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…aus der Domain Parklücke.

Ich habe heute mal meine alte und treugediente Domain “” (da wo die Charlotte Webseite für die Sendung “Fast Forward” mal vor laaaaaanger Zeit abrufbar war) auf die Charlotte Roche Kategorie dieser Webseite umgeleitet.

Das ganze soll u.a. dem Zweck dienen hier wieder die Informationen leichter findbar für webseiten zu machen. Kommentare dazu?


Philips Living Colors

After painting the walls we took one of the new Philips Living Colors Lamp for a test run:

SONES Logo + Living Colors from Bietiekay on Vimeo.

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Painting the wall

SONES just moved into the new place – and after having all the ordering done we’re now waiting for the delivery of the various bits and pieces of the new office.

To make it a little bit more SONESisch my wife and I decided to paint a 1,5m huge logo of the company on the wall that can be seen first when you walk in. So we went to the nearest hardware store and bought all the needed tools aaaaaaaand we found somebody who could mix the right shade of green to fit our company color.


Back at the office we started with placing the projector and the logo itself so we could draw the borders with a pencil on the wall.



When the borders where on the wall we started the masking tape attack! It was the first time that I had used masking tape but it everything went surprisingly good.


The last and final step is to paint it. So we got the paint, we got the rollers – and after half an hour:


The shades you’re seeing in the picture above are just because of the wet and already dry paint which has a slightly different shade. So after a bit of drying and the removal of the masking tape:


Et voilá!

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a new machine for this website

This week I ordered a new machine for all the websites which are now consolidated on one machine. I might have broken the previous subversion server logins for now – but this will be fixed in the next days or so.


So if you’re seeing this post you’re already on the new machine.

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free dr pepper

I am not a fan of Guns’n’Roses – but this deal is a steal: Dr Pepper betted that the band won’t get their new album released in 2008. If they would release it in 2008 every US citizen would get a free serve of Dr Pepper.


get yours!


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the server was out for a walk

Precisely 30 minutes before the weekend started for the support staff at the server hosting company this server is hosted .. well… it crashed.

So I waited till this morning and after merely seconds and new SATA cables the machine was up and running as if nothing ever happened.


So – everything should be fine now. Enjoy your stay.

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SPAM down 100%

Obviously the SPAM Provider whose internet access was cut off on wednesday (as reported by the Washington Post)


Incoming mails is down from 4226 two days ago to 1663 today…giving a spam filter total of 0 false negatives (down from 1115 false negatives two days ago).

Thank you, whoever you are, for cutting of that evil spam providing internet access provider!

Source: WashingtonPost

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DIY Photo Frame (with a twist)

I got these two quite old Windows Mobile Professional phones (with touchscreen and everything) and beside the fact that they are my phones I am using them just to display my calendar entries on my desk. Now I thought it would be a great thing if those two QVGA devices would display personal pictures in a slideshow.

And it would be even better if they would get their pictures from the internet. And even better if there would be an application that would allow me or my wife to upload/delete pictures from the slideshow playing on all devices.

Thought said, and done. I did a little afterwork project today, taking me approx. 3 hours with everything from scratch.

So I made these parts:

  1. a webservice to upload, delete and retrieve the pictures

    This really is just a webservice very similar to the one I used in my DropBox application. It’s hosted on one of my machines and makes the pictures also available to the mobile clients.

  2. an upload tool to upload, delete the pictures comfortably

    I took the DropBox Application and customized it – it now resizes the pictures automatically before uploading and it can display a preview in the file browser.



