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ADAC Driver Training panoramic views

on the day we had our training Daimler Chrysler had an event on the track…so they had every car Daimler Chrysler is building for fun purpose…

the reception…

pole position!

a short briefing before the fun starts…

this is a 360 degree panoramic view of the brake-test-track. Beware: it’s huge!

the gyro…drive as fast and as safe as you can … the white area is slippery … was especially fun to drive with disabled ESP … in the front of the picture you can see the cars waiting for their turn.

a short movie of the A4 in the gyro

the pylon track…and the cars waiting…

another line of cars waiting for the start…

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the AUDI A3 2.0 TDI on the “racetrack”

average speed: 184,2804
top speed: 221 km/h
duration: 00:10:04
track length: 30,51 km

Speed Diagram

It was real fun to drive this car. 140hp is well…where fun starts. So this car has an amazing acceleration…the top-speed is, well okay but not great compared to the BMWs or MBs. Actually I had the chance to drive the A3 on a real race track which doubled the fun after switching the ESP off…pictures of that, soon…

GPS-Log: (30,63 KB)


ADAC Driver Training Trip vehicle

Tomorrow I am in Berlin for one of those ADAC Driver Trainings. And SIXT was so great to organize that Audi A3 (2.0 TDI) for me… when I called them this morning they were short on cars… but they managed it… hail SIXT! 😉

So expect some more words on the A3 and a race track feature.


Microsoft Technical Summit Tour 2005

On wednesday I was in Munich for the Microsoft Technical Summit Tour 2005. Of course I made some panoramic views of the environment. Enjoy!

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Thank you for registering to attend…

this was in the mail this morning:

So… let’s get the party started…

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hmm… Gold!

Well after my friend and colleague Andreas Heil got his card…they where so kind to send me mine…

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Pictures of the Excursion to Microsoft Germany Headquarters

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panoramic views of Microsoft Germany

For teasing purposes here are some panoramic views of the excursion we made on this friday:

the audience is listening

the main entrance

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one week of work

The last week was by far the most work-loaded week since months. I had even so much work I couldn’t manage to write for schrankmonster.

Anyway. I’ve saved several 10 articles that I’ll be making public shortly. To tease you. I’ve wrote a Review about the brand new Maxivista 2 Professional, which is a great software for power-users and people with more than one display.

But for now some pictures. Since I travelled a lot the last week (two times to Munich and one time to Aachen) I made several pictures on the journeys.

This is the Ford Focus cMax I’ve got from SIXT for the days. A great car and really really great to drive. More on that soon.

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TechEd Europe 2005 – so… 50% preparations complete.

So. Registration is done. Now I need the Accomodation for the week in Amsterdam…. and the flight…

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Excursion to Microsoft Germany Headquarters

Am 10. Juni 2005 veranstalten die Fachschaftsr

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theSpoke on tour

Time for a public service announcement:

theSpoke ON TOUR besucht vom 30.05. bis 08.06.2005 bundesweit zehn Städte. Die Roadshow bietet Know-How, Markttrends und Karrieretipps für alle technisch interessierten.

Themen sind:

  • Mobility
  • Games Development
  • Direct X Basics

In Berlin und Dortmund findet zudem der theSpoke Games Cup statt.

Die Inhalte:

1. Games Development

Der Vortrag gibt eine kurze Übersicht über die Architektur der Microsoft DirectX-Komponenten. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf der Spieleentwicklung von 3D Spielen in C++. Die Direct3D Programmierung wird anhand eines einfachen, leicht verständlichen Beispieles illustriert. Zudem wird eine Übersicht über Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten und die Anforderungen vom Arbeitsmarkt gegeben. Die Schwerpunkte werden je nach Veranstaltung und Speaker unterschiedlich liegen.

2. Mobile Geräte

Thema sind mobile Webanwendungen sowie Smart Clients auf Basis von .NET Compact Framework und der mobilen Datenbank SQL Server 2005 Mobile. Anhand von Live-Programmierung wird die Erstellung von Anwendungen gezeigt. Zudem werden die Pocket PCs und Smartphones Next Generation vorgestellt. Neben dem technischen Teil erfolgt auch ein kurzer Abriss über die Marktsituation für mobile Entwickler und die Anforderungen, die man für den Einstieg in diesen Bereich mitbringen sollte.

