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new holographic display technology…

Wow this looks awesome compared to any holographic display technology I could take a look on to this date. Now I do know what 50 Gbytes of storage space could be useful for…

“Invented by Tibor Balogh, these flat panel “holo TVs” are capable of displaying images in 3-D — or so it seems.”


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football world championship on tv…damn it.

Despite the fact that there is no such thing as interesting-tv-program I want to show you what a non-sport-tv-station in germany is doing when sport events are on the schedule…:

Over 13 hours of sport…damn it.


XBox3000 TV – episode Mai 2006

Here we are – the newest episode of XBox3000 TV (german).

Download WMV (810 MB)
Download iPod kompatibles MP4 (340 MB)

Natürlich kann das ganze auch iPod kompatibel über den Podcast bezogen werden.

54 Minuten


  • Halo 3 kommt
  • Forza2
  • GTA 4
  • Xbox Live Update
  • Neue Call of Duty 2 Maps
  • Hitman Blood Money Demo
  • Neue Games auf der E3


  • Major Nelson vs. Bill Gates


  • HD DVD ohne digitalen Kopierschutz?

Über den Tellerrand

  • Sony E3 Press Con
  • Nintendo Wiiii


  • Tischtennis bei Take 2!
  • PGR3 Entwickler machen „The Club“
  • LEGO Star Wars II


  • Wir sparen für Xbox „DREI“


  • Preise von

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some pictures from the Newcomer Festival “Vorsicht Band! 2006”

To give you an brief impression of the equipment that is necessary to stream and broadcast such a festival, here are some pictures:

Pictures made by der Andi.


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5. Ilmenauer Newcomer Festival “Vorsicht Band! 2006”

Today it’s once again time for the Ilmenau Newcomer Festival “Vorsicht Band! 2006”. And this time again there’s FeM involved. But first the facts:

16 Newcomer bands from all across germany are going to perform in the next two days. Since the 16 where chosen from 272 you can bet that there’s only the best the newcomer scene has to offer these days.

And now to the juicy facts from FeM: You can watch the whole Newcomer Festival “Vorsicht Band! 2006” over the internet for free. Just connect to one of the following Windows Media livestreams:

Broadband Internet (1 Mbit and above): mms://
Narrowband Internet (below DSL): mms://

To be precise:


And some facts for the nerds: 3 stages, 9 cameras, 30 people, 10.000m cableing,…

Source 1:

Source 2:

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Windows Media Server 9 live statistics tool

André wrote an small but handy CLI application that shows you the currently connected clients and the number of maximum connected clients on a Windows Media Server (version 9.0). It creates a HTML file with the statistical information.

“Copyright notice: pubstats is written by André Helbig ( You are allowed to use, copy and change this program as you want. You are not allowed to sell or rent this program. If you make changes, please keep a notice, that this program war originally written by me as long as an essential part of my work is stil left in the program.”


pubstats [-p publishingpoint] [-d path to datafile] [-h path to html-file] [/?]

-p publishingpoint for which statistics should be generated

-h html-file for output.

-d current data will be saved in and old data will be retrieved from this file
every time you open pubstats. If no file is specified, only current will be
-? show help

Download-Link: (5,81 KB)


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the new TopGear season started


“This week on Top Gear, the show got a thrilling new look, and so did we. Plus, the boys made a people carrier into an exciting convertible, James enjoyed a new Honda, Jeremy enjoyed a Swedish supercar, and Richard didn’t enjoy a Micra. At all.”


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World Cup 2006 toto in our intranet…

The World Cup is near and today TamTam gave us a great WebPart for Sharepoint 2003 which realises a complete toto system.

So the bets are … without money involved of course:


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You need a peer? Only viewers within the US can watch these…

Do you remember the news some weeks ago that said “LOST and other series will be available for free download soon.”:

Tooooo bad that only the viewers in the states can watch the full length episodes. It is well understandable why only the people in the states can view those episodes…


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XBox3000 TV – episode April 2006

Here we are – the newest episode of XBox3000 TV (german).

click to watch

Natürlich kann das ganze auch iPod kompatibel über den Podcast bezogen werden.

