Avedesk 1.2 verfügbar

Endlich ist die neue AveDesk Version verfügbar…mit einigen wirklich lang erwarteten Features..

“Ever since it bursted on the scene in 2003, AveDesk has become synonymous with Aqua customizing, excellent coding and resource friendly approach.

At first a mere docklet-on-desktop, AveDesk has evolved into a full fledged customizing application with SysStats and ObjectDock docklet support, full scripting support and the best resources usage among its competition.

Summer of 2004 brought a first major revision of AveDesk. Effects, revamped GUI and engine revision were among the numerous improvements AveDesk 1.1 brought to the public.

However, since a genius never sleeps, Andreas Verhoeven, the magician behind AveDesk, now teamed up with the docklet/coding guru, Hakan Edruman (aka herd), had much more in store for us.

Today, February 20, 2005, marks the release of the largest AveDesk update in its history.

ShowCase, modules, multiple account support, Tools, themes, all mark the birth of a new, more powerful AveDesk. Fullfilling user’s request and incorporating AveFocus into AveDesk, DeskThemes, new, easily installable desklets, full scripting support and minimal resource usage, crown AveDesk as the leader among desktop customizing applications.

AveDesk is not freeware, but donation-ware. If you use AveDesk, please consider donating to keep its development alive.

AveDesk is now available for download

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Quelle: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=23384