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the Google Cultural Institute

A very interesting find that I wanted to blog about for a while now – loads of stuff to read and watch through – let it be art or history.

“Google has partnered with hundreds of museums, cultural institutions, and archives to host the world’s cultural treasures online.

With a team of dedicated Googlers, we are building tools that allow the cultural sector to display more of its diverse heritage online, making it accessible to all.

Here you can find artworks, landmarks and world heritage sites, as well as digital exhibitions that tell the stories behind the archives of cultural institutions across the globe.”

Source 1:
Source 2: D-Day

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A lot of Whisky videos – and a tutorial how to cut videos on the command line

For just shy of 2 years I am a fan of whisky. After I got the hang of the processes, tastes and smells around this spirit I started collecting them – collecting to drink them eventually.

Now there are a number of shops you can buy good quality whisky from anywhere in the world. One of which happens to be located in germany. This shop is not only offering a huge choice but also a cross-sellers dream: tasting and explanation videos beneath many of the whiskys in which a very talented Mr. Horst Lüning tastes and explains all things whisky.

Now this shop hosts all videos on YouTube. Since I am a big fan of podcasting and internet based entertainment it’s a great thing that because if my little tool called “YouTubeFeast” all new episodes and tasting videos get downloaded automatically. Till today this way I’ve got well over 650 whisky tasting and explanation videos downloaded.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-01 um 20.46.32

As a matter of fact this is a really entertaining and educating series I even would pay to get access to. But that aside every video which got automatically downloaded usually looks like this (german audio):

As you can see there’s a short intro (8 seconds) and an outro (29 seconds) which every single video starts and ends with. Under normal circumstances there are two occasions when I have those videos played.

  1. When I want to look for a particular whisky and get an overview of how it’s going to be like.
  2. For over 12 years I happen to have a “nights playlist” – a playlist of things that are played back during the night – every night. For this it’s important that it’s mainly speech, very normalized audio and of course it needs to be interesting.

So for the second reason it’s important that there are not too many audio bumps and breaks. Unfortunately as much as I like the intro and outro music it’s actually very bass heavy and as such sleep interrupting sometimes… So just like when a good newmake spirit is distilled the start and end run need to be separated by the heart that makes up the spirit.

Every 4-6 months I take all newly added videos and cut them down and add them to the nights playlist folders. The process is like this:

  1. Rename them: Remove the following things from the filenames
    “Whiskey Verkostung – “, “Whiskey Likör Verkostung “, “Whiskygläser “, “Whisky-Verkostung – “, “Whisky Vorstellung “, “Whisky Verkostung “, “Whisky Verkosten “, “Whisky Tasting – “, “Whisky Tasting “, “Whisky Likör Verkostung “, “Whiskey-Verkostung – “, “Whiskey Verkostung “, “Whiskey Tasting – “, “- “

    To rename the files I am usually using the freeware tool Rename Master – it’s awesome!

  2. Cut the intro away.
    This best done with a simple ffmpeg command:

    ffmpeg -i $inputfile -ss 00:00:08.0 -acodec copy -vcodec copy $output

  3. Cut the outro away.
    Using a little shell script it’s fairly easy to first get the full length of each video file and then using another tool to substract 29 seconds from each length and cut the heart out until that length is reached.

    To get the length the following short line is doing a great job:

    ffmpeg -i “$1” 2>&1 |grep Duration | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 4 | sed s/,//

    In order to then cut the video before the outro starts it basically is a another call to ffmpeg:

    ffmpeg -i $infile -t $calculatedlength -acodec copy -vcodec copy $output

That way you get just the tasting videos without intro and outro – ready to be enjoyed. For the end of this article I want to stress the fact how awesome I think those whisky videos from Mr. Lüning are. It’s awesome to watch and learn. I hope that those videos will be available for more years to come! Cheers!

Source 1:
Source 2:

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automation to the people: download YouTube videos automatically

You know that: You have just stumbled upon a great and informative YouTube channel. It’s full of videos you would like to watch but to do that you need to have internet access in any case. And of course that internet access needs to be as fast as possible to cope with the video quality you would like to watch.

If only it would be possible to download a video from YouTube, store it locally and watch it whenever you got the time. Maybe you want to take that video with you on that great, internetless self-awareness trip…

Now there are a lot of tools that allow you to download YouTube clips manually. I used BYTubeD for that purpose. It is a nice and easy to use Firefox Add-On which can be started whenever a YouTube video appears in any page.

After you’ve started into BYTubeD you can select which of the videos on the page you would like to download and what quality you would like to get.

All this works very well if you only want to download something once every while. Problems come up if you want to download regular postings…

I’ve subscribed to several – to me – very interesting YouTube channels. These get updated almost every day. The only option for me to keep track with them is to take the time, surf YouTube and use BYTubeD to download manually if there is anything new. Now this was a waste of time for me so I automated it.

I wrote a small tool I call “YouTubeFeast” – because it allows you to feast on YouTube… yeah I know. Now this tool is designed to run on a linux or windows machine in the background and scan in configurable intervals for new videos. If it finds new videos it downloads them in the quality you pre-configured to a folder you configured. It couldn’t be easier.

It’s open-source (GPLv2) and I’ve made it publicly available on GitHub. You can even find a pre-compiled binary version there which is ready-to-run.

The configuration file “YouTubeFeast.configuration” is a plain and simple text file. Use your favourite text editor and obey some simple rules:

  • any line beginning with # is a comment
  • any line not beginning with a # is a download-job
  • any download job consists of the following, tabulator separated parameters:
    • the URL of the video page / channel homepage / overview
    • the desired quality (360p, 720p, 1080p)
    • the path to store the videos
    • the interval (in hours) to check for new stuff
  • don’t forget: tabulator separates parameters (take a look into the example configuration file…)

After configuring the only thing you need to do is to start YouTubeFeast. It will then go through all the jobs and download video files – as soon as it comes across an already downloaded file it stops that specific job.

That’s all about it. If you got any comment or suggestions for improvement please let me know.

Source 1:
Source 2: Download YouTubeFeast-March2013



After the last Open Movie Project “Bug Buck Bunny” – Sintel is the next short movie available for free download. Get it here.

“Sintel” is an independently produced short film, initiated by the Blender Foundation as a means to further improve and validate the free/open source 3D creation suite Blender. With initial funding provided by 1000s of donations via the internet community, it has again proven to be a viable development model for both open 3D technology as for independent animation film.
This 15 minute film has been realized in the studio of the Amsterdam Blender Institute, by an international team of artists and developers. In addition to that, several crucial technical and creative targets have been realized online, by developers and artists and teams all over the world.

“Sintel” commenced in May 2009, with producer Ton Roosendaal establishing a core team consisting of Colin Levy (director), David Revoy (concept art), Martin Lodewijk (story) and Jan Morgenstern (composer). In August script writer Esther Wouda was approached as a consultant, which resulted in her taking the responsibility for the entire screenplay. Esther then worked in close cooperation with Colin, David and Ton to deliver the final script early November. Meanwhile, Colin and David realized the first storyboards.

