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23C3: Who can you trust?

It starts fairly early this year: even FeM is already preparing and planning for this years live streaming and recording. The public wiki of 23c3 is online and even the Call for Participation screams: visit me!

So, remember: beside the official wiki pages, you can always come and check here for information about FeM activities on 23c3…(streaming, recording,…)


Source: FeM 23c3 recording and streaming project (no website, no link)

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spot the IIS…the space station not the web server…

“A number of amateur astronomers and Space Station enthusiasts regularly take photos as ISS rises above the horizon in westerly direction and sets towards the East. In response to a recent article on this website, you sent us some of your ISS images. A selection of your photos is presented below.”


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in your face!

“Ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi has come up with a new version of those annoying advertising fliers.”


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Weizenbaum. Rebel at Work.

Peter Haas and Silvia Holzinger did a film called “Weizenbaum. Rebel at Work.” and I think you should hear about it:

“The film spans 8 decades of Joseph Weizenbaum’s life. It provides a stage for his humorous narrative depicting a World of Yesterday while reflecting on the dawn of the computer age. It follows 83-year-old Weizenbaum on some of his numerous public lessons, effortlessly entertaining overcrowded lecture halls.

The old man is an up-to-date chronicler, a chief witness against militarism and the myths of technological progress, but he remains a modest, funny and most reflective story teller.”

It’ll be available in german language in august and later this year in english.

Source 1: (english)
Source 2: (german)

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Say “hello, antenna!”

And now I can present my new neighbour: Kathrein 742215 UMTS Antenna! With 300 W it

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How to make things smaller

No, you won’t need a hammer to do the things I write about in this article. You will need a camera and a special lens.

this actually IS the Roman Colosseum

“To create this effect, Barbieri uses a tilt-frame camera to shift the plane of focus so that it is out of alignment with the film. Normally, this allows wide-angle aerial views to be captured in proper perspective. But used incorrectly, an optical illusion occurs.”


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Persistence of Vision is not only a raytracer…

Yesterday I wrote about the bike mounted POV display. And today? Well. It’s a real huge display:

“Spin uses Persistence of Vision to create the illusion of a cylindrical
digital display (computer screen), 12 feet tall and 12 feet in diameter. Vertical
columns of multi-color LED (light emitting diode) clusters spin around a vertical
axis at 90 revolutions per minute. At a radius of 6 feet, they move at 41 miles
per hour. 2880 LEDs are turned on and off by a computer in precise synchronization
with the rotation of the columns, creating the illusion of a cylindrical digital
display. Spin has a vertical resolution of 16 pixels (picture elements), each
of which can display one of 8 colors. As horizontal position is determined by
time in Spin, the horizontal resolution is theoretically infinite, but for the
sake of data manipulation efficiency it is be limited to 360 pixels all the
way around the cylinder.”

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the pr0n side of mathematics…

Although there seems to be an interesting side of mathematics (well, beauty is on the eye of the beholder) I am not so sure that everything else is as interesting as these great pictures, entirely created from mathematical algorithms by Peter Miller.


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new holographic display technology…

Wow this looks awesome compared to any holographic display technology I could take a look on to this date. Now I do know what 50 Gbytes of storage space could be useful for…

“Invented by Tibor Balogh, these flat panel “holo TVs” are capable of displaying images in 3-D — or so it seems.”


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Nintendo treasury

Sorry for the caps…:



What a serious find!


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quite a refreshing drink: Ipanema

The temperatures raise these days. And I have this great limes. So what else could I do than transforming limes+cane sugar+passion fruit juice+ginger ale+ice into this really refreshing drink called “Ipanema”. It’s just like a Caipirinha. But without the headache afterwards.


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the football world championship started…

And those noisy crowd watched it…

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why are there…

Refill-Packs that contain 500ml of something when there is just a package that holds 400ml…

Is it the same story like with those hot-dog buns… you get packages that contain 4 sausages…and bun packages that only contain 3 buns… You see…

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Rechnen an der Uni

In den heutigen, von Terrorgefahren verunsicherten Zeiten, passen sich die Menschen auch an ganz unerwarteten Stellen den Gegebenheiten an.

Aus dem aktuellen Statistik-I-Übungsskript, Aufgabe 20:

“Unter den 20 Passagieren eines Charterfluges befinden sich zwei Bewaffnete, die das Flugzeug entführen wollen. Zehn Passagiere werden zufällig ausgewählt und genau untersucht. Wie groß ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit dafür, dass die beiden Bewaffneten unentdeckt bleiben?”

Na dann, frohes Rechnen…

Jens Heymann

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shift! SHIFT NOW!… a screaming 1.6l Ford Focus

A 1.6l Ford Focus is quite fast indeed. It screams at you: SHIFT! SHIFT NOW!… I would have shifted if there was another gear left…


how to have fun with mentos and cola…

If you not have known yet: Mentos and Cola is a great combination for some explosive fountains.

