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BMW 320i touring on the road…

Sixt gave me a brand new BMW 320i touring. What a great car! It could use some more bhp but it was fun to drive in every way: Fast and Slow.

Since my GPS logging tool is not working at the moment I just made a picture of the timer that comes with BMWs iDrive. So it’s 9 Minutes 25 seconds for the complete racetrack…very nice.


Microsoft Studentpartner Summit 2006 – panoramic views

I am at the Microsoft Studentpartner Summit 2006 in Duesseldorf-Mettmann at the moment. And of course I made some panoramic views:

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Microsoft Studentpartner Summit 2006 – Düsseldorf-Mettmann

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panoramic pictures of Seattle…

Andreas took those gorgeous panoramic views. Really really great. Don’t miss his blog.

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Microsoft at CeBIT 06

Man, I was exhausted after one day – as usual. But after all it was a great day with many great talks. Even Promise listened to what I had to say… and that’s astonishing…

But since I had the chance to sneak behind the scenes at the Microsoft booth I want to present you a little bit of the pictures I just made…:

The presentation theater as everyone can see it…

That’s the theater from behind… a huge projector and a really big mirror render the HD projection perfect…

that’s hall 2 – which I traditionally do a panoramic view of…

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on the road again

we are on the road again on our way to CeBIT / Hannover… see you there!

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CeBIT plans…

I will be at CeBIT on the 10th of March – it’s the second exhibition day so it shouldn’t be to crowded. Since I am going to be driven this time the only thing I need to do at the moment is creating a plan which booths I should visit… any recommendations? Would you like to meet at CeBIT? Make a comment!


cruise control

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hmm yam yam… an AUDI A3…

After the Sixt-Guy tried to fool me with “hey it’s a VW Polo today” he cough up the right keys for the AUDI A3… nice car…

Hmm… due to the snow it took me more than an hour more to arrive in munich…

that’s not munich ™

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off to Munich…

Despite all the weather warnings I am on my way to Munich…

…see you on the other side…

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Rückblick auf Depeche Mode 2006 in Erfurt

Am Dienstag Abend war es endlich soweit: Nachdem ich bereits im Juni vergangenen Jahres meine Karte gekauft hatte, durfte ich heute meine 58,25€ etwa fünfzig Meter vor mir singen, tanzen und wild herumhopsen sehen.

Die Vorüberlegungen begannen schon am Tag: Früh losfahren, dann lange warten und vorne stehen, oder später losfahren, weniger warten und weiter hinten stehen? Ich entschied mich für letzteres und sortierte in der Zeit meine Kontoauszüge.

Kurz nach 1800 Uhr ging es los. Aber nicht lang. Irgendein Idiot musste auf der A71 einen Unfall bauen. In dem folgenden Stau steckte ich ungeduldige und elendig kalte zwei Stunden. Jetzt musste ich doch warten, nur eben anders. Auch die Vorband bleibt mir erspart. Gegen 2000 Uhr läuft der Verkehr wieder.

Auf dem (natürlich schon) vollen ega-Parkplatz das beliebte Spiel: Ich oder der andere Autofahrer? Wer findet schneller einen Parkplatz…

2045 Uhr angekommen in der Messehalle 1. Auf dem Weg dorthin habe ich noch 20€ gefunden – damit ist ein Drittel des Konzertes refinanziert.

Zehn nach neun geht das Konzert los. Im Gegensatz zur recht neuzeitlichen Exciter-Setliste werden auf dieser Tour wieder eine Reihe von Songs von vor 1986 gespielt. Vor mir steht ein Typ, der das Konzert mit einem MP3-Rekorder aufzeichnet, jedenfalls bis zur vierten Zugabe (Der hätte sich mal besser vorher informiert, wie viele Songs gespielt werden…).

01 – Intro
02 – A Pain That I’m Used To
03 – John The Revelator
04 – A Question Of Time
05 – Policy Of Truth
06 – Precious
07 – Walking In My Shoes
08 – Suffer Well
09 – Damaged People
10 – Home
11 – I Want It All
12 – The Sinner In Me
13 – I Feel You
14 – Behind The Wheel
15 – World In My Eyes
16 – Personal Jesus
17 – Enjoy The Silence
18 – Somebody
19 – Just Can’t Get Enough
20 – Everything Counts
21 – Never Let Me Down Again
22 – Goodnight Lovers

Von der Exciter-Tour haben nur ganze 5 Songs überlebt. Bei Just can’t get enough lief gegen Ende irgendwas mit dem Keyboard schief.