Based on a public call for artists – with over 150 respondents – the Durian artist team got established in July 2009. They first met in a pre-production week in Amsterdam in August, and all decided to join the project per October 1st. With the final movie budget still unknown, the target then still was to finish the film within 7 months, with a team of 6 artists and 2 developers. At that time the team still had the hopes to be able to realize the script in a 6-8 minute film.

In november, the Netherlands Film Fund approved on a substantial subsidy for Sintel, enough to extend the project to 10 months, with possible 1 or 2 extra artist seats in the final months. It was also by this time that breakdowns and animatic edits showed that the script had to be revised to become more compact, with a story structure using a flashback.

In the months after, Colin’s work on the Director’s Layout – 3D animatic shots – and final designs on the grand finale gradually made the movie longer, from 9 minutes in november, to almost 12 in May. Proper story telling, to absorb an audience with convincing characters and action just takes time!

With the highly anticipated extra funding from the Amsterdam Cinegrid – also funding a 4k resolution version – Ton finally could extend the team with 5 artists and a developer in March 2010. With 14 people the film then was completed for a first screening on July 18th in cinema Studio K in Amsterdam.
Three artists then stayed in Amsterdam working on final shot edits, lighting design, compositing, and on the impressive 2 minute film credits. The movie ended up with a total duration of 14m:48s, 888 seconds!

Watch it now:


Source 1: Elephants Dream
Source 2: Big Buck Bunny 
Source 3: Sintel
Source 3: Sintel Download

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Nine Inch Nails – another version of the truth – fan blu-ray release

“12 months,
a core team of dozens (with a network of thousands)
spanning 3 continents,
4 languages,
5 specialist teams,
countless sleepless nights…

It’s finally here.

Filmed in Sacramento, Portland, and Victoria by the Nine Inch Nails team, edited and produced by their fans, The Gift is a stunning work in 1080p High Definition video with 5.1 Surround Sound, multi-language subtitles, and artistically-driven ethics.”

You’re reading it right: the final production is ready to be downloaded. I am downloading it right now.


It’s a complete Nine Inch Nails live concert in full-hd. Free for all / Not for sale. Get it while it’s hot!



One step closer to digital nirvana…

Thanks to a podcast I found a great software for my iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a small tool which does cost less than 3 Euro and it’s served by a server tool which runs on Windows and Mac OS X.

It’s called Air Video and it’s frikin’ awesome! ™

What you do is you install the server software and point it to all your directories / drives that might contain video material. You then take your iPhone and install the client app. If you configured the server to be available over the internet you can now connect from anywhere you want using a pass-pin (which is generated) and a password (which is set by you). And by “from anywhere” they mean “anywhere”. WLAN or 3g didn’t make any difference in my test. You start the client, point to a video file and most of the time you are asked if you a) want to directly play is (if the file is ipod-compatible) or b) if you want to live-convert it and play it (when the file isn’t compatible and needs to be re-encoded live for you) or c) if you want to add the file to a conversion queue which will off-line convert the video for you.

In terms of “finding your video” it does look like this:

Air Video

Simple, eh? Taping a video will bring up this screen:


As I said – Play directoy, Play with Live Conversion and Offline-Conversion-Queue…

It did work with EVERY Video I tried. When I tried Full-HD Movies my serving PC wasn’t able to handle the load but everyhing in SD worked great which is perfect for me.


Therefore I can highly recommend this tool – it really does work better than anything I’ve seen before.


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what would you do with 1 million frames per second?

This is just beautiful:

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It’s been quite a few years (since 2005) when elGono came up with the “Obey the Giant” stuff.

This campaign was subject (not only this campaing…) to a documentation called “BOMB IT The Movie”


“Featuring street artist and top graffiti writers from 5 continents the acclaimed documentary.
Bomb It is the first film to update the story of graffity with a truly international perspective. Each month we will presenting portraits of the artists from around the world in never before seen footage and interviews.”

You can watch the whole documentation online now! For free!

Source 1:
Source 2: Obey the GIANT

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Never gonna give you up, Never gonna…

Die Bits-und-so Adventskalender DVD kam an! Hurray! Und nicht nur die war in der Packung:


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Interview with Steve Teixeira at the Technical Summit 2008 in Berlin

I had the chance to interview Steve Teixeira – the Product Unit Manager for the Parallel Developer Tools team in Microsofts Developer Division.

So here is the video of this (my first) interview:

If you click here you can watch it in HD.

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HandBrake is now a full blown video converter…

Turns out that a new snapshot (unofficial) version of my favourite DVD to iPod Converter is available. With the new version came new features like the one that allows me now to convert almost anything to wonderful iPod compatible movie files.


“HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.”

I tried anything in my library, including some matroska movie files. Just everything worked – amazing!


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Paper Replika: Wall-e, Eve and…

…almost everything else. You’ll have to print it, fold it, glue it… and then it’ll eventually become:

“WALL-E Paper Model. WALL -E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class) is programmed to clean up the planet, one trash cube at a time. However, after 700 years he’s developed one little glitch, a personality. He’s extremly curious, highly inquisitive and a little lonely.

  • Solar Powered Regeneration Unit
  • Size 33 All Terain Modular Treads
  • Twin Hydraulic Arm Shovels
  • Digital Audio Recording/Playback Module
  • Low Convergence Head Mounted Laser”



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Radioheads “House of Cards” music video + raw data released under CC license

I seriously don’t know why they are doing that – it’s not as if any material released previously came to any notice so far – but what the heck – Radiohead decided to put their current music video (which isn’t bad) and the raw data that was used to create it to the public using the Creative Commons license:

“The animation data used to make the video are licensed to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license at Google Code. This means you are free to use the data to make your own video projects, as long as you abide by the CC license’s conditions. (To be clear, the song and its accompanying video are not under CC license; the data used to make the video are.)”



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Xbox Media Center for OSX renames itself to PLEX

It’s not as many of those fance company-blogs like gizmodo have written: not the Xbox Media Center project (which makes XBMC for Windows, Linux, Xbox 1 and OSX) renamed itself – infact only the fork of OSXBMC renamed itself to PLEX.

“The one name that stuck was Plex. I like it because it evokes “cineplex” and the suffix means “comprising a number of parts” which the application certain does. In mathematics, you use the suffix to mean “ten to the power of the number” (e.g. oneplex = 10).

Because there are no four-letter domain names left (seriously, try to find one!) we decided to square the plex, so to speak. Think of either plex^2 or plex squared (the beta logo below tries to connote the word “plex” inside a square that might represent a TV screen). The domain names are,, and for good measure. They are not active yet.

In the coming days, we’ll be working on the rebranding process, including the application packaging, logo, web domains, etc. In the longer term, we have some exciting things in the skin department as well. Stay tuned, and thanks for all your support; we really are lucky to have such an great community.”

Along with the new name comes a new logo:


Source 2:

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the next creative commons rendermovie is available: Big Buck Bunny

It’s made entirely with free software and released under the creative commons license: Big Buck Bunny is the name of the brand new short movie made with blender, inkscape, gimp and more.

“The Amsterdam based ‘Blender Institute’ announced today the premiere of the short 3D animation movie ‘Big Buck Bunny’. After a production period of over six months, the short film will premiere with a grand party on Thursday 10th of April, in the hip new Amsterdam cinema ‘Studio K’.

