dasBlog Autotrackback Patch

Namenlos notified me that my dasBlog Autotrackback Feature does not work as is is expected to work. The problem was, that everytime you link to the front page of a weblog, dasBlog trackbacks the first article of the weblog.

The Specification says:

“Scan the page contents for embedded RDF. Pages can contain multiple instances of embedded RDF–clients should pick the block whose dc:identifier matches my_url.”

Namenlos made a patch that fixes the problem. You can download it here: BlogDataService.zip (,77 KB)

Source: http://blog.slash-me.net

first Indigo CTP and new Avalon CTP available

What a great day. – It’s like easter and christmas at the same time… well sort of: Today a new Community Tech-Preview of Avalon – the upcoming Longhorn GUI API became available and more important: the first Community Tech-Preview of Indigo is available for Download.

“Choosing the best abstractions for building software is an ongoing process. Objects are the dominant approach today for building an application’s business logic, but modeling application-to-application communication using objects hasn’t been as successful. A better approach is to explicitly model interactions between discrete chunks of software as services. Plenty of support already exists for building object-oriented applications, but thinking of services as a fundamental software building block is a more recent idea. Because of this, technologies explicitly designed to create service-oriented applications haven’t been widely available.

Microsoft’s framework for building service-oriented applications, code-named Indigo, changes this. Indigo allows developers who today create object-oriented applications using the .NET Framework to also build service-oriented applications in a familiar way. And to let those applications interact effectively with software running on Windows and on other platforms, Indigo implements SOAP and other Web services technologies, allowing developers to create reliable, secure, and transactional services that can interoperate with software running on any system.”

Source 1: MSDN Indigo
Source 2: Longhorn Dev Center

against outsourcing

Yes! Today Sebastian wrote about the fact that many Bloggers are “outsourcing” their media content, for example photos to flickr. He has the same opinion about that as I have:

“Also ich hab gern alles auf meinem eigenen Server und gebe da ungern was von ab. Allein schon wegen der Langzeitarchivierung. Angenommen, ich poste nun alle meine Fotos bei Flickr. Und irgendwann wird das aufgekauft oder geschlossen. Was ist dann mit meinen Fotos? Weg. Bei nem eigenen Server bin ich dafür selbst verantwortlich und kann dafür sorgen, dass da nix wegkommt.”

I cannot understand why everybody is so excited about flickr and furl and stuff. – Like Sebastian I want to know where my stuff is located and what happens to it. I don’t want to get dependant of such services. As long as no technical or practical reasons clearly speak for these servives I don’t get it why I shall use it.

Source 1: http://blog.hagga.net/archives/blogging/000662-fremdkontrolliert.html
Source 2: http://www.flickr.com

download the complete SXSW festival

“The SXSW MUSIC AND MEDIA CONFERENCE (SXSW) showcases hundreds of musical acts from around the globe on fifty stages in downtown Austin. By day, conference registrants do business in the SXSW Trade Show in the Austin Convention Center and partake of a full agenda of informative, provocative panel discussions featuring hundreds of speakers of international stature. The nineteenth annual SXSW Music And Media Conference and festival will take place March 16 – 20, 2005. “

And you can download the whole thing. It’s 2.6 GB but it’s really worth every single bit.

Source: http://2005.sxsw.com/geekout/fest4pod/

Microsoft Student Partner Summit Video

I finally made it ready to be viewed. Photos by me, Music by Emma’s Mini.

“Emma’s mini is a duo based in Seattle, WA. They first started making music together in March of 2002 and in April of 2003 they self-released their first album, beat generation mad trick. “

Enjoy it.


(edited entireley in Microsoft Movie Maker 2.1 and Picasa2)

Copy Me Remix Me

NYblog brought this great music to my attention. It’s free and even more important it’s really good.

“Copy Me/Remix Me is the second CD assembled and released by Creative Commons, and is given away at events that feature members of the Creative Commons team. The songs are available for direct download and feature embedded metadata, following our guidelines for placing license information into files.”

Source 1: http://www.nyblog.de
Source 2: http://creativecommons.org/extras/copyremix

Morris Sim: Software Design at Microsoft

Morris talked about how Software Development is done at Microsoft. He focused especially on the Software Design process and discussed the common techniques that are used at Microsoft to ensure that a project ends successfully. As expected he confirmed that the common developer underestimates the time amount that is neccesary to complete a particular task or to fix a particular bug. “Time is very hard to estimate” he said – and that’s really the way I experienced it in the past.

I do need a TFT for the Mac mini

Almost everything is fine with the Mac mini – but there is just one thing that really annoys me: the poor VGA Quality. I’ve tried with several Displays – but the results where dissatisfying. On one Belinea 19″ CRT it was even unusable. At the moment I attached the mini to my Belinea 108025 CRT – it works but it is far away from being perfect. On Engadget and in the Apple Support Forum they say it’s the mini´s analog output that is not as good as it should be. Some others think it’s the DVI-VGA Adapter that screws the VGA signal.

