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Not to many posts yesterday – the reason: I was working on the brand new Website.

Since some weeks the old website is offline – ready to be replaced by a brand new one: The plan is to get the new site up and running till the 22th of November – the date of the north-america launch of the XBOX 360.

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use TerraServer Webservices with Visual Studio 2005

Nico wrote a cool article about the TerraServer WebService and how to use it with Visual Studio 2005. He uses this WebService in his talks as a WebService example – a great idea: The problem is now, that the example sourcecode does not work under Visual Studio 2005. So he changed it to work – and you can download the new sourcecode here.

Source 1: Nico’s Weblog
Source 2: TerraServer WebService
Source 3: Example Source
Source 4: Download VS2005 compatible Sourcecode

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eBay webservice API is free of charge now…

Go developers Go! Now it’s easily possible to develop an appropriate eBay application for Windows Mobile / Smartphones… one that is usable!


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Mercedes Benz Music Compilation – mixed tape 09

Well there it is – I have to state that I am late some days… but here we are: the new “Mercedes Benz mixed:tape” in it’s ninth episode…

There’s another big news about Mercedes’ engagement for free content. There’s something called “text tracks” in the pipeline: A regular feature for audio books and spoken content…great!

Source: Mercedes Benz mixed tape

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“Tagesschau” – german 8 o’clock news video podcast

It seems that we do not pay the GEZ fee for nothing – there’s now a way to watch and listen to the most commonly known 8 o’clock news show also known as “Tagesschau”.

Interestingly the video podcast is encoded in h.264 video and AAC audio – so it’ll run on all the Apple devices and softwares – but maybe will have it’s problems on other machines. (well it even worked on my Windows Mobile devices…)

Of course – if you don’t like the idea of downloading a 20 megabyte file each day you can have the audio-only podcast which is much lighter.

Source: Tagesschau Podcasts

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news from Bobby Baby…

“Later” is the name of the new song from Ella aka Bobby Baby… get it here.

A sound you should not miss. It’s different and beautifully slow….

Source: Bobby Baby

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Skype cannot hear you!


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it’s JASJAR / MDA pro time… yeeeehaa!

After several weeks of waiting today the JASJAR / MDA pro arrived together with the T-Mobile UMTS contract + USIM.

As you can imagine the unpackaging was quite an event (I am not posting the pictures that show me retardedly smiling)

Everything in place….


Since ahzfs JASJAR also arrived today and the third one is on it’s way and expected to arrive on monady we now can just start over developing the applications for our research project.

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hex168 = 360

It seems that there is another cool viral concept going on these days regarding the upcoming Xbox 360 launch in november/december.

The point seems to be that the roman numbers I, VI, VIII in these crop-circles are 168. And all links point to the website which shows us the same circle:

Since hex 168 is 360 decimal…

Sounds weird? Yes. Cool, eh?


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Star Wreck: A fan movie

It seems that there are more and more fan films these days. After the announcement of a german Star Wars movie there is “Star Wreck” – a Star Treck parody available for download.

“The first Finnish full-length scifi parody is made from astounding special effects, action and loads of dark humour. It is the product of a core group of five Finns and many people who’ve helped us during the seven years it has been in the making. You can download the entire movie by clicking here. For free, of course.”


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photocase relaunched

One of my favourite photo websites is Photocase. And some days ago they relaunched it:

with some…problems 😉

But finally they made it: It’s now

If you don’t know photocase, try this article. (sorry in german)


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new Avantgo sync software version that works with Activesync 4 available

The title says it all. There is a new version of Avantgo available. And this time it does work with the newly available ActiveSync 4.0.

So if you have a Windows Mobile 5 device and you’re wondering why you cannot automatically synchronize your AvantGo account then be sure you have this update installed.


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create something big, take the hammer and make it smaller…

..Something like that must have been in the mind of the developers of “Minimo” – a Mozilla for Windows Mobile Devices (Pocket PC/Smartphones).