There’s a short video you shouldn’t miss on that:

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a house demolition time lapse

Ralf of created a great time-lapse movie of a house demolition. See how things end:

Music by 2-RD. (I added this)

You can get the movie iPod-compatible via the muckefuck podcast feed.

Within some days there will be this and one more time-lapse movie be available on the streaming website of FeM e.V.. You can read here and of course on this site when it becomes available.

Source 1:
Source 2:

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the perfect working environment part 3

Once again I reorganised my desktop. One display less now, but much more working space on the left-hand.

See part 2 and part 1 for comparison.

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Super Mario Bros. 2.5D

not really 3D… but not exactly 2D…well it’s 2.5D… and you can get it here.

Source: NES SMB 2.5D

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cleaning up the keyboard…

When a sugar containing, quite sticky substance is spilled over your keyboard… you have to wash it…

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CM lounge club in Bamberg…

Hmm… great club. bad music. nuff said.


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Masterchiefs’ Warthog is a Peugeot…

I have to admint that when I first drove the Warthog in HALO 1 my first thought was “It’s a french car! The steering is so indirect and tipsy like in every french car I drove to this point.”

And who would have thought that I was right? (well beside of moi) It’s a PEUGEOT! It’s a concept car and therefore it’s worth a lot of money…though it lacks the turret on the back…

Source: Warthog Testdrive

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One Small Step for Man … historical sound collection…

Great historical speeches and sounds for free download. Including Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein,Robert Frost,…



sunbathing turtle…

Even Wilma enjoys the sun of the last days. What a great weather! By the way: Wilma is a 2,5 year old Chinemys reevesii.

There are some more pictures of him here and here.>


Artefakte aus vergangenen Zeiten

Ab und an findet man Gegenstände, die irgendeinem Zweck dienen, früher einmal jedoch ganz andere Aufgaben erfüllten. So kamen bei einer Schrottentsorgung einige davon ans Tageslicht.

Was hier als Kinderboot umfunktioniert wurde, ist in Wahrheit ein Zusatztank für ein Messerschmitt-Jagdflugzeug.

In diesem Kasten wurden nicht immer Schrauben aufbewahrt, sondern auch einmal 7,92mm-Geschosse für Wehrmachts-MGs.

Noch ein ominöser Behälter – für ABC-Ausrüstung bei der Wehrmacht.

Manchmal sind solche Fundstücke sogar wertvoll.

Jens Heymann

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the invisible bookshelf

I was in Bamberg the second half of last week to help my girlfriends mom moving into the new apartment. And since she has so many books it would be a great eye-catcher to just “stick” some of them on the wall. This invisible bookshelf is in stores for 18 euros. Which is… quite expensive for a bended piece of metal… but it looks so great.

Source: Singulier

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World Cup 2006 toto in our intranet…

The World Cup is near and today TamTam gave us a great WebPart for Sharepoint 2003 which realises a complete toto system.

So the bets are … without money involved of course:


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Escher, Escher and even more Escher

“The work of M.C. Escher needs no introduction. We have all learned to appreciate the impossibilities that this master of illusion’s artwork presents to the layman’s eye. Nevertheless, it may come as a surprise for some, but many of the so-called ‘impossible’ drawings of M. C. Escher can be realized as actual physical objects. These objects will resemble the Escher’s drawing, of the same name, from a certain viewing direction. This work below presents some of these three-dimensional models that were designed and built using geometric modeling and computer graphics tools.”

Source 1: Eschers Waterfall
Source 2: Escher for real

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the gumball 3000 ’06

Every year again the “race” begins. Well it’s not a race per se – but a rally. This year the gumballers will start at sunday morning in London and arrive 8 days later in LA.

The difference this year: All of them are guided by a Windows Mobile powered device with ALKs CoPilot software. (ALK is one of the sponsors)



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office coffee machine mod

What happens when cosrahn does some “proof-of-concept” work…

Guess! What is this supposed to be?

Right! It’s a water reservoir for the coffee machine…

Here is a video of it in action:

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Silver Bells and Golden Spurs

“Silver Bells and Golden Spurs is an exploration of the movie making capabilities of Second Life. It serves as a proof of concept for doing such, as well as the need for certain technical improvements.

With all the available Second Life tools, customized avatars and animations, and with the help of Bedazzle Studios, I knew we could create a high quality, compelling movie.

I first read the anonymous poem in a collection of cowboy poems I picked up several years ago, and immediately knew I had to make this story into a movie. I made notes in the margins of the book describing camera angles, dolly moves and crane shots. When I ran out of room, I decided to adapt the poem for the screen. In the screen play I could accurately describe the action in each scene, and use it as my guide through the production process (just like a real movie is made).

Pulling information from the script, I created lists for props and set pieces, avatar animations, audio, and costumes. These helped streamline the production and assured that no details were overlooked.

The set and all of the props were created on a single simulator, maximizing visual quality while minimizing overhead. I met regularly with the set modeler, character animator and costume designer to review and discuss the progress of their work. Although I had a very specific mental picture of what everything should look like, I needed to allow each of these artists the latitude to explore and use their creativity.”