“The primary intent of the movie was to stimulate the development of open source 3D software” said producer and Institute director Ton Roosendaal, “But the result equals on artistic level as well as on technical ingenuity the quality of what you would expect from large animation studios”.

The movie differentiates itself mostly by its totally open character. Not only open source tools such as the 3D suite ‘Blender’ were used to create the movie, but also the movie itself – including all materials as used in the animation studio – will be freely accessible for everybody to reuse, to learn from it or just to enjoy it.

The promotion of Open Content creation and distribution is one of the main goals of the Creative Commons, the organization that created the ‘Creative Commons’ licenses, which have been widely adopted by artists, musicians, and other creative individuals who wish to freely share their creative endeavors. Blender Institute in Amsterdam is one of the first companies worldwide exploiting Open Content professionally and commercially. Currently 14 people are working full-time in the Institute, wrapping up Big Buck Bunny and working on an Open Game based on the characters from the movie.

Big Buck Bunny is a comedy about a well-tempered rabbit “Big Buck”, who finds his day spoiled by the rude actions of the forest bullies, three rodents. In the typical 1950ies cartoon tradition Big Buck then prepares for the rodents a comical revenge.”

Source 1:

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Review: Speed Racer

This past Saturday I had the rare pleasure of being the exclusive attendance (along with a friend) for a screening of the movie “Speed Racer”, the new one from the Wachovski Brothers.


To cut it short – it was a 135 minute cotton candy eye overload. Some nice actors (with cameos of German actors), but nothing real and therefore nothing of deeper interest.

Like rumored before in Hollywood: This movie has the aura of a big flop. My experience now confirms that.

Jens Heymann

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Count the bodies

The most (in)famous action-flick of movie history now has its third sequel, but nowhere a company producing a proper first-person shooter? It’s kind of strange that nobody seems to be interested in picking up a worldwide-known character.


Is it too much guilty pleasure? Too much far-right, political incorrect or just old-fashioned? Maybe it’s the lack of box-office in the US. Or simply no licence is available.

Anyway, back in the Reagan-era these concerns didn’t exist.



The 1985-game with a well-known score by Martin Galway was a huge bestseller.

Jens Heymann


Oscars ’08


It’s time again for voting: Load down a ballot, make your choices and see tonight (or tomorrow) if you’re an expert.

Home Oscar ballot

Jens Heymann

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Pay it twice

When today the movie “Earth” aka “Unsere Erde” starts in cinemas around the country you may have the chance to experience something very special: a real cinematic déjà-vu.


Let me explain how:

What many people don’t know for sure: This movie is a best-of of the same-named TV-series previously aired on ARD some time ago and after that on other public stations. So if you are an avid documentation-watcher you are going to pay for something already seen (and maybe even stored at home, not to mention the monthly TV-fees…).

The original series contains eleven episodes of 45 mins (Uncut 48 mins, BBC-airing). It’s not difficult to sum up and recognize what’s missing (of course) in the movie-version.

You still may say: But I wanna enjoy it on a big screen with a crowd and once in my life it’s ok paying for old stuff.

Then I better say nothing about “Deep Blue”…

Jens Heymann

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The road to the Oscars…

seems to have a nice blot somewhere this year. They really nominated “Norbit”. It’s only one nom and in a lower category, but with such decisions the Academy does itself no service.


At least the counter award – the Razzie – is on track as every year. This time they cracked down on the it-girls. Lindsey Lohan (of course), Jessica Alba (earned) and Jessica Biel (assumed) all got their nominations. Personally I would have added Megan Fox and some others, too.

Jens Heymann

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"Shooter" – A man like Rambo

Praised by the critics I was eager to watch this movie. Afterwards I can say that it’s not sophisticated compared with all those other action flicks.


Mark Wahlberg plays a gifted sniper who gets cheated and consequently seeks revenge. Now bullets and bodies are flying around.

An interesting setup ends in standard-type action. First Wahlberg gives us some nice knowledge about sniping, but then he just mows the enemies down in series. Neither big psychology nor character developing. That may be the purpose of the movie, but it is nothing special anymore this way.

If you combine the terms “star-vehicle” and “drawing board” you know what’s behind of this production. Mark Wahlberg “is doing a movie” instead of “a movie that features Mark Wahlberg”. The lead actor is simply more important than the script.

Next you have Michael Pena as the (usually funny) sidekick who delivers the cues to the main actor. Kate Mara serves as the nice-to-look-screaming-must-be-rescued female with merely 20 mins of screen time and nothing much to say.

The only things elevating this film a little bit are the not so meaningless intro action sequence and the zero-tolerance finale. Overall too straight to be outstanding.

Jens Heymann

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300 – "Stranger, tell the Spartans…"

One of the most spectacular and grossing movies of ’07 and finally I have seen it, too. Last spring people invaded the cinemas like the Persians Greece, spent some money and went home again.


The story of the 300 mighty Spartans, who defended a narrow pass against the superior numbers of Persians until death should be familiar to everyone around. Also uncontroversial are the well-made CGI-backgrounds as well as the entertaining ability of the whole thing.


Is it pro-Bush and assists on his war in Iraq or (possibly) against Iran?

A clear no, because too far-fetched. There are no politics in it. The big box office is also no indication of a widely hidden pro-war predisposition among American viewers. I guess, it’s rather the recent popularity of Frank Miller and his comics.

Is it fascistic?

That is a typical European critic, but the martial quotes and looks are fortunately paired with just as much irony. Lastly, the Spartans lived this way despite some SS-like “blood and honor” jabbering.

Is it really better being a “free” Spartan than a “slaved” Persian?

My impression was the Persian acted much more like the so-called decadent occident. Lots of tolerant and hedonic people, who didn’t get discriminated because of their religion, looks and behaviors, or? Xerxes didn’t deny the wishes of Ephialtes, e.g. The Spartans by contrast with their euthanasia and their strict living kept unfamiliar to me all the time.

Millions of Persians?

This is of cause pure fiction. How can someone supply such an amount of soldiers even only one day? The whole Persian food production would had to accompany them.

Are the Arcadians cleverer than the Spartans by withdrawing from the lost battle?

I would say yes, and there you see why a civilian might be a lesser tough warrior but superior when it comes to thinking.

Let’s hope (for the sake of mankind) that nobody in the world (especially the thin-skinned Iranians) takes this comicesque movie at face value.

Jens Heymann

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Battle before Christmas – Appendix

What happens when something rare gets rarer – you’ve read it an article below. But it’s also interesting to watch what happens when the fate twists to the opposite – a “strictly” limited edition gets a second one.


Limited Edition of 300, first release

That took place in context with the Limited Edition of “300”. Every fanboy and collector got his copy and had been happy, proud and (I guess) felt also a little bit arrogant – what a great divinely thing he owns and others not.


Limited Edition of 300, second release

Now everything is different. The big exclusiveness has gone. More fanboys can have their limited edition and doesn’t need to feel inferior any longer. Additionally this new version is different from the first one.

The reactions?