Eine Sache geht mir beim Zuschauen dauernd durch den Kopf: Warum gehen kleine Menschen eigentlich zu Konzerten?

Um 2300 Uhr ist alles vorbei. Zumindest das Konzert. Denn der Abend geht noch etwas länger, denn allein für das Stück zur Autobahn brauche ich eine halbe Stunde. Und jeder, der Erfurt kennt, weiß, dass man beim Messegelände eigentlich schon fast außerhalb der Stadt ist. Nach dem Konzert werden übrigens auch alle Merchandising-Artikel billiger verkauft. Leider habe ich irgendwo meine Eintrittskarte verloren, aber die zwanzig Euro sind ja auch nicht schlecht.

“See you next tour!”

Jens Heymann


berlin emblem in the fog

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the trip to the 22c3, the arrival and some food.

Well here we are – packed with equipment we arrived in Berlin and successfully tested the first encoding-run for the upcoming 22c3 which starts in two days.

hmm… bad weather

this text was on the equipment to discourage thieves

rest place at the A9

finally some food – well maedness had some sandwiches – but finally something hot

the fairy dust has landed

Since we arrived we unpacked all the equpiment and drawn-in our new “office” for the next days: the video studio – which is kind of above/around hall 1.

so here we are… on the right side you can see into hall 1 through the window.

concentrated calculating power – our four encoding machines + one fallback.

Funny thing beside that: we got our own /24 subnet here – peered with 10GE directly to the Berlin CIX. How cool is that 😉

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after a week: update, speakers acting, 22c3, my 360 and more…

I did not write for over a week now – I simply had no time to write – but now I want to give you a short update on what happened the last days:

2. December: the 360 arrives. I had only some time to unpack and testdrive PGR3 – in fact it’s what was promised – the next generation gaming console. (please make a firmware update so that the DVD drive is more quiet).

yes, there’s an apple keyboard attached to the 360.

To raise the pain-bar the desperatly needed XBOX VGA cable is not available anywhere around. I actually have to wait till it’s available again. Until then I am using the 360 via PAL-60 – which is – oh well …

There are some nice and some bad things to say about the 360 – one thing I just found out and impressed me: when you want to type – let’s say in XBOX live – you might want to use the on-screen keyboard. But when you attach a commonly used USB keyboard to the 360 – you can use it for the typing job … I wasn’t expecting that.

late last week I attended the 3rd “Speakers Acting” Training held by Vision Voices Executives Alexandra Schwarze and Martin Marx. As you can imagine it was a fantastic and enriching experience.

And the this weekend it finally happened: SIXT gave me my the first V6 – a Mercedes Benz ML320 – what a … hell of a car.

hmm… a SUV at >220 km/h… hrhr eat this mother nature!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what I did with the addictive ML – We took a trip to Berlin to meet with the guys of the Chaos Computer Club Berlin who are organising the 22th Chaos Communication Congress. As things work out we will be in Berlin at 25th of december with 10 people – recording and streaming the whole congress for you. Working closely together with the guys from congress-tv, congress-streaming… I can only cross fingers and hope that everything is going to happen as planned and discussed.

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:


short trip to dresden, panoramic views and a Ford Galaxy that survived

I spent the whole day in Dresden – introducing Lars Iwer into his new job at Microsoft. But because that did not take the whole day I had some time to walk along Dresden. Actually I underestimated the fact that it’s getting dark quite early at wintertimes. That and because my digital camera isn’t as good as it should be is the cause that there are just some panoramic views from Dresden – not showing any of the usual sights ;-). Oh. I should mention the heroic presentation the Ford Galaxy gave us – yes, Sixt decided to give me another one after the death of the first one.

who designed that?!

since the big picture is >19000 pixels width you can
get a medium size version here.