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is it about pr0n and other adult entertainment: Second Life

I joined second life some days ago to see what all the fuzz is about. And the first impressions I got is: there’s a shitload of pr0n and adult entertainment.

Being in Second Life for 10 minutes I met “Lucas Pow” on an island …

By the way: My avatars name is “Inspector Columbo”…just in case you want to contact me.


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Yet another proxy server… how to turn multicast into unicast…

We are using multicast to deliver more than 20 MPEG-2 encoded video+audio streams in our network. The advantages of using multicasting in a network of more than 2000 machines are well known. But there are several scenarios when multicasting is not the right choice.

For example: in wireless environments you have to use some sort of multicast group management which is not always as flexible as a more simple solution. You would end up multicasting all 20 streams into the wireless network – which would just explode or something. (our multicasting traffic volume is around 125 Mbit/s…which is… quite much)

I started writing such a solution two days ago and now I want to make the first lines of code available for everybody to try out.

To speak simple: it’s just another proxy server. It’s a HTTP Server that can be triggered to join a multicast group (hardcoded in this version) and forward the traffic from that multicast group directly to the client that asked for it. It’s as simple as it can get and to be more technical: the proxy receives udp multicast packets and sends them as tcp unicast packets.

When you tell MPlayer to trigger the proxy by asking for /hr.ts you would get something like this (if you have a multicast group on that IP/Port):

As you can see: MPEG2-Transport Stream inside. So it works as designed. There are some glitches I am afraid to say: one known bug is that there are 12 bytes to much in the outgoing data stream which corrupts the picture. If anyone here can fix it: Do it please 😉 I tried one day and I could not find a solution for the problem.

Anyways: It’s doing what it’s supposed to do. And that’s why I am making it available for everyone:

Sourcecode: (11,18 KB)

It compiles with Microsoft.NET 1.1/2.0 and Mono. There’s a Visual Studio 2005 solution file inside to help you compile it. (Should work with Visual C# Express Edition). Oh… and I am releasing it under the BSD license which is included with the package.

Feel free to comment and contribute.


XBox3000 TV – episode March 2006

Here we are – the newsest episode of XBox3000 TV (german).

click to watch

Natürlich kann das ganze auch iPod kompatibel über den Podcast bezogen werden.


  • Mutiplayer Patch für CoD2
  • Halo kommt als Comic
  • Microsoft gibt Entwickler vollen Zugriff auf Xbox Live
  • Shane Kim Interview: Halo3, E3 2006 und PS3
  • Epic Records Partnerschaft mit Microsoft
  • Silent Hill 1 für 360
  • Ein Blick zum Konkurrenten: Playstation 3


  • Samsung Euro Championship auf der CeBit 2006


  • The Outfit
  • Full Auto
  • Oblivion
  • Tomb Raider


  • Wir sparen für Xbox „DREI“

Preise von THQ:

  • Faceplates „The Outfit“

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Reallife Simpsons intro

OMG! That is awesome…

Just in case you’re not seeing anything but this text… make sure that your Shockwave/Flash Plugins are working… it’s a YouTube embedded video…

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XBox 3000 TV – Episode January 2006

We’re very proud to present the newest episode of XBox3000 TV. You can watch the WMV – oh and it’s in german.

Or you can get the iPod compatible version via the podcast rss feed.

P.S.: yes we know the sound is poor – Promise: next time it’s better.



SD-card slot TV-Tuner (SDIO) available soon…

I could imagine some uses for this. It’s a tv (pal/ntsc) tuner for Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PC 2002-WM5) and it’s got some quite interesting specs.

The 1200mAh battery that comes with the tuner only stays 2.5 hours and it’s only got a maximum framerate of 20 fps – but that’s for the bad news. It’s finally a tv tuner for your mobile gadget!!!


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distributed video encoding solution

More than a year ago Matthias Eller and Karsten Donat created a distributed video encoding solution that actually works.

As far as I know they were in desperate need for computing power to encode all the documentaries that Karsten recorded every day (he recorded almost everything that was broadcasted on german free-tv).