The previously exclusive owners of the first limited edition moan, that it’s only a rip-off of customers. In reality they are annoyed about spending much money for something (perhaps via bidding or third-party usury) that simply was not worth it.

All the other ones are happy and satisfied.

Jens Heymann

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Battle before Christmas

So maybe you are on the ever cruel pre-Christmas present hunt. And maybe you have to satisfy some wishes for DVDs. Usually you have a great choice because there are often many new items available for the Christmas sale. But the case gets serious if you are looking for the special one – the brand new 5-disc Blade Runner Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

51yXAKOJP L._AA240_

Fans have been waiting for years for this to come. Consequently the huge response and the fast sell-out. In recent days I have been witnessing the price-development, a fine example of how the mechanisms of supply and demand work: offered the set for 43,95€ on its web site. Many bought. Some marketplace and ebay-activities for about the same price or slightly below.

Then the sell-out. What happened?

1. No more primary supply, but plenty of demand left.

2. Amazon-marketplace increases the prices to an average of 90€.

3. Hefty ebay-auctions for about 70-100€.

Suddenly, Amazon is back in the game – again for 43,95€

4. The marketplace prices collapsed to 42€.

5. Analogously the offers at ebay.

It’s sell-out again, because the sudden availability was due to cancellations.

6. Quickly every item below 60€ is gone from the marketplace – the rest now in the 90€-range.

7. Adjustments also at ebay – biddings exploded.

The end of the line? Well, we learned that DVDs can be traded like shares at the stock-exchange. All you need are enough panic people who want the same thing under their Christmas tree. And we didn’t even take a look at the LIMITED Blade Runner set.

Some information by the way if you are considering a buy:

– It’s a patience game. Wait until after Christmas (OK, this would be too late for Christmas itself.).

– Look at the UK: Half the price and with German audio track (except the workprint).

– Look at the US: Even cheaper and every edition available (English only).

– The 5-DVD set is NOT limited. There will be a new release soon next year.

– Watch your other DVDs first.

Jens Heymann

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Recently seen: The marine

Oh boy – what a movie this has been: A soldier takes out an Al-Queida-camp, returns to his home via IranAir and begins his new civilized life – until, yes of course, some bad guys (coincidently) capture his wife. Now he is on the mission again. Following up are big explosions, masses of bullets and bodies of pure muscles.

That’s the world of “The marine”.


In the manner of typical 80’s action flicks (Schwarzenegger and co.) the plot combines various mass destructions, “funny” one-liners and the lack of sense or talent. John Cena, a wrestler, doesn’t even get close to his obvious models. And Robert Patrick as villain – so there are good movies, and there are bad ones, too. The role of the wife has no real purpose, save the showing of some flesh and being helpless (but nevertheless sexy).

The last thing you should ask for in this type of movie is logic – some examples:

– They keep firing a thousand bullets on the car and it doesn’t slow down.

– Neither they hit the driver (character shield I guess…).

– And while they are firing, the driver protects himself with a flak jacket against direct strafing.

– Which he is holding up with his one hand – the other one drives.

– The people continually slap each other, but no one carries any visible damages.

– The hero is simply indestructible – not with a fire extinguisher in his face or a sledgehammer on his body.

– Even a gigantic wall of flames cannot burn a single hair from the hero’s head.

All in all, this film is extremely(!) dumb, but it can work for you if you are able to level down your requirements for being entertained under the movie’s threshold. Otherwise you’ll know what this “thinking can be stressful”-thing means.

Jens Heymann

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Recently seen: The motorcycle diaries

Loving or hating this movie is decently biased by your political attitude. The plot wraps up Ernesto “Che” Guevaras and his pal Alberto Granadas trip through the countryside of South America. This all occurs prior to Che’s guerilla activities in Guatemala, Cuba, Congo and Bolivia, but shows his impressions of the people he meets and hence his “social” awakening.


For my review of this film I put aside all those political aspects and concentrate on the story. When Ernesto and Alberto travel through the countries it’s a little bit like watching an episode of Lonely Planet. Nice places, nice talks and then again on the road.

The ever-horny Alberto only thinks about the next woman, meanwhile Ernesto – you know what he became…

Overall an edged movie with nice pictures, but also with a bizarre historical back-end.

One detail of this movie I couldn’t get: They always say that they have no money, but how did they pay for the gas for the motorcycle? Or didn’t they pay?

Jens Heymann

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Recently seen: Apocalypto

Mel Gibson’s second movie in a foreign language tells the story of some mayan people in the pre-Columbus era. The main actor and his fellows are captured in a raid by other mayans and are brought into their capital, where they serve as human sacrifices or as trade bait. Our hero has left his pregnant wife and his son back in a hole and now tries to escape and get back to them with hunters on his trail.


The first thing to recognize: Why does the movie look so strange when in motion? The answer: It was filmed digitally.

The second thing: Life in the jungle can be dangerous. The movie shows us that you can die of jaguars, frog venom, snakes, rocks or even man-made traps. So watch out next time in the forest!

By the way: The last act reminds me a little bit of Rambo II, where Rambo hunts the Russians.

Overall not a bad movie, but to be a real epic it is too short and tells an unimportant story.

Jens Heymann

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Recently seen: Flight of the Phoenix

Another remake of a classic(?) movie (I haven’t seen the original yet…), another million dollar box office bomb. You are not wondering why? Me neither.


A group of unlucky oil workers are on their way from the mongolian desert back to the civilization. But they crash during a giant (CGI-) sandstorm in the middle of nowhere with no help in sight. After hesitating for a while they start building a new plane – the “Phoenix”.

Sounds interesting and claustrophobic? That could have been it but during the whole movie you never have a bad feeling about the characters bright future. Because they simply have all they need – material, tools, water, food (although only canned peaches) and someone who can construct planes from scratch. But rather to agree on it quickly they talk and talk and talk (and that’s already the first half of the movie).

This film is pretty mediocre – little tention, little innovation, some nice pictures. Don’t expect too much of it.

By the way: The crew mirrors of course some kind of political correctness and standardizations: You have the good (white) leader, his funny (black) sidekick, the (oh surprise) not-to-ugly wants-to-be-teased single woman, the nazi-blond constructor and other minorities. But the important messages are: The whites are leading, the minorities are following, the woman is adoring (the white leader) and the nazies are bad, but nethertheless for the glory of America useful people.

Jens Heymann

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Recently seen: How high

People in Europe often think that in America everything is more seperated. So in Hollywood, too. There are movies for the general audience and there are the ones for the minorities, especially for the “afro-americans”. Exemplary for this is the movie mentioned below:


Two uber-cool ghetto potheads are going to Harvard and rock da house. The people they meet are stupid whites, strange asians, adapted fellow blacks and many more stupid whites. And of course lots of pussies, who only have been waiting for the big macho-womanizer. And so the two main characters in the nifty outfits (“BUFU – by us fuck u”) are playing pranks, digging chicks and smoke a loooot of pot.

Possible social background:

Many films designed for mainly black moviegoers are dealing this way with special themes and characterization. It’s often a try to alternate the real life situation. Now the discriminated minority rules the scenery or shows that it is at least equal to the others. That they also have their culture, their behaviours and ideals.

