wobble wobble wobble

w00t…seems like they have a lot of fun with the openGL effects for the upcoming gnome Windowmanager ;)

“The wobbly window effect is mildly addictive. Kristian hasn’t gotten much work done since he wrote it. He (and now I) spends all day moving windows around and watching them settle. This video shows off the motion a little better. It also demonstrates Luminocity’s live workspace switcher (aka pager) which updates in synch with the screen. We were surprised by how much more tangible windows felt when they gave a little (i.e. less than in this video) as you moved them (like a real world object). Of course, we turned the effect on “high” for this demo so it’d be very visible.”

Source: http://www.gnome.org/~seth/blog//xshots

Kernel Talk with Dave

Are you like me: Want to know how things are working? – Then you should not miss this video-series:

“In this part Dave discusses the differences between the NT architecture and other operating systems.

Dave talks about the history of operating systems at Microsoft (not to mention Posix, OS/2, Unix, and other OS’s). Interesting stuff, first time we’ve had a kernel architect on Channel 9.

If you wanna understand how Windows works, you gotta watch these videos. Thanks Dave for taking some time out of your day to explain all of this.”

Source: http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=54612

Update: Instant Messaging in the multi-client world

I was informed that AIM does have a quite similar behaviour when you log in on different locations (e.g. machines) at the same time. – But it’s not part of the concept as it could be – So for example the messages do not stop bugging you on the other machine – and you do not have one history for all clients… just for each client one history… so go on AOL and make AIM what it could be. – Beside that I really want to have the features IM-platform-independent… what makes this feature impossible for the existing IM-platforms like ICQ, MSN… nothing in my opinion..just someone has to code it. – Unfortunatly I do not have the time to do that… ;-(

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