Recently seen: How high

People in Europe often think that in America everything is more seperated. So in Hollywood, too. There are movies for the general audience and there are the ones for the minorities, especially for the “afro-americans”. Exemplary for this is the movie mentioned below:


Two uber-cool ghetto potheads are going to Harvard and rock da house. The people they meet are stupid whites, strange asians, adapted fellow blacks and many more stupid whites. And of course lots of pussies, who only have been waiting for the big macho-womanizer. And so the two main characters in the nifty outfits (“BUFU – by us fuck u”) are playing pranks, digging chicks and smoke a loooot of pot.

Possible social background:

Many films designed for mainly black moviegoers are dealing this way with special themes and characterization. It’s often a try to alternate the real life situation. Now the discriminated minority rules the scenery or shows that it is at least equal to the others. That they also have their culture, their behaviours and ideals.

You might now conclude that those cool black movie characters are a sign of self-confidence. Actually this is intended, but it shows another thing only people outside of that culture are able to notice: It’s a deeply held inferiority complex. Such larger than life characters imply a wannabe mentality: If you can’t be it, dream it or at least see it in your next local theater.

Jens Heymann