Recently seen: Apocalypto

Mel Gibson’s second movie in a foreign language tells the story of some mayan people in the pre-Columbus era. The main actor and his fellows are captured in a raid by other mayans and are brought into their capital, where they serve as human sacrifices or as trade bait. Our hero has left his pregnant wife and his son back in a hole and now tries to escape and get back to them with hunters on his trail.


The first thing to recognize: Why does the movie look so strange when in motion? The answer: It was filmed digitally.

The second thing: Life in the jungle can be dangerous. The movie shows us that you can die of jaguars, frog venom, snakes, rocks or even man-made traps. So watch out next time in the forest!

By the way: The last act reminds me a little bit of Rambo II, where Rambo hunts the Russians.

Overall not a bad movie, but to be a real epic it is too short and tells an unimportant story.

Jens Heymann