Morris Sim: Software Design at Microsoft

Morris talked about how Software Development is done at Microsoft. He focused especially on the Software Design process and discussed the common techniques that are used at Microsoft to ensure that a project ends successfully. As expected he confirmed that the common developer underestimates the time amount that is neccesary to complete a particular task or to fix a particular bug. “Time is very hard to estimate” he said – and that’s really the way I experienced it in the past.

16 thoughts on “Morris Sim: Software Design at Microsoft

  1. Have you ever worked on a software devolopment project ?
    When no, please no senseless comments.

  2. @Nico:
    How many people know what “rotton code” is and have never worked on a software developement project. Of course I have.
    “When no, please no senseless comments.”
    Does that mean that you are allowed to make senseless comments because you worked on a project? Otherwise your statement isn’t complete and allows trolling in here. In my opionion that’s a design error.

    Have you ever worked on a software developement project?

  3. Of course he is. Telling people to shut up when all they do is to sincerely state the obvious.

  4. I know. Ever heard of “selective perception”? You can use it sometimes to your own benefit. ;)
    You really don’t expect me to just take an insult and leave it at that without a little flame.

  5. I heard of it – and you obviously have a very selective perception… and let me tell you, it’s not as often to your benefit as you may think.

  6. Given the limited opportunities I get to use it that’s a risk I’m willing to take. As long as I use it consiously there is nothing I have to worry about. But I the unconcious use of it is something you really have to watch out for. Especially nico and yourself and especially in this discussion.
    To be more specific: including ActiveX in IE is a design error. And this design error keeps Microsoft software developers from fixing bugs concerning ActiveX quickly and permanently.
    Granted – I have absolutely no knowledge about the qualitiy of the IE code, so the “rotten” part of my original statement doesn’t concern IE but it’s true nonetheless.

  7. To ignore people is the perfect example of selective perception. But let me tell you – it’s not as often to your own benefit as you may think.

  8. Well look: I do not have the time to play your childish games… maybe you can understand that.

  9. [X] First they ignore you,
    [X] then they make funn of you,
    [ ] then they fight you,
    [ ] then you win.


    The first 2 steps in one thread already – wow, you’re pretty fast.

  10. whisper silently for yourself: IAM NOT GHANDI. IAM NOT GHANDI. IAM NOT…

  11. Who is this “IAM” person you’re talking about.

    But less sarcastically (I almost wrote “seriously”):
    When it comes to peacefully standing up for your rights, all of us are Ghandi. Or at least should be. Better believing to be Ghandi than believing to be immune to all environmental developements simply because one sold out to a pretty unscrouplous employer.

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