So the idea came up to split a single raw-video into a number of parts and let many machines encode these parts automatically. Then these encoded parts are copied back to the server and put together to the now finally complete encoded video.

We’re not using this at the moment for any encoding – but I thought it might be a great idea to write about it 😉

this is the tool to setup a new encoding task that is
submitted to the distributed encoding server

You can get this great tool-set at Matthias’ Website:

Source: Matthias Website

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eye blending 10.000 ANSI lumen look like…

…the sun when you take a closer look. So they tested the Sanyo XF-45 without me and my 360 – but nevertheless they tested and approved it good.

that’s a humongous picture guys!

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Jeder kennt die üblichen Verdächtigen, was Fernsehsender anbelangt. Aber wie sieht es denn nun eigentlich genauer aus im digitalen Äther Europas? Gibt es neue Trends, die der Normalverbraucher übersieht? Oder noch schlimmer?

Alles was wir für unseren Streifzug brauchen, sind: Digitalempfänger (Humax), Satellit (Astra 19,2° Ost) und Zeit.

Los gehts!

20:10 ARD: Tagesschau! Eigentlich keine Überraschung…

20:12 PremiereDirekt Werbekanal: Nach fünf Minuten bin ich schon total geschafft…

20:13 AstraVision: Ein schönes Astra-Logo. Weiter gehts!

20:14 Hitradio Ö3: Es läuft Schwinger von Seed (Wer auch immer das ist…), gefolgt von Westlife
Moment mal! Ein Radiosender, der ein Fernsehsender ist, aber trotzdem ein Radiosender? Verwirrt? Ganz einfach: Ton ergänzt um die Senderplaylist.

20:17 RTL Luxemburg: Eine merkwürdige Sprache, dieses Letzeburgisch. Warum können die sich
nicht endlich zwischen Deutsch und Französisch entscheiden?

20:20 T.TV: Ehemals Tango.TV; hier sollen gerüchteweise Simpsons dreimal täglich auf Englisch gelaufen sein…

20:21 PremiereWin: Pferdewetten jetzt live im Fernsehen? Also manche Sportarten braucht die
Welt nun wirklich nicht…

20:26 HSE24: Huch! Ein Verkaufssender! Hey, die kochen da auf den gleichen Tellern, von
denen ich gerade esse…

20:29 ZDF Theaterkanal: Eine Aufführung der Nibelungen. Merkwürdig, wieso
trägt einer der Schauspieler einen modernen Karbon-Fahrradhelm?

20:39 EuroNews: Ich probiere alle sieben Spachen durch, und es funktioniert.

20:41 CNN: Jawohl! Wer die ganze Wahrheit wissen will, ist hier richtig.

20:43 Travel Channel: Ein schöner Sender, vor allem für die Fans von GlobeTrekker. Momentan
befinden wir uns in der Schweiz, wo ein paar alte ältere Mitbürger aufregend zu
schneller Musik tanzen…

20:45 Terra Nova: Für alle, die schon immer wissen wollten, was aus Onyx geworden ist:
Ich & mein Haustier, den ganzen Tag.

20:48 Kiosque: Was läuft denn so im franz. Pay-TV? Ich würde sagen, das Gleiche wie bei
uns (aber doppelt so teuer)…

20:51 Mosaique: Zwanzig Pay-TV-Sender gleichzeitig? Kein Problem…

20:55 Test-R: Aha, ein Testkanal…

20:57 BRalpha: Eine Diskussion über die Zukunft der Kirche im AlphaForum Wissenschaft?
Na ja…

20:58 Chamber TV: Was geht eigentlich so in Luxemburgs Parlamenten vor sich?

21:12 GOD TV: Der Kanal des Herrn. Hat aber Sendepause. Amen.

21:15 HSE24 Digital: Neeeiiin! Der Schwachsinn gleich doppelt!