It all starts with the 8.5 MByte space that that application needs on the device. And then…it took about 40 seconds to “boot” the application. After that the whole device started to get sluggish. Anyway: It does display web-pages. It does not do anything else. It took about 3-5 seconds to respond to any input I made. Of course they did not use any standard-Windows-Mobile-Widgets. Instead they coded their own controls: What a great idea! ;-(


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Let’s call it geek-love… since there is the internet and the concept of webcams you can watch your beloved ones passing by wherever they are.

In that case she is on the ship you can see in the images and the webcam archive for the next weeks. The ship is called “Thor Heyerdahl

Sweeeeeet! 😉 “So nah und doch so fern”… he said some minutes ago… he pointed out that Goethe had the idea before him…

Source 1: Skureal Blog
Source 2: Webcam Archiv
Source 3: some infos about the ship

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an IRC Client for Windows Mobile 5.0

Since we are developing multeem at the moment it should be interesting for you to know that there is a cool IRC client for Windows Mobile 5.0.

for Pocket PC…

…and for Smartphone

“wmIRC is one of the first IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Windows Mobile that works on both Smartphone and Pocket PC devices. With clear and straightforward user interface wmIRC is much faster and easier to use than it’s competitors. wmIRC contains only the required and minimum set of functionality, so that even novice IRC users can work with it without any problems. wmIRC is optimized for mobile IRC users who use IRC messaging a lot. It has much nice features, that can make IRC chatting with your Microsoft Windows Mobile gadget a bliss!”


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the evilgate structure, and 802.1X

I told you about the Linksys WRT54GS-DE router I’ve bought to put an OpenWRT on it. So what’s it all about? Why would I want to have such a firewall-detour-device. And whats a firewall-detour-device anyway?

So let’s take the following situation: You are in a network that allows you to access parts of the internet. Lets say you can access every TCP Ports 21,22,80,119,139,143 and everything above 1024 (list is incomplete!). And this network you are in blocks every UDP data transfer you would like to do. Unfortunately all the interesting things want to have UDP or at least some lower TCP ports. – What to do? That’s why you need the firewall-detour-device. It passes you unfiltered internet through the filtered network.

In our case it would look like that:

As you can see there are two ways to use the firewall-detour-device (the little linksys in the picture). By standard RJ45 ethernet and by 802.11g WLAN. The most interesting case is the WLAN-use-case. But lets’s start with the OpenVPN tunnel: The first thing you need is a machine that has unfiltered internet. You now determine on what ports you can connect through your firewall to that particular server. TCP port 80 for example…now take OpenVPN and with a few lines of configuration the server is set-up. (OpenVPN gives you the ability to connect through virtually every port either UDP or TCP – you even could tunnel through a HTTP/S proxy but that’s not a subject of this article)

The client-side has to be configured accordingly – which means installing OpenWRT on the Linksys and getting OpenVPN ipkg’ed…

The last question would be how you would secure your WLAN access to the firewall-detour-device. You have heard about WPA? In our case we implemented a 802.1X Authentication System: The authentication is done by a radius server which runs on the linksys. The client (the users notebook/desktop pc) has a certificate issued by the same CA that issued the access-points certifcate, with just some XP_EXTENSIONS in the certificate (additional OIDs). On the linksys additionally runs a daemon that changes the WPA key every 3600 seconds (configurable).

So at the end you have a certificate based authentication with a radius server combined with a WPA Implementation which changes the WPA keys in a configurable interval.

A typical OpenVPN config file looks like this:

dev tun
proto udp

# TLS parms
ca [ca-certificate-PEM-format]
cert [client-certificate-PEM-format]
key [client-key-PEM-format]
dh [diffie-hellmann file]

remote [the-OpenVPN-server]

There are some how-to manuals available at the OpenWRT homepage – so I do not copy-paste them here. But there are some misconceptions about the things you have to do on a Windows Client to use a 802.1X WLAN:

You need the root-certificate (the same you used at the accesspoint the only difference is that it has to be in the DER format) and you need a client certificate with XP-Extensions in PKCS#12 format. When you have both you just have to double-click to import them. When you now connect the the 802.1X WLAN you are asked to approve the root-certificate. After that you’re probably asked to choose which client-certificate you would like to use – select your client certificate and voilá. You should be connected to the WLAN authenticated with 802.1X.

