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ARD Hörspieltage – radio plays for free review

Till 20th November the ten best radio plays are available for your review. You can be part of the jury and rate them.

Actually the radio plays are really good – but you have to have Flash installed since its a flash audio player…

Source 1: Niere:Blog
Source 2: ARD Hörspieltage 2005

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oh…what’s that about my pre-ordered XBOX 360?

Amazon writes me an eMail…entitled “an important message regarding your Xbox order”…well that does definitly not sound good:

“Wie Sie vielleicht schon gehört haben, ist Microsoft derzeit nicht in der Lage, genügend Xbox 360 Konsolen zu produzieren. Daher können wir Ihnen leider nicht garantieren, dass Sie Ihre Xbox 360 vor Weihnachten 2005 erhalten. In Kürze erwarten wir von Microsoft weitere Informationen zur Verfügbarkeit der Konsolen.”

I ordered my 360 on August 18th…that’s almost 3 months ago…and now they are telling me that they probably-maybe can’t ship one for me… DOH! I’ll go berserk when I do not have my 360 on December the 2nd…in fact…I’ll try to get one at the next stores…and send the Amazon 360 back if they manage to find one for me…nuff said.


speed camera marketing

Mape2k pointed me to this cool article about a company that advertises on speed camera fotos. How cool is that 😉

cheaper pictures….

Source: Riesenmaschine

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hoerschaden in Fischerhütte

After the very successful ISWI parties at the Fischerhütte here in Ilmenau there was another, probably the last, party at Fischerhütte. This time the hoerschaden crew obviously rocked them all.

Since I had no time the pictures are from nierenschaden and affiliates – maybe more in the future. Be sure to check nierenschadens brand new weblog.

And if you like electronic music, visit the website of hoerschaden – There’s a live stream every now and then…

Source 1: nierenschaden weblog
Source 2: ISWI parties
Source 3:



It’s hacker soda …

…others can’t understand…


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cross selling…paternity test + condoms…

Well. Why not? It definitly made by day… they sell tons of condoms together with a paternity test… I even looked for the pregnancy test.

PS: don’t ask!

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thanks for the Wafer…

I held a 3 hour lecture at the “.NET Chaostage” event at the FH Deggendorf last week and I got this really cool present from Helena:

It’s a real silicon wafer from Intel (of course a not usable one with contamination). But cool, eh?

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Audi A4 TDI 2.0 on the “racetrack”

average speed: 175,7376 km/h
top speed: 222 km/h
duration: 00:10:25
track length: 30,51 km

hmm… too much traffic ;-(

GPS-Log: (32,82 KB)

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AUDI A4 TDI 2.0 on the road…

For the launch day (yesterday!)…Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and Biztalk 2006 launched…yeah!…So I got a Audi A4 for that trip… nice car…very nice car 😉

more this evening…


china good photo guarantee

take out your camera, snap, ready! Just look what my Canon Powershot A300 (3.2 MPx) is able to:

Well, it was early in the morning. But as an ‘after hour’ you’ll have such an aspect, too.

Florian aka medienfloh

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3 letters.

3 letters arrived simultaneously…from the same sender with 3 different adresses…. WTF?

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Microsoft Imagine Cup 2006 registration is finally online !!!

go for it… If you want some more information about the Imagine Cup…take a look here and here.

Source 1: Imagine Cup 2006 Overview
Source 2: Imagine Cup Registration

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networked doorbell many wires do you need to connect a doorbell? You need 8 wires of course! Do we actually have any cables !=CAT5/5e/6 ?


Wilma…species Chinemys reevesi

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Halloween: our glowing pumpkin

Steffi made some pictures of our pumpkin in the dark…awesome!!!

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Steffi and I just made our very first Halloween Pumpkin yesterday. For the first one I think it’s nearly perfect 😉

Steffi: I love you!!


Blinkenlights reloaded

Surprisingly Blinkenlights is back for our viewing and gambling pleasure. If you are in Berlin these days, make sure you’ll take a look.

(it’s the building in the upper middle…which is used as a big b/w screen)

Source 1:
Source 2:

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Schloss Seehof (near Bamberg)

Here are some panoramic views that I made today near Bamberg:


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Microsoft China: original is better.

Medienfloh aka Mr. Radio-Muckefuck is in China at the moment. On his trip he was able to take that picture.

