I do need a TFT for the Mac mini

Almost everything is fine with the Mac mini – but there is just one thing that really annoys me: the poor VGA Quality. I’ve tried with several Displays – but the results where dissatisfying. On one Belinea 19″ CRT it was even unusable. At the moment I attached the mini to my Belinea 108025 CRT – it works but it is far away from being perfect. On Engadget and in the Apple Support Forum they say it’s the mini´s analog output that is not as good as it should be. Some others think it’s the DVI-VGA Adapter that screws the VGA signal.

So I started to look around for a TFT Display. Because it’s technically senseless to use the Mac mini with any resolution higher than 1280×1024 my choice would be a 17″ TFT. My favourite at the moment is the Samsung SyncMaster 701T. Because it has VGA and DVI and a great cost/performance ratio (600:1, 300 cd/m², 12ms).

What do you think? A Buy or a No-Buy?

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Source 2: http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000760034794
Source 3: http://www.123macmini.com/news/story/22.html

3 thoughts on “I do need a TFT for the Mac mini

  1. also ich hab den Samsung SyncMaster 910T und bin sher zufrieden. Die 12ms solltest du nicht allzu wichtig nehmen soweit ich weiß.

  2. also ich werd wohl den 701T bestellen… – ich berichte wenn er da ist.

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