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Formula Student 2008

Since last year FeM is recording and live streaming the annual Formula Student Event in Germany:

“Screeching tires, smouldering heads and impressive technical innovations – welcome to the Formula Student Germany 2008!
Join the Brunel Race at our stand. As a virtual race driver you’ll be able to win the Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring. The fastest driver gets the chance to win 2 tickets for the Formula 1 Event at Nürburgring 2009.”

If you don’t know what Formula Student is…you may want to read this:

“Students build a single seat formula racecar with which they can compete against teams from all over the world. The competition is not won solely by the team with the fastest car, but rather by the team with the best overall package of construction, performance, and financial and sales planning.

Formula Student challenges the team members to go the extra step in their education by incorporating into it intensive experience in building and manufacturing as well as considering the economic aspects of the automotive industry. Teams take on the assumption that they are a manufacturer developing a prototype to be evaluated for production. The target audience is the non-professional Weekend-Racer, for which the racecar must show very good driving characteristics such as acceleration, braking and handling. It should be offered at a very reasonable cost and be reliable and dependable. Additionally, the car’’s market value increases through other factors such as aesthetics, comfort and the use of readily available, standard purchase components.

The challenge the teams face is to compose a complete package consisting of a well constructed racecar and a sales plan that best matches these given criteria. The decision is made by a jury of experts from the motorsport, automotive and supplier industries. The jury will judge every team’s car and sales plan based on construction, cost planning and sales presentation. The rest of the judging will be done out on the track, where the students demonstrate in a number of performance tests how well their self-built racecars fare in their true environment.”


Starting this friday there will be a livestream available (Flash and Windows Media). Great stuff!

Source 1: Livestream
Source 2:
Source 3:

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FIWAK 2008 is near!

Once again it’s time for the annual forest-lan-partyesk-camp organized and held by FeM e.V..

It’s the 5th FIWAK (FemImWaldAußerKontrolle) taking place from 20th to 22nd June 2008 in the Forest (Freilichtbühne) near Elgersburg/Germany.

You can still sign up if you like to come and watch the lectures and camp with the people there. If you like to get an more detailed impression of the last FIWAK just take a look here.

Source 1: everything about FIWAK on this blog.
Source 2: FIWAK Einschreibesystem

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Chaos Communication Camp 2007 – watch the livestreams FeM is broadcasting

Once again FeM is recording and live streaming a Chaos Computer Club event. The Chaos Communication Camp starts today and you can watch everything live:

“The Chaos Communication Camp is an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms. The Camp features two conference tracks with interesting lectures, a workshop-track and over 30 villages providing workshops and gettogethers covering a specific topic.”

Chaos Communication Camp 2007
The International Hacker Open Air Gathering
8|9|10|11|12th August 2007
Finowfurt near Berlin, Germany (Old Europe)

“You can participate! Bring your tent and join our villages. The Camp has everything you need: power, internet, food and fun. The 100.000 square meter areal features enough space to camp, cozy places to hang out and a nice pool and lake to swim and do nautic experiments.”


There are two lecture halls called “foo” and “bar”:

Live Stream (WMV) “foo”
Live Stream (WMV) “bar”

Of course like at every CCC event you can grab an up-to-date schedule called “Fahrplan” here. The only thing I did not mention yet is the FeM-Village Wiki page…oh well..done 🙂

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:
Source 4:

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what would you do with a brand new CISCO 6509 ? Right. Have a tea break on it.

Oh well. Just after the 43 thousand Euro pile-of-metal arrived some of our office-technicians just thought: It’s tea time, we got a new toy, would that blend?

So they got the tea set and the digital camera out:

We don’t just think of our new hardware as the core equipment of a enormous network. We think of it… well… in a different way.


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how (almost) everything works at ISWIsion

Namenlos wrote about how almost everything is held together at this years ISWI technically. Well he even draw something neat to look at and say “Look, that we did!”

“Die Audiostrecke wird mittels 6 Behringer Ultragain Pro-8 Digital ADA8000 aufgebaut. Diese Geräte nehmen 8 Kanäle Audio via XLR entgegen und setzen die auf eine ADAT-Verbindung über ein TOS-Link-Kabel um. Da die TOS-Links nur 10m weit gehen hängt an jedem Behringer ein ADAT-Extender, der das ganze gleich auf Glasfaser umsetzt. So kommt der Ton vom Studio zur Regie und zurück. Zusätzlich liegen noch 5 Strecken Video (so ein Fernsehsender ganz ohne Bild is ja auch nix.). Zum Abschluss verteilt in der Fischerhütte nochmal ein HP Procurve 2524 ein bischen Netz an die Surfterminals und die Leute vom ebenfalls dort beheimateten L.i.g.h.t. Projekt.”