21:16 Bahn TV: Wer will da noch mit dem Zug fahren? Es läuft ein wahnsinnig spannendes
Amateurvideo, worin der laaaangsam sprechende Sprecher interessante Dinge über Züge
erzählt. Oh, da werden alte OK-Zeiten wieder lebendig…

21:20 XXP: Aua! Kurzfingerigkeit! Grausam…

21:23 RTBF Sat: Es läuft eine Sendung über französische Spezialitäten. Na, die kennen wir…

21:24 liberty TV: Bilder vom FKK-Strand? So wörtlich hätte ich liberty gar nicht genommen…

21:32 Bibel.TV: Ah, keine Strafpredigt, sondern ein Konzert…

21:33 Astra: Na endlich: das Testbild. Interessant…

21:33 Canal Algerie: Algerische Comedy! Aber immer mit Kopftuch. Hahaha…

21:34 TV5 FBS: Versteckte Kamera mit illegalen Einwanderern…

21:37 Rai Uno: Superquarks auf Italienisch? Hier ist möglich…

21:39 Al Jazeera: Ja, ja, die bösen Araber. Dschihad, Dschihad!

21:45 Ocko TV: Damals im Krieg, da war die Welt noch in Ordnung…

21:47 TVP Kultura: Die Polen feiern mal wieder die deutsche Niederlage in Zweiten
Weltkrieg. Ui! Da wurde gerade ein Russe vor laufender Kamera abgeknallt…

21:56 unbekannt: Hier läuft 24 Stunden am Tag der gleiche Werbespot. Seltsam!

22:01 Real Madrid TV: Nachrichten über… natürlich… Real Madrid.

22:03 Cubavision: Jetzt bin ich aber verwirrt… Kuba?

22:05 TVEi: Hey! Ein Spielfilm! Unverschlüsselt! Dinge gibts…

22:06 TRT International: Folklore in der Türkei. Diesmal ohne Kopftuch…

22:16 ARD MHP-Test: Ein Testkanal für MHP-Dekoder. Müsste mal jemand dem Institut für Medientechnik stecken, dass sowas nicht mehr entwickelt werden muss…

22:19 Deluxe Music: Scheint so, als hätte da jemand eine Marktlücke gefunden. Keine Shows,
nur Videos. MTV, halt dich fest…

Für den letzten Teil heißt es Augen zu und durch:, Traumkontakt.TV, VenusClub.TV, Ringtone.TV, Amore-tv, Orion.TV, Jamba! TV, SexySat.TV: Denk daran, sie braucht es hart und mehrmals täglich!

Das Vierte: Ich würde eher sagen, das Letzte…

LifeStyle-TV: An sich nicht anders als die Vorherigen. Aber nachts wird auf Hot Bird zu geschaltet. Da tanzen spärlich bekleidete Osteuropäerinnen mit Headsets auf dem Kopf zu lasziver Mucke. Womit manche Leute so ihr Geld verdienen…

rheinmaintv: Regionalsender, der nachts zum Pornosender mutiert. Hui!

K1010: Deutschlands erster Quizsender… Moment… das war ein Anderer…

bietbox: Jetzt aber: Deutschlands erster Auktionssender!

Bestseller TV, RTL Shop, TW 1, Primetime, TV Travel Shop, TV Shop, Best of Shopping, QVC: Shoppen bis zum bitteren Ende. Und selbst mit der Fernbedienung kann man ihnen nicht entkommen, denn sie sind überall…

Entertainment Channel: Endlich ein Sender über Hollywood. Darauf hat die Welt gewartet!

easy.TV: Die Konkurrenz für Premiere! Aber bitte nochmal am Programm arbeiten…

Sonnenklar TV, Astro TV: Leg mir die Karten! Mein Güte, wie verzweifelt Menschen sein können…

Raceworld TV: Es läuft… richtig… Autorennen.

GigaTV: Der Nerd-Sender. Call of Duty 2 live am Fernsehen. Gestern haben sie noch CS gezockt. Ein Frauen-Clan hat die Moderatoren zerlegt. Freaks! Ok, der Sender ist ja ganz spaßig und man brauch auch keine Konsole mehr…

So, den Rest der Sender schenken wir uns an dieser Stelle. Die 500 Pay-TV-Kanäle kann ja eh keiner mehr auseinander halten.

Jens Heymann

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“facts” about the upcoming 22c3 talk streaming and recording…

So here are some information about how we are planning for the 22c3.

