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Configuring Build Triggers in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2008

We have several source-trees in one VSTFS project which are separated by paths in the source control. Now there are several build definitions which are triggered on every checkin.

The problem now is: How do I just build the projects that are affected by the checkin?

Easy! Just cloak the paths in the build definition.


In the example: Every check-in below $/sones/branches and $/sones/PandoraDB is ignored and the code itself isn’t even checked out.

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sones got a new website

Finally after more than two months of hard work of our marketing department the new website is online. Hurray! 😉 It looks better and it’s way more informative than the old one was.


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finally faster internet

QSC just delivered a second DSL line to our office – now even faster – 16 Mbits downstream should be enough for now. Since the german telecom could not deliver more than 3 Mbit/s we had to ask QSC for their service… overall a very good customer experience so far.

If you order a DSL line in germany from a reseller like QSC it means that a technical guy from the german telecom is sent to your place and he is doing the last mile connect – in our case the guy thought it would be enough to drop the TAE socket inside the wall… means we have to get another company to do the cabling afterwards… well.


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Pirates! and one more desk

Marketing got us a pirate flag – nice of ‘em, isn’t it? Since Henning has started is work he is currently sitting in our office – waiting for the other two guys to move in the office.


Pirates! HO!




clicking to fast


gnaaaaa 100 requests per hour…

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New Notebooks and the office for the 3 new developers :-)

I’ve got a new work horse 🙂 A brand new Dell Latitude E6400 just arrived on monday. It’s quite a lot faster than my old one and after the fresh install it’s also a whole lot better to work with.


The other news is that all the new hardware for the 3 new developers arrived this week. That means that the guys can move in! 🙂


3x Latitude E6400, 3x Keyboard+Mouse, 3x Sennheiser Headset, 3x 24” Widescreen


Sit down please.

Ha! I almost forgot to write about the cool sofa which was delivered last week (closing up to 99.99% Office completeness):



It’s comfy and looks great – now the only thing left is the silver screen for the projector … the projector itself and the XBOX 360 is already here 🙂

P.S.: Wanna work for us?

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Brawndo! THE THIRST MUTILATOR – It’s got what plants crave!

The final last pieces are falling into their place: We’re at 99.98% completion of the SONES Office Space.

Today we got the soda delivery. Since it’s unclear right now who likes what the most (pretty clear for myself: Dr.Pepper FTW!) the first order contained three different sorts.

Look that gorgeous fridge:


That means: Free Soda for every employee!