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ELV MAX! Cube C# Library – control your cube!

I was asked if it would be possible to get the ELV MAX! Cube interfacing functionality outside of h.a.c.s. – maybe as a library. Sure! That is possible. And to speed up things I give you the ELV MAX! Cube C# Library called: MAXSharp

It’s a plain and simple library without much dependencies – in fact there’s only some threading and the FastSerializer. Since I am using this library with h.a.c.s. as well I did not remove the serializer implementation.

There’s a small demo program included which is called MAXSharpExample. The library itself contains the abstractions necessary to get information from the ELV MAX! Cube. It does not contain functionality to control the cube – if you want to add, feel free it’s all open sourced and I would love to see pull requests!

The architecture is based upon polling – I know events would make a cleaner view but for various reasons I am using queues in h.a.c.s. and therefore MAXSharp does as well. The example application spins up the ELV MAX interfacing / handling thread and as soon as you’re connected you can access all house related information and get diff-events from the cube.

Any comment is appreciated!

Source 1: State of Reverse Engineering
Source 2:

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Congratulations Mr. Heil!

I am very pleased to congratulate a good man and ex-colleague for his accomplished mission: He handed in his PhD thesis with the Subject (german): “Anwendungsentwicklun für intelligente Umgebungen im Web Engineering“:

“This book describes a holistic approach to develop complex software systems based on the WebComposition process model. It shows how to integrate soft- and hardware components in a cost efficient and effective way using  Web technologies and the Semantic Web. The WebComposition Concurrency System, a formal language to predict system dependencies and conflicts, allows efficient planing and monitoring of the development and operation process of the overall system.”

I had the pleasure to work with Andreas on several occasions. One that I remember with the strongest feelings is a 2 1/2 day around-the-clock hack-a-thon at Microsoft Research. We got it working back then!

For the last 8 years I am constantly trying to get him interested and convinced to work on things directly or remotely connected to some of the stuff I do – but up until now luck wasn’t on my side. Maybe someday 🙂

My sincere compliments on achieving his goal on this. Congratulations!

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:

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Microsoft Announces Robotics Studio

Finnaly I can say it, Tandy Trower and his team have announced the Microsoft Robotic Studio [1]. Last time I have seen it in early spring, some parts of the tool have been already very impressing. Finally, I am looking forward for the final release.

Brside this the Robot magazine gives a first impression of the Robotics Studio [2] and some first screenshots of the upcomming Simulator [3]. Furthermore the Carnegie Mellon University starts a new programm [4] supported by the Robotics Group from Redmond. Meanwhile, there is also a Channe 9 video of almost one hour [5] available.


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fischertechnik goes Coding4Fun

Today I finished my first fischertechnik [1] article for the Coding4Fun website [2]. I guess it will take some days until the text is read, processed and published. I also think already about a follow up article of some more sophisticated models.


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Soccer Scoreboard

I am definitely not the biggest fan of soccer. But when the championship is in Germany, I will at least watch of the German team. The Soccer Scoreboard [1] allows you to add your home team to your desktop.



Strange New World

Sometimes I have to wonder about the world we live in: While thousands went to strike to work less (at the end half an hour a week), I have to write an additional application that has to be approved to work two hours more each week. This does not make a lot sense to me. 

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Past Events

All the badges, collected during the last 48 months are scanned and added to my perosonal memex [1].

  • SFB 346 [2] Presentation, University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • A.T. Kearney Workshop, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • CSC Ploenzke Workshop, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Informatik 2003 [3], Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • NET.Object Days 2003 [4], Erfurt, Germany
  • TechNet Roadshow, Microsoft Office 2003 & Exchange Server 2003, Frankfurt, Germany
  • MSR Academic Conference 2003, Dresden, Germany
  • TechEd 2004, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • STC 2004 [5], Essen-Duisburg, Germany
  • TechNet Roadshow 2004 Windows Server System, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Wissenschaftssommer 2004 [], Stutgart, Germany
  • Informatik 2004 [6], Ulm, Germany
  • Informatics Driving Innovation – Challenges in Research, Munich, Germany
  • “Less is More” – Simple Computing in an Age of Complexity [7], Cambridge, UK
  • PDC 2005, Los Angeles, Unuted States
  • EURON Roadmap Workshop 2005 [8], Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Visual Studio 2005 Launch, Birmingham, UK
  • Visual Studio 2005 Launch, London, UK
  • Visual Studio 2005 Launch, Harrogate, UK
  • Visual Studio 2005 Launch, Edinburgh, UK
  • Microsoft Research Security Workshop [9], Hamburg, Germany
  • Microsoft MVP Open Day, Cambridge, UK
  • Informatiktage 2006 [10], Bonn, Germany
  • Microsoft Research, International Symposium on Intelligent Environements [11], Cambridge, UK
  • CHI2006 [12], Montréal, Canada


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SVN Service

SVNService [1] by Magnus Norddahl works great if you want to run subversion [2] as a Win32 service. Just installing the service with svnservice.exe -install -d -r c:\repository. It seems to be confusing that the service is not started and set to manual, but the svn server is running, even after a reboot.