  1. live-streaming:

    1. MPEG2 Multicast (3-4 Mbit)
      available only in the internal 22c3 network

    2. WMV Livestream
      available everywhere – server inside the 22c3 network and one or more servers in the internet

    3. live OGG/MP3 audio casts

    4. congress-tv – available standard PAL tv signal of each talk in the congress center

  2. on-demand:

    1. MPEG4 downloadables
      untagged (without comments/naming…) available in the 22c3 network hopefully immediately(within 2-3 hours) after the talk
      tagged available via ftp/torrent… when it’s done

    2. WMV downloadables/on-demand streams
      untagged available immediately (see above) for download and live stream
      tagged available via on-demand live stream and downloadable when it’s done

    3. OGG/MP3 audio casts (will also be available via a podcast on schrankmonster)

Source 1:
Source 2:


Charlotte endlich zurück – ab Januar auf ARTE

ARTE ist der neue Power-Sender – schon im August hat Charlotte auf dem Sender die “La route du rock” präsentiert und nun: Ab dem 5. Januar wird Charlotte die Sendung “Tracks” auf ARTE präsentieren.

In ihrer ersten Tracks-Sendung entführt Charlotte Roche die Musikfans in die Welt des Punk-Karaoke und unterhält sich mit Kim Cattrall aus der Kult-Serie “Sex and the City” über die Geheimnisse der sexuellen Erregung. Auch “The Darkness” kommen mit ihrem neuen Album “One Way Ticket To Hell … And Back” zu Wort. Weiter in der Sendung: die schottische Newcomerin KT Tunstall, die sich mit ihrem Debütalbum wochenlang in den britischen Top Ten hielt, sowie Bushido.

Source: La route du rock


what’s that? Divx/Virtualdub not 1080p capable?

When I try to reencode a MPEG2 HDTV (1080p) movie to DIVX/MPEG4 without downscaling it I get the following error message:

What’s wrong!? Can anyone help?

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XBOX 360 AD… Jump in!


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“Tagesschau” – german 8 o’clock news video podcast

It seems that we do not pay the GEZ fee for nothing – there’s now a way to watch and listen to the most commonly known 8 o’clock news show also known as “Tagesschau”.

Interestingly the video podcast is encoded in h.264 video and AAC audio – so it’ll run on all the Apple devices and softwares – but maybe will have it’s problems on other machines. (well it even worked on my Windows Mobile devices…)

Of course – if you don’t like the idea of downloading a 20 megabyte file each day you can have the audio-only podcast which is much lighter.

Source: Tagesschau Podcasts

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what’s the deal with Sonys UMD and why a portable Media center is far better

I don’t want to compare anything else but the media playing capabilities of the devices. Since Sony is working together with many movie studios these days to make more and more movies available on it’s own proprietary format UMD.

The Sony UMD is simply a standard DVD with 60 mm diameter and 1.8 GByte of storage space. The fact that the disc itself is in some kind of caseing and the fact that there are legal issues if you would try to burn your own UMDs makes it not the media of choice if you want to burn your own movies or recordings to watch them with the PSP. The second media type you could use with your PSP is the Sony MemoryStick. One disadvantage of the MemoryStick is that it’s quite expensive. Around 90 Euro for a 1 GByte MemoryStick DUO is quite a lot money.

Sony UMD

The PSP can play some MPEG4 formats and there are tools/encoders available to create your own movies. But you’re limited to the size of your MemoryStick. Actually there are no tools that allow you to “syncronize” automatically with your video recorder/media center/whatever-media-recording-device. I don’t want to compare the possible video resolutions because they depend on that Portable Media Center you are buying/using.