And then deka came and created another drawing of the Live Streaming infrastructure:


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ISWI 2007 is NOW!

Today ISWI starts for the ISWIsion and ISWIradio team!!

From June 1st to 10th, a group of approximately 50 students of the university daily presents a TV show about this get-together with all its events and participants. Most of them are members of the student broadcast station called iSTUFF, a department of the Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V. (FeM e.V.).
The ISWIsion studio is located in the Fischerhütte at Langewiesener Straße 22. The former glass manufactory is being remodeled into our media centre for the traditional ISWI. All shows will be broadcast live and in English via internet stream, campuscable on channel 3 and – for the first time – via DVB-T on channel 23 in the whole city zone of Ilmenau.”

You can get the always up-to-date schedule here.

ISWIsion starts in a few minutes…check it out via live stream!!!

Source 1:
Source 2:

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ISWI – ISWISION Radio and FeM DVB-T parts coming together…

There’s something great going to happen this summer. After the great experience we had with the DVB-T TV Station of the Maintech guys at the 23c3 Achim decided that it would be great to have such a DVB-T TV Station for FeM e.V.. He went through the hassle of getting a license and organized the needed hardware. Today one of the important parts arrived… but first a teaser:

Yes! FeM is going to broadcast 24 hours a day from June 2nd to 10th the ISWISION and ISWIradio via DVB-T on channel 23 (490 Mhz). Today the antenna arrived… this thing is humongeous:

Achim wants me to shout out to the partners of this DVB-T FeM e.V. project: Maintech GmbH and SR-Systems. Consider that done.

If you want more information stay tuned on technology-ninja. In the meantime you can read the press feedback:

Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronischer Medien e. V. veranstaltet erstmals Ereignisfernsehen

Anlässlich der traditionellen Internationalen Studentenwoche Ilmenau 2007 (ISWI 2007) wird die Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e. V. vom 1. bis 10. Juni erstmals Ereignisfernsehen veranstalten. Im Stadtgebiet von Ilmenau wird das Programm als DVB-T-Signal (Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting – digitaler Fernsehempfang über Antenne) ausgestrahlt. Zu sehen sein werden Live-Sendungen aus der Fischerhütte in Ilmenau, Übertragungen von Veranstaltungen sowie eine Sendeschleife mit Veranstaltungshinweisen und Wiederholungen. Zusätzlich wird die DVB-T-Frequenz genutzt, um das Programm vom Ilmenauer Studentenfernsehfunk und von Radio hsf zu verbreiten.” (Press release, Thüringer Landesmedienanstalt)

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:
Source 4:
Source 5:

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now nothing can go wrong this summer… Club-Mate delivered

This is just one of the 40 bottles now in my possession. They’ll probably will last just a few weeks but this time somethings different!

Thanks to the heroic work of some there’s now a distributor in Ilmenau for Club-Mate. That makes is a whole lot easier to get the beloved stuff.

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want some ebm-industrial music? Lascif Corpse live!

It seems that tomorrow “Lascif Corpse” going to do a gig in Ilmenau and I want to encourage you to see them live on stage in the BI-Club(admission is 2€ reduced /4€ full).

If you cannot drop by you also can tune into the live stream the FeM Streaming Team is going to send out over the intertubes. Yes that’s right: the complete concert is available through a live stream.

Tune into the live stream around 2200 CEST and watch a great concert…

Until that go to their mySpace site and listen to some songs…

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:
Source 4: mms://

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there’s a big ass tv when you need it

I was forced to do other things yesterday evening when my friends of FeM e.V. decided to take out their big-ass tv and play a some WiiSports on a house…

Of course that little game had a purpose: They wanted to test if the Sanyo projector is bright enough for the upcoming drive-in cinema season…

You can read more (in german however) on the official FeM blog.

Source 1: big-ass tv
Source 2: official blog

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FeM FIWAK 2007

The trailer for this years FIWAK is done:

Video: FIWAK 07 Trailer

Source: FIWAK Homepage

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Happy Birthday FeM!