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Mac Essentials for using a Microsoft Wireless Mouse

There are some Microsoft Mac essentials [1] that must be on my Mac’s HDD. Windows Media Player and IntelliPoint at least. I have also found but not tried yet an update for Virtual PC, which maybe can solve the previous installing issue [2].

I especially recommend IntelliPoint if you use any Microsoft Mouse. I became very frustrated by my Wireless Optical Blue Mouse on the Mac. It was slow and stucking; improving the speed within the Mac’s System Preferences did not improve the handling cery well. However, the IntelliPoint software does support the devices very well, and by using the IntelliPoint pointer speed option instead of System Mouse Tracking the performance and reliability of the wireless mouse is improved dramatically.

click here to enlarge (69.19 KB)

It also has some additional information on the mouse, depending on the attached device. After replacing my Optical Wheel Mouse USB with the Wireless Optical Blue Mouse I got this additional tab showing the battery level.

click to enlarge (51.14 KB)


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Consolas Font for Visual Studio 2005

Maria brought the Consolas Font Pack for Visual Studio 2006 [1] to my attention. After installing, the Consolas font is set up as default font in Visual Studio 2005. At least on my Portégé M200 it is very readable.


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Montreal Underground

The last impression of the city of Montréal [1] after CHI2006 [2] was one of the very impressive underground shopping centers, before we left te city.

click to enlarge (3.87 MB)


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You can never have enough… Backups

Actually, you can never have enough backups, but the original reason for getting Acronis’ TrueImage was to copy an image of my 60GB laptop HDD to a new 100GB HDD. This worked surprisingly well, connecting the new disk, using an external USB case, the tool reboots the system and copies a bootable image of the disk.

Beside this, the tool can perform backups while you work on your system. Very cool and helpfully if you backup to a server, which could take some time. In addition the tool provides a very great feature, which makes accessing files within your backup very comfortable. You can just plug an backup image as a virtual disk to your system and this way you can access the complete backup and access specific files you are looking for.

click to enlarge (36 KB)

click to enlarge (56.47 KB)

click to enlarge (68.35 KB)

click to enlarge (50.77 KB)

click to enlarge (20.27 KB)

click to enlarge (77.51 KB)

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A Programmer never can have enough… Coffee

It is shown [1], that filtered coffee – not espresso or French-style brews – does not increase the risk of some heart diseases… Shack-o the next coding session can come.


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Chicken Force Feedback

If you travel a lot, and if you have a chicken as pet – this solution presented at CHI could be exactly what you where looking for:

click to enlarge (33.92 KB)

  1. Put a special, fluffy jacket with built-in vibrators and wireless communication on your chicken.

    click to enlarge (68.87 KB)

  2. Touch the physical avatar of your chicken, wherever you are.

    click to enlarge (74.79 KB)

  3. And your chicken will definitely like it!

    click to enlarge (61.42 KB)

Actually they have done a “user study” with two chicken. Using a red and a blue door, one with food and water, one with food, water, and 10 minutes of the jacket, the chickens prefer the door with the additional 10 minutes Force Feedback jacket. And no, this is not a joke, it is serious research. For those not believing, a video was also shown with a real chicken remotely touched by a user…

click to enlarge (45.77 KB)

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Working Atmposphere

Even during CHI [1], a lot of work is left to do: So I take the chance und finish some stuff in the evening hours in a very special working atmosphere.

click here to enlarge (73.14 KB)


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2006 All Stars

click to enlarge (71.79 KB)

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CHI 2006

Yesterday evening we arrived in Montréal, Québec for CHI 2006 [1]. Just some impressions from the place. At the bottom you can see which area is covered by the panoramic view.

click to enlarge (85.32 KB)

click to enlarge (3.36 MB)

click to enlarge (77.67 KB)


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Web Map

I just checked out the Kartoo [1] map using aheil as query. Interesting links and relations are found by this tool. But I do not have any clue how is realted to the whole map.