Source 1: Linksys Router is now “evilgate”
Source 2: What is WPA?
Source 3: What is 802.1X?
Source 4:

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back on from the IPXServer test-machine…now the test summary

After a week of testing schrankmonster is back on it’s “old” server. I successfully finished the one-week-free-test which IPXServer offered me.

But first things first: At the moment I am planning to move this website (and some other) to a new and dedicated machine. Therefore I am looking for a hoster that has the best offer…and IPXServer seems to deliver the best price-performance ratio. So I asked for some more information about their products (actually their site is…crap) – and they offered me a one week test of a server of my choice.

Within 12 hours from my request they delivered the server with Windows Server 2003 Web Edition running on it. I received 5 eMails through IPXServers own pop3-mail-system (which every customer is forced to use to communicate with IPXServer) with the login informations and support informations. And after one hour this website was completely moved to the new server. (it took around 50 minutes to copy all the data)

Beside the Remote Desktop Client way to administrate the server a customer gets a web-driven administration area to perform all kinds of tasks with the server (like upgrading, passwords, recovery…)

I want to give a short overview of the administration area:

that’s the first page after the login

some information about the machine…

the configuration of the machine

there are some traffic statistics

you can configure traffic-limits and alarms

well…very limited remote possibilities

you can upgrade the hardware (ask the sales-team about the pricing!)

you can upgrade the software…see the “individual installation”… for about 25 Euros per 15 minutes they will install any OS you name and send in for you…

there’s a VERY SHORT FAQ section.

that’s the technical support-section…I preferred eMail support…

and you have some backup space…

To come to a conclusion: All testing went fine so far. The machine delivered the performance I expected – the network even delivered better performance than I expected (about 7 megabyte/s down-speed from that machine to my home machine). Additionally IPXServer delivers the best price-performance ratio. Considering the fact that the IPXServer eMail support normally responded in less than 2 hours to any eMail I sent them – there’s nothing bad I could say about IPXServer. I am sure that I will become a customer in the future: I really can recommend IPXServer so far.

Source: IPXServer

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fem ex post

Since I left my lovely Studentenwohnheim in Ilmenau with its broadband out-of-the-wall internet access…

posted by Medienfloh

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Bei den Abermillionen Nutzern von Instant-Messaging-Software kommen auch zwischenmenschliche Töne nicht zu kurz.

Einige wollen sich vor Anmachen schützen:

“Es geht immer weiter, egal wie und man kann nichts dagegen tun. Hab nen Freund, wenn ihr auf sowas aus seit!”

“HI. Ich bin ein weibliches wesen. liebe sport und meinen freund. sorry für die boys, die gedacht haben, das ich noch zu haben bin! aber ich bin echt super glücklich mit ihm! ich freue mich auf neue bekanntschaften. bitte schreib mir!”

Es gibt natürlich auch das Gegenteil:

“Hi leutz!!
hmm….was gibt es über mich zu erzählen….ja bin n halber italiener bin 186cm groß braune haare blaue augen muskulös breitschultrig ^^ naja wer mehr wisschen will adden….”

“HI IHR !!!!!
ja wollte mich mal eben beschreiben habe lange blonde haare blaue augen bin 1,70 groß und habe vier pircings hm nun ja würde mich als fast immer gut gelaunten menschen beschreiben der gerne lacht und spass verstehen kann,allerdings hasse ich lügen und werde schonmal schnell etwas sehr sauer wen man mich anlügt ausserdem kann ich sehr zickig sein”

“Ich bin eine leidenschaftliche,dynamische Frau auf der Suche nach witzigen,reizvollen Menschen.Ich mag heisse Manner die wissen was sie von einer Frau wollen.Ich mag sehr viel flirten und chatten.”

Globalisierungsgegner auch hier:

“bitte nur Kontakte aus Deutschland”

“Hi auch wenn ihr mich net kennt könnt ihr mir trotzdem schreiben ich würde mich freuen aber ihr solltet nicht englisch sprechen dadrauf habe ich kein bock.”