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If you did not know: You can have a great astronomy picture each day…

“Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.”



master blaster strato caster … miniature guitar mania

Today is the “gift day”. I received a package with miniature guitars. Well, I am note playing a guitar but those miniatures are great 🙂

Placed them right next to the Intel-Silicon-Wafer…


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Sixt rocks!

I just received a love-letter from Sixt. What a great way to please a satisfied customer even more.

Three double upgrade vouchers…yeah! Ride on!

It seems that they want to thank me for my comments I made on their cars and service.


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sun and rain over Ilmenau…

Hey it’s april! And on my way home I took some pictures…giving you an impression of the cloudy sky which is characteristic for Ilmenau at this time of the year…

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trip to erfurt…

Since my girlfriend has two turtles we wanted to check out the reptiles exhibition in Erfurt. Which we didn’t because, well lets call it disappointment in the first place.

To small. To dubious. Well… you get the idea. And 12 Euro for 1700 qm is quite a price…

Then we decided to take a walk in the old town of Erfurt. Where we found a new product…(sorry, german only joke)

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Uhh… more than 13k SPAM Mails last month… 🙁

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the new rythm

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning my feathered friends!

The new semester starts today and I successfully introduced a new diurnal rythm. It’s quite hard to go to sleep at 12 PM when you did go at 5 AM the last months. But it worked. It’s 7:30 AM and I am awake, already showered and fit to start the day.

Even the sun is shining… a bit…


Question: how many people can you squeeze on 9 square meters?

Answer: Nine.

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DJ cake…sounds gooood tastes goooood

it’s a birthday cake for a DJ…



bumps ahead…

I am migrating the currently running MSDNAA download server solution to a Virtual Server 2005 R2 based solution. Since some of the portions of / are running on those machine you may experience some bumps in the next hours…

Everything on / should work by the time the sun shows up in europe…

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flow – a flash game that really relaxes

What a game! It’s one of the most relaxing games I’ve played in the last months… going to sleep now

How to Play?

What am I suppose to do?

  • Dive deep into the space eat and evolve


  • Use Mouse Cursor to guide your creature
  • Hold on Left Mouse Button to accelerate


  • Red makes you dive down
  • Blue brings you back up
  • Filling up your body to grow longer
  • + makes your current body segment evolve
  • Move slowly to make smaller turns


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the nutritional benefits of nose picking

What a great Idea…alternative book covers…

“Awhile ago, my husband Brian said “wouldn’t it be funny if you were sitting on the subway reading a book and on the front cover it said, How to Murder a Complete Stranger and Get Away with It? Imagine what people around you would think, especially when you finally finished the book”.”

thanks, ThamThon


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ASCII art from the past… 1948!!

grab your typewriter and do art! Who would have thought of something like ASCII art being done that early?


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b00b bouncing simulator…

I you think it couldn’t possibly get worse…it gets… and hits you hard…

That is awesome! Look what high-tech is doing for…well everyone…


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dreamful research

THamTHon is collecting pictures of people that fell asleep in our office…well most of the time cosrahn is sleeping anyways but we’re planning big things with the pictures of sleeping people…

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CeBIT plans…

I will be at CeBIT on the 10th of March – it’s the second exhibition day so it shouldn’t be to crowded. Since I am going to be driven this time the only thing I need to do at the moment is creating a plan which booths I should visit… any recommendations? Would you like to meet at CeBIT? Make a comment!


cruise control

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chicken breast salad..


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Blick durch die Parteienlandschaft

Achtung – Satire!

Am 26. März sind wieder Wahlen – in Sachsen-Anhalt. Als vorbildlicher, nicht politikverdrossener Mensch habe ich mir natürlich rechtzeitig die Briefwahlunterlagen besorgt, da ich am Stichtag nicht zu Hause bin.

Abseits der großen Volksparteien tummeln sich wie immer hoffnungslos unsinnige Ansammlungen von Menschen, die wirklich glauben, sie werden von jemandem gewählt, obwohl ihr Progamm vielleicht den einen oder anderen anspricht:

AGFG – Außer Gerd fürn Gulli (einer der Bewerber heißt Gerhard Schröder, zumindest schon mal das cleverste Marketing)

BBW – Biete besseres WLAN (für die Geeks)

DVU – Durch Vernichtung unterwerfen (Tja, Demokratie…)

REP – Rammeln extrem pervers (Noch ein Punkt für die Demokratie)

FP Deutschlands – Fundamentale Pazifisten Deutschlands

MLDP – Mit List durch Polen

Pro DM – Durchsicht monatlich

DKP/KPD – Du (für) Kopftuch (und) Prophet / Kalaschnikow (und) Paradies (für) dich

STATT Partei – Suche tagsüber Aushilfsjob trotz Tarif

GUT – Gern unter Tempo

Wählen macht doch Spass…

Jens Heymann