click to enlarge



Why DRM sucks

Actually, I do not have any problem paying for music. Sometimes I just want to listen to a piece of music, I checkout e.g. Musicload. I copied the music files, made a backup of the licenses and reinstalled my machine. So I decided to listen to a particular song:

Because I have freshly installed my box these days, I needed to restore my licenses but I do encounter this message while trying to restoring them:

Let’s see what “Web Help” says:

This is not helpfully at all. OK, let’s check the radio button to tell this to the people over there. An additional text box appears, asking for my experience; I was spending a lot of money on music, 2 o’clock a.m., I want to listen to my music, I am so somewhat angry… But I do not give up so easily. So I tried to restore another backup. Of course I did backup by licenses on a regular basis. And all I get is this:

Also this message does not satisfy me a lot. So I decide to try it a third time:

The very interesting thing: Depending on which backup I try to restore, I get always the very same message but I do never get my licenses back. Let’s go back where I bought the music, downloading the license again, because it looks like this is my very last chance:

But the song is not available anymore… they do only keep it for six months.. That sucks. Only the last three songs are left. And of course they write I should make backups of my licenses… Remark to myself: Do not purchase any music anymore.


Actually the DRM policy allows you to restore your licences on four different systems. Lucky day, because I just backed up my licences on another system and tried to restore them. This was th so-called plan. But DRM does not give up so easily and fires this message:

At least some of my licences which I bought and payed for, I own , i.e. they belong to me and I do have the right to hear the song whenever I want (at least I thought so), do work again. But some others still suck…

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Apple Crumble

I just did it: I ordered one of those nifty Apple Mac minis with the new Intel inside. Actually I plan to put a Windows on it. Fortunately, when I bought the Office for Mac last year, the package also included on Windows XP license… btw: I ordered the English Mac OS X. A few weeks ago I spend some time together with some colleagues in a Apple store in Seattle. And yes, the hardware does look great.

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You prefer emacs?

For all those developers who prefer Emacs there it is. Emacs shortcuts put of the box supported by the Visual Studio 2005.

The following shortcut key combinations mimic commands available in Emacs and are used while editing code in the integrated development environment (IDE).


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Do you remember the song, while Will Smith [1] standing in the shower in I,Robot [2]? Superstition by Stevie Wonder [3]. That song rocks!


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BtK is definitely not the only person playing with food before Halloween… and Maria did the painting for my very first real Halloween Pumpkin!

click to enlarge (60,36 KB)

And, what a surprise… it’s a pumpkin… how disgusting!

click to enlarge (73,22 KB)

But one day, a man has to do, what a man has to do. so I was brave.

click to enlarge (66,18 KB)

Finally, everybody was happy…

click to enlarge (75,65 KB)

click to enlarge (47,08 KB)

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Lutz Roeder’s .NET Reflector

Because I was assked again some minutes ago: Lutz Roeder’s .NET Reflector [1] is one of MUST HAVE tools for .NET programers.


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Last week I have been several times at the fischertechnik factory in Salzstetten, Germany. One time I got a Mercedes C-model Kompressor because all small ones where gone. Usually I am not really impressed by the C-model, as my boss has trouble with his cars for years… But this one, even with the smallest engine… let’s say, the first time I had to break, I kissed almost the front panel… really impressing.

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Underestimate Modding

After moving from the Intel boxed cooler to the Zalman [1] CNPS-7000B, I was able to reduce the temperature of my case from 45° to 39°-40° celcius while being idle. For this the CPU cooler runs at full speed. Nervertheless noise caused by the CPU cooler changed significant.

Because I found no information about this: The CNPS-7000 works fine with the ASRock P4S55FX+ board.

Just some days after changing the CPU cooler the VGA fan started to make strange noises, so I decided to move to a Zalman fan, too. This time it is the VF700-CU. A full copper 270g fan, pinned to my AGP-Slot. Using the new VGA fan and the CPU cooler I was able to reduce the temperature to 39° while using silent mode (~5V) for both fans.

The last I used two FAN MATE II on the front side of my case to control both, the CPU and the VGA cooler. Full throttle to both fans lowers the case temperature to 34°. And my harddisk remains the only piece of hardware making a lot of noise.


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Xbox live Gamertag

Because Xbox 360 is comming I am back live. [1] provides this nice banner generator [2] by Cory Smith [3].


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File the Tickets

Building my memex, I decided to file all my cinema tickets I collected over the last decade in a digital archive.