You might now conclude that those cool black movie characters are a sign of self-confidence. Actually this is intended, but it shows another thing only people outside of that culture are able to notice: It’s a deeply held inferiority complex. Such larger than life characters imply a wannabe mentality: If you can’t be it, dream it or at least see it in your next local theater.

Jens Heymann

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Recently seen: Sexy Beast

A little nifty caper movie about a retired safe cracker named Gal in Spain. One day he gets visited from his old pal Don, a man he demonstrates great respect for – or better fear. Don tries to convince Gal to do a caper job in London and simply accepts no rejection.


I have rarely seen better characters and acting. Not accidently Ben Kingsley received an Oscar-nomination for this, although there are even better performances in this movie. A small flaw could only be the unspectacular ending. Nevertheless, if you like movies like Snatch or Pulp Fiction, you may give this a try.

Jens Heymann

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Movie Events

Ever been on a film festival? Maybe, but ever been on a film festival with one of your movies getting its “world premiere” there?

So happened this thursday in Kassel on the “24. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest”.


In the section “A38 – Produktionsstipendium Kassel-Halle”, one of 4 competitions, the film “Die Auschwitz-Dialoge” was screened at 3 p.m. in the Filmladen, a small downtown cinema. After the screening a discussion with the audience followed.

Back in 2004 I was a member of a film crew in Poland, where we made a documentation about the town Oscwiecim and its struggle in the shadow of the KZ.

Additional information about the movie.

The old article about the filming in Poland on Schrankmonster.

The competition is still running until sunday, so stay tuned for the results.

Jens Heymann

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Recently seen: Casino Royale

So Mr. Bond got a new look: raw, edgy, down to earth – not the larger than life, sci-fi, luxury man anymore. At least for a while.


Let’s compare what we got…

– Bond only needs marginal things like a telefon to do his job (albeit it’s a Sony).

– He handles the girls in order now, not various at a time.

– Great humor, even better than the good old Roger-Moore-Bond.

– Bond fights off realistic enemies, no more global rulers with exorbitant ressources.

– Texas Hold’em as the worlds current most popular card game replaces those abstruse poker games, there the hero principally wins with a big bluff and not with fundamental playing skills.

… and what we got rid of (and might miss)

– Daniel Craig misses the elegance of his predecessor and might be a little bit chawy.

– Clumsy CGI that hardly whitewashes bad writing ideas.

– Those Bond-toys always implicated some fun.

– The first time ever you might feel estranged watching Bond knocking up some girls.

– The smooth difference between shaked and stirred.

Overall a good and entertaining movie, despite that strange cliffhanger ending. Again it’s the franchising. So there is no great showdown. The Venice-scenes clearly depict the next Bond movie, so you might walk away from this a bit confused.

Jens Heymann

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Neulich gesehen: Superman Returns

Normalerweise bin ich kein Fan von Comics und -verfilmungen, weil es doch irgendwie immer das Gleiche ist, ob nun Spiderman, X-Men oder eben Superman – blasse “Gute” gegen dämliche “Böse”. Da aber bei den Amis diese Art von Filmen momentan ganz groß in Mode ist (mit anderen Worten: Weil es momentan am meisten Geld einspielt.), schwappt die Superheldenwelle kontinuierlich zu uns herüber.


Um es vorneweg zu sagen: Der Film in allen Belangen durchschnittlich, eben das, was man von einem Popcorn-Movie erwartet. Er ist mit 150 Minuten zwar unnötig lang, hält aber geradeso die Aufmerksamkeitsschwelle aufrecht.

Im Internet wurde viel kritisiert, besonders von den Fans. Da wurde über Kate Bosworth als fehlbesetzte Lois Lane gezetert, über Regisseur Bryan Singer und über die Analogie zwischen Superman und Jesus. Ich meine, diese Dinge sind allesamt nicht so tragisch. Negativer sind andere Sachen:

– Product placement

Heutzutage kommt kein “Blockbuster” mehr ohne aus. Macht finanziell auch Sinn, denn die jeweiligen Firmen zahlen harte Dollar dafür. Hinterlässt beim Zuschauer aber einen zwiespältigen Eindruck: Einerseits sagt man sich: “Ok, im Alltag sieht man auch ständig Werbung.”, andererseits kann man in einem Film nicht davor fliehen.

So sagt Superman am Anfang des Films, als er wieder auf den Plan tritt und ein Flugzeug rettet: “Statistisch gesehen ist es immer noch die sicherste Art zu reisen.” (Ok, dieser Satz ist eine Referenz an einen früheren Superman-Film.). Auch besser so, denn schließlich handelte es sich um eine Boeing 777 (“Dreamliner”), die da zu Bruch ging.

Komischerweise tauchte der Obstrechner kein einziges Mal auf.


Es soll ja mal Zeiten gegeben haben, da fragte sich der Laie: Wie haben die das nur gemacht? Heute fragen sich selbst Zehnjährige nicht mehr: Wie viel Terabyte Speicher haben die dafür gebraucht?

Die eine Erkenntnis nimmt man mit aus dem Film: CGI-Effekte sind einfach noch nicht soweit, um einen Film vollständig zu tragen.

– Physik

Dass die Gesetze der Schwerkraft in Hollywood nicht gelten (ebenso wie die begrenzte Schussanzahl in Pistolenmagazinen), ist nichts Neues. Klar, Superman stellt sowieso eine Ausnahme dar – der ist halt super. Wenn aber Lois Lane mit dem Kopf mehrere Male hintereinander durch hohe G-Kräfteeinwirkung an Metall anschlägt und danach aufsteht, als sei nichts gewesen, da weiß man wieder mal, dass das ganze Getöse eigentlich bedeutungslos ist.

– Spiderman/X-Men-Analogie

Etwas kurios ist die Besetzung von James Marsden als Macker von Lois Lane, der gleiche Typ, der bei X-Men Cyclops gespielt hat. Als sich Superman an seine Frau ranmacht, dachte ich, jeden Moment packt der Ehemann seinen Todesbeam aus. Und in der Zeitungszentrale hätte auch jeden Moment Peter Parker um die Ecke laufen können.

– Supermans Dominanz

Superman gehört zu der Klasse der Überhelden: unverwundbar, patriotisch und asexuell. Das ist historisch bedingt, als damals zu Zeiten der wirtschaftlichen Depression und der Diktatoren unfehlbare Helden gesucht wurden.

Als Drehbuchschreiber steckt man nun in einem Dilemma: Wie hält man die Spannung, wenn Superman ohnehin alles plattmacht, was ihm in den Weg kommt inklusive Lex Luthor? Lösung: Man lasse die Beiden erst so spät wie möglich aufeinandertreffen (nach über 100 Minuten im Film), davor Superman sich beim obligatorischen (aber furchtbar langweiligen) Menschenretten austoben.

– Achtung! Fortsetzung

Kurz vor Ende des Films wurde mir plötzlich klar: Dieser Film erzählt keine abgeschlossene Geschichte. Daher wartet man vergebens auf ein Finale im herkömmlichen Sinne. Das ist im neuen Franchise-Wahnsinn in Hollywood ganz populär, jedoch kommt sich der Nicht-Fanboy ein klein wenig verarscht vor.

