Recently seen: Flight of the Phoenix

Another remake of a classic(?) movie (I haven’t seen the original yet…), another million dollar box office bomb. You are not wondering why? Me neither.


A group of unlucky oil workers are on their way from the mongolian desert back to the civilization. But they crash during a giant (CGI-) sandstorm in the middle of nowhere with no help in sight. After hesitating for a while they start building a new plane – the “Phoenix”.

Sounds interesting and claustrophobic? That could have been it but during the whole movie you never have a bad feeling about the characters bright future. Because they simply have all they need – material, tools, water, food (although only canned peaches) and someone who can construct planes from scratch. But rather to agree on it quickly they talk and talk and talk (and that’s already the first half of the movie).

This film is pretty mediocre – little tention, little innovation, some nice pictures. Don’t expect too much of it.

By the way: The crew mirrors of course some kind of political correctness and standardizations: You have the good (white) leader, his funny (black) sidekick, the (oh surprise) not-to-ugly wants-to-be-teased single woman, the nazi-blond constructor and other minorities. But the important messages are: The whites are leading, the minorities are following, the woman is adoring (the white leader) and the nazies are bad, but nethertheless for the glory of America useful people.

Jens Heymann