How to file those memories? It should be possible to index the datas but also it should be possible to have a look at the ticket. So all (~140) tickets are stored in one huge file. At least it is possible to extend the file when new tickets are available…


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IMPS – The Relentless [1], “An epic documentary of the best damn job in the galaxy” is the best fan fiction I have ever seen. Please, I want more!

So here’s the press release, and don’t forget to check out Chapter 1 [2].

Glendale, Calif., May 19, 2005 – Blacksheep Productions today announced the release of Chapter One of “I.M.P.S. – The Relentless”, the much anticipated first installment of an eight chapter Fan Film in production for over six years. Imperial Military Personnel Stories (I.M.P.S.) tells the story of the hardened grunts of the Imperial Urban Army stationed on the Revenge Class Heavy Carrier “Relentless”.

IMPS Teaser Trailer and Chapters available at: [3]

After the overwhelming popularity of the fan film, “Troops” (Released 1997), members of Blacksheep Productions began work on a sequel. No longer a specific parody like “Troops”, “IMPS” took on a more serious tone similar to documentaries about Naval Aircraft Carriers, their battle groups, crews and missions.

In addition to some humor, IMPS is packed with homage to a variety of other popular films. IMPS boasts some of the most elaborate production values, sound, original music and best visual effects quality ever seen in a fan film.

“IMPS is a heartfelt tribute to the original Star Wars Universe.” said Eric Hilleary, Executive Producer, “An unbelievable amount of patience is required when you’re asking people to produce more effects shots than were in Episodes 4 though 6 combined – and all in their spare time.”

Production began in April of 1999 on a glacier at the top of Mount Shasta in Siskiyou County, California. Post production continues through 2005. Most of the sets were built on Blacksheep Studios Stage 1, the 400 square-foot garage of the producer’s late 1920’s bungalow in Glendale, California.

“We’ve endured many obstacles, setbacks and sacrifices on the long road to completion.”, said Dave Max, Producer, “Nothing, however, can compare with the satisfaction of completing this massive undertaking and the excitement of the unpredictable events along the way. We’ve learned, grown and changed both personally and professionally in a way that nothing else could match.”

Chapter 1, Introduction & Davenport Gateway, runs approximately 20 minutes. The remaining Chapters, to be released every four to six weeks, run 15 to 20 minutes and take the viewer to various locations from the frozen snow-covered tundra of Norca, where the cold weather corps braves extreme icy temperatures and blinding whiteouts, to the savage desert wasteland of Kadesh, where the Elite Blacksheep Cavalry breaks out the blasters and the sunshades when they’re called into action.

With few exceptions, all of the costumes, props and sets were hand-constructed by the people you see using them. The majority of the film was shot using a Canon XL-1. Most of the visual effects were created using commercially available software. The music and sound were created and produced primarily with Cakewalk Sonar Producer. Time on green and blue screens was generously donated by industry friends and contacts.


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I am a .inf, I am informative, but when I am gone I make live very difficult for others…

Thanks to Igor who posted the link to the quiz [1] in his blog [2].


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My memex

With respect to the idea of Vannevar Bush’s Memex [1] and Microsoft Research’s MyLifeBits Project, today I started to digitize all important papers from the last years. The first step was throwing away all nonrelevant stuff. So it is now only half of the amount of paper to scan. I think one of tho gratest challange will be the organisation of the data later on.

So the first steps to build my personal memex are:

  • scanning all major documents (letters, contracts, validations etc.)

  • digitizing the documents

  • indexing the content


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Inversive Kinematics

An excellent practical example how inversive kinematics [1] works.


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R2D2 Show Off

(click for more info)

Diego, a friend from Pisa just gave me a link to an article about his R2D2… Looks really awesome. I guess the return of the Jedi or even the Sith is not too far away anymore… I look forward to see it in action. Or even better, maybe I can write some code for it…

May the force be with you!


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MSDN Nuggets

The UK MSDN Site provides a alternative to 1 hour MSDN webcasts:

“Don’t have the time to read a 10 – page how-to article or watch a full length webcast? Try an MSDN Nugget, a webcast that takes you step-by-step to discovering new functionality or exploring a hot developer topic, all in 10-15 minutes. View them online now or download for later reference. To view MSDN Nuggets you need Windows Media Player 9 Screen codec support on WMP 7 and above.”


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In meinem Bestreben einen Abschluss zu erlangen, bin ich bereit einiges zu lernen, unter anderem auch Folgendes:

“Drin-Punkte werden möglichst so gewählt, dass sie keine Drauf-Punkte sind.”