A different storage idea is behind the Portable Media Centers. These devices commonly use harddisks with about 20 to 40 GByte of space which makes more than 20 to 50 hours of video. The medias are stored in the Windows Media formats like Windows Media Audio (WMA) or Windows Media Video (WMV) (there are some more formats like AVI…but the codecs are very limited…but more to this issue later…). There is an automatic synchronisation software available for the Portable Media Centers. This software even transcodes your media files to WMV/WMA while synchronizing. For me this is the strong argument for the Portable Media Centers: I can sync a PMC with my own recordings for example from my PVR… – I don’t need to buy expensive MemorySticks and do everything manually. I just put the PMC into it’s cradle and it’s going to sync my latest tv recordings for example… It’s the same thing like podcasts and the iPod. The more comfort you get the more you will use the product…

A big advantage of the PSP is that Sony tends to be more open to codecs and new codec developments. For example: The latest Firmware update for the PSP enables H.264 on the PSP… that’s one thing only future versions of the PMCs would have (as far as I know).

Another type of device – the normal Windows Mobile Devices – is not part of this article – but as I wrote some hours and weeks ago there is the same sync functionality built into current devices using the Windows Media Player 10. But if you want to play other formats with other codecs (like MPEG4) you have to use other Software Players like The Core Pocket Media Player.

One last thing: I really don’t get the idea behind the Movie UMDs. Who wants to buy a movie for about 15-30 Euro in a format he can only play in his PSP when you can get the DVD for about 8-15 Euros…I don’t think that this will work for Sony…actually it does not work for me.

BTW: I know…it’s mostly illegal to copy the movie from the DVD to your PC to copy it onto the PMC… but life is not a tickling competition…

Source 1: Sony PSP
Source 2: Microsoft Portable Media Centers
Source 3: Automatically sync Windows Mobile Devices with Windows Media Player
Source 4: The Core Pocket Media Player

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Charlottes first TV appearance since months…

So there it was! The first TV appearance of Charlotte since months. And it was great to have her back. Since she presented(together with Matthieu Culleron) a great rock festival she really seemed to be “back in her favourite business”… Now please a new show for Charlotte!!



Charlotte Roche back on TV in two days!!!

Together with Matthieu Culleron Charlotte Roche will present the TV Show for this years “la route du rock”-Festival.

On 13th of august (so in just two days) at 2235 you’ll have to tune into the german/french tv station “ARTE”…

I think there will be more information+pictures after the show…

Source 1:
Source 2: Arte Homepage


London in trouble

Apparently there were several bombings in London – either terroristic or accidently. You probably would be better informed by listening to the mass media instead of this article. But what I want to share with you is the crowd around a TV set here at TechEd Europe 2005. The TV is showing the BBC news…

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LOST Season 1 Final….(WARNING: SPOILER!)


It’s unfair that almost nothing concludes at the end of this season. Of course a huge cliffhanger was expected but… Hey come on!

I am very very angry about the fact that obviously no strange event or fact is explained at the end of the first season.

For me it seems that the authors are on the best way to overstress their viewers. In my oppinion they should take care of this issue. Thrill lowers when you push to hard…and to long.

I wished they explained at least something…but there are even more questions to be answered. And that’s why: YOU’RE BLOODY BASTARDS!


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what to do to earn money when you’re only a C-Class Celebrity

Harry knows!

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“Fischerhütte” Livestream

What would a real party be without the live-stream. Audio and Video for your pleasure.

click the picture.

You’ll need Winamp 5 with installed VP3 Video codec. Enjoy! The stream will be online irregularly this week. So check from time to time.

Source: Stream

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video cutting for iswision

Because namenlos is managing the media storage array we had to visit the video cutting room. There were some teams cutting their videos and I was impressed by the number of G5s available there…

Namenlos dealing with problems, well…nothing more to say 😉

count them!


You can watch the ISWISION broadcasts via live-stream or even better: Live at in the audience in MKR 102.


a momentous event is coming…

“Goddamn, I…I gotta tell you, I’m fairly excited to see what you’re capable of, if Morpheus is right and all…We’re not supposed to talk about this, but if you are…Damn, it’s a very exciting time. “

don’t miss it this friday on MTV.

(thanks to marc for the idea)

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Simpsons lecture?

Maybe it’s a boring lecture…

Simpsons Season 16 Episode 18

…infact it wasn’t a boring lecture…Telematics 1.


HDTV…you don’t have enough cpu power…

It’s great that more and more movies are broadcasted in HDTV. But it’s disappointing how much CPU power you need to get smooth video playback. Especially when it’s MPEG4 and not MPEG2.

