Update: Longhorn gets new fonts

On Channel9 the Cleartype team posted a 16 minute movie about the new longhorn fonts and Cleartype itself…

“What is the one thing looked at more than anything else on your computer?


You never think of them, right? Well, that’s by design: good fonts aren’t noticed for the most part but they are important in how usable your computer is and how easy it is to use for a long period of time and how productive you’ll be on it.

Cleartype team, which makes both fonts as well as the technology to display them better on your screen, were hanging out in the hall the other day so we turned on our camera and started talking.”

Source 1: Longhorn gets new fonts
Source 2: http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=54974

Defaulting to Windows directory…

today when Christian ran a simple batch-file on a fileshare:

CMD.EXE was started with the above-mentioned path as the current directory.
UNC-paths are not supported.
The Windows directory is used as the current directory instead.

Press any key to continue…”

Now imagine what would happen if the “pause” was a “del *.*“…well it was a “del *.*” when Christian first discovered the fantastic effect it had on his freshly installed Windows…

Windows Mobile 2005 aka Magneto : Update failed

today I finally made the decision to upgrade my MDA2 from Windows Mobile 2003 to the internal Dogfood version of Magneto aka Windows Mobile 2005. To start with the good news: my MDA2 is now back in the state it was before I tried to upgrade.

In the early stage of the upgrprocess my device gave me the “Now allow operation”-error Code. Which basically means: “go and cry!”…Support said: “This means your device’s boot loader is currently locked and upgrading to Magneto is not an option.” (beside: T-Mobile locked it.. and this sucks.. I’m going to unlock it anyway..but not now… I do not have enough time to get this done…)

Damn. One hour later I had my backup restored and my MDA2 up’n’running. Maybe I’ll try the RTM.