Software-Qualitätssicherungs Skript

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Die Muse

Wenn Dich die Muse mal küsst, dann musst Du sie so richtig rannehmen

Andreas Heil

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Erfurter Rundumschau

So, vor einiger Zeit waren Maria und ich (Andreas) auf Besuch in Erfurt und da lies ich es mir nicht nehmen, in der Erfurter Altstadt eine kleine Aufnahme zu machen…

(draufklicken für die volle Schönheit)

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cmd.exe und UNC

cmd.exe unterstützt ja von Haus aus keine UNC Namen: Das wird einem scherzlich bewusst, sobald man versucht auf einem Netzwerkshare Visual Studio Projekt mit post-build Events zu versehen.

Die Lösung bring dieser Artikel in der Knowlede Base: Unter

\Command Processor

einfach den Wert DisableUNCCheck REG_DWORD hinzufügen und den Wert auf 0 x 1 (Hex) setzen. Zeigt Wirkung! Ohne Reboot.


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Wer den Ball so vor’s Tor legt: Reuters schreibt über die noch bestehende Unklarheit des entgleisten Nachtzuges, während die Bahn die Preise für Nachtzüge reduziert


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Coding Guidelines

Brad Abrams lässt in den Coding Guidelines durchblicken, wie Code aussehen sollte…


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Project Folder Not Secure Dialog Box

I need this so often, but every time I forget, how it works (from Visual Studio Help).

Project Folder Not Secure Dialog Box

You attempted to create a project on a UNC path. By default, a UNC path is not a trusted location for a project. Your project may not run correctly when you attempt to debug or run from this location. For more information, see Configuring Security Policy.

The following tools modify the policy affecting the file share.

  • .NET Framework Configuration Tool (Mscorcfg.msc)
  • Code Access Security Policy Tool (Caspol.exe)


One simple way to modify the policy affecting a file share is to give a specific file share FullTrust permission using mscorcfg.msc. You must be an administrator on the computer to make this change.

To give a file share FullTrust permission

  1. Start mscorcfg.msc.
  2. Expand the Runtime Security Policy node, the Machine node, the Code Groups node, the All_Code node, and then highlight the LocalIntranet_Zone node.
  3. In the right pane select Add a Child Code Group.
  4. Choose Create a new Codegroup and enter a name for the code group, then click Next.
  5. Choose a Condition Type of URL, then enter the UNC path to the share location of your project, using the format file///\\servername\sharename\* where \\servername\sharename is the name of the share. Click Next.
    Note Make sure to add the asterisk at the end of the path.

  6. Choose Use Existing Permission Set of FullTrust, then click Next.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. Restart Visual Studio.


Using caspol.exe to accomplish this change, you would use the following command line (you must be an administrator on the computer to make this change.):

caspol -m -ag 1.2 -url urlname FullTrust

See Also

Configuring Security Policy

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heise gut alles gut

Da lacht das Herz:

“Mit dem Open-Source-Projekt Mono, das wesentliche Teile von .Net implementiert, können Entwickler jetzt auch unter Linux & Co. von Microsofts Framework profitieren, schreibt iX in seiner aktuellen Ausgabe 3/05. Die von den Redmondern entwickelte Programmier- und Laufzeitumgebung .Net ist sprachunabhängig und nach Ansicht vieler Softwareexperten konzeptionell weiter als Java respektive J2EE. Aber: .Net läuft nur unter Windows.

Mit dem 2003 übernommenen Mono-Projekt will Novell eine plattformunabhängige Open-Source-Implementierung von .Net schaffen und damit die Möglichkeit eröffnen, unter Linux die Programmierung zu vereinheitlichen. Hinzu kommt, dass Mono auch für Windows-Umgebungen verfügbar ist, man also Programme für beide “Welten” schreiben kann. Schon heute umfasst Mono viele Teile der .Net-Komponenten und ermöglicht die Portierung zahlreicher Anwendungen. Deshalb sollte man die Plattform weder als Spielzeug noch als Technologiestudie sehen, so das Fazit der ausführlichen Produktevaluation der iX-Redaktion.”


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Heute zu Besuch

Der Postbote hat geklingelt (nur einmal heute) und bringt mir das langersehnte Paket aus Singapur.

Gleich nmal aufgemacht ung geschaut, und tatsächlich es sind meine neuen kleinen Freunde! 4 An der Zahl und sofort mache ich mich mal daran den ersten assemblieren… 100% Geek-Stuff!