Hier die Termine der einzelnen Veranstaltungen:

    Ort Thema Termin  
    Dresden Mobile
13 – 15
    Leipzig Games
Development – Direct X
30.05.05, 09 – 11
31.05.05, 16 – 18
    Berlin Games
Development & Games Cup      
01.06.05, 18 – 20
    München Games
Development – Direct X
01.06.05, 16 – 18
    Karlsruhe Games
01.06.05, 17 – 19
    Ilmenau Mobile
03.06.05, 15 – 17
    Erlangen Games
Development – Direct X
07.06.05, 12 – 14
    Dortmund Games
Development & Games Cup
08.06.05, 15 – 17
    Hamburg Mobile
08.06.05, 15 – 17

Natürlich kann man sich sofort anmelden:

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Renault Scenic 1.6

I forgot to post a picture of the car:


Backpacking in South America

Finally all the cool pictures from Erics last tour in South America arrived on my machine. So expect some really great pictures of even greater scenery.

I am working on several articles – but I want to start with the tour-overview map. It’s a map that shows the whole tour:

Source: Backpacking Teaser

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the Renault Scenic 1.6 on the “racetrack”

the facts:

average speed: 179,046901 km/h
top speed: 207 km/h
duration: 00:10:21
track length: 30,51 km

not Vmax but okay…

GPS-Log: (32,37 KB)


arrived in Kassel at the STC 2005

we arrived after a two hour ride …

I managed to get wireless LAN access for the whole area… great so far 😉 Better than last year. Oh. Mr. Seeber asked me to link to his weblog…hmkay.

more coverage soon…

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off to Kassel

I am off to Kassel. “See you on the other side.”


Student Technology Conference 2005:

The 2nd Student Technology Conference starts tomorrow morning in Kassel. For two days students are invited to discuss interesting and new technologies from Microsoft. There will be several Workshops and a Fun-Part.

As a special highlight the national finals of the Imagine Cup 2005 will be held parallel to the talks.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it. So there it’s going to take place: Kongress Palais Kassel:

From Ilmenau it’s approximately a 2 hour trip. So more fun to come 😉

Here is the final agenda (on the website it’s not up-to-date):

Wednesday, 18.05.2005:

Thursday, 19.05.2005:

Source: STC 2005 Homepage

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sit down and relax

When in Rome …

Did I mention that this sign was made particularly for our chinese fellow students?

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does he have a rust problem?

Umm… on the way to the next lecture I came by this car. When I can see through the fender straight to the ground…

You can “clearly” see the hand of Atze.

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This sucker’s electrical, but I need a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21 jigawatts of electricity I need.

A Microsoftie made this picture on his way to work:

a nuclear DeLorean?

thanks to Andreas



This morning in Weimar,Germany…

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SEAT Toledo 1.6 on the “racetrack”

harhar…namenlos contacted me this evening that he wants to measure his brand new Toledo. So let’s not stand on ceremony: 

the facts:

average speed: 175,2794118 km/h
top speed: 202 km/h
duration: 00:10:21
track length: 30,51 km

speed diagram


track diagram

This is the Toledo:

download the GPS Logfile here: (32,74 KB)



SEAT Arosa 1.0 on the “racetrack”

Cosrahn and I decided that a dinner would be great … and I took the opportunity to measure my 54PS Arosa on the “racetrack”:

the facts:

average speed: 143,6209677 km/h
top speed: 164 km/h
duration: 00:12:38
track length: 30,51 km

speed diagram

track diagram

download the GPS Logfile here:

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there’s light at the end of the tunnel

driving the A71

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watching things go from the hotel room

This picture was taken from my hotel room in the 9th floor. Near the main station in munich.

no tripod. just with my crappy digital camera.

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there’s something going on in Naples…

whooo… something crucial is going on

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the BMW 320d on the “racetrack”

the facts:

average speed: 176,63711 km/h
top speed: 226 km/h
duration: 00:10:19
track length: 30,51 km

speed diagram

track diagram

download the GPS Logfile here: (33,35 KB)

Oh and of course a picture of the lovely 320d:

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off to munich – traffic warning!

If you are on the 19th of April between 0500 and 1100 on the A9 on your way to munich. Beware of this car:

Okay. Jokes aside. I am off to munich to attend the second part of the “Speakers Acting” workshop held by Visionvoice.



TechEd Europe 2005 – I’ll be there

Great news! I’ll be at this years TechEd in Amsterdam to…

“..find out about the latest information on Microsoft technologies and tools, whilst networking with industry leaders. Take part in four days of in-depth technical training and evaluation on current and soon-to-be released technologies. “

If you want to meet me there, drop me a line.