So I started to look around for a TFT Display. Because it’s technically senseless to use the Mac mini with any resolution higher than 1280×1024 my choice would be a 17″ TFT. My favourite at the moment is the Samsung SyncMaster 701T. Because it has VGA and DVI and a great cost/performance ratio (600:1, 300 cd/m², 12ms).

What do you think? A Buy or a No-Buy?

Source 1: http://monitor.samsung.de/article.asp?artid=9FF6F8BB-C4D6-4762-A4FC-2D8C644E0314&show=specs
Source 2: http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000760034794
Source 3: http://www.123macmini.com/news/story/22.html

hands on the gizmondo

In germany the gizmondo will launch at the end of may – but at the CeBIT i’ve got the chance to take a closer look. I’ve already written an article about the gizmondo some months ago.

Okay. Now my first impressions: The thing is definitly smaller than a PSP – mainly because the display is smaller. Compared to other mobile gaming devices the gizmondo has fewer buttons – if thats good or bad – time will show. On the demo units at CeBIT only some media-demonstrations and two games where shown: Both games were 2D games from SEGA. I’ll say something more on that later first i would like to discuss the media capabilities of the gizmondo.

As far as i could see you can put almost any sort of media data on the gizmondo via the SD-Card slot. Of course you get a fancy menu from where you can select all sorts of media like pictures, music and videos. Because the gizmondo runs Windows Mobile its mediaplaying capabilities can be easily extended in the future. – For me it seemed that its not the normal Windows Mobile 2003 but a custom built Windows CE Version. Nevertheless cool. As far as i could see there was only one demo video (some Nelly music video…) – and this video, well… lets say it nice: they have to tweak a little bit on that particular feature because its not as smooth as one would expect. But from the technical specification of the gizmodo (fast as hell mobile graphic controller from nvidia) i would expect better results when the gizmondo would play my own content.

Unfortunatly there was no 3D or GPS game that i could test – only some really old SEGA Conversions/Emulations ran on the demo units. The fact is: This little thing has the required graphic horse power to ensure great gaming performance in 3D games. Well Richard Burns Ralley or Colors looked great – definitly a step forward (until the PSP launches?)… in the future the 2nd, 3rd generation games on the gizmondo will raise the graphic quality and the number of effects.

Well finally some words about the technical specification: until CeBIT i thought (and was told) that the gizmondo will have a 320×240 pixels display – but they told me it has a 640×480 display – and it looked more like the bigger resolution. Beside that it will have the GSM Module – but only for SMS / MMS and GPRS – you cannot use it as a mobile phone replacement (nokia loves that news, because you’ll have to buy their NGage if you want that particular feature). Really cool is that the gizmondo comes with a GPS Module. I can think of thousand possible GPS based games that could be played via the GPRS Connection with hundreds and thousands of people simultaneously… lets see what time brings (hopefully the gprs rates will fall)

teh orbs

look what i got from CeBIT ;) – Those little gizmos can glow in thousands of colors…you can switch between the colors (well.. not all..yet.. i think i’ll modify them)… and a mode that cycles seemlessly through all the colors.

its blue.

its red and green.

its from Microsoft…

I just thought about modifying them – because they are battery powered i like to get them an appropriate power supply and maybe an usb interface … would be great to see them pulse when an eMail or instant message arrives….

hax0ring the linksys (run cisco, RUN!)

While we had some racing fun Atze was working on the newly modded Linksys WRT54G Wireless LAN Accesspoint.

Yes it runs Linux now… and hopefully he got the little gizmo working… because when we were there he was cursing all the time because some routing and NAT did not work…

By the way: isn´t this colorful network equipment…i´m sure we would have even red TP cable.

Speedlink Green Lightning Wheel

Two days ago i received this brand new Speedlink Green Lightning Wheel for testing.

And today my mate namenlos messaged me: “Pizza, Office ? Bring your Xbox!” – and because the Pizza-idea is great so i brought my Xbox and the wheel.

This was the setup of the wheel:

Okay. Enough pictures, now some text:

In my opinion the wheel has a much better quality than what you normally expect at this pricing-level (~€30,-). It is completely made of black plastic and some green rubber. You got all the Buttons you have on the normal Xbox Controller and some more – for instance the foot pedals. The wheel does not have any force feedback – but it vibrates when the normal controller would vibrate (you can disable that). Finally you can adjust the steering-sensitivity in 3 levels: 30 degree, 60 degree and 90 degree.

I’ve tested the wheel with Colin McRae 2005, V8 Racedriver 2 and Burnout 3 with completely different experiences: Colin McRae 2005 was not playable at all – It seemed that the wheel and the game were totally out of sync: When you steer it took the game some seconds to react. Very fungous. Colin McRae is hard with the normal controller but its unplayable with the wheel.