Jens Heymann

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Neulich gesehen: SAW III

Jetzt kann ich also auch diesen Film als gesehen abhaken. Und zwar in der “unrated uncut”-Import-Fassung (Kleine Info am Rande: Die deutsche SPIO-Fassung ist rund 3 Minuten gekürzt.).


Nun ja, mein Eindruck war: Die Reihe erlebt erste Abnutzungserscheinungen, Teil I und II waren doch eine Ecke besser. Ohne groß zu spoilern ergibt sich zwar am Ende eine nette Auflösung, aber bis dahin stellt sich einfach nicht das aus den Vorgängern bekannte klaustrophobische Gefühl ein, was leider storybedingt ist.

Dabei ist Teil III eigentlich gar nicht mehr aktuell, weil schon im kommenden Februar die nächste Fortsetzung ins Haus steht, und darüberhinaus ist ein Ende wohl noch nicht in Sicht, denn nach wie vor ist SAW eine absolute Cashcow, die es kräftig zu melken gilt.


Jens Heymann

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Samuel L. Jackson…

ist definitiv der am härtesten arbeitende Schauspieler in Hollywood (mal abgesehen von Pornodarstellern). Laut IMDB hat er seit dem Jahr 2000 in 42 Produktionen mitgewirkt. Das sind etwa 5 pro Jahr und eine ziemliche Anzahl, wenn man bedenkt, dass beispielsweise Tom Cruise in seiner gesamten Karriere nur auf 38 Produktionen kommt.

(Der eigentliche Sinn dieses Artikels besteht darin, die neue 2008-Version von Windows Live Writers zu testen.)

Jens Heymann

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Beim ersten Mal (Film-Review)

Da habe ich sie also gesehen, DIE Komödie des Jahres. Tolle Kritiken hier und in Übersee, dazu hohe Einspielergebnisse an den Kinokassen. Vermutlich werden die Preise auch nicht lange auf sich warten. Nur – ich verstehe absolut nicht, warum.

Alle, die sich diesen Film ansehen wollen und eine heftige Komödie erwarten, sollen gewarnt sein. Der Humor ist überwiegend (sehr) tiefsinnig, und wenn er mal brachial herauskommen will, kann man damit nichts anfangen. Ganze Szenen ergeben irgendwie keinen Sinn (ja ja, Charakterentwicklung) und im Kinosaal herrschte dementsprechend minutenlang bedrückte Stille. Sicher funktioniert der Film an sich, aber für mein Verständnis nicht als Komödie, sondern eher als etwas aus der anspruchsvollen Romanzenecke.

Wer also richtig ablachen möchte ohne schwerdrückenden Realismus, der ist bei einer Komödie wie demnächst “Chuck und Larry” garantiert besser aufgehoben.

Jens Heymann

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anyone in need of a joost invitation?!

I’ve got two joost invitations left. So if you want one just comment on this one and leave your eMail. The first two ones will get it.

What? You don’t know what joost is? Take this:

“Joost™ is a new way of watching TV on the internet, which uses new and established technologies to provide the best of both the internet and TV worlds. We’re in the process of making it as TV-like as we can, with programmes, channels and adverts. You can also see some things that we think will enhance the TV experience: searching for programmes and channels, for example, as well as social features like chat. There are many more new features to come!”



new cameras arrived…

Hurray! We got three brand new Canon XHA1 camcorder

Source: Canon

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PC vs. Mac – the return of the clips

Uhh, seems someone took the time to create some clips that show the world the other way around as the well known Mac vs. PC clips did… Oh well as with all “point-of-view” things, just enjoy and start loving each other 😉

Oh and there’s plenty of them here.

Source: OurPicks

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Aus dem Giftschrank des Internets…

Also wenn es irgendwann mal eine Abstimmung geben sollte, mit der man Minderjährigen den Zugang zum Internet verbietet, würde ich ganz ernsthaft darüber nachdenken, mit “Ja” zu stimmen.

Zum Anfang:

Ich habe in der Cinema über den Film “Eragon” einen Artikel gelesen. Dieser beinhaltete keine Kritik, woraufhin ich auf der entsprechenden Webseite nachgeschaut habe. Und wie man es vorher erahnen konnte, trieben sich in den User-Kommentaren hauptsächlich Unter-18-Jährige herum.

Ein paar ausgewählte Kommentare:

“Zum Schreiber der Filmsorry und zum Regie, kann man nur sagen Thema verfehlt setzen 6. Wenn ich so eine schlechte Inhaltsangabe eines Buches viel mehr ist es nämlich nicht geschrieben hatte wäre das die richtige Note meiner Deutschlehrerin. Aus einem Buch das von der Storry, Komplexität dem Herz der Geschichte Harry Potter und Dem Herr der Ringe gleich zu Sätzen ist. Haben die einen Film aus aneinander gesetzten Filmszenen gemacht der nicht an den Film der Unendlichen Geschichte heranreicht. Für den Oskar nominiert soll er sein. Für den schrott kann man doch nicht noch ne Belohnung geben. Die Sorry hat nichts mehr mit dem Buch zu tun und der Film guckt sich als wäre es ein 2h langer Trailer. Kauf euch das buch und geht nicht in diesen Film”

“Der Film hat über Haupt keine handlung . Das was bei Eragon zusammen geschnitten würde hätte jeder Film Student als kurz Film drehen können . Es ist keine Spannung im Film , eine Handlung ist auch nicht vorhanden .”

Anstatt zwei Stunden mit diesem Film zu verschwenden, hätten die Kiddies lieber mal Deutsch üben sollen.…


finally the first 23c3 recordings are online…

It’s done.

The first 53 recordings of the 23c3 are currently uploaded to the server. The remaining ones will be available in the next few days.

You have the following choices:



rsync: rsync://

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Der etwas andere Filmrückblick

Nun, das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende und damit Zeit für Rückblicke. An dieser Stelle aber nicht aus dem vergangenen Jahr, sondern auf Filme mit besonderen Erinnerungen:

Bester Trailer, wo der Film die Erwartungen erfüllte:

Matrix (USA 1999, Andy und Larry Wachowski)

Als ich Keanu Reeves kopfüber in Zeitlupe die Wand entlanglaufen sah, wusste ich, welcher Film unbedingt gesehen werden musste. Verdammt, das war eine Revolution und jedem war klar, dass ein neues Zeitalter bevorstand.

Bester Trailer, wo der Film die Erwartungen nicht erfüllte:

Romeo must die (USA 2000, Andrzej Bartkowiak)

Noch im Fahrwasser von Matrix kam dieser Film daher, der Kung-Fu im selben Bullet-Time-Stil versprach – mit Jet Li immerhin ein Meister seines Faches als Hauptdarsteller. Leider hätte ich vorher wissen müssen, dass der gesamte Film keine weiteren Actionszenen enthielt außer denen aus dem Trailer. Der Rest ging, nun ja, in bester Melrose-Place-Manier über die Bühne.

Kindheits-Kultfilm, den ich nach langer, langer Zeit wieder gesehen habe:

Masters of the Universe (USA 1987, Gary Goddard)

Als Dolph Lundgren noch angesagt war, gab es kein Drumherum um diesen Film. Ist danach nur irgendwie in der Versenkung verschwunden – bis eines Tages im Nachtprogramm von Kabel 1.