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Le Tigre on Wednesday; Club Maria, Berlin

*rawr* It seems that the opportunity is near to hear and see Le Tigre live the next days: Wednesday to be precise. There are only some tickets left at the box office. So I’ll drive to Berlin and see if I can get in…would be great…


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Granufunk album Release

Today granufunk aka Jacob Grain contacted me after he got back from London, His first record was officially released yesterday – pictures of the party will be available shortly! And don’t forget to read the other article about granufunk.

“GRANUFUNK’is an album of magnetic originality; a true case of opposites attracting. The minimalist, oft haunting calmness underlying each song is masterfully juxtaposed against the agitated rhythms and glitchy beats inherent in each track. While the seamless continuity lies in its stargazing melancholia and curious wisdom, ‘GRANUFUNK’ surprises at every opportunity, utilising discordant grinding beats, whispering bi-lingual lyrics (by guest vocalist Sonni Plankton),delicate programming, booming basslines, and spine-tingling melodies. Throughout, GRANUFUNK creates a unique ambience through a mixture of harsh scarred urban brokenbeat and earthy jazz. ‘GRANUFUNK’ is an album of rich, poignant material, with a potent lingering after effect.”


As a result of the album-release by the label sonic360, granufunk is also available via iTunes.

Source 1:
Source 2: iTunes Music Store
Source 3: granufunk article
Source 4: granufunk christmas album download

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the perfect hotel for the Technology-Ninja of today

Tim told us his vision of the perfect „Nerd Hotel“ of today. And I totally agree with him. Everytime when I am in a hotel it’s just pain-in-the-ass to get internet access and even more painfull to get enough outlets.

He made a list what the perfect “Nerd Hotel” would at least need to qualify as one:

  1. free Internet access
  2. enough ports (RJ45/power) in a room this means:

    1. at least one port per desk/bed
    2. at least one three power outlets per desk/bed

  3. 1 notebook desk for inbed-use (per bed)
  4. a minium of 2Mbit downlink speed for the Internet access and not less than 50% uplink speed
  5. free 802.11b wireless LAN everywhere
  6. DHCP in the LAN and please no strange security behaviour…it will certainly get “fixed” by the nerds
  7. no port filtering/filtering at all
  8. 99,9 percent network reliability (power and internet uplink)
  9. no NAT for IPv4 if possible
  10. IPv6 would be fantastic
  11. internal gigabit network/fast in-house network
  12. every ethernet port is a switch-port (to prevent sniffing)
  13. DVD/CD first-aid kits at reception

I’m sure that we’ll find several more – So feel free to comment this article and tell us!


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night hike

We (cosrahn,namenlos,me) took a night hike to the local food supplier. Beside the fact that I discovered places I never would imagine to be near the Campus we had some fun with namenlos’ always-handy-“EOS 300D”…

this is me…laughing and glowing

Actually I had a LED torch…and because it was to bright I used my thumb to dim the brightness…so it’s red because of my thumb

a train passing by…

Actually it was pitch black… only some lights from the … I call it town … and from the train.

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finally back at home

after more than 3400km with different cars I’m finally back at home for the weekend and some more days… yehaaa

“btk-on-the-road”-Map of this week

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Microsoft Student Partner Summit Video

I finally made it ready to be viewed. Photos by me, Music by Emma’s Mini.

“Emma’s mini is a duo based in Seattle, WA. They first started making music together in March of 2002 and in April of 2003 they self-released their first album, beat generation mad trick. “

Enjoy it.


(edited entireley in Microsoft Movie Maker 2.1 and Picasa2)

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Jever Indoor Skiing Hall Neuss, Germany

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well – the Internet Uplink is not as fast as i expected – we even have only one cable and no wireless LAN… that sucks – so I just uploaded the Thumbnail Pictures – when I have a better Uplink I’ll upload the big-pictures as soon as possible. As well as some really big panoramic views of the Skiing Hall and the Meeting Room.

So stay tuned.

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Off to the Microsoft Studentpartner Summit 05

So I went to my favourite Sixt-“Dealer” and ordered a car…and I got, well an A-Class Mercedes Benz. It’s okay – it could be worse (VW Golf…). But the Navigation-System did not work…it just says: Activate me! – How’s that… well I surely complain about that…

Country not active?!

MB A-Class 170

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hands on the gizmondo

In germany the gizmondo will launch at the end of may – but at the CeBIT i’ve got the chance to take a closer look. I’ve already written an article about the gizmondo some months ago.

Okay. Now my first impressions: The thing is definitly smaller than a PSP – mainly because the display is smaller. Compared to other mobile gaming devices the gizmondo has fewer buttons – if thats good or bad – time will show. On the demo units at CeBIT only some media-demonstrations and two games where shown: Both games were 2D games from SEGA. I’ll say something more on that later first i would like to discuss the media capabilities of the gizmondo.

