7 thoughts on “some CeBIT 05 panoramic views

  1. That Intel booth is fuckin awesome. “The heart of your digital life”?!
    That’s almost as funny as that Pentium 3 marketing campaign where they wanted us to believe that their CPU “enrichens our internet experience” or something like that.

    Intel is dead. We don’t need no faster CPUs.

  2. well in 4 out of my 5 computers beats the “heart of my digital life” – and i really liked the boost a new system gave me especially when it comes to compiling and debugging my own applications… 80.000 LOCs take some time…and the difference was mentionable… so please: more fast processors for me.

  3. As if more than one in one 500 people would _ever_ compile his own code. When I say “we” I mean everyone except Developers. You’re a kind of your own. ;)

  4. well nothing is more important than cpu horsepower and ram if you´re an artist working on some really big graphics… i don´t think that development should stop – or development drives into the wrong direction – the marketing sucks, but if this is the only problem: great.

  5. Of course there are more important things:
    your graphics card(3d modeling) and your sound card (try composing and manageing complex arrangements with your guitar and other stuff with a crappy soundcard). And to be correct you mentioned one more important thing, too: RAM.

    Nobody needs Intel anymore. I’ve always bought Intel CPUs in the past but not anymore. They are overpriced and (sadly) don’t offer anything I’d be interested in. And even big manufacturers are realizing this: look at the ALDI or LIDL PCs: where are your top of the line CPUs? The guys putting those systems together have already changed their strategy to more connectivity and I/O.

    PS: Your captcha-system totally sucks when writing long comments. You always have to re-enter the code to get your comment posted. Please fix this.

  6. After CPU horsepower and RAM for me the third most important thing is stability. Therefore i go for Intel – i had AMD PCs … and they all sucked when it comes to stability. – I/O power is not bad – thats definitly a point for AMD and their Opteron Systems which rule them all in I/O performance. ALDI or LIDL are no levelling board – so don´t mix them with the real computers please… they sell allround PCs that do everything a little bit but nothing really good.

    Infact all I´m trying to say is that I had good experiences with Intel and bad with AMD – so I go for AMD.

    Oh… well fortunatly the comment-text is not lost… but its annoying, you´re right.. i´m going to fix this…

  7. And what exactly has the “third most important thing” to do with it? If you really want stability you don’t go for those hot as hell energy wasting top of the line CPUs – neither from Intel nor AMD.
    Moreover I’m not really comforable with the idea that Sun is using AMD CPUs either if you’re telling me they are not as “stable” as Intels.
    Except that in my mind stabilty is not that much dependent on your CPU but on your operating system. But I’m not going into that. ;)

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