migrating my PMMail 2000 eMails to IMAP

Back for more: After the successful Migration of my localhost-only Lotus Notes Setup to a more sophisticated Domino server-based Setup I am going to take on the next challenge:

Since December 1997 I am exclusively using POP3 together with my favourite eMail Application “PMMail”. I started with the OS/2 Version of PMMail and finally arrived at Windows XP with the Windows Version of PMMail – using the same eMail Data Structures and Formats as in 1997.

PMMail maintains only my private eMails – around 100.000 so far. And that’s going to change:

I want to migrate my local-only eMail Storage to a Server based Solution. As far as I can see, there are different ways to do that:

  1. upgrade the Lotus Domino Server with the IMAP Option and get an IMAP Server from Domino.

  2. install Microsoft Exchange and let it take the lead

  3. install a free Server Software like Pegasus Mercury Mail Transport

After I decided which one I’ll take I have to figure out how I get my eMail into the newly configured IMAP Server. Ideally I will get a 1:1 copy of everything – even of the folder structure. This is not impossible. Because PMMail 2000 stores every mail in a single file which then contains 1:1 the response the POP3 Server gave PMMail 2000 when it received the mail.

So everything I have to do: Write a program that imports my mail in the right order… that should not be that difficult I hope ;-)

Stay tuned! ;)

Source 1: http://www.pmmail2000.com
Source 2: http://www.lotus.com
Source 3: http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/default.mspx
Source 4: http://www.pmail.com/