Beliebtester Film, der eigentlich totaler Schwachsinn ist:

American Fighter 2 – Der Auftrag (USA 1987, Sam Firstenberg)

Ok, zu der Kategorie würde auch der vorangegangende Film passen, aber dieser hier ist noch prädestinierter dafür. Irgendwann gab es mal diese Ninja-Euphorie (nein, nicht nur wegen der ollen Schildkröten), und dieser Film ist der “Beste” der Zunft. Schwachsinnige Story, klar, aber eine coole Optik und eine hammergeile Mucke, die einem heute noch den Schmalz aus den Ohren bläst (die definitiv beste Arbeit von George S. Clinton). Nur eines habe ich nie kapiert: Den deutschen Titel, weil im Original “American Ninja”.

Erster Film, bei dem ich eingeschlafen bin:

Manhunter/Roter Drache (USA 1986, Michael Mann)

Tut mir rückblickend ja leid, weil es ein guter Film ist, und ich auf diesen Miami-Vice-Stil stehe, der den Streifen durchzieht. Mit William Petersen als FBI-Ermittler sowas wie ein antiker CSI-Urahne. Auf jeden Fall besser als das überflüssige Remake von 2002.

Erster Film, bei dem ich plötzlich wieder wach wurde:

Der Tod kommt zweimal (USA 1984, Brian de Palma)

Als zweiter Film einer dieser langen Filmnächte auf Sat.1. Fing unspektakulär an, und so döste ich auch langsam weg. Bis zu der Szene, wo der Hauptdarsteller bei einem Porno-Casting vorspricht (überraschende Wendung, wenn man bedenkt, dass der Film die Stunde davor überhaupt nichts in der Richtung andeutete):

Casting-Mensch: “Erzähl mal: Worauf fährst du ab?”

Hauptdarsteller: “Also ich spanne ganz gerne.”

Casting-Mensch: “Das macht dich geil, was?”

Hauptdarsteller: “Jooaaaaa.”

Cut – Der Hauptdarsteller kommt wie ein Nerd gekleidet (Hornbrille, Seitenscheitel, Strickjacke,…) in einen Saal. Kameraschwenk auf Holly Johnson, den Leadsänger von Frankie goes to Hollywood, der “Relax” zum besten gibt – übrigens in einer Location, die der aus dem entsprechenden Musikvideo sehr ähnlich sieht, und wo es ähnlich orgienmäßig zugeht. Zum Schluss macht sich der Hauptdarsteller an die halbnackte Melanie Griffith ran.

Erster Film, bei dem ich mir die Seele aus dem Leib gegruselt habe:

Predator (USA 1987, John McTiernan)

Meine Güte, der Film war damals ein echter Schocker. In ganz jungen Jahren hat man eben noch eine lebhafte Fantasie.

Erster Film, den ich auf Video gesehen habe:

Rambo 3 (USA 1988, Peter McDonald)

Das ist jetzt nicht so überraschend. Im Osten waren nach dem Mauerfall in den Videotheken grundsätzlich zwei Dinge verliehen: Pornos und Rambo-Filme. Ersteres ging nicht, also Variante zwei.

Erster Film, bei dem ich aus dem Kino gelaufen bin:

Zugegeben, kam bisher noch nicht vor, aber beinahe bei:

Wächter der Nacht (RUS 2004, Timur Bekmambetov)

Der Film hat viele polarisiert. Ich gehöre zu denen, die sich mit dem Streifen nicht anfreunden können. Zu viel Verwirrung, zu viel Russenprollerei (z.B. zwei Typen mit Trainingsanzügen und Goldketten in einem BMW), aber zu wenig Konsequenz.

Nun, wie schauts in diesen Kategorien bei Anderen aus?

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Hollywood Insider

Neulich gab auf einen interessanten Bericht über Daryl Hannah (ihres Zeichens mal A-List-Star in Hollywood) und die Hintergründe, in “Meganieten” mitzuspielen.

Besagter Film war “Flop des Tages” und hat einen IMDB-Wert von 3,8 (von 10). Liest man die Filmografie der Frau, finden sich in den letzten Jahren fast nur noch Nieten. Die Zeiten von “Blade Runner” und “Splash” sind längst vorbei. “Kill Bill” zählt an dieser Stelle nicht; diese beiden Filme fallen unter das Tarantino-Arbeitsbeschaffungsprogramm für alternde Filmstars.

Warum also spielt diese Frau fast nur noch in zweifelhaften Machwerken mit? Dazu muss man einige ungeschriebene Hollywood-Gesetze kennen, und die haben natürlich immer irgendetwas mit Geld zu tun.

Zuerst einmal ein paar Zahlen: Allein in Los Angeles gibt es rund 90.000 in der Gewerkschaft (SAG – Screen Actors Gilde) registrierte Schauspieler. Aufgrund von Verträgen darf jedes große Filmstudio nur Schauspieler verpflichten, die eine SAG-Mitgliedschaft besitzen. Abseits davon warten etwa 200.000 weitere Möchtegern-Darsteller darauf, wahrgenommen zu werden. Es ist also wie in der Natur so, dass um die fettesten Misthaufen (sprichwörtlich) immer viel zu viele Fliegen schwirren.

In Hollywood macht es einen großen Unterschied aus, ob man Mann oder Frau ist. Klar, woanders auch, aber hier würde man es als Außenstehender vielleicht gar nicht vermuten. Der Unterschied wirkt sich in erster Linie bei der unterschiedlichen Haltbarkeit als Superstar aus. Wie viele männliche Hollywoodstars über 40 gibt es? Viele. Und weibliche? Wenige. Über 50? Niemanden.

Regelmäßig lässt sich verfolgen, welche Schauspielerin die “Altersgrenze” erreicht hat und verschwindet. Sharon Stone? Kim Basinger? Michelle Pfeiffer? Lange her. Meg Ryan? Julia Roberts? Geena Davis? Teilweise schon abgetaucht. Man kann die Tage zählen, bis auch Leute wie J-Lo, Cameron Diaz oder Sandra Bullock aus Hauptrollen großer Filme verschwinden.

Zum Vergleich: Robert de Niro ist seit 1973 Hauptdarsteller, Clint Eastwood seit 1964 und auch Al Pacino nicht minder. Woran liegt nun diese “Diskriminierung”, wo es doch eigentlich mehr Frauen auf der Welt gibt als Männer und entsprechend auch Kinogängerpotential?

Der Grund ist die Zielgruppe von Kinofilmen. Für den Produzenten liegt sie vor allem bei den männlichen Jugendlichen – aufgrund statistischer Messungen die beständigsten Kinogänger. Männliche Jugendliche stehen auf junge, knackige Frauen – sollte man zumindest meinen, und wenn man ehrlich ist, stimmt das auch. Das wissen auch die Produzenten. Entsprechend werden vor allem junge Schauspielerinnen besetzt, oder die, die jung aussehen. Eine Faustregel besagt, dass nur 25 Prozent aller Rollen für Frauen geschrieben werden, und davon wiederum nur 25 Prozent für die über 40. Da fällt es nicht schwer zu verstehen, warum man es in Hollywood als Mann auf Dauer leichter hat.

