TV review: Treasure Island (ProSieben)

I have to admit that mostly than there is a big budget tv-miniseries I am going to watch it. They are ambitious, expensive and somehow unusual. Maybe you remember that Nibelungen-tv-version sometime ago: huge advertising, high expectations and in the end a merely low result.

So Treasure Island is not that bad. It keeps you busy for two evenings, but could have been way better:

Here a list of potential flaws:

1. Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-rip-of

Some of the characters acts like the ones from the big picture. John Silver like Johnny Depp and the two english soldiers like those pirate counterparts.

2. Modern dialogues

It is curious to hear the people talking in modern slang and maybe cost the movie some classical flair.

3. Actors

The producers did a big casting for this one. They did not have always a good hand. The acting performances go up and down through the film. This must not be bad acting, it also may be a sign of weak directing.

4. Known faces

To cast well known comedy actors in important roles is a thing I would be very careful with, because you permamently have to think of it and therefore it harms the overall atmosphere.

5. Invent new roles

Inventing roles is always a sin, even when it is a girl showing her naked body numerous times. I guess, this is simpy a marketing thing to attract a modern young audience.

But of course we will wait and hope for a better next one…

Jens Heymann