This graph shows it: a 2.8 Ghz Pentium 4 is not really enough to handle high quality MPEG4 compressed HDTV. Almost 50 percent CPU usage when playing a 720p movie… don’t expect 1080i/p to run fluently…. this sucks.

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effecTV at work

As written before here are some pictures of the effecTV setup in action. It’s quite

“EffecTV is a real-time video effector. You can watch TV or video through amazing effectors.”

he is amazed!

the master-control panel of effecTV

Source 1:
Source 2:

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some more of Charlotte Roche

“Charlotte throws dogs and cats ….”

and now a riddle for you…it’s kinda complicated:

Who are these people? 😉


You provide the bed. I’ll provide the handcuffs. Are you LOST?

since I really like this series… here’s the “Which LOST Character are you?” survey. For me it said:

“You are Locke. A mystery within a mystery. You’re a fountain of backgammon trivia and an expert with knives. You might like pina coladas and definitely like getting caught in the rain. You prefer keeping to yourself mostly, but you’ll tell your secrets to the right person. Are you evil? Your accompanying soundtrack sure is sinister.”

Source 1: Which LOST character are you?
Source 2:


german music television vivaplus to desecrate viva-zwei logo

Vivaplus changed it’s scheme…and 2step is back. 2step is a show mainly focused on electronic music… 2step started in the holy years when viva-zwei was alive and rox0ring… Anyway: Why is Vivaplus, this unworthy successor of viva-zwei using the original viva-zwei logo… this is… this is… horrible… I want my viva-zwei back!


Battlestar Galactica exclusive commentary via podcast is offering us exclusive content for free. I noticed that this is available just today when the season final aired:

“With the Battlestar Galactica Podcast, you can listen to exclusive commentary by executive producer Ronald D. Moore about each episode, while you’re watching it. There are two ways to enjoy this feature – subscribe to our podcast feed or download individual MP3 files.”


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not perfect but they try it anyway: Logitech’s Harmony 880

That’s a remote control. A huge big-ass one of a remote control. But it’s the right way anyhow: It’s unsustainable that you have 3-4 maybe even 5 remote controls in the high-tech-palace some call their living room.

Look, it even has a full customisable color display:

“The Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote puts you in control of your entire audio-video system with just one button. It´s home entertainment the way it should be—simple.

Optimized for complicated HDTV and PVR systems, the Harmony 880 helps you tame tough configurations like switching your television between video aspect ratios depending on the program source. The interactive color display lets you quickly choose a 16:9 ratio for movies and HDTV, or a standard 4:3 ratio for basic television programming.”

Source: Logitech

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Stargate Atlantis und die Sache mit dem Strom

okay, auf “Atlantis” gibts Stromprobleme…aber die Sache scheint seltsame Blüten zu treiben wenn die Rechner aus Mitleid schon auf Strom verzichten und trotzdem noch funktionieren:

Offenbar verzichtet dieser Rechner auf so ziemlich alles was ihn mit der “Aussenwelt” verbindet… halt “ancient Technology”…

Quelle: Stargate Atlantis


in Zukunft werden bei Viva nur noch rund 20 Leute arbeiten

Bad News für Leute die an Viva glaubten…

das handelsblatt berichtet heute von den neuen Zuständen die in Zukunft bei Viva vorherrschend sein werden: Kaum Belegschaft, und Dosenprogramm von MTV… na klasse… die Klingeltonwerbung macht ja jetzt schon den Grossteil des Programms der beiden Sender aus…. ;-(

Quelle: handelsblatt

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ach und das mit der Enterprise…

…naja die wurde heute – zum Ende der 4. Staffel – abgesetzt. Na prima. Aber es gibt ja genug Serienkost als Alternative.


was ist denn…

…eine Telenovella?! Bin ich in Spananien oder wie?!

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Why 1984 is not like “1984”.

Ihr schwärmt alle von Apple? 1984 waren auch noch andere Dinge modern.