Natürlich gibt’s auch die unendlich coolen Nerds mit Posersprüchen:

“Ja Ja Ja der Besen is back,back again in höchstform. Leute zieht die Köpfe ein der Besen geht wieder ab.”

“ach lasst es einfach es wird sowieso nichts !!!!!!!~~ ihr N=O=O=BS ^^”

“Ich liebe dich nicht, aber ich werde dich ficken, bis jemand anderes kommt”

Einige Lebensweisheiten dürfen auch nicht fehlen:

“Das Leben ist scheisse, hat aber ne’ geile Grafik!”

“Traue nie den leuchtenden augen einer frau-es könnte auch die sonne sein die durch ihren hohlen kopf scheint!”

Und dann erst die allgegenwärtigen Sprayer:

|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| |____
| AFRI COLA | |’ | ” \,___

/´¯/) (\¯`\
. /¯..// ´¯`·. .·´¯`: \\..¯\
. /….// ‘·. •`·. .·´• .·’

Jens Heymann

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at august 1st there’s something going to happen to theSpoke

At august the 1st the brand new TheSpoke (theSpoke2 actually) will launch. Until then there’s a lot to do and bugfix. But it’s going to be a great thing.

I am working since months in the Advisory Board for the new version of theSpoke. And we hope that we did a good job.

So check the new site (currently in beta-mode) out:



TechEd Europe 2005: controllable Webcams of the Amsterdam RAI

The TechEd Europe 2005 hasn’t started yet but the interactive Webcams are online. You can look into some of the halls, the Keynote Hall for example:

And you can control the webcam with some presets.

some other cams…


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make your own button

hmm… found it on Annik Ruben’s great website… and because I don’t want to loose this great URL … here it is:


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how Google is spying on me

Since some days Google Maps has my university town (Ilmenau) available for searching and viewing… and when I found the place where I live… well I can see my car… it’s about 4 or something pixels … but well there it is…



Wie der Ami vom Deutschen…

Also, beim Stöbern in Webseiten habe ich Folgendes ausgegraben:

Member Rankings

Newbie (0-99 Posts)
1 Star

Groupie (100-199 Posts)
2 Star

Huge Fan (200-749 Posts)
3 Star

Ultimate Fan (750-1999 Posts)
4 Star

Über Fan
(2000+ Posts)

Man achte insbesondere auf die höchste Kategorie. LOL! Dabei dachte ich immer, dass “ultimativ” nicht mehr übertroffen werden kann. Scheinbar doch…


Jens Heymann


what to do to earn money when you’re only a C-Class Celebrity

Harry knows!

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“Fischerhütte” Livestream

What would a real party be without the live-stream. Audio and Video for your pleasure.

click the picture.

You’ll need Winamp 5 with installed VP3 Video codec. Enjoy! The stream will be online irregularly this week. So check from time to time.

Source: Stream

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blend it baby!

Ever since I write HTML in a simple HTML Text Editor I was searching a Tool to blend and manipulate Color-codes. Now there’s a simple HTML page that does this fore you. Just pick the start- and end-color…and blend it…


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ecki ecki ecki pateng! A desktop wiki

In the IRC channel I was asked by Marcus (the author of Moinx) to test if Moinx would run on Mac OSX Tiger. So I checked it. Marcus could not know that I was searching for something like this: A easy to install and manage Wiki.

Just download and drag the Moinx Icon to the application folder and you got a locally available Wiki. You can even configure it to be accessible via the network… great thing.


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stationery is bad

go and see this really funny ads:

“See stationery behaving badly in our series of office-based movies. Is anyone safe from its wickedness?”

one of three ads….


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Google accelerates the internet

This is weird. Google offers a free service for beta testing:

“Google Web Accelerator is an application that uses the power of Google’s global computer network to make web pages load faster. Google Web Accelerator is easy to use; all you have to do is download and install it, and from then on many web pages will automatically load faster than before.”