FeM e.V. – which translates into “Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.” which then translates into “research community for electronic media” – is now officially 10 years old. Happy Birthday!

And to celebrate this birthday there will be some great events:

25.04., 2100h: iSTUFF – FeM Geburtstagssendung (Public Viewing im BC-Club – entrance free!!!)

26.04., 2100h: hfc Sondervorführung – “12 Monkeys” (Helmholtz-Hörsaal – entrance free!!!)

28.04., entrance 1930h – starts 2000h: Spezial Chillout Lounge (Mensa der TU Ilmenau – entrance free!!!)

Source: FeM e.V. blog

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burn kitchen, burn

Oh dear, that stinks! Someone must have left some things on the cooker… damn you!

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[UPDATE] Vista is available for download

If you’re experiencing low download rates…well:

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*UPDATE* dotnetcommunity INETA usergroup successfully founded

Yesterday the first usergroup meeting took place in the computer pool of the faculty of mechanical engineering. Sven and Nico had their lectures for which you can get the slides as soon as possible on the website of the usergroup.


Windows Presentation Foundation (Sven Hubert)

AJAX with ASP.NET (Nico Orschel)


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the first snow

(thanks to mehdorn for the cool stats)

And finally after a week of decreasing temperatures it’s snowing for the first time this autumn/winter…

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Vista and Office University Roadshow 2006

The event is over and it was great! More than 7 hours of new information compressed into 8 talks were presented today. If you missed the event, don’t worry: you can download the slidedecks here and of course if you like, you can participate in another University-Roadshow 2006 event in another german city (complete list and subscription here). If you like to attend some more talks at the TU-Ilmenau you can watch out for the local community website: – Since we’re in the process of building a INETA .NET Community here in Ilmenau we’re planning several events in the next months. Oh, to name one: on the 25th and 26th of next month there’s a ASP.NET workshop, held by my colleague Nico Orschel. More information on that can be found on dotnetcommunity.

The Slidedecks are available in three different formats(german language versions only):

Windows Vista für Jedermann (Daniel Kirstenpfad):


campus world-championship HDR

ThamThon did the pictures and I did the HDR rendering…


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Rechnen an der Uni

In den heutigen, von Terrorgefahren verunsicherten Zeiten, passen sich die Menschen auch an ganz unerwarteten Stellen den Gegebenheiten an.

Aus dem aktuellen Statistik-I-Übungsskript, Aufgabe 20:

“Unter den 20 Passagieren eines Charterfluges befinden sich zwei Bewaffnete, die das Flugzeug entführen wollen. Zehn Passagiere werden zufällig ausgewählt und genau untersucht. Wie groß ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit dafür, dass die beiden Bewaffneten unentdeckt bleiben?”

Na dann, frohes Rechnen…

Jens Heymann

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setting up the 6509-ng

So our test-drive 6509 is setup-and-going in the local junk server room. As you can see the room is obviously used for two different purposes. On the one hand it’s a windowless central network service point…and on the other it’s… oh dear…take a look for yourself:

When you come closer…you see…:

TWO 6509!!!!..
an old one(in the rack) and the new one (on the ground)

And to raise some pulses -a module listing:

c6509-ng#sh module
Mod Ports Card Type Model Serial No.
— —– ————————————– —————— ———–
3 48 CEF720 48 port 10/100/1000mb Ethernet WS-X6748-GE-TX xxxxxxxxxxx
4 24 CEF720 24 port 1000mb SFP WS-X6724-SFP xxxxxxxxxxx
5 2 Supervisor Engine 720 (Active) WS-SUP720-3B xxxxxxxxxxx
7 6 Firewall Module WS-SVC-FWM-1 xxxxxxxxxxx

Mod MAC addresses Hw Fw Sw Status
— ———————————- —— ———— ———— ——-
3 0000.0000.0000 to 0000.0000.0000 1.0 12.2(14r)S5 12.2(18)SXD7 Ok
4 0000.0000.0000 to 0000.0000.0000 2.3 12.2(14r)S5 12.2(18)SXD7 Ok
5 0000.0000.0000 to 0000.0000.0000 4.4 8.1(3) 12.2(18)SXD7 Ok
7 0000.0000.0000 to 0000.0000.0000 3.0 7.2(1) 2.3(4) Ok

Mod Sub-Module Model Serial Hw Status
— ————————— —————— ———— ——- ——-
3 Centralized Forwarding Card WS-F6700-CFC xxxxxxxxxxx 2.0 Ok
4 Centralized Forwarding Card WS-F6700-CFC xxxxxxxxxxx 2.0 Ok
5 Policy Feature Card 3 WS-F6K-PFC3B xxxxxxxxxxx 2.1 Ok
5 MSFC3 Daughterboard WS-SUP720 xxxxxxxxxxx 2.3 Ok

Oh…something that raised our pulses… a 6513 in one of the other Network Service Points…yummi:

At the moment the ahzf and cosrahn are playing with the machine…so more stuff is definitly to come soon.