The text next to the Microsoft logo says: “Original is better.”. As you may know software piracy is a big issue in china. And they at least seem to adress that.

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Sorry I pushed the wrong button…

For gods sake why seem some people unable to use a phone? In 8 out of 10 cases when I call them, they just reject my call – calling me instantly back “Oh sorry, I must have pressed the wrong button”.

IT’S COLOR CODED! Green for GO Red for NO-GO.

Actually there are only TWO buttons on the phone that are enlighted. So how come that they almost always push the wrong one?



just don’t pretend.

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in concert…

party on!


protect your property: build yourself a sentry turret

A quite nice job with some very interesting features. Please notices that this is NOT a real gun – it’s an airsoft replica of a FN P90.
These guys made quite an impressive job: Their turret is completly computer controlled and finds and follows it’s targets autonomously.

“Notice the tactical LED flashlight is glowing on the left side of the turret. There is absolutely no practical reason for that.”

Beside the complete building description there is also a short movie of the Sentry Gun in action on the website:

Source: Sentry Gun

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Let’s call it geek-love… since there is the internet and the concept of webcams you can watch your beloved ones passing by wherever they are.

In that case she is on the ship you can see in the images and the webcam archive for the next weeks. The ship is called “Thor Heyerdahl

Sweeeeeet! 😉 “So nah und doch so fern”… he said some minutes ago… he pointed out that Goethe had the idea before him…

Source 1: Skureal Blog
Source 2: Webcam Archiv
Source 3: some infos about the ship

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christmas anyone?

Year by year it’s getting earlies: It seems like Christmas Time is just starting NOW. Has anyone else this feeling that the things like christmas are less appreciated since we start to “celebrate” them so early…

Disclaimer: this stollen was bought only for educational purposes and disposed ecological after the experiments.

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blossom is right! She is back. That’s good news!


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Promise VTrak M500i Review and News…

I wrote a short article about the lately arrived Promise m500i Storage Array and it’s not-functioning.

After we had to wait the complete weekend it was time to call the technical support again and ask for purification…well sort of :-).

The good news: The guy remembered that he talked to me. He even remembered what we talked about. That’s really not common sense when it comes to technical support. So this is a thumb-up for the support.

He sort of apologized for mistakenly kidding me on friday…but don’t be vengeful.

So he told me that there is a BETA firmware for our brand new m500i that is supposed to fix all the problems we have (at least the ones he remembered). The only thing that he needs from me beforehand was a signing under a disclaimer he would send me. Sure! Show me the disclaimer and I’ll tell you if I would sign it.

And he showed me:

Supplier is providing this Beta version Product to Customer without charge and at Customer’s specific request. Customer understands and acknowledges that this Beta version Product has not been fully tested by Supplier. This Product is provided to Customer “as is” and with Customer assuming all risk of use of the Product.

Except where prohibited by law, Supplier DISCLAIMS any and all warranties, express or implied, by statute or otherwise, regarding the Products including,without limitation, any warranties for fitness for any purpose, quality, merchantability, non-infringement, or otherwise, and any warranties arising out of a course of dealing, trade usage, or trade practice. Supplier makes no warranty or representation concerning the suitability of any Product for use with any other item. Customer assumes full responsibility for selecting Products and for ensuring that the Products selected are compatible and appropriate for use with other goods with which they will be used. Customer assumes and accepts all risk associated with procuring and using a Beta version product.

Supplier DOES NOT WARRANT that this Product is free from errors or that it will interface without any problems with purchaser’s components or computer system. It is the responsibility of the purchaser or end-user to back up its computer or otherwise save important data before installing any Product and to continue to back-up its important data regularly.

Supplier shall not be liable for the cost of procuring substitute goods or services, lost profits, unrealized savings, equipment damage, or for any other general, special, consequential, indirect, incidental, orpunitive damages, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, notwithstanding the failure of the essential purpose of the foregoing remedy and notwithstanding that Supplier has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Date___________ Signed ___________________

The text formatting was not made by me – it’s the original formatting of the disclaimer. Of course I told the technical-support guy that I am not willing to sign this disclaimer. To loose the software warranty in any way is not what I would consider an alternative for a brand-new 6000 Euro device.

He understood my consideration about that issue – even though he tried to convince me to sign it. I didn’t. He then wanted to call me back after he checked the alternatives with his … whoever he was talking to… he called back 10 minutes later.