Use it, if you would like to let Google know when you’re surfing where… I recommend not using such a service…

Source: Google Web Accelerator

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did you ever search a font? WhatTheFont?!!!

Did you ever search a font? I am searching the correct font several times a week. It’s everytime like this: I’ve got a picture with text in it. And I would like to add some more text to the picture. But this is impossible if you don’t know which font was used in the picture. Then I start the fontbook and compare the font in the picture to my fonts on the computer…this takes time… And now I found the solution for this time problem. It’s called “WhatTheFont?!“. You throw a picture into this search engine and you get font samples and names that are close to your reference font. Priceless!


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courteous websites…

I searched for new OSX drivers for my Mac mini…and forgot the Safari window…and after some minutes this dialog came up:


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Ceci est pas un blog

Face it: schrankmonster is a weblog. Actually there are many websites that look like weblogs. Smell like weblogs. Feel like weblogs. But they claim to be no weblog… like this one

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fun with websites… rotate’em!

Hehe…this is fun. If you have an IE6 handy you could try this website. It all starts with a google search…and you get nearly everything rotated from that point 😉

Schrankmonster for example:


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accepting the challenge: developing a server based multi instant messaging client

I’ve written about my views and demands on the future Instant Messaging Client world several times. It’s a fact for me that the common Instant Messenger protocols and applications are not suitable for my needs. Maybe I represent the power-user group, maybe not. But without doubt the limits of ICQ and MSN are reached.

1. The Problem

Every available Instant Messaging protocol was designed to be used by one user at a time on one machine at a time. Since mobility is becoming more important these days slowly but surely everybody will reach this protocol given limit of one login at a time.

For example: When you log into ICQ on one machine. And then on your smartphone you do the same. Only the last client that logged into ICQ stays logged in. But why? Because the protocol and the server infrastructure is not designed to handle multiple logins.

2. The Goals

The goals are:

  1. design a comprehensive architecture to extend given instant messaging protocols (ICQ,MSN,…) with multi client capabilities

  2. implement the architecture platform independent

  3. create a specialised platform independent client to make it feel good (*g*)

3. The Team

Daniel “bietiekay” Kirstenpfad,
Markus “namenlos” Brückner,

If you want to join us. Feel free to mail.

4. The Architecture

I told namenlos about my problems with the instant messaging world during a dinner last week. And he came up with several great ideas. We took the chance, went to the office and started the brainstorming.

First we looked at all the protocols once again. And Jabber seemed to provide a quite good base for further thinking. But there was another idea. More simple. Maybe even easier to implement.

4.1 Plan A

in few words:

  • take Jabber as initial point
  • create some kind of Jabber “NAT” / Jabber Proxy which represents a Jabber client to the rest of the Jabber Network

we scribbled it on the whiteboard:

4.2 Plan B

The second plan is based on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) idea which is described in RFC1459. Namenlos had the idea we could take a standard IRC Server and implement the Instant Messaging Protocols like ICQ,MSN,… as Modules.

After some brainstorming we realised that it should be possible to map all the Instant Messaging Features like Buddy-List, Chat, Chat-Conference, Filetransfer,… to the IRC idea. Query for Chatting, Channels represent the Buddylist. Even the synchronised chat across multiple clients would be possible. Filetransfers would become DCC….you get the idea.

This is our Whiteboard for this idea:

5. Implementation

Shortly after the brainstorming I started the Implementation of an IRC Server. Because we wanted a platform independent Implementation I decided to use .NET and C#. Since there is a .NET Framework for all Windows Operating Systems and Mono for all unixoid Operating Systems we got what we want. Even more: With Visual Studio we have a great development environment. (Well actually Namenlos won’t use Visual Studio…but at the moment the major part of the code is made in Visual Studio 2003)

When I started to write the first lines of code I thought about possible names. We started on the whiteboard with “Projekt Buffen” (don’t ask!) … I thought that “Jabbernaught” would be a great name… and after some Skype-Sessions we both thought that “multeem” would be a great name for the baby.