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Ilmenau drive-in cinema

Once a year the HFC (HochschulFilmClub) organises a drive-in cinema. And yesterday was the first of two days of drive-in cinema in Ilmenau. Unfortunately a storm came up just before the show started. I was ready in place for the movie and then the HFC decided to cancel the event for this time…

They told us to come back the next day…well I don’t have time 🙁 So no drive-in cinema for this year for me.

Oh…we (Microsoft) even sponsored the event…


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the knowledge of our time: Berkeley courses available for free download (audio)

Berkeley University of California just made a great number of their audio courses available for free download on iTunes. Just tune in and get a taste of cal.

I actually got a taste of the incomparability of two universities… The courses are great!

ACCESS & DOWNLOAD COURSES on your computer or MP3 player
LISTEN TO EVENTS about the Arts, Education, Politics, Science and Technology
BE CONNECTED with what’s happening at UC Berkeley

But Berkeley is not the only university which has some sort of online-courses. FeM e.V. offers you a growing number of complete courses of the TU-Ilmenau with video+audio.

Source 1: Berkeley on iTunes

Source 2: FeM e.V. Streaming TU-Ilmenau


sun and rain over Ilmenau…

Hey it’s april! And on my way home I took some pictures…giving you an impression of the cloudy sky which is characteristic for Ilmenau at this time of the year…

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the new rythm

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning my feathered friends!

The new semester starts today and I successfully introduced a new diurnal rythm. It’s quite hard to go to sleep at 12 PM when you did go at 5 AM the last months. But it worked. It’s 7:30 AM and I am awake, already showered and fit to start the day.

Even the sun is shining… a bit…


Virtual Server 2005 R2: Implementing production servers…

In case you’re wondering why I am not writing that much articles at the moment…

I am currently working on the Virtual Server Implementation of the MSDNAA download servers for 4 universities here in germany…

Source: Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2


bumps ahead…

I am migrating the currently running MSDNAA download server solution to a Virtual Server 2005 R2 based solution. Since some of the portions of / are running on those machine you may experience some bumps in the next hours…

Everything on / should work by the time the sun shows up in europe…

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winter is here to stay…

I thought winter would be over after seeing the temperatures raise on the 19th of February…

But I should have known better… so it was more like this today:

Just not to forget… a picture of warmer times:

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Ach ja, immer wieder ein schönes Gefühl, in einer Klausur zu sitzen und zu merken, dass man die Tage vorher das falsche Zeug gelernt hat.

Das Einzige, was man neben neuen Erfahrungen mitnimmt, sind die lange nicht mehr gesehenen Bekannten und die recht zahlreichen “Dosen” (Ja, sowas gibts auch in Ilmenau…).

Wobei es sich nicht um irgendeine Klausur handelte, sondern um Statistik I. Wer jemals fühlen möchte, was es heißt, zu einer verhassten Minderheit zu gehören, der sei MTler und setze sich dort mal hinein.

Jens Heymann


the perfect learning enviroment

Since it’s really cold outside (-5 degree celsius whilst I am writing this) and the exam period is getting closer I am sitting behind my desk like I should. Just 13 days to go for the first exam…grrr…

In fact here’s my personal perfect learning enviroment (pple):

Feel free to comment 😉


FeM general meeting ahead!!! (german)

Im Rahmen der Mitgliederversammlung 2006 legt der aktuelle Vorstand sein Amt nieder!

Ihre Arbeit fortsetzen und somit erneut Kandidieren wollen

– Marcel Pennewiß
– Thomas Helbig

Susanne Wolf steht nicht für eine erneute Kandidatur zur Verfügung.

Weiterhin möchte Martin Heller für den Vorstand kandidieren.
Dieser stellt sich im folgenden vor:

Mein Name ist Martin Heller. Ich bin 22 Jahre jung und studiere Maschinenbau im 5. Semester.