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we need your help: be a video angel for the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress

This year more than any year before the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress needs your help!

Since FeM e.V. plans to help the team of the 22c3 with equipment and manpower there never can be enough hands to help at such a big event.

If you want to assist and help us recording and streaming the whole congress than surf to the official 22c3 wiki and state your intention to help by contacting the orga-team telling them that you want to be a videoangel.

Source 1:
Source 2:

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Mercedes Benz SLK 200 Kompressor on the “racetrack”

average speed: 193,373239 km/h
top speed: 234 km/h
duration: 00:09:38
track length: 30,51 km

It’s my favourite car. And Sixt was so kind to offer me a “free ride”… this thing is awesome. Finally I got to drive one with compressor. Mercedes listen! I want one! Now!

GPS-Logfile: (29,65 KB)


an introduction into .NET 2.0 (german)

Here are the slides for my talk at the “.NET Chaostage” at the FH-Deggendorf. They are in german so be warned.

Slides Download: Einführung in .NET 2.0.ppt (2,74 MB)
Demos Download: Einführung in .NET (45,13 KB)

Oh…and Torsten Weber took some nice pictures of the FH Deggendorf campus:

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ready to rock: it was launch day!

As you may have noticed I was in Munich on monday. Taking part at the community event and the ready-to-rock launch party at the offices in Unterschlei

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thanks for the Wafer…

I held a 3 hour lecture at the “.NET Chaostage” event at the FH Deggendorf last week and I got this really cool present from Helena:

It’s a real silicon wafer from Intel (of course a not usable one with contamination). But cool, eh?

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Audi A4 TDI 2.0 on the “racetrack”

average speed: 175,7376 km/h
top speed: 222 km/h
duration: 00:10:25
track length: 30,51 km

hmm… too much traffic ;-(

GPS-Log: (32,82 KB)

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AUDI A4 TDI 2.0 on the road…

For the launch day (yesterday!)…Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and Biztalk 2006 launched…yeah!…So I got a Audi A4 for that trip… nice car…very nice car 😉

more this evening…


Ford Galaxy…killed in action

Last friday I was on the streets as usual on my way to a lecture at the FH Deggendorf (.NET Chaostage, you remember?)…It was a normal ride until suddenly the turbocharger decided to stop working for me…Since I was driving at about 180 km/h at this very moment it felt like getting massive headwind.

killed in action.

So…I called the SIXT service and got a new car…a Ford Focus this time…small very very small. But nice to drive. Infact the Ford Galaxy was way more comfortable …

a turbocharger…

Source: Wikipedia Picture

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globalized supersized

one advantage of globalization is the availability of McD’s products even in Beijing. So, let’s test it:

triple layer hamburger with cheese and mystic, but spicy sauce.

a global average total satisfied consumer, ups, guest, of corse!


china good photo guarantee

take out your camera, snap, ready! Just look what my Canon Powershot A300 (3.2 MPx) is able to:

Well, it was early in the morning. But as an ‘after hour’ you’ll have such an aspect, too.

Florian aka medienfloh

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Schloss Seehof (near Bamberg)

Here are some panoramic views that I made today near Bamberg:


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Let’s call it geek-love… since there is the internet and the concept of webcams you can watch your beloved ones passing by wherever they are.

In that case she is on the ship you can see in the images and the webcam archive for the next weeks. The ship is called “Thor Heyerdahl

Sweeeeeet! 😉 “So nah und doch so fern”… he said some minutes ago… he pointed out that Goethe had the idea before him…

Source 1: Skureal Blog
Source 2: Webcam Archiv
Source 3: some infos about the ship

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back from the short break

On thursday the spontaneous idea came up to have a short break (4 days) at the beach. It was cold though – but nevertheless I love the sea (baltic sea in this particular case).

And of course there are some panoramic views ;).

Oh by the way: Who knows where this is?

Thanks to Anna for the 4 days.


some panoramic views of the Duesseldorf harbour…

well…that’s not the harbour, that’s the meeting room…

that’s one part of it… watching straight out of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel…

that’s the view out of my room here…nice, isn’t it?

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journey to the meeting…

hmm… after about 3 hours of driving I arrived at the Frankfurt Airport… waiting for the Intercity Express Train…dude this airport is kinda empty at this time of the year/day.

