Granufunk album Release

Today granufunk aka Jacob Grain contacted me after he got back from London, His first record was officially released yesterday – pictures of the party will be available shortly! And don’t forget to read the other article about granufunk.

“GRANUFUNK’is an album of magnetic originality; a true case of opposites attracting. The minimalist, oft haunting calmness underlying each song is masterfully juxtaposed against the agitated rhythms and glitchy beats inherent in each track. While the seamless continuity lies in its stargazing melancholia and curious wisdom, ‘GRANUFUNK’ surprises at every opportunity, utilising discordant grinding beats, whispering bi-lingual lyrics (by guest vocalist Sonni Plankton),delicate programming, booming basslines, and spine-tingling melodies. Throughout, GRANUFUNK creates a unique ambience through a mixture of harsh scarred urban brokenbeat and earthy jazz. ‘GRANUFUNK’ is an album of rich, poignant material, with a potent lingering after effect.”


As a result of the album-release by the label sonic360, granufunk is also available via iTunes.

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playing with GPS: GPSMeter

With this cool tool you can measure the distance and area using your GPS Receiver. Great thing to play with ;)


“The main characteristics are:

– Coordinates Lat/Lon and UTM
– 270 Map Datums predefined
– User’s Map Datum
– Precise Calculation of the area using projection UTM
– Calculation of distances in 2D
– Precise reading of the position of the GPS using averages
– Introduction of fixpoints in Lat/Lon or UTM
– Conversion between coordinates
– Navigation to the fixpoints
– Units of measurement: Metric system or Imperial
– Export of the area in ASCII and DXF
– Scales and Zoom
– Languages: English, German, French and Spanish”