Windows Mobile 2005 aka Magneto : Update failed

today I finally made the decision to upgrade my MDA2 from Windows Mobile 2003 to the internal Dogfood version of Magneto aka Windows Mobile 2005. To start with the good news: my MDA2 is now back in the state it was before I tried to upgrade.

In the early stage of the upgrprocess my device gave me the “Now allow operation”-error Code. Which basically means: “go and cry!”…Support said: “This means your device’s boot loader is currently locked and upgrading to Magneto is not an option.” (beside: T-Mobile locked it.. and this sucks.. I’m going to unlock it anyway..but not now… I do not have enough time to get this done…)

Damn. One hour later I had my backup restored and my MDA2 up’n’running. Maybe I’ll try the RTM.