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off to Microsoft Company Meeting 2005…

For the next 3 days I will be at the Microsoft Company Meeting – a great opportunity to meet some people I normally wouldn’t have the time to…oh and to visit “Starlight Express” in Bochum 🙂

Source: Microsoft Company Meeting 2005

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What The Hack revisited: the teardown

there is the final movie of the last minutes at the What The Hack 2005:


Erics South America trip

I know its been a while since I wrote about Erics trip to South America and promised to write about it… I got all the pictures here and I have to admit that I did not had the time to sort them out and make an article out of it…But this is going to change this week. So stay tuned.

Source: old article

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off to the Netherlands…

so it’s time to start the >600km tour to the Netherlands… we will approx. arrive 6 to 7 AM…

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want to meet at the What The Hack?

After some internal discussions a small delegation of VJs, some DJs, some computer hardcore nerds, some wireless experts, some Microsoft fanatics and some UNIX geeks will be sent to this years What The Hack conference/event…but what’s it anyway?

What The Hack is an outdoor hacker conference/event taking place on a large event-campground in the south of The Netherlands from 28 until 31 July 2005.”

I just organized a Mercedes Sprinter transporter and VW Passat to get all our stuff to the Netherlands and back. It’s planned to start early on the 28th of July.

We won’t come empty-handed! This is what we’ll probably bring:

  • Tables, banks, chairs
  • video projector and screen
  • probably lots of computers
  • networking equipment
    • probably one Cisco Catalyst 3500 (no, not for any Cisco-throwing contest!)
    • a Linksys WRT54G OpenWRT-enabled
  • some Sony DV-cameras
  • some microphones
  • a 12V-powered cooling box
  • a Cafetiere (to make espresso)
  • hopefully enough DECT-phones
  • at least a small PA (home hifi?)
  • a good attitude, (german) humor etc. 😉

Of course you can expect a number of articles on this website straight from the conference.

Anyway. If you want to contact or meet me at the What The Hack just write a comment or an eMail or use one of the DECT phone numbers at the conference:

“You can reach some of the FeM-team by calling our toll-free service number: FEM1 (3361) through FEM5 (3365). A DECT-phone is required (on your side), though.”

Or you just come to the FeM Village where I can be found when I am not in any talk.

Source: our wiki

Source: FeM Village

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TechEd Europe 2005: The Party – Studio 7

That was the coolest Microsoft presented party I’ve taken part in. The live band was great: Scissor Sisters. Man that was an awesome show. So I took some pictures of the location which was calles “Studio 7” – Actually it was Hall 7 of the RAI Conference Center…but see for yourself how it looked:

that’s what I saw when I came into the hall

Well sine there were no refreshments we relied on the fact that there would be proper food at the party. And there was. At about 7 locations inside the hall you could grab Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fishburgers and Stuff.

So. I don’t want to bore you with food pictures and blahblah about the organisation… here are the Scissor Sisters!

a short video…it’s shaky but it gives a feeling.

sorry for the bad quality…it’s just my little cam.

that’s a guy up there…controlling the spotlight.

that’s no genetically modified vaccine or something…it’s just alkohol B-). Hmm.. I don’t drink it actually…it’s just for educational purposes.

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TechEd Europe 2005: 2nd Keynote “The Future of Software”

So there was the second Keynote “The Future of Software” held by the Senior Vice President, Chief Technical Officer for Business Platform of Microsoft David Vaskevitch.

As it was a great keynote it was also a inspiring keynote. I mean: the bottom line of the keynote was: It’ll all be automated. It’ll all be connected and wired together.

Well that’s a great vision. In the first place. Until there came the example: A big company has about 17.000 Employees working in support. And when the vision becomes reality those 17.000 employees won’t be have a job anymore. Anyway: From the shareholders standpoint this is great. But what about the social duties a big company that employs 17.000 people has? Okay, I really missed that point in the keynote. But nevertheless the future will be bright and shiny…

Oh and there was news on WinFS. Well actually it wasn’t news as David Vaskevitch stated it’ll be not shipped within Longhorn. Although there’s a release and shipping plan.