After some days of implementing I am proud to present the first sourcecode package: (61,54 KB)

This version of multeem implements an IRC Server without any Server 2 Server Communication and a load of bugs especially in the Channel Management. See it as a first prototype for the IRC Implementation and as a base for the future development.

7. The License

We release this and the following sourcecode packages under a BSD-like license (see license.txt).

8. What now?

Please comment and criticise our plans and ideas. Feel free to ask anything you would like to know. If you are interested in helping us in any way feel free to contact us.

Source 1: Instant-Messaging in the multi-client world
Source 2:


Xyle scope CSS Analyse- and Authoring

There are not many great CSS Editors. But there seems to be a new one that is really cool. Xyle scope. Because I will need a good CSS Authoring Tool in the near future this is quite helpful.

“Einer der Gründe, warum ich Websites teilweise auf Firefox entwickele, ist der Live-CSS-Editor der Web Developer Toolbar. Ein geniales Ding, wenn auch ziemlich hässlich und manchmal ein bisschen buggy. Xyle Scope ist gewissermaßen die extrem aufgebohrte, native OS X-Variante dieser Grundidee.

Xyle ist jedoch keine Safari-Erweiterung, sondern eine Standalone-Applikation, die auf dem Apple WebKit basiert und Seiten somit genauso rendert wie Safari. Hinzu kommt jedoch eine Seitenleiste, in der man sich allerlei CSS- und HTML-Strukturen anzeigen lassen kann. Dabei ist es egal, wo sich die Seite befindet, ob auf dem eigenen Rechner oder irgendwo im Web.”

Source 1:
Source 2:


amazon gives mp3s away

thanks to argh for this great link… is giving away lots of good music for free…

Source 1:
Source 2:

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recordings of the 21c3 Congress are online…

The recordings of the 21c3 are online. Unfortunatly only the audio. No video so far. You can download them via bittorrent (it’s a 2.2GByte lump of data)

Malte from treehugginpussy splitted this big download into the several pieces. You can get them here.

All the recordings are in .ogg. You can grab the handouts here.

“Vom 21c3 wurden jetzt die Audiomitschnitte veröffentlicht, man kann sie mit BitTorrent herunterladen (2,2 GByte). Wer nur einzelne Beiträge sehen will, kann diese hier herunterladen, ich hab mir mal ein Verzeichnis mit den einzelnen Dateien online gestellt. Die Dateien liegen im .ogg-Format vor.
Mitschriften, soweit vorhanden, gibt es auf dem
Fahrplan zum Congress.”

Source: treehugginpussy

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the next generation internet

I like my internet fast…
(screenshot of DU Meter monitoring a filecopy from my fileserver for 30s)


so you were pissed by HTML Mails?… We got something new for ya

Ink it baby! As more and more people are using tablet pcs it’s going to get really really – oh well – confusing.

I personally really like the idea of handwritten notes on webpages or especially like in this case in a web forum. BUT only if the information of the handwritten text is also available as machine readable, not to say searchable text. Because the tablet pc incorporates a really great handwriting recognition it wouldn’t be that hard to get that done…

And now take a look at Channel9. They lately added the Ink-Feature to their forum. And it looks great.


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OBEY THE GIANT – Propaganda engineering.

it’s quite been a time since I noticed this campaign. And I don’t want to keep it back from you:

The Obey campaign can be explained as an experiment in Phenamenology. The first aim of Phenomenalogy is to reawaken a sense of wonder about one’s environment. The Obey campaign attempts to stimulate curiosity and bring people to question both the campaign and their relationship with their surroundings. Because people are not used to seeing advertisments or propaganda for which the motive is not obvious, frequent and novel encounters with Obey propaganda provoke thought and possible frustration, nevertheless revitalizing the viewer’s perception and attention to detail.

The Medium is the message.

elGono told me that there two Icon Sets available…groovy:

click to download

Source 1:
Source 2: The Icons


Ryanair crashed!

thanks to Andreas

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please welcome Loudblog

Tonight Gerrit van Aaken introduced his Loudblog. An easy to use podcasting software which is based on PHP and MySQL. Gerrit started Loudblog as his diploma project and worked on it a few months now. So you probably want to give it a try if you’re searching for a audioblogging/podcasting solution.

