use your Xbox Controller with your PC games

XBCD is the name of the driver that makes it possible to use the standard Xbox Controller with your PC games. Finally you have a real joypad for your PC… ;-)

“Exports ~32 controls to Windows:

  • Up to 24 digital buttons.
  • 7 axes(X, Y, Z, RX, RY, RZ, Slider) in Windows 2000/XP.
  • 6 axes(X, Y, Z, RX, RZ, Slider) in 98/ME.
  • POV hat switch with 8 directions Controller buttons, axes, and the digital pad can be mapped to any of the controls exported to Windows.
  • Supports up to 8 different configurations. The active configuration can be selected by pressing both Analog Sticks simultaneously. Controller can be reported to Windows as a gamepad or a joystick.
  • Threshold settings for Buttons, Triggers, and Axes.
  • Deadzone settings for Analog Sticks.
  • Scaling of axes for sensitivity.
  • Gamepad settings can be saved to a file for later use.
  • Rumble support.
  • Adjustable maximum force for each actuator.”


Tips and Tricks for Onenote 2003

Chris Bertelson shows you many things you can do with Onenote and you possibly did not know. Don’t miss this webcast.

“In this demo, Chris Bertelson shows you how to flag notes, manage pages and sections, use stationery and outlines in e-mail, and much more. The video also highlights the features enhanced in the Service Pack 1 release.”

Source 1: Onenote 2003 Tips and Tricks
Source 2: Collaborative Document Editing

working EIB

After some fiddling with the EIB software ThamThon and Deka got the EIB installation working. At the moment you can control four light-groups with four switches. As you can see on the picture below three lights are on and one is switched off. When you just hit the button the light goes on/off. If you press and hold the button it will dim on/off.

When you remove the switch-module from the bus coupling module it will look like this:

you can see the 10 wires that connect the
switches to the actor

and this is the actor-module, manufactured by ABB

I will post a complete description and some schematics shortly. If you want to ask something or want to have something described in detail just comment this article and I’ll see what I can do.


mod the sun!

it’s been quite a long time since they did this modification…but it’s cool ;)

“we received these new sunfire 15ks and an adic scalar 10k tape library and decided upon initial inspection that the lights they come with stock would just not do.. the 15k is an amazing machine, and deserves a much nicer presentation, in our opinions.. the enterprise 10k has some cool LED’s that chase when the cpus are active, but the 15k only has a few lights that sit there or blink to a standard rhythm.. we have some grand plans for sprucing these machines up in the spirit of the old thinking machines CM-5 or the mythical W.O.P.R., but for now we just put some cold cathode tubes on the inside of the machine’s doors..”