  3. a small application running on my phones that displays this pictures using the webservice

    This one was made from scratch and consumes the webservice from above. It asks for the next picture URL, downloads this picture and displays it… and so on.

    photoframe_app_1 photoframe_app_2

Since it’s already up and running and looking great on my desk I wanted to share it with you. Don’t expect everything to work out-of-the-box but it’s a start for everyone who wants to have something like this. Oh – of course your windows mobile device needs to have internet access…

So as usual here’s the sourcecode of the whole package for your pleasure. Use it where ever and in what ever whay you want as long as you’re crediting. (639,87 KB)

P.S: There’s a fun fact I did not know: I accidently double-clicked the windows mobile application on my Vista machine and guess what: It just runs! Yes, manage Windows Mobile Application running natively on Windows Vista:


Source 1: (639,87 KB)
Source 2: DropBox

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DJ Morgoth: Mash-Up Your Bootz Party

Once upon a time in a user named DJMorgoth added me to his friends list. And today I had the time to take a look at his work. – And boy that is great stuff!

There’s a Mash-Up Party each month in Berlin presented by DJ Morgoth. Obviously a Mash-Up is a song made out of more than one other song. The Artist blends them together to create a unique new one normally sounding great 🙂

Here is the current schedule of these parties:


If you cannot attend you’re not lost: You can download all the samplers and tracks at the mashup-your-bootz blog.

It’s just great music – thanks to the artists!

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:
Source 4: best of bootie article on schrankmonster

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Bruce Schneier accurately predicts the random.

This is just hilarious! Like we all like to fool around with Chuck Norris it’s time to do the same with the security guru Bruce Schneier:



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Wie man “Schlag den Raab” schaut – ohne Werbung und ohne herumklicken

Hätte ich einen Fernseher wäre “Schlag den Raab” eine der wenigen Sendungen die ich mir glaube ich ab und an anschauen würde. Nun lief diese Sendung zum 13. Mal und ich dachte mir: Schaust du einmal nach ob das nicht im Internet als Stream angeboten wird.

Wird es – und zwar von ProSieben selbst – als Flash On-Demand “auf-der-Webseite” Player. Und hauptsächlich als Notiz für spätere Sendungen an mich selbst hier mal kurz die Anleitung wie man sich die ganzen Einzelvideos von Schlag den Raab auf den heimischen Rechner zieht um sie ohne Werbeunterbrechung und ohne lästiges herumklicken durchaus auchmal auf dem ebenso heimischen Fernseher anschauen kann. Die Qualität reicht dabei so gerade bis kurz nach knapp aber durchaus schaubar.

Also – für mich und den geneigten Leser:


Wie schon bei vorherigen Folgen der Sendung ist der vordere Teil der URL immer der gleiche, also – geändert wird jeweils das Jahr der Sendung – in diesem Fall 2008, der Monat – in diesem Fall 11 – und die Nummer der Sendung – in diesem Fall die 13. Danach kommt -00-01.flv bis -00-15.flv – wieviele Einzelteile das sind kann man auf der Webseite abzählen oder einfach probieren bis ein Notfound kommt. Einfach oder?

Das ganze Zeug ist dann mit handelsüblichen Playern abspielbar und die Qualität ist wie schon gesagt nicht so schlecht für ein On-Demand Angebot der kostenlosen Sorte:


Der Platzverbrauch ist dann entsprechend auch bemerkenswert für ein On-Demand Angebot aber das ist ja nur von Vorteil:


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Voltage wins

Well I don’t talk about voltage in the electrical sense but the brand new flavor of Mountain Dew. Since it’s not officially purchaseable in germany it took some time till I had the chance to judge the 3 new flavors. Since the winner is already confirmed to be the voltage it was just a “I want to see by myself”-test 🙂

So here they are, the 3 flavors that were eligible for election:


the 3 flavors:

  • Revolution: Wild berry Fruit Flavor and Ginseng
  • Supernova: Strawberry Melon Flavor and Ginseng
  • Voltage: Raspberry Citrus Flavor and Ginseng

The voltage was my favourite too – the Revolution and Supernova taste just to artificial and strange… I could not drink more than a can… with the voltage I immediately wanted to have another one.

The one thing about the voltage that I don’t like is the color…


but hey, the other flavors colors… well…



So since Voltage won the vote there hopefully will be a new great flavor of Mountain Dew be available in germany too. (PLEASE!)