As far as i could see you can put almost any sort of media data on the gizmondo via the SD-Card slot. Of course you get a fancy menu from where you can select all sorts of media like pictures, music and videos. Because the gizmondo runs Windows Mobile its mediaplaying capabilities can be easily extended in the future. – For me it seemed that its not the normal Windows Mobile 2003 but a custom built Windows CE Version. Nevertheless cool. As far as i could see there was only one demo video (some Nelly music video…) – and this video, well… lets say it nice: they have to tweak a little bit on that particular feature because its not as smooth as one would expect. But from the technical specification of the gizmodo (fast as hell mobile graphic controller from nvidia) i would expect better results when the gizmondo would play my own content.

Unfortunatly there was no 3D or GPS game that i could test – only some really old SEGA Conversions/Emulations ran on the demo units. The fact is: This little thing has the required graphic horse power to ensure great gaming performance in 3D games. Well Richard Burns Ralley or Colors looked great – definitly a step forward (until the PSP launches?)… in the future the 2nd, 3rd generation games on the gizmondo will raise the graphic quality and the number of effects.

Well finally some words about the technical specification: until CeBIT i thought (and was told) that the gizmondo will have a 320×240 pixels display – but they told me it has a 640×480 display – and it looked more like the bigger resolution. Beside that it will have the GSM Module – but only for SMS / MMS and GPRS – you cannot use it as a mobile phone replacement (nokia loves that news, because you’ll have to buy their NGage if you want that particular feature). Really cool is that the gizmondo comes with a GPS Module. I can think of thousand possible GPS based games that could be played via the GPRS Connection with hundreds and thousands of people simultaneously… lets see what time brings (hopefully the gprs rates will fall)

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some CeBIT 05 panoramic views

of course i took some panoramic views at CeBIT 05 – well without any tripod but i think they are not too bad. Click on them to get the really big picture.

the car park next to hall 21

hall 2

hall 2, different angle

i really liked the o2 booth – looks really great, doesn’t it.


teh orbs

look what i got from CeBIT 😉 – Those little gizmos can glow in thousands of colors…you can switch between the colors (well.. not all..yet.. i think i’ll modify them)… and a mode that cycles seemlessly through all the colors.

its blue.

its red and green.

its from Microsoft…

I just thought about modifying them – because they are battery powered i like to get them an appropriate power supply and maybe an usb interface … would be great to see them pulse when an eMail or instant message arrives….


Off to CeBIT

I am off to CeBIT…

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der CLK 200 Kompressor auf der “Rennstrecke”

Die Fakten:

Durchschnitts-Geschwindigkeit:165,7876923 km/h
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 231 km/h
Dauer: 00:10:57
Streckenlänge: 30,51 km

GPS-Log Datei downloaden

und extra für mas:


i´m done for today

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Sixt war schonwieder nett…

heute gabs einen CLK 200 Kompressor in Avantgarde Ausführung… nunja – das ist so quasi auch das Auto was ich privat anvisiert habe…der CLK ist auch bis dato neben dem SLK das für mich angenehmste Auto das ich bei Sixt bisher “geschossen” habe… bin begeistert!

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der BMW 318i auf der “Rennstrecke”

Die Fakten:

Durchschnitts-Geschwindigkeit: 178,4791319 km/h
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 225 km/h
Dauer: 00:10:11
Streckenlänge: 30,51 km


Track-Overview “Rennstrecke”

GPS-Log Datei downloaden


brumm brumm brumm: BMW 318i

Sixt war lieb zu mir… heute gabs den:

Wenn denn blos das Wetter mitmachen würde – denn so wie auf dem Bild sieht auch die Autobahn aus – und das ist richtig schade bei so einem Auto… ich hatte nur kurz Zeit auf trockener Bahn zu fahren…aber leider ohne GPS Log…

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Sonntag: Uni Chemnitz, Linuxtage
Dienstag: München, Meeting
Freitag: Hannover, CeBIT
Montag, Dienstag: Neuss, Meeting
Mittwoch: München, Meeting

Ich brauch einen eigenen Jet!

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der CeBIT Messeplaner ist da

So..die Messevorbereitungen gehen in die heisse Phase: ab sofort steht der Messe-Planer für PDA´s und Smartphones zum Download bereit. Ich hab meinen MDA direkt damit ausgestattet und werd heut abend mal planen gehen – und dann vielleicht die Liste hier morgen online stellen…


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