2007 account to the SQL Server 2005 logins since you’re currently logged in with a user with sysadmin role on the SQL Server 2005. That means: the new databases are created with the user account you are currently using and the username you entered is assigned administrator role for these databases.

After clicking on “Next” you’re asked which port you want the Central Administration Website to use. If you don’t choose something a random port number is chosen. We choose port 34474. You can also configure which authentication provider will be used for the Central Administration Website.

After clicking on “Next” you’re presented the whole settings you made. You just go on with “Next“.

And now the magic starts. Office Sharepoint 2007 Setup installs the server, configures the databases and web applications and starts/restarts the services that need a start/restart.

If everything worked (and it should) you’re once again shown the settings you’ve just made. Click “Finish” and your default browser should open http://moss2007:34474/. You should now see the “Office Sharepoint 2007 Central Administration:

Now you should configure/check you’re browsers security settings to ensure everything will work in the next steps.

Add the SharePoint site to the list of trusted sites(Internet Explorer 7)

  1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  2. On the Security tab, in the Select a Web content zone to specify its security settings box, click Trusted Sites, and then click Sites.
  3. Clear the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone check box.
  4. In the Add this Web site to the zone box, type the URL to your site, and then click Add.
  5. Click Close to close the Trusted Sites dialog box.
  6. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.

Since there is a copious amount of “Administrator tasks” which is Sharepoint speak for “you really really should work through that list“. Just click on “Administrator Tasks” headline on the homepage of the Central Administration website and you should get the complete list. Work through it, you’ll need everything to be properly set up to continue through this howto.

Since we’re working with just one single machine and not a complete server farm we read fast through the quickstart guide and ignore the server farm related stuff. We go directly to the “Services on Server” configuration screen which looks much like this:

So we select “Single Server or Web Server for small server farms” and take a closer look at the services listing on the bottom of that screen. You can start the services in the following order:

  1. Document Conversions Load Balancer Service
  2. Document Conversion Launcher Service
  3. Excel Calculation Services
  4. Office SharePoint Server Search
  5. Windows Sharepoint Services Help Search
  6. Windows Sharepoint Services Web Application

As a next step we need to configure the shared services of the new Office Sharepoint Server 2007. You can find the page here: “Central Administration > Application Management > Manage this Farm’s Shared Services > New Shared Services Provider”

Since we did not create a Webapplication yet we can do it now: just click on the “Create New Web Application” link and fill out the fields accordingly. You can choose the database name here. Just use the names you’ll remember.

For security reasons please create a new account which will be used for the IIS 6 application pool and the SQL Server 2005. This user must only have the permissions he needs for the job. (see Office Sharepoint Server 2007 security articles on MSDN) When you now click on the “Create” button your web application, database and application pool will be created.

After the successful creation you’ll be forwarded back to the “New Shared Services Provider” page. This time the web application fields are filled in with the web application data you just entered.

You now need to specify the credentials for the SSP Web services to use for inter-server communication and for running SSP-scoped timer jobs. Don’t use a local administrator or domain administrator account. This user must only have the permissions he needs for the job. (see Office Sharepoint Server 2007 security articles on MSDN). You could now click the “OK” button but you’ll end up with a warning telling you that it’s not recommended to host the MySite on the same web application as the Sharepoint Services Provider administration site. So I recommend creating another web application for the MySites.

I did this in my case using a new hostheader “http://mysites.moss2007“.

By clicking on the “OK” button you should get the already familiar “Operation in Progress” animation showing you that the magic happens now. After a short while you should see this:

Hurray! It seems that everything worked out. Now the only thing we should do is to restart the IIS 6 server to ensure every configuration change is actually propagated.

To do this right-click your IIS 6 server in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager select “All Tasks” and click on “Restart IIS…”. Click on “OK” and IIS 6 should restart.

When you now access “http://mysites.moss2007” you’ll asked for user credentials and since the only user for this moment that has access is the one you entered during the creation process, use this user. And you’ll end up with this:

And after a short waiting period you can browse through your brand new MySite. Last we need to create a new Site Collection. You can achieve this through the following path: “Central Administration > Application Management > Create Site Collection”.

Fill in the fields and select from the “Template Selection”: Enterprise -> Site Directory. After your click on “OK” once again you’ll see the “Operation in Progress” animation and after this you’re Site Directory is set up. Now you can access the your Top-Level Site in this case “http://moss2007“.

At this point we successfully installed and configured a Office Sharepoint Server 2007 on a brand new machine. And since we’re essentially done with the base Office Sharepoint Server 2007 installation process we’re now going to migrate the databases of the Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 version to our new installment. So stay tuned for Part 2 of this HowTo.

Source 1: Install Office Sharepoint Server 2007 on a stand-alone machine

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dont get confused: "Cider" November CTP = RTM

yeah. I was confused when I tried to find the RTM (release to manufacture) version of the WCF, WPF VS 2005 RTM Extension aka “Cider”. I got confused because there is no downloadable package that has “RTM” in it’s name/version number.

So I made a quick search and found this:

“The November CTP of Cider is the final release of the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for .Net Framework 3.0. It is compatible with the RTM release of the .Net Framework 3.0, which includes WPF.

From this point forward Cider will only be released as a part of Visual Studio “Orcas”.”

The Cider Wiki is telling you this:

“The November CTP is the last planned release of Cider as an extension to Visual Studio 2005. Future CTPs of Cider will be available in the preview releases of the next full version of Visual Studio which is currently code named “Orcas”. Features in Orcas will come online at various points during the development cycle so you may see differences from the features available today by installing the VS 2005 based CTP of Cider. The November CTP of Cider for Visual Studio 2005 will remain available to hold developers over until all the hard work we are doing today in Orcas is ready for prime time. We will continue to post announcements of our future Orcas Based “CTP” releases here on this site and at our MSDN forum.”

So. If you want the Visual Studio 2005 WPF, WCF templates and designer codenamed “Cider”. Just go ahead and download the November CTP which is indeed the final version for Visual Studio 2005.

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3: Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for .Net Framework 3.0

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