der Sound eines iPod Bootloaders

Tja…damals beim Xbox Bios Hack hab ich ja schon den Hut gezogen – damals wurde der unverschlüsselte Datenverkehr direkt auf den Leiterbahnen der Xbox “gemessen” und abgeschrieben… und nun hat sich jemand hingehockt und hat die iPod Firmware auf ähnliche Weise ausgelesen…

“The whole idea started last week when leachbj gave me a piece of code that caused the piezo in the iPod to make some *squeek*-sound. I played around with that code, changed some values and somehow was able to produce different sounds. Just for fun I came up with the idea of using this different sounds for transferring data. Some minutes later I dropped the idea because I thought that just won’t work and I won’t be able to write a decoder for that. Two days later I woke up and somehow just tried encoding a 32bit value into different beeps. It worked so made a loop around it to dump about 4kb of memory.”