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Linux auf dem Nintendo DS

Engadget berichtete heute:

“Using a passthrough and some homebrew demos, someone has Linux running on Nintendo’s new dual-screen portable gaming unit. It appears to use some external hardware, which makes the whole thing currently not-so-portable, but the idea is that all the hardware could be put on a single cartridge.”

Ja. Linux auf dem DS. Nicht schlecht soweit – also nicht das es nun gerade Linux ist, vielmehr das die Hardware damit anderweitig nutzbar wird.

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Cracking the Mac mini… Part 5343665853

Und da gibts auch ein Video dazu…: (2,92 MB)

Das Ganze sieht offengestanden einigermassen beängstigend aus 😉 …. “These little buggers have to fit…“…MUAAH


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der neue Knight-Rider…. Lada-Rider

Eben bin ich durch Zufall auf einen Lada Umbau im Stil von Knight Rider gekommen. Das ganze hat ein ungarischer Lada Club gemacht.


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den Mac mini öffnen

Okay..endlich ein Video wie der Mac mini zu öffnen ist… sieht prima aus muss ich sagen – ergo: dem RAM Upgrade steht nichts im Wege, schon garnicht die lange Autofahrt zum Händler.

“Apple doesn’t want you to open up your Mac mini on your own, but judging from this video it looks pretty darn easy. This video, in fact, slightly changes my opinion of the Mac mini. Apparently all you need is a putty knife and a light touch, and the path to user upgradability is clear!”

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SETI ist der Name der Krankheit

Okay. Ich bin entschiedener Gegner der Rechenzeitverschwendung – der Kreuzritter der sinnvollen Anwendungen – und nun das:

“My seti farm is constantly growing/changing (as do most home farms !!), it started off by using all the bits I had lying around to make up as many pc’s as possible (I used to be a trader, so had a “few” bits around the place) The next step was ordering parts to go with what was left , eg shuttle boards to use the spare athlons I had Then as the bug bit even harder I started ordering parts to make more and more machines (crunchers). I now favor the caseless cruncher stacks , which have the advantage of taking up less space , but the disadvantage of being more hassle if you have to move them.”

Da hat sich so ein halbwegs Irrer gleich Palettenweise PCs in die Bude gekarrt um nichts sinnvolleres damit zu tun als SETI zu rechnen. – Das ist… BAH!

mal ein paar, dann doch, eindrucksvolle Bilder:




Hier wird schwer gezockt.

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es weihnachtet… *yummy*

Ein Lebkuchen Notebook…sehr lecker was die Schweden da gebacken haben 😉


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Windows Mobile 2003 SE auf einem XDA2

zwar momentan nur in einer chinesischen (CHS) Version. Aber hey: es existiert und es läuft !!!


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Aero !

Die Foren sind eröffnet. Desktop-Modding at its best. Als Spin-Off von Aqua-Soft gibt es nun auch Aero-Soft… dort konzentrieren sich die User mehr auf die Microsoft Seite der GUI Welt… und bringen erstaunliches zuwege:

“Aero-Soft will focus on Longhorn and Microsoft based themes, skins and features. Anything next-gen is welcome here, provided in a friendly, easy to use forum. Like the Aero Glass look? Enjoy the smoothness of Jade, or have an idea for window manipulation? Aero-Soft is the site for you, to experience those innovations today. Together, this new community can turn this new future into a reality.”


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Smarte Bilder

Wer schon immer mal wissen wollte was man noch mit alten Notebooks anfangen kann…

Recently I had a chance to work on a software prototype for picture frame device presented during WinHEC 2004 in Seattle. If you were at WinHEC you probably have seen it. It was cool device with exceptionally bright screen. I had the picture frame in my office for couple of days, but like anybody else in the world I wanted to play with the device for a little longer.

While I was working on the software I had many conversations about the picture frame device with everyone who came in and saw it. People wanted to have such a device immediately and they were trying to figure out a way to get one. There were many ideas how to build a picture frame using “off-the-shelve” modules. This article describes the process how to build one out of an old laptop.

I would like to thank jeffsand for helping me to put together this article in Wiki. In fact it did take me longer to describe how I build the picture frame device than to actually build it. I have to admit it was quite fun to see it comming together and here is the finished product.”


