Moby and the rediscovery of melody

After some really great style mixture albums Moby is back to enlighten our lifes with even better music. Since some weeks Mobys new album “Hotel” is available in stores – time enough for me to grab it and take a hear.

I called this article “rediscovery of melody” – and it’s a fact: It’s been ages since Moby gave us such canorous songs. As usual each one is great and greater ;) I personally fell instantly in love with “Raining Again”, “Lift Me Up” and “Very”. Awesome tracks!

Just one thing: PLEASE USE LESS FILTERS. The vocals and some samples on the album are constantly hissing, swooshing. This is annoying because in the first place I thought my stereo broke.


IMAP Act 1 Scene 1

After evaluating what IMAP Server software is available I started with the least expensive one: Mercury Mail Transport System.

It’s free so nothing to lose on that point. The plan was the following:

  • install and setup a plain Mercury
  • use Outlook Express and Drag’n’Drop to recreate the folder structure I’ve created in years of using PMMail
  • check if all went fine
  • create server-side message rulesets to get the mails in the right folders

And I started: Installation and Setup was no problem. I created a user for me and configured the POP3 Client-Module that retrieves the mail from my providers’ POP3 Servers and sorts it into the Mercury-Inbox. So far so good.

Now the next step: How to get the old mail onto the new IMAP? – Easy:

I already said that PMMail stores each eMail into a single MSG File which is simply the complete mail that PMMail received from the server. So I fired up Outlook Express, created an account with my user-informations. So far so good: I created some top-level folders on the IMAP Server via Outlook Express. It worked…drag’n’dropping the MSG files from PMMails directories into the Outlook Express window worked also fine. BUT: I was unable to create subfolders. That really sucks, because my folder structure is somewhat convoluted.

Entourage came up with this weird “error”-message…
“This folder cannot contain any subfolders. According to the server this folder
can contain either Messages or only subfolders.”

The next big feature-miss that disqualified Mercury completly was the fact that it is impossible to move messages via a server-based rule into specific folders of an IMAP account. You can just copy/move a message to another account’s inbox…. DAMN!

At the moment the Mercury Server is running but only as long as I need to setup a better solution: Today I’ll give Microsoft Exchange 2003 a shot.