The alternative would be to deal with the bugs. He even seemed to know now and finally why the array does not sync successfully: I tried to make a 3 Terabyte Logical Drive. With my firmware version the m500i only supports a maximum size of 2 Terabyte per Logical Drive. Okay that’s at least some kind of solution. So I configured a 1 Terabyte Logical Drive for testing and voil


to clarify who am I or: a letter to karl-heinz.

It’s quite frustrating to see people writing me letters and eMails that are primarily intended for another person, like Charlotte Grace Roche.

I wrote it several times here on this website. I wrote it in my answers – but it’s ignored by you. It’s a great misconception that I could possibly be Charlotte Grace Roche.

I am Daniel Kirstenpfad. A guy that lives and works in germany. Some years ago (when the air was brighter and the sun smelled better) in the times of VIVA-ZWEI I used to work with Charlotte Grace Roche. And that’s why there are so many photos of her on this website. Most of them where made by Charlotte and personally given to me – and the rest of the photos were made by me.

I repeat it (in bold letters): I AM NOT CHARLOTTE GRACE ROCHE!

So please! Stop sending me letters that are for Charlotte. And stop thinking that Charlotte does the things I do and is writing about it here on this website.

This message explicitly is intended for Karl-Heinz, a loyal reader of this website and obviously big Charlotte Grace Roche fan. Karl-Heinz please try to think clearly if there is any possibility that Charlotte Grace Roche could have done or even would be interested in the things I am doing and writing about.

So for everyone else this is sort-of a premier: a picture showing me working.

And now: good night inkernet!


a short excursion to IPXServer

Today IPXServer has managed to make a 1-week-test server available for me. So if you can read this then you’re schrankmonster experience was probably served by that server.

If you experience any outtages or something. Please drop me a line. Thank you.

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…and who is this god anyway?

The ultimate and only official God FAQ.

thx bocki


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silly translations

found in the package of an 8-port desktop network switch:

There are many silly translations… like the cool Matsushita CD-Drive driver that I used in 1995. Everytime it was loaded the text “Matsushita Electlic” was displayed as a copyright notice…the other example is when a company tried to sell “high-power-WLAN solution”…and they translated it to “hohe Macht WLAN Lösung”… which simply means “great force WLAN solution”…may the 4th be with you!

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SENSATION: the flyer of the 30th World Youth Day leaked!!

I am proud to present you the maybe official flyer and motto of the 30th World Youth Days which are going to take place in 2025 (unconfirmed!). As it seems the catholic church is going to be more open to sexual topics like birth control, homosexuality and pr0n.

At last the catholic church will be a place for everyone…

There are unconfirmed plans for some more explicit talks and topics for this upcoming World Youth Day. One catholic youth group already announced that they are going to produce their own XXX-interpretation of the evening meal…

This is NOT an actual flyer nor actual official information for anything. It’s satire and nothing else.

Thanks to ahzf for the idea.

Source: what XXX means.

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it’s a voodoo knife, baby!

BonAnza found real great kitchenware…


Source 1: ViceVersa

Source 2: bon anza

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Erics South America trip

I know its been a while since I wrote about Erics trip to South America and promised to write about it… I got all the pictures here and I have to admit that I did not had the time to sort them out and make an article out of it…But this is going to change this week. So stay tuned.

Source: old article

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finding the way back to normal life

There where some very very disappointing events the last week that made it hard to write and think anything…

But after all life’s getting back to normal. Actually I want to thank my friends for being there when it’s needed – That makes you the best friends one could have.


the future Microsoft developer?

This is Lisa. The future Microsoft software developer? 😉

Greetings to the parents…go and visit them for more pictures 😉

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Jeder angehende Ingenieur kennt diesen Horror: Das Auswendiglernen von Wissenschafts- und Wirtschaftstheorien. Da gibt es hunderte von Modellen mit Vorteilen und Nachteilen. Jeder Autor behauptet von sich, die Weltformel gefunden zu haben, nur um damit die polemische Schelte anderer Mitstreiter zu ernten, die wiederum für ihre Ergüsse den alleinigen

Gültigkeitsanspruch erheben. Der eine belegt seine Aussagen mit Beispielen aus der Realität, der andere führt seine Gegenbeispiele an. Das Ganze endet schließlich in Gräbenkämpfen, wo es heißt: Der ist ein Konstruktivist, der ein Kommunist und der ein Pazifist, oder wie? Wie bei Gläubigen und Ungläubigen eben…

Wenn man sich die Materie mal tiefer anschaut, merkt man recht schnell, wo der Hase läuft:

Am Anfang ist eine Theorie. Sie ist einfach und irgendwie plausibel. Dann kommt irgendein Schlaumeier daher und mäkelt an der Theorie herum und veröffentlicht seine eigene, wesentlich kompliziertere Theorie. Ein paar Runden später ist die Sache so komplex geworden, dass sie keiner mehr versteht und man sich (heimlich) wieder zur Ausgangstheorie zurücksehnt.