V8 Racedriver 2 was the complete opposite. Out of the box it just worked perfectly. After one hour of testing I was able to achieve the same or even better lap-times than with the normal Xbox controller. I found the highest steering-sensitivity level to be perfect.

Burnout 3 was – well playable but far from perfectly playable. It seems that the more arcade-style games are not the best games to play with the Speedlink wheel. The game reacted immediately to steering commands – but at all you have to steer to much to get the car moved around the circuits even when you use the highest sensitivity.

Finally some words to the foot-pedal: They do their job – but they could be improved: The next time please make the pedals wider.. i had some problems locating the pedals with my feet in the heat of the battle.

So my conclusion: When i drive on the Xbox i normally drive V8 Racedriver. So the wheel works great for me – but its generally useless for any semi-realistic or arcade racing game.

Source: Speedlink

what about a new Mac mini case? ..maybe in black

As you may know there is only a white version of the Mac mini. Today 123Macmini.com has shown some more colorful paintjobs from ColorWare for the mini:

“Mac mini owners who already have their Mac mini can send in their case to be painted for $99 dollars.” – So its not a new case – they just take the existing case and paint it.

Quelle 1: http://www.123macmini.com/news/story/24.html
Quelle 2: http://www.colorwarepc.com/

Minimo nimmt Form an…und endlich kann man kompilierte Versionen downloaden

Minimo – die Mozilla Portierung für Smartphones nimmt Formen an und die ersten Bilder des laufenden Browsers sehen sehr sehr vielversprechend aus:

“I thought Asa was going to beat me to the punch with these photos. Here are a couple of photos of MiniMo on a cell phone and PDA taken on my camera by Doug or Asa, not sure who. Anyhow, it’s very cool and can’t wait for us (well, dougt) to get this out to people. A very rich browser experience on a PDA or cell phone is going to be interesting for both content developers and consumers. The form factor of cell phones and PDAs definitely presents a challenge, but you can see it’s not too shabby in these two photos. Having access to the web via these devices is convenient and may prove invaluable.”

Das ganze gibt es dann auch direkt zum Download. Die aktuellste Version ist hier zu bekommen.

Quelle 1: http://rebron.org/blogarchives/2005/03/minimozilla_com.html
Quelle 2: http://www.flickr.com/photos/91116329@N00/sets/153327/
Quelle 3: http://www.meer.net/~dougt/minimo_ce/

die neue B Klasse und Medien zur unserer Unterhaltung

NYBlog schreibt:

“Mit einem genialen viralen Marketingkonzept stellen die Stuttgarter ihr neues Modell der Mercedes Reihe vor. Genial? Ja! Damit fahren auch Spaß macht hat Daimler-Chrysler ein bisschen Geld ausgegeben und stellt verschiedene Songs, Hörbücher und Kurzfilme (u.a. Oscar prämiert) zum freien Download zur Verfügung.”

Quelle 1: http://www.b-klasse.com/dcvd/main.html
Quelle 2: http://nyblog.de/index.php/klingt-gut/

Xbox3000 rulez

Das hier ist Marc Bosch – seines Zeichens Macher und Chairman von Xbox3000.de – und er hat sich für die kommende CeBIT gerüstet. Mit diesem zugegebenermassen extravaganten Haarschnitt kann man ihn auf der CeBIT bewundern.

“Als erste Xbox-Vereinigung der Welt organisieren wir Events, veröffentlichen Spiele-Tests und berichten von den wichtigsten Xbox-/Games-Events in Deutschland.
Zusätzlich richten wir die offiziellen Deutschen Meisterschaften (German Xbox Games Cup) in ausgewählten Xbox-Spielen aus.
Natürlich werden wir auch 2005 die World Cyber Games Qualifikationen durchführen und die Besten der Besten nach Singapur schicken.”

Quelle: http://www.xbox3000.de

Pocket Informant 2005 Public Beta

ich setz den Pocket Informant ja selbst auf meinem MDA2 ein – und bin vollends zufrieden mit dem Programm. Es ist schnell und lässt mit seiner Funktionsfülle wirklich keinen Wunsch offen. Schön ist nun das die Version 2005 von Pocket Informant ab sofort im öffentlichen Betatest ist.

“This is the public beta of Pocket Informant 2005. It is in the stage now where we are fixing bugs both small and large. It has some known bugs. Some small. None large. Some feature we plan to change their implementation a tiny bit before we release. This may affect Pocket Informant meta-info such as how we complete appointments or custom views. One major thing to note is that due to the major internal changes for Pocket Informant and its settings, Custom Views from 5.x and earlier are not compatible with PI 2005. They will be ignored. We will not post a list of changes until release. This is the only public beta planned as we’ll be fixing the bugs and testing them internally. Also this build will expire on April 15th 2005.”

Quelle: http://www.pocketinformant.com/Forums/index.php?showtopic=6645