Um auf Daryl Hannah zurückzukommen: Die war Anfang der Achtziger – zu Zeiten von “Blade Runner” und “Splash” – eben Anfang 20. Anno 2006 ist sie 46 und damit völlig uninteressant für den durchschnittlichen, männlichen Jugendlichen geworden. Um aber weiterhin ihre Rechnungen bezahlen zu können, muss sie weniger kritisch bei Rollenangeboten sein. Und die sind dann die angesprochenen “Meganieten”.

Aufzuhören kommt für viele nicht in Frage; zu sehr hat man sich an den Lebensstil gewöhnt, und es ist ja schließlich der Beruf.

Damit der eigene Stern nicht zu schnell sinkt, gibt es unter Hollywood-Schauspielerinnen verschiedene Präventativmaßnahmen:

– unters Messer legen, am besten schon in jungen Jahren, so wie Tori Spelling, das “menschliche Ersatzteillager”

– ausziehen, entweder in Filmen (siehe Meg Ryan) oder im Playboy (siehe Daryl Hannah)

– nicht ausziehen, wenn man noch jung ist (siehe Jane March)

– auf Charakterrollen umsteigen (mit dem sog. “Sexy-Hexy”-Image überlebt man nicht lange gegenüber der minderjährigen Konkurrenz)

Wenn es trotz aller Versuche irgendwann mit der großen Kinokarriere vorbei ist, bleibt das Fernsehen oder der Ruhestand. So knallhart ist das Business in Hollywood.


Memphis Belle

…neulich bei ARTE gesehen und schon aus dem Internet heruntergeladen. Natürlich legal, weil es sich in diesem Fall um einen Public-Domain-Film handelt.

In “Memphis Belle” geht es um eine B-17, die ihren letzten Kriegseinsatz über Europa fliegt. Während des Flugs war ein Kameramann an Bord und hat das Kriegsgeschehen live mitgefilmt.

Warum Public Domain? Nun, in den USA gibt es ein Gesetz, das besagt, dass u.a. alle von öffentlicher Hand angefertigten Dokumente gemeinfrei sind, also auch Militärfilme.

“Memphis Belle”

Der Hinweis, dass alles echt ist.

Die haben ihren Spaß…

…die eher nicht.

Der Einsatzplan.

Auf dem Weg zum Einsatzort.


…und Jäger.


…und Angriff.


Zurück auf dem Flugplatz.

Andere hatten weniger Glück.

Den Film gibt es übrigens unter

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real actors redundant soon.

Real actresses and actors? What for? They are expensive and difficult to handle. And since the computer generated graphics really pushing things these days…

Oh..just in case you’re wondering:

“This is a rendering of SongHyeKyo, the Korean actress.”


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udp multicast to tcp unicast proxy and vcr updated..(YAPS)

Today I am releasing a current build of YAPS to give you the chance to take a look at it during the development process. There are a number of new features and bug fixes in this version, the most noticable enhancement is the brand new user interface:

One of the new features is the Space-Usage-Bar:

For a complete overview of all fixed and added things, take a look at the changelog below. Everyone who is waiting for some particular feature to be implemented: it’s on the list and soon in YAPS. Everyone who wants to see a feature in YAPS which isn’t there or planned, please comment this article and tell me what you would like to see.



  • fixed a bug in the HTTP Processor where only lower case AddRecording calls were accepted
  • added ManageRecording function call to the HTTP Processor to allow better TVBrowser Integration (remove should work now) (added type=add or type=del)


  • fixed a bug that caused the HTTP server to malfunction


  • added Recording PlayCounter which shows how many times each recording was downloaded or streamed directly from the YAPS server
  • fixed a bug that caused a crash when a wrong formated URL was requested…
  • changed the default port to 80
  • fixed a bug in the RecordedList TemplateProcessor which produced not working Streaming URLs
  • fixed some of the html templates
  • added some more data fields to the recording data structure (activated)
  • added a simple sorting algorithm (Sorter.cs) used for RecordingTable and DoneRecordingTable HTML Template Processor Rendering
  • added a resume-streaming feature: Once you started streaming and stopped, YAPS resumes at the last position you stopped it; the next time it starts at the beginning of the recording


  • changed file information of the YAPS assemblies…
  • added addrecording.html (new design)
  • added default page when / is requested
  • added some commented-out extensions to the Recording Data structure; to be activated when a Recording File Converter is available


  • added addrecording.html to the Design Project (to be updated soon)
  • added TVBrowser ( Capture Plugin Definition File (YAPS.tcf)
  • mono compatibility in TemplateProcessor.cs via Mono.Unix.UnixDriveInfo
  • better recognition of the mountpoint for the videodirectory
  • fixed some bugs in HTML Templates where Firefox had some issues with the top toolbar of all pages (ello)
  • added live-streaming support for recordings, should be possible now to read recordings while recording…
  • added blue bar to space usage bar – blue bar shows how much space would be used when all recordings are done successfully
  • added blue bar and exclamation mark graphics
  • minor todo addition to TemplateProcessor.cs


  • first checkin
  • import in MonoDevelop
  • fixed path-bug in http.cs
  • added MonoSocket.cs for better compatibility betwenn mono and microsoft
  • modified multicast_vdr.cs to use the MonoSocket class in case of mono (define preprocessorvariable “MONO” in case of compiling for mono)
  • fixed the /vcr/AddRecording Encoding bug which created some weird recording names
  • fixed the warning in MonoSocket
  • added console page
  • added help page
  • added percentage bar template keyword and html generator
  • finally fixed the UTF8 URL Handling

Download the current build: (577,92 KB)

Read on: udp multicast to tcp unicast proxy extended to be a vcr

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udp multicast to tcp unicast proxy extended to be a vcr…

Some weeks ago I wrote about that UDP to TCP Proxy I wrote. And since I am mainly using it for DVB-S tv watching I always wanted it to be a VCR as well. So I extended YAPS to be a VCR.

At the moment I am redoing the Web-Interface of the VCR to give it a shiny and sleek finish, but in the meantime I want to give you the chance to take a look on YAPS+VCR in action, and of course an even deeper look into the sourcecode:

this is the “Add new timer…” screen

this is the home page of the vcr…showing one programmed timer..

So apparently some things happened the last days. I would appreciate any comments on the application and the sourcecode. So feel free to download and use. I am releasing it, as usual, under the BSD license.

You can download the sourcecode here: (375,35 KB)

Source: udp multicast to tcp unicast proxy YAPS revisited…and bugfixed

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 is sort-of back…

“Mike Nelson – the comic genius behind MST3K – has launched a new site called RiffTrax, where he provides an audio commentary track to mainstream films that you can download and listen to while watching the movie.”

For just $1.99 (beta pricing!) you get a commentary track for a growing number of movies…really really great stuff.


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Planets flyby in 720p…

I told you that there will be a 720p movie of the planets rendering available soon. And here it

It’s also available through the podcast or directly linked here.

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how star wars came to be…

Watch and learn!

Source: derdickemann

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