You can view and even more important hear a the Loudblog Developer Podcasts here. As

“Loudblog ist ein System, mit dem man auf einfache Weise Audioweblogs und Podcasts veröffentlichen kann. Und zwar auf dem eigenen PHP/MySQL-Server. Loudblog will nicht mit anderen Weblogsystemen wie Textpattern oder gar MovableType konkurrieren. Es soll einfacher gehalten werden und speziell auf das Verwalten und Verbreiten von Audioinhalten ausgerichtet sein.”

“Loudblog is a sleek and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for publishing audio content on the web. It automatically generates a skinnable website and an RSS-Feed for Podcasting. Just upload your audio files, add some notes and links, and you’re done!”

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:

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Zoom the planet: Google Maps Satellite launched

at the moment this new Google feature is only available for the states… BUT it rocks… Everybody thought “Why did google acquire Keyhole?”… Now it makes sense: You can search your next pizza-stop on the satellite map…groovy

Source 1: Google Maps Satellite
Source 2: Keyhole

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Update: Instant Messaging in the multi-client world

I was informed that AIM does have a quite similar behaviour when you log in on different locations (e.g. machines) at the same time. – But it’s not part of the concept as it could be – So for example the messages do not stop bugging you on the other machine – and you do not have one history for all clients… just for each client one history… so go on AOL and make AIM what it could be. – Beside that I really want to have the features IM-platform-independent… what makes this feature impossible for the existing IM-platforms like ICQ, MSN… nothing in my opinion..just someone has to code it. – Unfortunatly I do not have the time to do that… ;-(

Source: Original Article

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Instant Messaging in the multi-client world

My problem is easy to explain: one user with many computers wants to use Instant Messaging…but not with multiple accounts – not with one account for each computer but with one account and one buddylist.

I have three machines with 4 monitors which makes 3 keyboards and 3 mice. It’s hard enough to get that managed – I don’t want to manage anything related to my daily tasks. I want to optimize my daily work. And therefore I want what obviously nobody wants today. Some kind of distributed Instant Messaging Network. I want something on top of the usual IM Services (e.g. MSN, ICQ, AIM, Jabber) – Let me show you an example:

Iam using all three computers – they are all signed in to the “Meta-IM-Network”. – And they all receive Events from that Meta-Network. When a buddy goes offline/online…he will go offline/online on all three machines simultaneausly. When someone writes a message to me. It will appear instantly on all three machines. When I’ve read the mail on any of the three computers the message will disappear on the other machines…

I think you get the idea. Why isn’t this possible? Why did nobody think of something like that? I want that NOW!


random event generators freaking out: global consciousness project

The random event generators are freaking out since the pope died today…coincidence? It’s part of the global consciousness project like elgono said… so check it out… beside that it’s a cool bleeping-soundy thing 😉

“The Java Basket Observer is an applet that allows for a near-realtime (10-minute delay) inspection of the behavior of a network random event generators (REG’s) located at several places of the world. Data from these REG’s, also called EGGs, are collected at a central computer, the Basket. The Java applet contacts the basket at regular intervals, gets the data, and displays it in various formats.”


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Battlestar Galactica exclusive commentary via podcast is offering us exclusive content for free. I noticed that this is available just today when the season final aired:

“With the Battlestar Galactica Podcast, you can listen to exclusive commentary by executive producer Ronald D. Moore about each episode, while you’re watching it. There are two ways to enjoy this feature – subscribe to our podcast feed or download individual MP3 files.”


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Longhorn is going to get new fonts

There are some new fonts to come with longhorn. That’s great because the new fonts where designed to ensure great display and print quality.

In the typoforum there’s a great article on this subject. Don’t miss it.

Source 1:
Source 2: typoforum

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disgusting commercials

this is so unbelievably bad… I really hate this flash commercial stuff… that pops up everywhere these days…makes noise and hurts the eye and brain of everyone who bears with it.

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