The graphic you can see in the picture above shows the vision the keynote wanted to transport. Try to read it several times… as I did B-)

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London in trouble

Apparently there were several bombings in London – either terroristic or accidently. You probably would be better informed by listening to the mass media instead of this article. But what I want to share with you is the crowd around a TV set here at TechEd Europe 2005. The TV is showing the BBC news…

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TechEd Europe 2005: being a fan of Rafal Lukawiecki

Finally there was some time for a Q&A with Rafal Lukawiecki. And not only that I could talk to one of the best speakers at TechEd by far, I also got his business card + handwritten note.


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TechEd Europe 2005: Refreshments & magic fridges

There’s (almost) no Microsoft event without Refreshments and magic fridges. So there’s almost no conference blogging without blogging about those life-improving features.

(this picture has nothing to do with this article ™)

refilling the refreshment


So this year there’s almost the same service as it was last year. Great and tasty! Always refreshing. But where’s Pepsi? 😉

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TechEd Europe 2005: Billboard panoramic view

This is a quite good panoramic view of the RAI Conference Center entry…and the Microsoft Billboards …

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TechEd Europe 2005: forgot to blog the meal!

Today we had the best meal at TechEd by far!

hungry, eh?

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TechEd Europe 2005: the RFID conspiracy

there’s a little sticker on the every TechEd 205 badge and they say it’s an experiment/demonstration for the keynote which is going to take place tomorrow. Infact the paper I’ve got with the badge said that there is indeed an RFID device embedded into the sticker. That device holds a random number (approx. the one printed on the sticker). The deal is that there seems to be a demonstration how the people are coming into the keynote hall…some kind of monitoring – probably a demonstration that modern RFID technology doesn’t surrender when 6000+ RFIDs are going to enter the same room.

of course I’ve taken a closer look:

Nothing really new or interesting. Anyone that knows something about those tags?


TechEd Europe 2005: I am just one of those “white-shirts”

Arrived! So we got here really early. And this year, after the really really ugly bag of the last years TechEd there is finally a great TechEd bag!!!

I told you it’s empty:

So. I think It’ll get crowded in a hour or something.

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TechEd Europe 2005: controllable Webcams of the Amsterdam RAI

The TechEd Europe 2005 hasn’t started yet but the interactive Webcams are online. You can look into some of the halls, the Keynote Hall for example:

And you can control the webcam with some presets.

some other cams…


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why the Golden Tulip in Amsterdam rocks

After the smooth and on-time arrival at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. After meeting with Matej we checked in at our hotel “Golden Tulip Inntel” and guess what: They have free wireless Internet Access in the Hotel … just everywhere. Finest 54Mbit … and it’s 54 Mbit… whoooo!

Actually what alarms me is the fact that there’s simply no security at all. You just connect to the WLAN and you have Internet Access. Nothings filtered. Just working Internet as is should be… I asked the reception if they aren’t concerned about the fact that somebody could possibly do some … well … illegal things from their WLAN… I think they did not understand what I meant… so I just yelled “Hack the planet” and went to my room… 😉



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off to TechEd Europe 2005@Amsterdam

I am on my way to Amsterdam. It’ll probably take one day for me to get apropriate Internet Access – so don’t cry when there’s no update until tomorrow.

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ADAC Driver Training Movie…playing with iMovie HD

I played a little bit with iMovie HD … hmm … I wouldn’t call the results bad…

Click to view the movie (21 Mb)

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TechEd Europe 2005: What about a blogger meeting/dinner?

I thought about the possibility to have a blogger dinner/meeting at TechEd Europe this year. Since there were only a few bloggers on last years european TechEd we had no meeting – but this year I expect a lot more bloggers to be on TechEd. So if you’re at TechEd Europe 2005 and want to meet with other bloggers, just comment here. We’ll find a place and time.

Source 1: TechEd Europe 2005
Source 2: TechEd Bloggers


ADAC Driver Training Impressions

On the 25th June there was the ADAC Driver Training in Linthe/near Berlin. For me it was the first training

look whats happening when your rear axle is forced to go left/right…

the trainer explains…

an A6 at grip limit…

this is me nearly underwater.

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