(eignet sich auch zum Monitor bewachen)


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Im Kreis

Endless Loop: n., see Loop, Endless.
Loop, Endless: n., see Endless Loop.

Random Shack Data Processing Dictionary

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Um die Ecke

findet die Community DevCon in Franfurt statt:

Am 17. und 18.02. findet die diesjhrige Community DevCon 2005 statt! Wie im letzten Jahr hat das Event zum Ziel, alle Aktiven aus der Microsoft Developer Community an einem Tag zum intensiven Dialog einzuladen.”

Die Post-Conference der BASTA ist zugleich der Pre-Event der DevCon und so wird auch an beiden Tagen etwas zu lesen: Visual Studio Team System dürfte sicherlich interessant sein.

Quelel 1:
Quelle 2:

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GeoURL: Your site was registered successfully!

GeoURL ist wieder da, der schnell ein ICBM Eintrag setzten und unter anpingen lassen. Schon fertig.

City: Karlsruhe


Title: Blog

Latitude: 49.0081

Longitude: 8.4038

Wer vergebens googelt: Der ICBM (manch einem auch als Interkontinentalrakete bekannt)Meta-Tag sieht im Übrigen so aus:

Der optionale DC.titel Tag kann natürlich auch ausgelesen werden, und sieht so aus:

Und wer jetzt noch seine Koordinaten sucht, findet diese unter

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Platten bis unters Dach

Gestern abgeholt, soeben eingebaut, der neue Fileserver bietet Platz bis zumr Bodenplatte des Gehäuses. Während der Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition installiert, habe ich das Gehäuse mal abgelichtet… Da 10-15 Platten schon einiges wiegen können ist der Medium-Tower sogar mit Rollen versehen, deren Montage sich allerdings als akrobatisches Meisterwerk für meine doch nicht allzu filigranen Finger erwies…

Der Server steht, kann der Mac mini also zum Arbeiten kommen…

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Der GEZ zum Trotz

kann ich XBOX auch ohne Fernsehgerät spielen. Da der Verein auch Gebühren verlangt, wenn man das TV-Gerät NUR an eine (oder mehere) Spielekonsolen hängt, bleibt einem ja nichts anderes übrig als sich nach Alternativen umzusehen. Ich sehe nicht ein für öffentlich-rechtliche Sender, die ich nicht anschauen kann (und will) Geld abzudrücken, nur weil ich XBOX spielen will. Der kleine Retter in der Not ist der Screenbox PC Video to VGA Converter. Hier meine durch den Transport von München leicht verbeulte Schachtel des Converters.

Die Ausstattung ist nahezu gigantisch. Neben dem notwendigen Netzteil (und natürlich dem Converter) findet man ein Adapter um die Cinch-Stecker (weiß und rot) der XBOX an den Audio Eingang (2,5 Klinkenstecker) anzuschließen. Das dritte (gelbe) Kabel hat einen eigene Video Eingang. Zusätzlich verfügt das Gerät über einen VGA und einen X-VGA Eingang. Mittels eines kleinen Schalters läst sich am Gerät durch alle Eingägne durchschalten. Anhand der beigelegten Fernbedienung lässt sich aber jeder Eingang direkt anwählen. An den Audio-Ausgang lässt sich jegliche handelsüblichen Kopfhörer oder Lautsprecher anschließen. Die Fernbedienung bringt ausserdem noch einige Einstellungsmöglichkeit bezgl. des Bildes mit und ist gerade mal ein paar Milimeter hoch (Auf dem Bild ist die Fernbedienung mal in Originalgröße abgtebildet).

(für Originalgröße draufklicken)

Das Gerät hat auf Anhieb funktioniert und für Analphabeten sind alle Stecker farblich gekennzeichnet. Das Adapterkabel zum und vom Rechner wird ebenfalls mitgeliefert. Neben dem VGA Anschluss verfügt es ebenfalls noch um ein YCbCr Anschluß.

Meines Wissens ist das Teil leider nicht mehr im Handel erhältlich. Wer Interesse bekundet, kann sich mal melden, vielleicht lässt sich noch das eine oder andere Gerät auftreiben…

Naja, auf jeden Fall wie ein Grund mehr, sich kein Fernsehgerät zu kaufen.

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Dev Icons

Gerade habe ich ein paar ordentliche DockIcons für Entwickler gefunden. Jetzt fehlen nur noch Icons für den SQL Server und die zugehörigen Tools.

(draufklicken zum Download)


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C++ und der Fuß

C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot. C++ makes it
harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg.”

Bjarne Stroustrup

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