to Magneto or not to Magneto that is the question

Lately Microsoft started an internal dogfood test for Magneto – the next generation Operation System for Mobile Devices (aka Windows Mobile 2005). Iam thinking about taking part in this dogfood test…but:

As Iam very very excited about this new version I also have my doubts playing with it on the only MDA2 I have. There are some rumours about an earlier version of Magneto on the net (sadly one Release Candidate leaked to the net) which does not sync correctly and does not run certain applications. Even more important: There are reportings about the fact that you will have problems returning back to Windows Mobile 2003 or upgrading/downgrading to any other Windows Mobile version.

And that is the last thing I need at the moment…a non working phone.

Any suggestions?

One thought on “to Magneto or not to Magneto that is the question

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