first Indigo CTP and new Avalon CTP available

What a great day. – It’s like easter and christmas at the same time… well sort of: Today a new Community Tech-Preview of Avalon – the upcoming Longhorn GUI API became available and more important: the first Community Tech-Preview of Indigo is available for Download.

“Choosing the best abstractions for building software is an ongoing process. Objects are the dominant approach today for building an application’s business logic, but modeling application-to-application communication using objects hasn’t been as successful. A better approach is to explicitly model interactions between discrete chunks of software as services. Plenty of support already exists for building object-oriented applications, but thinking of services as a fundamental software building block is a more recent idea. Because of this, technologies explicitly designed to create service-oriented applications haven’t been widely available.

Microsoft’s framework for building service-oriented applications, code-named Indigo, changes this. Indigo allows developers who today create object-oriented applications using the .NET Framework to also build service-oriented applications in a familiar way. And to let those applications interact effectively with software running on Windows and on other platforms, Indigo implements SOAP and other Web services technologies, allowing developers to create reliable, secure, and transactional services that can interoperate with software running on any system.”

Source 1: MSDN Indigo
Source 2: Longhorn Dev Center