Miami Vice zum Beispiel

Mit den dicksten Wummen

In nervösen Zeiten

Wo dementsprechend auch viel Gebrauch davon gemacht wurde

In ausgefallener Bildsprache

Wo man noch Spaß an der Freizeit hatte
(Man beachte, wie Tubbs gleich kotzen muss.)

Andere Länder mit anderen Verkehrsregeln

“Dass du uns auch immer in Schwierigkeiten bringen musst, Tubbs!”


Dazu gibts noch ein paar nette Sprüche aus der Serie:

“Macht der noch was anderes außer Klamottenkaufen?” – “Ja, er kauft Autos.”
“Wir haben 20.000$ in bar gefunden, dazu mehrere Pistolen,…” – Die 80ziger, ein Lebensgefühl.
“Wer hätte gedacht, dass unsere Scheidung ein noch größerer Flop wird als unsere Ehe.”
“Du musst nicht immer alles so schwarz sehen.” – “Ich bin schwarz.” Crockett zu Tubbs.
“Das ist Angelina. Heisses Geschoss! Und sogar intelligent.”
“Oooohhh! Geil, Alter!” Tubbs zu Crockett.
“Die kleinen Idioten dort; diese lausig bezahlten Bullen; da kriegen sogar die Jungs mehr, die bei mir das Klo putzen.” Ein Drogendealer zu Crockett.
“Ihr könnt nicht mal nen Mann schnappen, der nur bis zur vierten Klasse gekommen ist.” Der gleiche Drogendealer zu Crockett.

Jens Heymann

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U.S. Children still traumatized …

Kollege Seeber hat da einen interessanten Artikel:

“… one Year after seeing partially exposed breast on TV (SuperBowl).”

“No one who lived through that day is likely to forget the horror,” said noted child therapist Dr. Eli Wasserbaum. “But it was especially hard on the children.”

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der Mac mini als Mediacenter

Engadget hat einen äusserst ausführlichen Bericht über den Mac mini und einen möglichen Anwendungsfall des Mini-Computers: als Mediacenter direkt am TV… keine schlechte Idee – jedoch ist da vermutlich eine Xbox deutlich besser zu verwenden… ist jedenfalls meine Meinung…

“Yep, everyone’s talking about using the Mac mini as a home media center, and there’s a reason why: its diminutive form factor makes it a good candidate to fit unobtrusively into an existing audio/video or home theater setup. It looks more like a consumer electronics device than a computer, so it won’t look out of place in your living room. We think of it as the central brain of our system; the glue that holds all the devices together. It can serve the role of scheduler, controller, audio/video recorder, audio/video playback, audio/video download, and it even makes a decent audio/video production unit, as well. You might not win the next Sundance with your iMovie, but you sure can impress everyone at the next family reunion.”


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Vortrag Imagine Cup in Weimar

Heute ging’s nun kurzfristig nach Weimar, in’s “lichthaus kino (e-werk)”. Zusammen mit Nico habe ich im Rahmen des “backup festivals” eine Präsentation zum Imagine Cup 2005 (“Erlaubt ist, was Grenzen sprengt.”) gehalten. Im Vordergrund standen die Kategorien “Short Film” und “Rendering.” Noch bevor es los ging mit der Präsentation, gab’s ein Interview für den Regionalsender Salve TV. Die haben dann auch die Präsentation mitgeschnitten. Neben den Details und Regeln haben wir noch einige Filme der Finalisten aus dem letzten Jahr gezeigt. Danach ging’s noch zum Small Talk an den Tresen um noch gezielt Fragen zu klären.

Nach insgesamt sieben Stunden und völliger Erschöpfung sind wir dann wieder in Ilmenau eingetroffen. Wir hoffen, dass viele Weimarer Studierende sich mit Ihren Filmen bewerben undich ganz persönlich sehe da wirklich großes Potential auch zu gewinnen …

Ach ja, der Fernsehbericht wird am Montag auf Salve TV ausgestrahlt, fragt sich nur, wer das empfängt …

Tino Seeber, NYBlog

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frei nach Bender

(Bender on teh r0cks)

“I like my women like I like my scotch. 25 years old and mixed up with coke.”


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