I want my own Plasma Saber

“When activated it creates a low rumbling hum out of the rear of the handle. A special g-force sensor similar to those used in automobiles to deploy the airbags is used inside our Plasma Saber handle. The sensor measures the amount of force on the handle as its swung and the microprocesser creates a wooshing sound as the saber is being swung! The result is that every time the saber is swung a different wooshing sound is heard which changes depending on how hard you swing it. When its swung agressively the sound it produces is amazingly cool!”

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Source 1: http://www.futurehorizons.net/saber.mpg
Source 2: http://www.futurehorizons.net/saber.htm

One thought on “I want my own Plasma Saber

  1. ochman das krackst ja nur, aber kein “swooosch”
    ausserdem kann man damit niemandem auf die rübe hauen ohne das es kaputt geht :(

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