Pocket Informant 2005 Public Beta

ich setz den Pocket Informant ja selbst auf meinem MDA2 ein – und bin vollends zufrieden mit dem Programm. Es ist schnell und lässt mit seiner Funktionsfülle wirklich keinen Wunsch offen. Schön ist nun das die Version 2005 von Pocket Informant ab sofort im öffentlichen Betatest ist.

“This is the public beta of Pocket Informant 2005. It is in the stage now where we are fixing bugs both small and large. It has some known bugs. Some small. None large. Some feature we plan to change their implementation a tiny bit before we release. This may affect Pocket Informant meta-info such as how we complete appointments or custom views. One major thing to note is that due to the major internal changes for Pocket Informant and its settings, Custom Views from 5.x and earlier are not compatible with PI 2005. They will be ignored. We will not post a list of changes until release. This is the only public beta planned as we’ll be fixing the bugs and testing them internally. Also this build will expire on April 15th 2005.”

Quelle: http://www.pocketinformant.com/Forums/index.php?showtopic=6645