TechEd Europe 2010–if you’re there we could meet!

After 5 years of TechEd abstinence it’s time to visit the conference again. This years TechEd will be held in Berlin which is quite nice since traveling will be reduced to a minimum. Since the session schedule is already available I’ve already filled my calendar for TechEd week. Okay it’s impressive to see that so […]

TechEd 2006 starts tomorrow…attend it virtually!

Tomorrow the US TechEd takes off. If you cannot attend personally you can attend it virtually. Microsoft hosts a website called “Virtual TechEd” where you can watch talks and keynotes via streaming video. Beside watching the talks you can listen to the TechEd radio livestream. Source 1: Source 2: TechEd radio livestream

TechEd Europe 2005: The Party – Studio 7

That was the coolest Microsoft presented party I’ve taken part in. The live band was great: Scissor Sisters. Man that was an awesome show. So I took some pictures of the location which was calles “Studio 7” – Actually it was Hall 7 of the RAI Conference Center…but see for yourself how it looked: that’s […]

TechEd Europe 2005: 2nd Keynote “The Future of Software”

So there was the second Keynote “The Future of Software” held by the Senior Vice President, Chief Technical Officer for Business Platform of Microsoft David Vaskevitch. As it was a great keynote it was also a inspiring keynote. I mean: the bottom line of the keynote was: It’ll all be automated. It’ll all be connected […]

TechEd Europe 2005: Holistic Security

As I am a true fan of the sessions of Rafal Lukawiecki. And the fact that he is talking about really interesting subjects leads me directly to his todays session “Holistic Security”. “You know all the security technologies, but are you secure? How much should security cost? The tough realities of today make security of […]

TechEd Europe 2005: Refreshments & magic fridges

There’s (almost) no Microsoft event without Refreshments and magic fridges. So there’s almost no conference blogging without blogging about those life-improving features. (this picture has nothing to do with this article ™) refilling the refreshment yummy So this year there’s almost the same service as it was last year. Great and tasty! Always refreshing. But […]

TechEd Europe 2005: Hands-on-Lab “Migration 32 Bit SQL Server to 64 Bit SQL Server on Itanium 2 Platform”

The day started with a “Hands-on-Lab” Session. And of course: A Hands-on-Lab is the best way to get into the technologies. In this session I migrated a 32 Bit SQL Server Database to a 64 Bit SQL Server Database (all SQL Server 2005)…it went flawlessly with the help of Visual Studio 2005. ;) Dual-Itanium 2…my […]

TechEd Europe 2005: Hands-on-Lab “Enhancing ASP.NET Applications for Multi-core platforms with Intel Technologies”

This day truely is an Intel day. So there’s another Instructor-led Hands-on-Lab today. With vTune we profiled and optimized a Sample Application that displays a Web Album. The techniques that are used are commonly known like Thread Pooling. But how you use them properly is another story. And that’s simply what this session is about: […]

TechEd Europe 2005: Understanding and Fighting Malware: Spyware, Viruses and Rootkits

The second session with Mark Russinovich that I attended this TechEd was the “Understanding and Fighting Malware”-Session. Actually it was an overviewing Session and nothing too deep into it. But interesting enough there were some technologies demonstrated that I personally have never seen live. I knew that they are there and what they are supposed […]

TechEd Europe 2005: Hands-on-Lab “OpenMP”

So the most interesting session so far was the Instructor-led Hands-on-Lab which was held by Aaron Coday from Intel. “Most new systems today feature Hyper-Threading or – increasingly – multi-core processors. Your software can readily take advantage of these – using multithreading. However, developing, debugging and optimizing multithreaded programs have always presented a formidable challenge […]

TechEd Europe 2005: Introducing Windows Server 2003, Computer Cluster Edition

Since I am mainly with Matej and my Session turned out to be not very good I decided to go with Matejs session choice which is: “Introducing Windows Server 2003, Computer Cluster Edition”. The Senior Product Manager of the Computer Cluster Edition gave an overview of the newly member of the Windows Server 2003 family. […]

TechEd Europe 2005: Microsoft and Opensource Chalk and Talk

We attended the Chalk and Talk Session “Microsoft and Opensource” today… Actually a very interesting session, but I spare any comment on it here, just not to annoy anyone (which would otherwise be possible). “Many customers have questions about Microsoft’s view of Open Source and its ability to coexist and interoperate in a Microsoft environment. […]

TechEd Europe 2005: the RFID conspiracy

there’s a little sticker on the every TechEd 205 badge and they say it’s an experiment/demonstration for the keynote which is going to take place tomorrow. Infact the paper I’ve got with the badge said that there is indeed an RFID device embedded into the sticker. That device holds a random number (approx. the one […]

TechEd Europe 2005: Windows Internals & Advanced Troubleshooting 1st Break

the break-of-the-session panoramic view In the first Session of todays series of “Windows Internal & Advanced Troubleshooting” Preconf Sessions Mark Russinovich and David Solomon talked about some tools and how to use them. Especially the Sysinternals Process Explorer was part of some very interesting demos. Source:

TechEd Europe 2005: Windows Internals & Advanced Troubleshooting Pre-Conf

The PreConf Session “Windows Internals & Advanced Troubleshooting” is about to start in a few minutes. The Session will take 8 hours with some breaks – so we’re really going to get into it. Actually I figured out that I only have the outdated Book from the Speakers Mark Russinovich and David Solomon. So I […]

TechEd Europe 2005: What about a blogger meeting/dinner?

I thought about the possibility to have a blogger dinner/meeting at TechEd Europe this year. Since there were only a few bloggers on last years european TechEd we had no meeting – but this year I expect a lot more bloggers to be on TechEd. So if you’re at TechEd Europe 2005 and want to […]

TechEd Europe 2005 – I’ll be there

Great news! I’ll be at this years TechEd in Amsterdam to… “..find out about the latest information on Microsoft technologies and tools, whilst networking with industry leaders. Take part in four days of in-depth technical training and evaluation on current and soon-to-be released technologies. “ If you want to meet me there, drop me a […]