Recently seen: The motorcycle diaries

Loving or hating this movie is decently biased by your political attitude. The plot wraps up Ernesto “Che” Guevaras and his pal Alberto Granadas trip through the countryside of South America. This all occurs prior to Che’s guerilla activities in Guatemala, Cuba, Congo and Bolivia, but shows his impressions of the people he meets and hence his “social” awakening.


For my review of this film I put aside all those political aspects and concentrate on the story. When Ernesto and Alberto travel through the countries it’s a little bit like watching an episode of Lonely Planet. Nice places, nice talks and then again on the road.

The ever-horny Alberto only thinks about the next woman, meanwhile Ernesto – you know what he became…

Overall an edged movie with nice pictures, but also with a bizarre historical back-end.

One detail of this movie I couldn’t get: They always say that they have no money, but how did they pay for the gas for the motorcycle? Or didn’t they pay?

Jens Heymann