Und jeder homo oeconomicus fragt sich: Wann werden es diese Leute endlich kapieren, dass man eine Welt wie die unsrige nicht in so eine einfache Formel packen kann?

Vermutlich erst nach dem Studium…

In diesem Sinne: Die Lösung der Weltformel ist eh 42 und don’t panic.

Jens Heymann



Wenn am 11.August “Charlie und die Schokoladenfabrik” in den deutschen Kinos startet, werden viele unweigerlich denken: ‘Moment mal: Hat das nicht irgendwas mit Michael Jackson zu tun?’ Es ist schon unheimlich, wie Johnny Depp äusserlich an MJ erinnert. Und wenn man seinen letzten Film “Finding Neverland” dazuzieht, ergibt sich eine bemerkenswerte Parallele.
Viele Fans des Films wehren sich seit einiger Zeit gegen jegliche pädophile Unterstellungen, aber seien wir mal ehrlich: Irgendwie ist das schon dumm gelaufen, das mit der Kunst, dem Leben und dem Immitieren.

Jens Heymann

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Verkehrte Welt?

Da hat die Polizei in London einen Unschuldigen erschossen, und zwar mittels Kopfschuss – die einzig sichere Variante, einen Attentäter auszuschalten. Also hätte ich nicht vor kurzem “Dawn of the Dead” gesehen, würde ich mir darüber auch keine weiteren Gedanken machen.

Jens Heymann


student is searching a girl for spontaneous, straightforward and discreet sex

How desperate do you have to be to put this message onto the pinboard of your university?

In english:

Pretty student is searching a girl for spontaneous, straightforward and discreet Sex. I will go into your wishes and phantasies…you just have to tell me. Look, Nationality, Age, Experience etc are secondary.


driving me mad!

P.S.: no this is not me in the picture.

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sudden rain

Just seconds ago the sun was shining…

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It’s not often that I decide to eventually consider to do a bike tour. But today such a eventuality occurred.

Cutcat, Namenlos, Phillip and myself thought it might be a good idea. But first we had to check my bike. And guess what: the bottom bracket is broken. Perfect!

I am curious what amount of money is necessary to fix the problem…

I pinpointed it for you


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Degu pr0n

Is he doing what I think he is doing?
“Yes he is!” says Manu!



London in trouble

Apparently there were several bombings in London – either terroristic or accidently. You probably would be better informed by listening to the mass media instead of this article. But what I want to share with you is the crowd around a TV set here at TechEd Europe 2005. The TV is showing the BBC news…

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TechEd Europe 2005: being a fan of Rafal Lukawiecki

Finally there was some time for a Q&A with Rafal Lukawiecki. And not only that I could talk to one of the best speakers at TechEd by far, I also got his business card + handwritten note.


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use the force (of linking): – Anetts Homepage

This article is not:

  1. about link-farms

  2. about Star Wars

  3. about cats

  4. about cutting cats

This article is about the website of Anett. So go and visit her site! Beautiful pictures and a clean design 🙂


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TechEd Europe 2005: forgot to blog the meal!

Today we had the best meal at TechEd by far!

hungry, eh?

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FIWAK 2005: feeding time

Food is one of the cornerstones of the FIWAK. And because this is an all-inclusive trip food is provided for the crowd.

After a very very disturbing night the chef was brought into the nearest hospital…so they needed a new one… and there he was: Maedness and his crew made a delicious potato soup. Great!

cuting and pasting


FeM FIWAK 2005 – the first pictures.

On 1700 the second FeM e.V. FIWAK started. To explain it short what that is:

Around 40 people go into the forest. Take a power generator and a huge number of network and computer equipment with them. 3 big tents and several small ones… of course Wireless LAN Internet access everywhere…

the small tents…

inside the talk-tent

Namenlos at work…

eating! eating!

drinking! drinking!

networking! networking!

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