Wie jeder andere Campusstudent trat ich 2003 der FeM bei. Anfang 2004 begann ich, mich für die dahintersteckende Technik zu interessieren. Bereits Mitte 2004 übernahm ich von Philipp Neuwöhner den Posten des Chefeinkäufers, den ich bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt inne halte. Das Interesse am Verein hat sich während meiner Arbeit stark erweitert – heute bin ich in mehreren Teams aktiv. So zum Beispiel im Technikteam, dem FiWak oder dem Streamingteam, bei dem ich die technische und logistische Organisation der Aufzeichnung des 22. ChaosCommunicationCongresses (22C3) in Berlin übernahm.

Aufgrund der bei meiner bisherigen Arbeit im Verein gesammelten Erfahrung habe ich mich entschlossen, diese im Vorstand einzubringen.

Ziele des neuen Vorstandes sind unter anderem:

  • Fortsetzung der Arbeit des bisherigen Vorstandes

  • weitere Zusammenarbeit mit der Uni, um FeM uniweit zu etablieren und so auch Anrechnung von Studienarbeiten etc. Aktiven zu erleichtern

  • Zusammenarbeit mit anderen FeM-ähnlichen Vereinen, um gemeinsame Ziele besser vertreten zu können und KnowHow zu bündeln

  • unterstützen von in Entwicklung befindlichen Vereinen mit unserem Fachwissen

  • Verbesserung der Kommunikation der Mitglieder und Projekte untereinander

  • endgültige Einbindung des iSTUFF in die FeM

  • Intensivierung der Zusammenarbeit mit anderen uninahen Vereinen

  • Erhöhung der Öffentlichkeitswirkung um mehr Aktive zu gewinnen

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eye blending 10.000 ANSI lumen look like…

…the sun when you take a closer look. So they tested the Sanyo XF-45 without me and my 360 – but nevertheless they tested and approved it good.

that’s a humongous picture guys!

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Sanyo XF-45 … 10.000 ANSI Lumen photon cannon.

Hrhr – MORE POWER! Today a SANYO XF-45 arrived for our testings tomorrow…

Well just remember: some days ago Samsung announced a LED projector with humongous 23 ANSI Lumen… compare that to the 10.000 of the XF-45…

Source 1: Sanyo XF-45
Source 2: Samsung SP-P300ME

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vandalism – damn this isn’t france, is it?

Bad things are taking place in Ilmenau these days. First there was the WiFi link of FeM which was stolen whilst we’re at the christmas party….

there was a SOEKRIS PC.

The thieves left the enclosure open so there’s probably water in the cableing. 🙁

And as if this wasn’t enough on this saturday some bad guys destroyed two of the server room air conditions of FeM:

server room: I

server room: C

temperature peak after the air condition was gone

The I server room air condition was fixed with parts of the C server room air condition – but the C server room remains with temperatures around 30 degrees after we shut down the not necessarily needed servers. Damn my mail server is down since saturday since it’s a 4-way xeon machine consuming way to much power and producing way to much hot air for an unconditioned server room.

What’s going on people? Hopefully the thieves and vandals will get caught.


more christmas presents

a crackling sound…voices whispering… I opened my door and our dorm-tutor + some helping hands apparently sticked one of those chocolate candies on every door… NICE! Thank you dude!

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Slides for the talk “.NET”

Nico held is talk this friday – and here are his slides for you to download.

Slides: DotNET_Softwaretechnologie_fuer_das_Internet_2.ppt (1,79 MB)

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when you want ISDN…you get ISDN… well leave all the work to us… T-COM

The T-COM was supposed to install some ISDN lines – and what did they do? Take a wire and span it across the server room… why not…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and as if this wouldn’t be enough…make it go through the CLOSED window…


winter wonder land… I was wondering…

…when it finally would happen…it did yesterday.

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a short discussion of 1337ism and big ass tvs

On the way back home I came past a house where one particular window attracted my interest. A huge 1337 is in bright letters in that window. Obviously some elite hackers are living there…

When I made the pictures I noticed that just one floor down right from my elite window another obviously rich students are watching tv on some kind of big ass tv – probably a projector…

Since I don’t have the space (and money) for such artefacts as a big ass tv – I am just jealous with the guys…I want one for my 360… okay let’s start small: I want a 360!

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What The Hack wrap-up day 1

The first day of lectures is over and it was quite a success because more people than expected wanted to hear our talks…

next time we probably have to double the space…

sickboy talking.