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mehr EIS !

hmm… meine Güte was bauen sich da einige verkappte Klempner an Kühllösungen für ihren PC zusammen…sieht wie ein ausgewachsener Heizkörper aus (unlackiert) und soll eine passive Wasserkühllösung darstellen… na wem´s gefällt:

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Linux auf dem Ipod

Hmm.. na wer´s braucht:

“Unfortunately the iPod is considered a “closed-platform” by Apple and technical info is virtually non-existant so this has involved a fair bit of guess work, reverse-engineering and experimentation! But the end result is a Linux kernel (based on the uClinux port) running on the ‘Pod.

I hope that this initial port provides some inspiration to others out there to see what more they can get the iPod to do! “


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da ist er: der iMac G5

Endlich ! die ersten Bilder des neuen iMac G5:

nee… Scherz. Is kein iMac G5… is nen selbstgebautes Gehäuse mit nem G3-iMac Mainboard drinnen. 😉

“When it came out in 1999 I bought an iMac G3/350 Blueberry. I was very happy with this machine all the years. Then some day the Modem didn’t work anymore. Then some weeks ago I got an iMac DV 400 board from a friend in Sweden. He didn’t know if it will work but He sent it to me anyway. I got it and put it in. And what wonder it worked!! So I have a full working and upgraded iMac now. But what to do with the board?? eBay?? No way man… But what else to do with it?? Some months ago I saw that PowerMacintosh Cube hack from a japanese guy who put a Cube Core into a self made G5 styled case. Yeah!! Thats what I want to do! “


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das Wechseln zu Firefox wird einfacher

Firefox hat ne Menge Vorteile gegenüber dem IE. Für mich als OSX-Fan liegt die durchweg perfekte Skinbarkeit vor allem unter Windows ganz weit vorne.

“In a move that will aid users migrating to Firefox from other browsers, Firefox 0.9 will feature a long-awaited import feature that allows you to import your browser settings and bookmarks from your current browser. Windows users can now import bookmarks, history, saved passwords, cookies, form history, and preferences from IE, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera. Mac users will be able to import from Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, IE/Mac and Camino. Linux users can migrate from Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror, Galeon and Epiphany. This is definitely good news because it significantly lowers the entry barrier and also reduces the cost to users who intend to switch.

To get an early look in at what the import feature, try a nightly build (check out The Burning Edge). Current support on Mac extends only to Netscape and Mozilla, and on Linux, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera. The Windows version supports all browsers that I’ve listed above. The Firefox team is working on importers for the other browsers and they will be coming online soon.”

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Fenster einrollen

Ich will doch gleich noch einen Tipp mit der Welt teilen der mir einigen Komfort unter Windows bringt: mit dem Tool “FreeShade” kann man beliebige Fenster “einrollen”. Das spart Platz und bringt Übersicht.


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weil Ichs Gerade Wieder Gebraucht Habehier Mal Eine Anleitung Link Wie Man Die Windows XP Skin Verwaltung Daz

weil ichs gerade wieder gebraucht habe…hier mal eine Anleitung + Link wie man die Windows XP Skin Verwaltung dazu bringt auch unsignierte Themes zu benutzen:

“…But I didn’t like to have to pay for something that really should have been in Windows XP itself. It turns out, there exist ways to patch Windows XP such that you can use these custom-made themes. The easiest way is using PatchXP – I’ve tried it and it works on my Windows XP Professional Edition with SP1. Another way, which is slightly more of a hassle, is via Multi-Patcher – this is more likely to work, since it’s more updated than PatchXP. Have fun. This should tide you over until you make enough money to get a Mac, or have enough energy to customize KDE to the max.”

PS: Ich selbst kann den Multi-Patcher empfehlen. Der hat bei meinem Windows problemlos funktioniert.


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Xbox Boot Animation ….

… schaut so aus, als machen die Modding Versuche langsam Fortschritte… mal schauen… SmartXX hat ja schon eine eigene “Animation” gebaut…. bin mal gespannt was da noch kommt … weil nur die Farbe ändern is ja nich soooo interessant.

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A Debian base system to play with

Es scheint soweit: endlich gibt es ein laufendes Debian System für den Gamecube… mal gucken ob ich Zeit finde mir das genauer anzusehen:

“A Debian base system to play with Steve_- has provided a 22 MB Debian base system image for the use with NFS-Root.”

“This small guide expects you have already a linux kernel booting that is screaming for a so-called nfsroot. If you do not have this, get/create one first and come back later. This small guide also expects you to have some knowledge of linux itself.”


