Instant Messaging in the multi-client world

My problem is easy to explain: one user with many computers wants to use Instant Messaging…but not with multiple accounts – not with one account for each computer but with one account and one buddylist.

I have three machines with 4 monitors which makes 3 keyboards and 3 mice. It’s hard enough to get that managed – I don’t want to manage anything related to my daily tasks. I want to optimize my daily work. And therefore I want what obviously nobody wants today. Some kind of distributed Instant Messaging Network. I want something on top of the usual IM Services (e.g. MSN, ICQ, AIM, Jabber) – Let me show you an example:

Iam using all three computers – they are all signed in to the “Meta-IM-Network”. – And they all receive Events from that Meta-Network. When a buddy goes offline/online…he will go offline/online on all three machines simultaneausly. When someone writes a message to me. It will appear instantly on all three machines. When I’ve read the mail on any of the three computers the message will disappear on the other machines…

I think you get the idea. Why isn’t this possible? Why did nobody think of something like that? I want that NOW!