Minimo: kleiner Mozilla für die Windows Mobile Plattform in Arbeit

Es scheint als wäre eine kleine Mozilla-Variante für Windows Mobile in der Entwicklung… das sind gute Neuigkeiten – denn der PocketIE und Netfront sind nicht wirklich der Weisheit letzter Schluss…

“Lead Minimo developer Doug Turner has confirmed that he is working on a Windows CE version of Minimo. Minimo is a version of Mozilla for small devices, which up until now has been built for Linux-based PDAs. Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system is the basis of the Windows Mobile platform, which powers a variety of Pocket PCs and Smartphones. Windows CE builds of Minimo are expected in a few weeks. Doug is looking for help too: ‘So, here is a general call for Windows CE developers! If you are interested in Mozilla on Windows CE and have time to help me with some of the work, please drop me a line.'”

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