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Gamecube Linux Projekt macht Fortschritte…

die aktuellen Schlagzeilen lesen sich nett…:

“X Window and MPlayer partially working”

“fixed the Ethernet driver, we now have stable TCP/IP traffic at rates of 1.05 MB/sec – and NFS-Root works flawlessly! “

Es scheint, als kommt das Projekt so langsam aber sicher in Regionen, in denen tatsächlich praktischer Nutzen zu entstehen scheint. Ein kleineres Multimedia Terminal fürs TV muss man jedenfalls erst noch erfinden.


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Codename : SmokeScreen

Cool. Wer die Aqua Community kennt, der weiss was man von solchen Ankündigungen und Plänen erwarten kann. – Ich freue mich schon riesig auf die ersten Ergebnisse.

“The mission of the smokescreen project is to provide a replacement window manager (and associated applications) for Microsoft’s Windows XP (and, to a lesser extent, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000).

This window manager, along with it’s associated applications will:

– Utilise 3D acceleration, to provide fast, high quality rendering
– Be highly customisable, providing skinning options surpassing any application available for Windows XP, as well as highly customisable “look and feel”
– Be free
– Take time to make

With the all star team of artists and developers that comprises Smokescreen’s foundation, expect unsurpassed professionalism and quality.”

Mehr über die Anfänge und Pläne des Projektes “SmokeScreen” kann man hier nachlesen.

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Firefox Windows wie Firefox OSX aussehen lassen…



“[STEP1] CompactMenu
Copy your entire x:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ folder to a safe place. You will probubly need to copy-paste it back later.
2. Close Firefox and (keeping a copy), replace the Pinstripe Classic.jar with the original one.
3. Right click and save the PNG. by Magbi9
4. Go to x:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Chrome and open Compact.jar in WinRAR.
6. Browse to skin\classic\compact\ and replace the original PNG with the saved PNG.
7. Close Winrar.
8. Open Firefox and check the extension is installed (Options > Extensions).
9. Use the Edit > Toolbars > Customize and place the CompactMenu button down and pull the File, Edit menus off.
10. Close Firefox.
11. Replace your, now, original Classic.jar with the Pinstripe one.
12. Restart Firefox. If it is messed up; Close and replace your x:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox folder with the Backup copy.
13. Move all your buttons, address bar and search bar upto the, now, empty top row. Move your bookmark row to where the buttons/address/search were and then deselect the Bookmarks Toolbar from (CompactMenu’s) View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar.

[STEP2] The Skin
Firefox Pinstripe for Windows 894 KB By Ash
2.To install it download it to disk then go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome
and make a backup of your current classic.jar and put the new one in its place, restart Firefox and bingo.

The port is basically mixing the OS X code and Windows code to make it work properly,
the toolbar buttons are now perfect and so is the bookmarks.

[STEP3] Remove The Titlebar Text
1. Dowload this copy of
brand.dtd. (RightClick and “Save sorce as”)
2. Ensure all instances of Mozilla FireFox are closed.
3. Open C:\Program Files\MozillaFox\chrome\en-US.jar in WinRAR (or whatever) and find \Locale\en-US\Global\brand.dtd
4. Replace this with the file downloaded in step 1.
5. Close WinRAR and open Mozilla FireFox “Mozilla FireFox” should now be Removed.

• How to remove the ” – ” in Firefox
1. Navigate to “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome”
2. Open “en-US.jar”
3. Open locale -> en-US -> browser
4. Edit browser.dtd – replace the line:


5. Then save
6. Open firefox and it shuld be gone

[STEP4] Google
1. Download this gif
2. Replace this with the image in “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins”

[STEP5] The Icon in 128×128.
For this step, you will need ResHacker (or similar). Reshacker is available at the ResHacker homepage.
1. Download the
FireFox Ico (thnx to XP_2003)
2. Ensure all instances of Mozilla FireFox are closed.
3. Open C:\Program Files\MozillaFirefox\FireFox.exe in ResHacker
4. Navigate to Icon Group\32512\1033 (or something like that)
5. Right-click the icon group, and select “Replace Resource…”
6. Click “Open file with new icon…” and find the icon downloaded in step 1. Click the replace button.
7. Then Save.

Plz use this
thread to post comments or other stuff!”

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