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Information Event 6th October 2005: the pictures

we illuminated the Audimax….yellow and blue: the FeM colors.

thx to teliko for the pictures


FeM Startup-Video…

This is the video we’ll show before the actual presentation starts…

Thx to ElGono


Information Event 6th October 2005

The new semester starts in the next week and there will be several information events. One of them will be presented by Samuel and me.

If all happens as we plan it, it should be an entertaining event 😉


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Weg vom Strich mit Hilfe der EU

“In Ungarn gibt es nach Schätzungen 100.000 Prostituierte. 15 von ihnen müssen dem horizontalen Gewerbe nicht mehr nachgehen – sie werden neuerdings von der EU gefördert und in einer Medienschule zu PR-Assistentinnen ausgebildet.” (Quelle: [1])

Verdammt, die sollen Medienwirtschaft in Ilmenau studieren. Oder gleich AMW. Nebenjobs gäbe es genug!

Weg vom Strich mit Hilfe der EU


Seen by medienfloh


student is searching a girl for spontaneous, straightforward and discreet sex

How desperate do you have to be to put this message onto the pinboard of your university?

In english:

Pretty student is searching a girl for spontaneous, straightforward and discreet Sex. I will go into your wishes and phantasies…you just have to tell me. Look, Nationality, Age, Experience etc are secondary.


use the force (of linking): – Anetts Homepage

This article is not:

  1. about link-farms

  2. about Star Wars

  3. about cats

  4. about cutting cats

This article is about the website of Anett. So go and visit her site! Beautiful pictures and a clean design 🙂


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how Google is spying on me

Since some days Google Maps has my university town (Ilmenau) available for searching and viewing… and when I found the place where I live… well I can see my car… it’s about 4 or something pixels … but well there it is…



FeM FIWAK 2005 – the first pictures.

On 1700 the second FeM e.V. FIWAK started. To explain it short what that is:

Around 40 people go into the forest. Take a power generator and a huge number of network and computer equipment with them. 3 big tents and several small ones… of course Wireless LAN Internet access everywhere…

the small tents…

inside the talk-tent

Namenlos at work…

eating! eating!

drinking! drinking!

networking! networking!

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the path to the dark nerd side

the path to the dark nerd side.

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Bergfest Movie News

It’s rite at the TU-Ilmenau to make a movie when you have “Bergfest” (half time to make it simple)… so it’s time for a new one:

NICHTS WAS BLEIBT IST WIRKLICHKEIT erzählt die Geschichte von Joe. Eigentlich heißt Joe Johannes, aber so hat ihn schon seit Jahren keiner mehr genannt. Er lebt in einer kleinen Stadt inmitten des Thüringer Waldes und geht dort, mehr schlecht als Recht dem Studium der Physik nach. Eigentlich ist er kein besonderer Student. Vielleicht etwas klüger als die anderen, dafür aber auch schwermütiger, denn es scheint, als würde er eine schwere Last mit sich herumtragen. Das war allerdings nicht immer so. Früher war er aufgeschlossener und fröhlicher. Früher war er glücklich. Vor dem tragischen Schicksalsschlag, der sein Leben so veränderte.
Sein Freund Hagen kennt diesen alten Joe noch. Und vielleicht aus Hoffung, dass diese Lebensfreude wieder zurückkommt, ist er so ziemlich der einzige, der sich noch um seinen Freund kümmert. Joe selbst lebt schon längst nicht mehr. Jedenfalls ist es ihm anscheinend nicht mehr bewusst.
Und wäre da nicht Hagen, er würde wahrscheinlich die meiste Zeit in seiner Wohnung verbringen, tief versunken hinter Büchern sitzen und sich seinen Tagträumen hingeben.
Es ist also kaum verwunderlich, dass Joes seelischer Zustand auch an seinem Körper nicht spurlos vorbeigeht und er eines Tages in der Uni erschöpft zusammenbricht. Im Krankenhaus lernt er Marie kennen und Joe beginnt, sich in dieses lebensfrohe Mädchen zu verlieben, das so komplett anders ist als er. Und auch wenn es zunächst nicht den Anschein macht, so übernimmt das Schicksal langsam wieder das Ruder in Joes Leben…”


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Excursion to Microsoft Germany Headquarters

Am 10. Juni 2005 veranstalten die Fachschaftsr

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