It’s time for a review of last years numbers regarding the schrankmonster website empire. I did not write that much – and I could clearly see that reflected in the monthly statistics. Nevertheless I am quite impressed what numbers where reached in the end:

the year 2008 in numbers:

  • 1.671.932.652 kbytes ~ 1.6 Tbytes of Traffic served to the visitors
  • 6.393.160 unique visits (532.763 on average per month)
  • 17.716.918 unique pages delivered
  • 63.656.905 hits overall (5.304.742 on average per month)

Sounds like a lot of work for one machine. In 2008 there were 3 machines that hosted schrankmonster and the sites around schrankmonster. I think schrankmonster now finally arrived on a machine where it can grow in the future. (I think the new machine will handle peaks like the famous “iTunes for Windows Mobile” articles easily)

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